A Boring Day In The Office

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It was just another day in small town Iowa for Christi. Her boss and friend Tara had skipped out early from the office for the 100th time this week leaving her utterly alone and bored.

In their little government office Christi’s only options for entertainment were her co-workers all of which had now left, and her computer which had horrible internet connection. Granted Tara was a great boss and had offered to let her leave early instead but if she wanted to make her 40 hrs for the week she had to finish the day.

“Oh geez” Christi stated automatically getting annoyed as the outer door of the building opened and closed noisily. There was only 15 minutes left before the horribly boring day was finally over and someone was coming in, probably to bother her with complaints and cause her to stay later like usual.

“Hey there beautiful!” she heard being yelled from the outside of the office windows. Looking up, she saw the office eye candy Officer Dewalt walking by.

He was one of the four paid police officers that worked for the town and he was quite ruggedly handsome. At 35 Josh Dewalt was a member of a nearby city’s SWAT team, recent part time hire to the town, well built with a two day beard growing, and loved being the center of the office girls’ attention. Several times Tara threatened to fire Christi and the other office assistant Tammy for sexual harassment against the cop, jokingly of course, while whistling at him herself. Normally his attentions to the ladies were harmless and funny, but lately Christi felt as if his flirtations were more personal and aimed mostly towards her. Christi had asked Tara if she noticed it as well but with Tara’s wedding looming ever closer as the days ticked by she hadn’t noticed since her attention was otherwise occupied.

Honestly it’s not like she would mind at all if he were to become interested in her but she felt it was not likely. At 24 Christi wasn’t exactly the norm for beauty, she had some great legs that she was very proud of, even though they led to a flat butt, she was a little on the chubby side with triple D boobs that made her feel even bigger. And occasionally she felt like she was good looking but she was a girl and those days didn’t happen often enough.

She was a tad disappointed that he kept walking towards the cop offices; usually if she was alone he would poke his head in and talk with her until she locked up. As the minutes ticked by slowly and painfully, she let her mind wonder to whom she would take to Tara’s wedding. As a bridesmaid she contemplated not taking anyone at all due to the obligations of the post but she entertained the idea of Officer Dewalt as her date, teasing him all day then taking him home with her. Strictly speaking Christi was not an outgoing type of girl, flirting güvenilir bahis was usually kept to a minimum and she was normally shy around men she didn’t know. So the idea made her blush, and the blush was bright enough that Dewalt noticed it as he walked by the window about to leave the building again.

She hadn’t noticed him yet so he watched her for a seconded wondering what had caused her to turn bright red. He liked the idea that maybe it was him but due to the fact she was playing on her computer he thought maybe she was doing something she shouldn’t be. With a smirk on his face he opened up the glass door and asked her if she had had a good day. The sudden intrusion by the man in her mini fantasy shocked Christi so much she jumped up knocking things off of her desk and scraping her arm.

With concern on his face Dewalt rushed in to see if she was ok noticing some blood. He automatically locked the office front door, shut the light off, and dragged her into the back office that her boss used, to the med kit that they kept back there. He knew where it was because Tara had forced him back there on more than one occasion to clean up scrapes he had received on the job like a mother hen.

The office was private and quiet which was why Tara liked it so much, she wasn’t always bothered by the towns folk and could finish her work in semi privacy if she left the door open, but Christi had walked in on Tara with her fiancé a couple of days ago in this office. Needless to say Tara was bent over her desk in a less than official position. With this memory and the mini fantasy running to the front of her head she felt herself begin to blush deeper and deeper and started to feel a little wet.

Not noticing, Dewalt made her sit on the edge of the desk and went for the med kit, upon turning around he was stopped short by her jean skirt and legs hanging over the edge of the desk. After a moment of staring he snapped to and started to clean the scrape that appeared to be no worse than a paper cut upon closer inspection.

“You should tell Tara your desk bit you and threaten to sue if you don’t get a new one.” Dewalt joked

“I would but getting my new chair was like pulling teeth, you know how she is when it comes to office supplies.” Christi laughed.

He was standing so close to her that she could smell him, sweat and cologne, almost salty and sweet. She also noticed that he was staring at the spot where her skirt ended and legs began while he finished up bandaging her arm. The jean skirt wasn’t too short but sitting on the desk had it settled an inch from her v showing just about every inch of her legs. With a boldness that she didn’t know she possessed she adjusted the way she was sitting and crossed her legs granting the officer a quick peek at türkçe bahis her underwear. Normally she didn’t wear anything fancy but today she had on a pair of her favorite bright pink lace hip-huggers.

