4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


Monday morning Vanessa Miller got a text from Aidan. It just said, “Looking forward to tonight. Please wear something sexy and no bra.”

The gorgeous married mother of two didn’t know what to do. Her brown eyes were filled with turmoil as she read the text. During the last couple of days she had started to regret her illicit tryst with Aidan. ‘Oh, my God…how could I let such a thing happen?’ Vanessa thought blinking back the tears of shame that filled her eyes. Married for twenty years to Daniel and faithful for all that time. Now she had let herself be seduced by a handsome young jock, who was of her own son’s age and a friend of his.

Sipping her coffee, Vanessa did some soul searching. She realized, that Aidan had reminded her of the fun carefree days that seemed so long ago. The last ten years, responsibilities had become a natural part of her life. Employment, marriage, children and so on, had made maturity a typical part of her life. Vanessa thought long and hard about her affair with Aidan. She should make the mature decision and stop it. Her marriage was certainly worth more than jeopardizing and throwing away for a fling with a young handsome stud just to make her feel young once again.

But then Vanessa recalled the mind-shattering climax that Aidan had first eaten her to, getting her to orgasm right in his mouth as her fingers clutched tightly at his hair while arching up to feed him all her love juice. Vanessa shivered as she recalled the fantastic fucking that the handsome young stud had given her, far better than anything experienced with loving husband of twenty years. The young stud was very well endowed, far bigger than her husband where it counted and Aidan certainly knew how to use it. She was ambivalent about what to do.

That evening Vanessa picked up Aidan and they drove to the dance studio. Pondering her situation Vanessa had decided to take another lesson and see what would happen.

Aidan guided Vanessa on the floor and took in his best friend’s mother. The stunning woman had taken his advice. The white dress scooped discreetly in both front and back, snugly hugging her breasts and hips. Vanessa’s dress also clung to her flat belly and slim waist. Aidan thought she was every man’s wet dream come true. Vanessa stood 5’10” in her high-heels, with black hair that flowed over her shoulders and framed her brown eyes. Her lips were softly sculptured, full and yet subtle. Aidan’s eyes took in his lover’s breasts. Their caramel color, roundness and fullness were a sight for sore eyes and were matched by the slight flare of her hips.

Aidan was a larger man than her husband Daniel, which Vanessa couldn’t help but notice as they started to dance. He felt powerful with his muscular arms and broad chest. Vanessa’s body shivered, as Aidan pressed his body’s full length into her, compressing her breasts into his chest.

During one slow song, Aidan felt how Vanessa’s arms came around his neck and he began to caress the small of her back. He slipped his hands lower and lower. He moved them towards a corner, where the dance instructors Peter and Maria couldn’t quite see them. Aidan slid his hands to Vanessa’s silk-wrapped waist and down onto the curve of her bottom. Then he simply cupped her silky bottom in his hands.

They continued to dance as Aidan subtly started to caress Vanessa’s buttocks.

Aidan was developing an erection, and Vanessa could distinctly feel him growing against her belly. At the end of the song, she moaned as Aidan cupped her round posterior and pressed her firmly to his crotch. Vanessa felt herself getting aroused and her vagina started to become moist.

As they danced, Vanessa’s bottom wasn’t Aidan’s only focus of attention. In a low voice, he whispered to Vanessa, “Put your arms around my neck. I want to feel your fingers in my hair”

Without hesitating, the married mother of two complied. They continued to dance and Aidan moved his right hand up her side. He had placed his hand carefully close to her breast. Then he gently extended his thumb. It found her silk-wrapped nipple and it began to harden. Aidan pressed more firmly, all the while acting as though they were simply dancing among the other couples.

Aidan danced them over to another corner, and Vanessa’s nipple had become fully erect. Finally he moved his hand to comfortably cup her entire breast. As they danced, he kneaded the soft tissue through her dress.

Vanessa was aroused, but didn’t know what to do. She could feel Aidan’s hard shaft press into her as he continued to caress her. Aidan surprised her by moving in on her left breast as well. By the end of the song, he was aggressively milking her without remorse. Her breasts were silky, soft and getting very warm.

Vanessa was a hot married woman, and Aidan knew he was on the zonguldak escort right track. He was enjoying his exploration of her sexy body. He kneaded her ripe globes, pressed his hips into her firm belly, and took in her gorgeous face and hair.

