A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 03


So it continued that way for several hours. A man would fill my awaiting pussy, by then aching and sore but still craving more spunk, and then they would come around to my face so I could clean their cocks off with my mouth. A few men couldn’t wait their turns for my pussy, and instead tit-fucked me or masturbated till they came on my tits or stomach. At several points in the night I had hands on my clit, in my asshole, pinching my nipples, not to mention a cock always in my pussy and another one in my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I never dreamed I would enjoy being used and passed around like this so much. The plastic sheet under me, bowing under my weight on the bed, had become a pool for all the cum that spilled out of me, and it immersed my ass and part of my lower back.

About halfway through the night, a nice-looking Hispanic man was fucking me solidly, and I realized the scotch I had earlier had worked itself down into my bladder. I spoke to him, “Hey – can you stop for a minute? I have to pee!” He only grinned at me. I fumbled through all the conversational Spanish phrases I knew, trying to find the right words. “Hey – Yo necessito – el bano!” He grinned wider and winked, and kept plowing into me with his thick member. The feeling of having a full bladder and being fucked was pleasant, actually more than pleasant and as I began to orgasm around his meat, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My piss gushed forth and because my pussy was still being slammed, some of it sprayed out onto the Hispanic man’s stomach. I hoped he wouldn’t get angry, but it seemed to turn him on even more, and he came enough in me to sink a steamboat. The rest of my piss ended up in the puddle along with the cum.

Alex, the wealthy man who had set up this sordid date, had been watching it all from his leather armchair. Hours passed; and he did not stir. Every other man there had his way with me and more than a few had come back for seconds after they recharged. A few were exhausted and were resting on the neighboring bed. After every man had given me as much cum as they had in them, I was laying there in my puddle of cum and piss, my legs still held back by two men, and I was waiting.

I knew Alex had to have a load or two for me, and I wanted it all. I writhed around in my pool of jizz and looked at him. He rose from his chair.

“Well, my dear, you have been a good sport indeed. I don’t think you will regret sikiş izle it. And now…” He took off his stately robe to reveal a surprisingly fit, toned body for a man his age. His chest was a little hairy and very hard and muscular. His cock stood out from his body proudly, the head of it large and heavy and almost weighing it down. His balls were swollen with cum, and I eyed them impatiently. He motioned for the two men who held my legs to let me go, and I eased my legs down into the river of cum beneath me, not realizing before then that they were cramped.

Alex came over to me and climbed on top of me. I had cum all over me – smeared all over my twat, my legs, my tits, even my face and hair. He held me and kissed me gently, and eased himself into my quivering, aching pussy. The soreness only added to the pleasure. Alex was the only one of the men who didn’t ravage me; on the contrary he was very gentle, and I almost felt I was being made love to. That was not something I expected to have while whoring myself. A pang of guilt entered my conscience for the first time that night as I remembered my boyfriend, and I wiped it out immediately by reminding myself that it was all for him in the first place.

I wrapped my legs around Alex’s narrow hips and bucked at him, urging him to fill me up like the other men did. Suddenly he stopped being so gentle and pulled out. With his obvious strength, he had no trouble flipping me over. My wrists were still bound so I propped myself up on my elbows, and hoisted my ass in the air, excited to have a change of position. I felt ounces – possibly quarts – of spunk ooze out of me and plop into the puddle. Cum dripped off my breasts and that landed in the puddle too. My knees were slipping in all the cream and I had to struggle to keep steady. My asshole was well lubed from all the time spent on my back with cum dribbling onto it.

Now, I had never had anal sex. I had ventured to stick a few fingers into my ass a few times while masturbating, but other than that, my ass was completely pure. Alex didn’t hesitate to take my anal cherry right then and there. It was only a little painful, but I was so turned on I didn’t care. As Alex expertly rogered my asshole, I gasped and enjoyed the sensation of being stretched to the hilt in a place I never dreamed I’d be fucked.

He leaned over me and I heard him breathlessly throw insults at me, words I wouldn’t brazzers expect to hear from someone so cultured and genteel. He grabbed my cum-drenched tits and held the full length of his cock inside my asshole, finally giving me my last load of cum for the night.