She had expected a look of shock but instead she noticed his green eyes take on a deeper color, and his lids started to droop in the “bedroom eyes” kind of way. He slowly placed a hand on her right thigh and nudged it indicating that she was to uncross her legs, as she did he watched closely then pulled her to the edge of the desk causing her to straddle his thighs and making her skirt go completely up to her waist.

He leaned down and with his lips just a breath away from her own he mumbled “Tara’s gonna fire you for sure.” He then closed the space and kissed her with so much pent up aggression, full of tongue and bites to her lip that they were laying on the desk before either knew what happened. With a look of surprise they very hurriedly started to tear at each other’s shirts. Christi started to giggle because Dewalt had on all of his duty gear so the idea of trying to quickly undress him was ludicrous.

He realized this too and jumped up, held up a finger and with a stern look said the age old “Miss I’m going to have to fine you for not wearing your seatbelt.”

“But officer, I can’t afford another ticket! Can’t we work something out?”

Laughing as she said it Christi sat up, undid his utility belt, unhooked his radio, and started to pull off his flak jacket followed by his under shirt revealing a very nice chest and stomach, not overly muscle bound but still very nice. With a smile she leaned back to admire him with the still smoldering blush on her cheeks. All of the girls had often wondered what he had under the uniform and she reveled in the idea of soon knowing it all. After making a few of the muscle poses for her he stepped close again and started to take her shirt off. She silently thanked all things that are holy that she had decided to wear matching cute underwear this morning.

Dewalt threw her shirt aside and kissed her again, lightly running his tong around the full of her bottom lip, up her jaw line, and nibbled on her ear causing her to softly moan. He then ran kisses and bites down her throat to her collar bone and pulling the cup of her bra aside took the half dollar sized pink nipple into his mouth. It had been a while for Christi so the gentle attentions followed by the pressure of his mouth sent her suddenly and quickly over the edge. She pulled his head in tight to her chest and gasped with the pleasure she was feeling. After the shock waves of the orgasm settled down she pulled back a little embarrassed only to see that he was staring at her like she was the sexiest thing in the world. He stood back up and undid his pants güvenilir bahis siteleri letting them fall and pulling his boxers down to show his 10 inches and growing with a girth she would just barely be able to fit her hand around standing at attention, and grabbed her hips pulling her underwear down and shoving her skirt up farther. Due to an unfortunate height difference he changed tactics pushing Christi back down onto the desk and climbing on top of her.

He slowly and almost torturously slid himself from her butt up and along her slit to rub on her throbbing clit, he ground his hips forcing electric shocks to surge through her body before reaching between them and guiding himself to her opening.

He again slowly pushed the tip in and then stopped and asked, panting hard, “I know it’s a little late but are you sure?”

With a shy smile and deeper blush she shoved her hips up forcing the whole length of him into her quickly and hard. She should have thought it through a little more because he was definitely bigger than her ex and the pain of the quick movement made her yelp in shock. He held her there for a second until he felt her start to relax then began to move out again. Slowly he moved in and out just an inch or so each stroke and kissed her jaw line up to her forehead then grabbed the edge of the desk. He picked up the pace pulling almost completely out and in again, he set a spine tingling pace, she wrapped her legs around his thighs and felt herself begin to build up again.

With barely an “Oh my God” whisper she clenched down on him so hard he could no longer pull out and rode the second wave of pleasure this time with him moving completely inside of her. As her throbbing muscles let off the pressure he raised himself up and put his arm under her back raising her hips up, he picked up the pace again and quickly started to slam his hips into her making her scream with each thrust. She came again, hard and with a curse on her swollen lips, but he didn’t ease up on the almost brutal attack until she felt him desperately try to pull out in time for him to cover her belly with his cum. With a little laugh and sigh of exhaustion he crumpled on top of her.

Christi, shaking from the multiple orgasms, rubbed the side of his back and down over his shapely butt. The smell from the sex and sweat hanging in the air, mixing with perfume and cologne made her feel intoxicated.

“Ok, this time, let’s shoot for 4.” Dewalt stated with a very serious and almost studious look on his face. Shocked Christi felt him growing to his full length again against her belly.

“Again?” Christi gasped a little worried and excited.

With a leer and a quick kiss, he said “As long as that radio doesn’t go off for a call I now plan on keeping you in this office until you pass out and then maybe we’ll go out in the squad car and experiment. Hope you didn’t have any plans for tonight.”

Christi smiled. She swore she would never complain about being left alone in the office again.

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