When the song ended, Peter clapped his hands and started to explain a new dance. Vanessa’s swollen nipples poked prominently through her dress and she hoped no-one would notice.

Aidan mentally surveyed his progress. His hands had carefully researched her satin wrapping, and now knew that she was wearing a dress with thin straps and a long zipper in back, no bra, and panties with an unexpectedly narrow crotch. To get her naked, he only needed to remove three pieces clothing. In addition, on numerous occasions he had been able to press his cock into her belly. He loved how she felt, and he knew she could feel that he carried a larger weapon than her husband.

As they danced again Aidan took the next step. In a corner he pressed his lips to hers, and she responded with more urgency than he had expected. He parted his lips and probed softly with his tongue.

Vanessa did her best not to give in as she held her lips firm, but the caressing was having an effect. Aidan slid his tongue from side to side the length of her lips. He pressed his tongue against her lips again. She stood still, but the firmness in her lips was gone. Like the petals of a flower, her lips opened demurely to his advance. Aidan extended his tongue, and intertwined it with hers. Vanessa permitted him to invade her mouth with his tongue as completely as he wished.

Aidan smiled to himself. It had been delightful that the married mother of two had surrendered her mouth to him, but he knew this was not the time. They broke their kiss. Some of the other couples were staring and smiling.

They danced for another half an hour then the lesson was over. During that time, Aidan continued to make advances and Vanessa gave in. The conflict from this morning was long gone. She was getting stirred up.

The couple hurried to the car and Aidan got into the driving seat. They held hands as they drove out of the parking lot.

Vanessa turned towards Aidan and said, “I don’t know what to do Aidan. You make me feel so alive. How can I ever thank you?”

“I have an idea,” Aidan answered back taking her left hand and placed it on his crotch.

Vanessa blushed, “I’ve never done anything like that, Aidan. What if anyone sees us?”

“No one will see us,” Aidan responded keeping her left hand pressed against his hard cock.

With a whimper Vanessa began tracing the outline of his shaft through his pants. A moment later, she released her seat-belt and turned toward him. Giving in to the moment she opened his pants and his long, thick pole burst out. In awe, Vanessa gently reached forward with her hands and her delicate fingers began encircling his hard cock. Her small hands could barely close around his girth.

“Use your mouth,” Aidan groaned.

“I don’t…” Vanessa started to say.

“Last time I did you, now it’s your turn,” Aidan demanded and was curious to find out if he could persuade his friend’s mother to blow him.

Vanessa hesitated at first, then she opened her mouth and bent down and placed the tip of the head between her full lips. It didn’t taste bad at all.

Aidan felt the soft lips of her mouth envelop his cock. He had trouble concentrating on driving.

Slowly, purposefully, Vanessa began to slide her mouth up and down over the shaft of Aidan’s cock. Her warm saliva quickly began to drip down to his balls. She began to flick her tongue to the underside of his cock and felt how her young lover became even harder.

Aidan tried to focus on the road while driving, but often he gazed down at the back of her head. Her black hair was shinning and felt like silk against his thighs. With his right hand he reached around her chest and cupped one of her tits gently and with the palm of his hand he began to tease her hard nipple. He heard her moan with pleasure as she continued to suck on his cock.

For some minutes Aidan fought the urge to cum in her mouth, doing his utmost to prolong the sensations she was giving him. But after awhile he had to capitulate. A flick of Vanessa’s tongue at the opening at his glans was all it took to send the muscles around his balls into convulsions. He grabbed hold of the steering wheel with both his hands as his hips lurched, and he felt the tip of his cock probe deeply into her mouth as a stream of cum flew out of his cock.

Vanessa felt the first spray in her mouth and flinched. But she didn’t want to disappoint her young lover so she continued to bob up and down on his cock as another round of cum traveled up and out of the shaft of his cock. Another flick of her tongue brought a final explosion of cum from Aidan’s cock. A moan of accomplishment came from Vanessa as she lifted her head from Aidan’s shaft and swallowed whatever fethiye escort cum was left in her mouth. Thick, white fluid covered her chin as she smiled at him.

Vanessa wiped her mouth and chins with the back of her hand and smiled at Aidan. She put her fingers to her jaw and began to massage the muscles just below her ears as she moved over to the passenger seat.