Satisfied that every man in the room had drained themselves inside me and completely exhausted, I collapsed into the cum-piss-puddle (which was more like an ocean by now) as Alex pulled out of me and his spunk dribbled out of my raw asshole.


I didn’t sleep long, but by the time I woke up, everyone had gone. The cord that had bound my wrists was cut. I sat up and tried to focus on the night’s previous events. Did all that really happen? I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall opposite the bed. I was a mess. I was covered in jizz, some of it dried, most of it still quite warm because of my body heat in sleeping in it. My formerly long soft hair was caked with spunk. I grinned to myself, remembering the fun I had being the cum slut of those thirty men. Then I remembered how they wouldn’t let me swallow any of the cream – plenty bubbled out onto my face, I tasted plenty of it, but it was only a tease, I wanted to swallow it.

I scooped up a handful of what was mostly cum with a little of my own piss mixed in and lapped it up like a hungry kitten. I started to get turned on again, and my pussy ached, although more from being empty than from being fucked raw. I got an idea.

I positioned myself so that my legs were bent and braced against the wall. My pussy was pointed heavenward. With one hand I spread my cunt lips and with the other, I scooped up handful after handful of that warm, gooey cum from thirty men and shoveled it into my pussy. More and more until I was completely full, just like I was the night before. I pinched my pussy lips shut so that none of the spunk could escape and carefully got on my knees. I was tired of the cum spilling out of me; I wanted the feeling of orgasming with it all still inside me.

With my free hand, I took a glop of cum still on the plastic sheet and rubbed it on my clit. Alternating between rubbing my cum-covered clit and my cum-covered nipples, I brought myself to orgasm after orgasm, my pussy brimming over with spunk, until finally my last orgasm was so intense, my spasms forced my cunt lips open and it all flooded out on my open hand. I licked fake taxi porno my fingers, savoring the saltiness.

I hardly looked presentable, so after my solo escapade, I dashed into the bathroom for a shower. I found a box of douche with a note from Alex – “Wouldn’t want your boyfriend to suspect anything” – and I was glad to have it, although it was with much regret that I washed away all that delicious spunk. Oh well, I said to myself, I had fun with it though, didn’t I?

As I shampooed the dried cum from my hair, I suddenly remembered how I got myself into all this – the money! I had seen no money. No money changed hands. I was angry – they had cheated me, and there was no way I could track Alex down – without a last name, and with probably a false first name! I felt incredibly stupid and after my shower, I ransacked the room – the drawers, the closets, everywhere – and there was no money to be found. Dammit! I had cheated on my boyfriend probably fifty or so times in one night, and I still didn’t have the money to buy his Christmas gifts.

Tears of shame streaming down my face, I got dressed and went to my purse, which I had left on a table by the door, and opened it to get my car keys out. How shocked I was when I saw it was filled with loose 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills! Amazed, I examined a few and sure enough, they were real. I sat on the clean bed with my loot and counted it. I could hardly believe it and counted it again. Just over $3000. And to think, I had only asked for $200! I must have grinned from ear to ear.

I tucked a $100 bill under the alarm clock and left a note for the clean-up maid – “Sorry about the mess”. I put the cash in my wallet and turned to my purse again for my keys. At the bottom of my bag I found a note from Alex. “My dear girl, thanks again for being such a good sport. You are a gem and your boyfriend is indeed a lucky man, not only because he gets to have you every night, but also because you go to such lengths to please him. If you’re ever in need of extra cash again, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding me. Merry Christmas. Alex”

That Christmas, Mark did question me on how on earth did I afford such extravagant gifts for him, but I convinced him I had been saving away for it all year, and he didn’t press the issue. By the following Christmas, I had landed myself a better job, and have never needed to call on Alex and his friends again, although I wouldn’t hesitate to do it if I needed to. I enjoyed being a cum slut, but I can get that from my boyfriend – who never thought to question why I suddenly decided he should stop using condoms forever, but he was all too happy to oblige.