A Christmas Gift Ch. 03

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I had just kissed my brother on the mouth. It seems strange, now, that it had taken me until then to give in to that. We had shared intercourse twice before sharing a genuine kiss, and the second time — this time — in the intense heat of the moment I had urged him to go ahead and cum inside my unprotected body, there in the shower.

With his seed inside me, I couldn’t really keep any pretense of barriers I wouldn’t cross. So we kissed.

Then I nudged him to turn away from me, and he complied. With his back to me, he placed his hands on the tiled wall, just as I had for him.

It was my turn, now.

I melded my own naked body against my dear brother’s bare back under the warm spray of water. There was something special I wanted to share with him, and this was the time.

In my experience, it was rare, if indeed ever that I met a man who knew a little secret about men and women. There are intimacies between two human beings that don’t involve penetration. Intimacies that are higher and deeper even than orgasm.

I smiled knowing that, as I urged him to turn away from me and lean against the wall of the shower, he might wonder what I had in store for him. Was I going to put my fingers there? No. Not on this special occasion with a man who was my brother and only recently my lover. It was not what you — or he — might have istanbul escort thought.

I pressed myself against his naked back, and I squeezed his hard shoulders with my hands under the cascading shower. I rested my cheek against the back of his neck and just relished the feeling of our bodies so close together.

I moved myself against him, just to accentuate the press of my breasts on his warm, wet bare back. And I ground my hips forward letting him know that my most intimate femininity was not afraid to make contact with that cute butt of his.

In time, I reached down and coddled his penis, still quite a bit swollen, in both of my hands. It was still slippery with my own juices from what we had just done, and I gently cleaned it under the warm water.

As I touched him that way, he whispered to me.

“You know, Jen, I love you.”

This was not exactly a surprise. And I knew that what I needed to say to him then had the risk of deflating him in a way that I did not intend.

So I deliberately stroked his softening penis one more time with both hands before moving them to stroke against his tight little buttocks, and I leaned my weight more fully against him as I replied, “I know you do, Frank, because you’re my brother. But let’s both be careful before we go beyond avcılar escort that.”

He was silent, and so I continued. “We started this as just a hooking-up thing, and I think we should keep it that way for a while. OK?” And, unable to reach his lips with mine in this position in the shower, I planted a kiss on his neck.

“Oh, I know, sis,” he said, and he turned from the shower wall to face me, and he took both of my hands into his. “I know.”

As he spoke, there was no ignoring the fact that his penis, in between us, was growing thick again. Indeed, not just thick, but soon insistently erect.

“Frank,” I began, feeling a searing fire in my heart that I hadn’t felt in so long. “If you’re anywhere like me, you want to shout to the world, ‘I’m in love!'” I pressed myself against him so that my belly would touch his renewed erection.

“Let’s just not go too fast, ” I sighed. And then, feeling him pressing himself back against me, I decided to tease him.

“What is this?”

I reached down between us with one hand and stroked his hard penis.

“That is a man reacting to a lovely naked woman in the shower with him,” he replied matter-of-factly.

I thought about kneeling down, then, and taking him into my mouth, as I knew any man would have wanted me to.

But as much love as I felt şirinevler escort for this man, and for all of the barriers we had just rushed across, I just couldn’t imagine myself sucking my own brother’s dick.

Instead, I just used both of my hands, wrapping my thumbs and a few fingers around the shaft of him and, using only light pressure, I pleasured him as I explored the shape and texture of his hardness.

We were standing close, face-to-face in the shower, and he placed his hands just on the curve of my hips as I touched him that way.

I knew if I continued much longer, he would shoot his load of semen right on me. And even though we were in the shower where I could wash it off right away, I still didn’t want to do that. The first time we had made love, in the pull-out bed on Christmas morning, I had let him cum on my belly just so that he wouldn’t cum inside me. And as much as I don’t enjoy that sensation, if I let him do it again now, I was afraid he might get the wrong idea.

So, once again, I nudged him to turn his back to me, and I nestled again against his back, almost trying to crawl right inside him. And I reached around from behind and resumed stroking him.

I felt his knees quiver as he reached the point of no return, and from my tip-toes, as I placed little kisses on his square shoulder, I watched the fruits of my handiwork stream from his tip, some of it splashing against the wall of the shower.

I took my time, then, before letting go of him. His warm body just felt so good against mine.

But then I slapped his butt hard and darted out of the shower.

“You’d better make sure you clean off that wall!”

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