“I’m not used to keeping my mouth open so wide for so long,” Vanessa said, “That cock of yours is a lot bigger than anyone I ever have had in my mouth. Believe me. Daniel just doesn’t match up to you. I can’t wait to start and feel you pushing that tool into my vagina again.”

With a smile Aidan responded, “Soon my dear…real soon…”

“I can’t wait,” Vanessa said while leaning her head back on the headrest with a smile of contentment on her face.


Twenty minutes later Aidan carried Vanessa up the stairs towards his bedroom. The couple passionately kissed and Vanessa let her hands run through the young stud’s hair.

Aidan carried Vanessa to the bed and lowered her down beside it. Vanessa felt how Aidan fondled her breasts and then moved his hand toward her back. Next he pulled the zipper down and Vanessa was aching for his touch. The married woman couldn’t wait for him to remove her dress so she could give herself to her young lover.

Aidan got rid of her dress and pulled her panties down her slender legs. The he brought the panties to his nose. Looking into Vanessa’s eyes he smiled and said before he cast them aside, “They’re soaking wet and smell so sweet.”

“Lay down Mrs. M. I want to return the favor from the car,” The young jock commanded.

Vanessa laid down on her back in the center of the bed and licked her moist lips as Aidan stripped and moved closer.

Aidan grabbed his cock and began to stroke it standing at the end of the bed. He loved, that his friend’s mother was giving in so easy to his demands, so he decided to find out, how much farther he could push her limits. Aidan said, “You make me so hot Mrs. M. Look at your breasts. I can’t wait to suck on them.”

Vanessa smiled when she heard Aidan’s words. She was proud, that she could make him so hot.

“Rub your tits for me, Mrs. M.” Aidan grunted.

Vanessa smiled and followed his orders obediently. She ran her hands up her flat belly, cupping her full round breasts as her eyes were glued to her young stud’s growing hard-on. She began to rub her breasts, then took her brown nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began pulling and twisting them, pinching her nipples. Never ever had she done such an adventurous thing, but she was in heat.

“Does it feel good Mrs. M. you look so fucking hot.”

Vanessa was on fire filled with lust as she moaned, “Oh yes Aidan. I feel so wet and aroused.”

“Why don’t you play with yourself. Make your pussy nice and juicy for my cock.”

Vanessa was unnerved by Aidan’s demands. Never had she done such a blatant thing. Slowly she ran her finger up between the lips of her vagina and rubbed her erect clit, grinding her hips back and forth. Vanessa moaned as she stimulated herself.

Aidan stroked his huge shaft as he look down on his friend’s mother. She looked so fucking horny and he said, “Oh that’s it Mrs. M. Play with yourself…Turn me on so I can give you a real good fuck.”

Vanessa was breathing hard and her eyes glazed over in a sexual daze. Her young lover had not even touched her and she was writhing on the bed.

“Play with your nipples while I tend to your juicy pussy.” Aidan ordered as he crawled up on the bed and in between her slender legs.

Vanessa’s hands went straight for her nipples as her hips began to grind up and down on the bed.

Aidan slowly rubbed her pussy causing her to hump his hand. Then he inserted his finger inside her throbbing tight pussy and placed his thumb on her swollen clit.

This caused Vanessa to thrash around on the bed as she moaned, “Oh God…Yes Aidan. Make me cum. I’m so turned on.”

Vanessa was bucking and rotating her hips wanting the pleasures of an orgasm to rip through her insides.

But her young lover wanted to tease her, so as he lowered his face to her pussy he said, “Is this what you want, Mrs. M. Do you want me to lick your clit?”

“Please don’t tease me, Aidan. Please use your mouth and make me cum,” Vanessa shrieked as she felt how Aidan blew on her swollen clit. Vanessa had her legs spread wide as Aidan extended his tongue and swept it over her swollen clit.

Aidan’s tongue was seeking the tip of her clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth slowly flicking his tongue back and forth.

Vanessa moaned loudly pushing her young lover’s face into her cunt. She had never felt anything like this. As Aidan continued to slowly tease her clit she screamed in delight, “Oh yes that’s it. Make me cum…I’m so fucking hot.”

Aidan loved, that this sophisticated woman was alanya escort giving into his actions and he took the rigid little bud of her clit between his teeth and began to titillate it with his tongue.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Vanessa gasped repeatedly, arching her back, forcing her aroused pussy against Aidan’s face. She was going wild from her young lover’s expert tongue fucking. Her pussy muscles started to spasm, her round hips and ass quivered and shook with the vibrations which reverberated throughout her pelvis.

