A Boy No More Ch. 3

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Young Marcus had rekindled the fires of passion long ago banked within me. He lay on the bed, his inexperienced manhood desperately attempting to break out of the imprisoning trousers, but Marcus was afraid to do anything about it.

Still sitting atop him, I could sense a struggle building within him. There were things he wanted to do; things he needed to do, but he had not a clue as to what or how.

I decided it was time to help him, to give him his next experience, his next lesson on the finer things of life. If he thought what had happened in the bathtub earlier that day had been wonderful, what he was about to experience would absolutely astonish him.

I climbed off him and stepped down onto the floor. Slowly, I undid all the remaining buttons, hooks, ties, and other paraphernalia holding the rest of my clothing together and gracefully slid it all to the floor. Stepping out of the pile of garments, I stood nude before him for the first time.

I moved closer to the edge of the bed to allow him to touch me, but at the moment, he seemed perfectly content to just look at my nude body. Why not, after all, he’d never seen a naked woman before and there was a lot of new anatomy to be studied.

I took his hand and placed it on top of the patch of curly red hair crowning my womanhood. His eyes were as big as hen’s eggs. His large fingers slid over the silky hair. I could see he was breathing harder, but that wasn’t the only thing I could see about him getting harder.

While his fingers played over my hairs, I reached over him and undid his trousers. He raised slightly as I slid them down over his narrow hips. His swollen manhood seemed spring-loaded when I released it from his confining underwear. Marcus seemed a bit embarrassed by this, but it didn’t appear to bother the obviously anxious creature I had just freed. In fact, it seemed downright, or should I say, upright happy to see me.

I stepped back to pull his boots and socks off. Grabbing his trousers by the cuffs I pulled them the rest of the way off, taking time to folded them neatly and place them on his dresser before I returned to finish removing his underwear. I must say, he looked absolutely delicious lying there completely naked. His face turned several shades of red from a small case of embarrassment. His manhood was quite red too, but I don’t think that had anything to do with embarrassment.

“Sit here on the edge of the bed,” I suggested, patting the mattress edge.

I stepped between his legs, standing as close to his face as possible. His rough, but loving hands roamed over my body, halkalı escort lingering on my breasts a while before moving over my hips and around to cup my behind to pull me closer.

He finally took a little initiative and started covering my breasts with tender kisses and swirling his inexperienced tongue around my begging nipples. I guess a lot of experience is not required in that particular activity because he instantly set my sensitive nipples ablaze with delight. I wrapped my arms around his head, holding him closer, not wanting to allow the sensual creature darting in and out between his lips to cease its sweet assault on my nipples. It had been so long since I had felt the searing attention a loving man could give me, especially one who was interested in pleasing me as much as himself.

Obviously, Marcus was very interested in making me feel good. He sucked one of my sensitive nipples into his hot mouth and lightly bit it. I gasped at the explosion of pleasure-pain his teeth sent raging through me.

He jumped back; a look of near panic covered his young face. “Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!” he apologized, tears welling up in his big blue eyes.

“You didn’t, Honey,” I assured him, pulling his face back to my breasts. “Do it again, a little harder this time.”

His teeth went back to work on one of my excited nipples.

“Oh yes! That’s it, that’s it! Harder!” I begged.

He switched to the other nipple. Pulling his lips down over his teeth, he really bit down on the hard morsel.

“Oh, Marcus, that’s wonderful!” I screamed. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” I held his head tight in my arms, enjoying the daggers of beautiful pain ripping through my body all the way from my breasts to the growing wetness between my thighs.

I slowly stepped over his legs one at a time, so his legs were between mine. That little maneuver opened my thighs and gave his hands easy access to my tingling womanhood in case he wanted to do a bit more exploring.

He didn’t get the idea of what I wanted him to do until I took his hand and placed it between my thighs. Cautiously, his large hand fumbled around between my legs, feeling, touching, and exploring.

After several minutes of his inexperienced roaming, he finally worked a finger between the moist lips of my womanhood and found my found clitoris. He knew right away he had found something good, something important, because the moment his scorching finger touched it, a loud moan tore from my throat.

I watched a wonder smile grow across taksim escort his face as his increasing attention to that little button made me moan more and louder. Then his busy finger began exploring again.

