A Bit Of Rough

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Big Tits

The music pumps loud and hard, and vibrates through my feet, but I’m not listening any more. You’ve been eyeing me up across the dance floor all night, and looking at me with those gorgeous deep brown ‘come to bed’ eyes.

You raise the bottle to your lips and drain the last bit of beer, and begin to push through the heaving crowd towards me. You grab my hand and without a word, you drag me through the door and out into the busy street. We jostle through late night clubbers as you purposefully stride on, sure of where you are going. I quicken my pace to keep up as you haven’t yet let go of my hand.

You stop momentarily at the mouth of a dark alleyway and give me a look that wordlessly screams ‘HORNY’ at me. You drag me further into the darkness, until you find the doorway at the far end…the street sounds and bright lights are muted to a distant hum and glow, and turn and push me roughly against the cool stone wall.

You roughly cover my mouth in a hot hard deep kiss….your tongue probing hrad round my mouth. I i retract my lips güvenilir bahis and gasp for a breath, taken aback by your suddenness, but then I grab the back of your head and force your mouth to mine again, crushing my lips but enjoying the frission of pain it gives me.

You drag my skirt up to my hips roughly and drag my already soaking knickers to one side. Fingers delve into my wetness and begin to work me to a frenzy. “God you dirty bitch!” you growl into my ear “you LOVE this don’t you, you fucking horny slut”

“Oh fuck yes, yes….dont stop!” But you do stop…abruptly, leaving my legs shaking and my body trembling.

You turn me round to face the wall and I hear you unzip your jeans, a minute later you enter me….urgently, forcefully. You are so hard and your thrusting is driving me wild. You hands grip my shoulders hard, fingers digging into my bare flesh, but i barely notice, as you pound away, balls deep in my hot wet snatch.

” Fuck me harder, I need to cum” I gasp

Your hands switch to my hips as you türkçe bahis drag me back time and again onto your stiff prick. ” No, bitch…you aint cumming tonight, its MY turn tonight!”

Just so I don’t crash over into an earth shattering orgasm you pull out your bone hard cock and shove me down to my knees…i don’t care that the floor is cold and damp, because you are sliding your swollen bone hard member across my lips…..” Suck it hard bitch!” you order, and I don’t need telling twice.

I greedily suck the head into my warm, wet mouth. My tongue swirls round the top and on down the shaft, I hear you grunt, and you grab my hair hard. I taste myself on your cock and it tastes so fucking good.

” Now, for a face-fucking, you dirty fucking cum slut” and you start pounding away at my mouth with your thick veiny prick. I gag as it catches the back of my throat, but that only serves to make you pump harder, and strangely enough, me all the more wetter.

“Holy fuck!” you hiss through gritted teeth “that’s it…keep sucking like güvenilir bahis siteleri a good girl….im gonna cum soon, and you’re gonna take it all down like the good girl you are!”

I squeeze your balls and your other hand snakes round to grab the other side of my head, immobilising me so i cant back away…..im so horny and I know it wont be long now. You thrust hard and another guttural grunt comes from your throat, and I know you are about to cum. The first shot of hot spunk hits the back of my throat with force causing me to gag again, but i swallow it down, as stream after stream pumps into my mouth, dribbling out, down my chin and onto my low cut top.

You stop still, and let the final pulses of your cock pump out the last of your thick wads of cum into my mouth. I swallow the last bit and lick my lips as you help me up from my knees and look into my eyes, with a look of mixed euphoria and lust. You kiss me hard and I feel your tongue tasting my mouth for your cum.

We break apart and you fix yourself and we straighten up our clothes, and giving a little giggle, we link arms and head on out of the alley, that was so fucking horny, and I know that next week, when its MY turn to pick what me and my other half do for our ‘date night’, its gonna be just as explosive!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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