Aidan took one last deep suck of her clit, which was all Vanessa needed to send her over the edge. Her legs began to shudder and flail as she panted, “”Ooooooooooohhhhhh. Yes that’s it…lick my pussy. I’m cumming baby. I’m cummminng. Ooooooooooooooooooh.”

Vanessa felt her vagina convulse and her juices spilling out as she exploded into a violent orgasm that flooded Aidan’s face with her sweet tasting cum. She writhed and thrashed from the intensity of the torrential waves of pleasure that ran through her body, “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggg So gooooooooooooooooooooood. Don’t stooooooooooooop!…”

Pushing Aidan’s face further into her wet cum soaked pussy she savored every last wisp of pleasure that ripped through her until the orgasm finally subsided. She lay on the bed legs spread lewdly and whimpered, “Oh Aidan, that was so amazing. I never felt anything like this.”

While the married mother of two was climaxing, Aidan had moved his mouth just left of her clit and had started to suck down hard. Now Vanessa was spotting a hickey as proof of her illicit affair. As Vanessa was coming down from her orgasm Aidan had licked his way up to her full round breasts and started sucking. Vanessa’s moans went on and on as he placed countless kisses on both of her wonderful breasts. She didn’t seem to notice when he first placed a hickey just under the brown nipple of her right tit. Then he moved over and kissed all around her left one until he latched onto her and put another one just below and to the left of her left nipple.

Aidan looked down on the stunning exquisite mother of two. Her dark black hair was spread out on the pillow and he loved to see her lick her moist sexy lips. Her dark caramel skin was perspirating and the pair of luscious breasts was now marked by his mouth. He wasted no time as he moved between Vanessa’s slender legs, his huge cock swinging between his powerful legs.

Aidan smiled down at his friend’s mother as he lowered his chiseled frame onto her. He held his massive cock and guided it straight towards her pussy.

Vanessa looked down between her gently swaying breasts and saw Aidan’s immense shaft zoom in on her pleasure hole. She braced herself for the giant invasion that was about to enter her vagina. Her muscles clenched instinctively as she remembered the last time, but she tried to relax.

“Ready Mrs M…Ready to be fucked hard by your son’s friend?”

The cocky tone in Aidan’s voice as he hovered his cock just an inch or two from her vagina, made Vanessa shiver. Once again she was in a position where she was under the teenager’s control. She was once again being unfaithful to her marriage wows, but she just didn’t care. A surge of lust shot through her aroused body.

Aidan was teasing her, making her wait just a few more moments before he plunged his shaft inside his married lover. He wanted her to accept their illicit affair so he repeated, “Ready to be fucked hard, Mrs. M.?”

“Oh yes Aidan. I’m so aroused…please stop teasing me,” Vanessa moaned and moved her hands to his athletic ass. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of his ass and tried to pull him those few inches closer that would send his cock up inside her sopping wet pussy. At the same time she lifted her hips from the bed and threw her legs as far apart as she could get them.

“Please give it to me, Aidan…” Vanessa cried out as the head of his big dick touched her swollen pussy lips.

Aidan loved the fact, that Vanessa was begging him to fuck her, so he grabbed his cock with his hand and positioned it at her opening.

Vanessa felt the lips of her labia opening up, being stretched apart by Aidan’s thick shaft. She closed her eyes and let out a loud groan as his big cock forced its way inside of her. It felt as though the huge teen was going to rip her vagina apart. As Aidan sunk his big length deeper inside her, she felt how her pussy muscles expanded to accommodate the large intruder.

“Oh baby…you’re so big…almost too big…” Vanessa moaned as Aidan plunged into the depths of her sopping wet pussy. She could feel the head of his monster bumping, quite painfully, against the very depths of her insides, then with a wet, sucking slurp, slide back out of her pleasure hole. It was an indescribable feeling that was overcoming her. She was stretched wide open and she had never felt this level of sexual pleasure.

Aidan loved, how Vanessa reacted to his fucking. Looking straight down into her passionate brown eyes he plunged forward. He felt, how her tight pussy grabbed hold of his shaft. Then he lifted his hips and withdrew about seven or eight inches and then pounded it back in nice and hard. He felt how Vanessa clawed at his ass as he drilled her into the bed, plunging his massive big cock back into the balls.

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