I could feel his nervousness as his finger gently probed around the soft, wet rim of the entrance to my most private place, the doorway to my inner-self.

“Go ahead, Baby, slide your finger inside,” I whispered, squirming in an attempt to help his finger find its way.

He looked up into my face as if checking to be sure I really wanted him to do that.

“Please, Baby, please,” I begged. “Make me feel good; feel my insides.”

My breath seized in my lungs at the fantastic sensation of his large finger entering me. Marcus must have enjoyed the feeling too, because he quickly started working his finger around and moving it in and out. The more he worked it the more I moaned. It only took a few moments of this marvelous attention, coupled with his nibbling on my nipples to send me into the most powerful orgasm I had experienced in many years.

My body began to quiver and shake. A low-pitched, high-volume groan screamed from deep within me as my body felt like it was unraveling from the inside out. My thighs and his wonder hand were drenched with what felt like gallons of my lady-cum.

Marcus became quite excited by this and he worked a second finger into me. The fantastic contractions inside me rapidly grow stronger instead of waning as he continued his wonderful manipulations to my impassioned body. He seemed overjoyed at being responsible for giving me this great pleasure. He was now sure he was doing his part right.

Not able to support my own weight any longer, I collapsed on his lap. The poor boy was lucky I hadn’t squished his head, I squeezed it so tight in my arms when he set me off.

He looked me in the eyes. “Did that feel good?”

Panting and fighting to regain my breath along with a smidgen of strength, I managed to gasp, “Feel good is too mild of a description for how wonderful you just made me feel.”

“Then I did it right?” he asked with a huge grin of final conquest on his handsome face.

“Oh yes. I’d say you’ve got that part down to perfection,” I smiled back at him.

“That was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said, shyly adding, “I didn’t know girls liked that. I thought they weren’t supposed to enjoy sex. I thought it was just something they were supposed to do to please their husbands and I didn’t know girls had juices that came from them either.”

“If a man does his şişli escort part right, with the feelings of the woman in mind, she’ll have plenty of juices for him. And, Honey, you sure did your part right.”

“It smells so wonderful,” he mumbled like he wasn’t sure if he should mention that or not.

“It tastes wonderful too,” I said, placing my fingers between my thighs to get them wet, then placing them against his lips. I nearly came again when his hot mouth closed around my fingers, cleansing them of every drop.

“Later I’ll show you how to really taste it,” I said.

“Why later? What’s wrong with right now?” he asked impatiently, pulling me closer again.

“I have other delightful things to show you first,” I replied, stepping up from his lap.

Slowly, I separated his legs and knelt to my knees on the floor before him. Resting my arms across his thighs, I took his gorgeous, young manhood in my hand and gently stroked him.

“Oh God, I love that,” he moaned, falling over on his back to enjoy the wonderful sensations coursing through his body, and perhaps to enjoy the earlier memories from the bathtub.

After allowing him a few moments of that pleasure, I decided it was time for him to experience his next great pleasure. I leaned forward and slid my tongue around the swollen head of his manhood. The sound escaping his throat was nothing compared to the gasp he issued as I sucked him deep into my hungry mouth and held him there, sliding my slippery tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his engorged member.

The lad was already so excited; it took only a few minutes of my mouth’s warm attention before I felt him rapidly building toward ecstasy. His body went rigid and nearly rose from the bed. Suddenly, a groan, the likes of which I hadn’t heard in years, tore from his very being as his delicious, young juices spewed hotly over my tongue and into my throat. Spasm after spasm pumped more of his creamy nectar into my hungry, waiting mouth. My tongue continued to slide up and down his pulsating shaft, savoring the delicious salty taste of his eruption.

I continued my loving attention on his manhood, milking him for every drop, until I felt his body relax. I pulled my satisfied mouth from his manhood with in one long, slow, hard suction motion. As he lay there totally spent, I licked him clean, savoring each creamy drop of his delicious juices.

He didn’t have enough

energy left to move. I helped him up the bed far enough so he wouldn’t fall off in his sleep and pulled a blanket up over his glistening, nude body.

I leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the lips. “You sleep for a while, Sweetness, you’re gonna need your rest for later tonight.”

The sweetest, most innocent smile I had ever seen crossed his young, handsome face as his eyes fluttered shut. He said not a word; words were not needed.

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