A Christmas Gift From the Guys


Christmas day was finally here, I’m at my families Christmas celebration and all I can think about is getting home to find out what ‘special gift’ Bob has planned for the evening. We did what we always do, open presents first, it seems like everyone got twice as much as the years before. This day is going to take forever to get over! Mom forget to turn the oven back up after the pie got done, so the ham wasn’t done cooking yet.

What else was going to happen to make it even longer before I can get home to start my evening with Bob? I busy myself cleaning the kitchen to help Mom out and to try to help keep my mind off of everything. Forty Five minutes later, the ham is finally done! Still another two hours go by before we start clearing the dinner table.

Finally, it’s almost time to go home. When we finish I tell Mom I want to go ahead and go so I don’t chance getting stuck in the snow, since it had already put 2 feet on the ground and it has started snowing again. We said our good-byes and I headed home. I am hoping it won’t take Bob long to get to the house!

I called Bob when I got home, he said it would be about an hour and he would be there. I grab a Corona and head to the shower to get ready. Not knowing what to expect, I just put a on pair of my tight jeans and grab a sweater, one that buttons so I can show a little cleavage , and no shoes. I went to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee and went to the den to start a fire in the fireplace, we ended up with two feet of snow with more coming. I figured he would need to warm up some when he got here. I see Bob pull into the driveway, so I run to get the door.

There is another car pulling in behind him that I don’t recognize. I watch to see who it is because it’s one I haven’t seen before. It’s Craig, I let them in and find out that Bob has told Craig all about me. My stripping days, my kinky side, everything. Bob has another bag with him, I like it when Bob brings a bag with him, he seems to have all kinds of surprises in his bags. Bob asks me to put it on the bed, but I was not to peek in it. The bag was a little heavy but no matter how curious I was, I didn’t peek.

I went to the kitchen and got coffee for all of us and took it to the den where Bob and Craig were waiting for me. We sit and talk for a little while, the subject of the other night was brought up. Craig said he wished he had known about me the other night. Things could have been a little different, he would have been better prepared. I asked if what was in the bag would help him be better prepared and he just smiled. Bob said he thought maybe he had made me wait long enough, he told me to sit tight and he would go get everything ready.

Craig and I sat and talked while I waited for Bob to get ready for me. I found out Craig had been divorced too, he had only been married for a year though. Their split was mutual, they realized they weren’t in love, they have still stayed friends. The night before he moved out, she had one of her friends come over and had a threesome, as a gift from her. Bob came back in and takes my hand, leading me to the bedroom with Craig following close behind.

In the bedroom there were candles lit, a video camera set up, handcuffs, a silk scarf to be used as a blindfold, oils and a few miscellaneous items. It doesn’t take Bob long to get undressed and while Craig is getting undressed, Bob starts to undress me. First, he slowly takes my sweater off, enjoying the site of my tits. He leans down, licks and sucks each nipple as he squeezes each tit in his hands. Craig walks up behind me, reaches around me and pops the button open on my pants, then unzips them, to slide them off.

Craig, still standing behind me, slowly puts his hand between my legs to find my clit, he rubs my ass with his other hand while kissing my neck. This is really turning me on. Bob picks me up and carries me to the bed while I have my legs wrapped around him, I can feel the head of his brazzers cock barely rubbing my slit as he walks, he was hard as a rock already. Craig turned the video camera on and made sure it was pointed at the bed. Bob laid me on the bed face up, handcuffed my hands around the middle bar on the headboard so my hands are above my head. Bob put the blind fold on me.

Bob took his turn first, he slid down between my legs and spread my lips open to expose my clit. I feel his tongue moving around my clit and just to the edge of my wet hole. He is taking his time so it takes awhile to send me over the edge, he slides two fingers in my pussy and starts fucking me while he sucks and nibbles my clit. This keeps up for a little while and then he gets up and tells me to open up as he slides his cock into my throat, he tastes so good. I love to feel a cock in my mouth. I lick and suck on his cock and balls till he is close and then he gets up again.

I can feel his cock rubbing against my clit and then, what I have been waiting for, he slams his cock hard into my pussy over and over, slamming harder and deeper with each thrust. I am SO close, Bob tells me, “You do not have permission to cum yet, if you are a good girl maybe Craig will give you permission,” and with that I feel his cum on my belly. Bob washes his cum off of me before Craig has his turn.

I hear Craig walk up to the bed. He removes the handcuffs and runs his hands down my arms, then he removes the blindfold. He tells me, I want to feel your hands on me and I want to look in your eyes when I am fucking you! This makes me smile.

Not very many guys feel that way. He starts out kissing my forehead, then each eyelid, the tip of my nose, each lip, slowly making his way to my neck, a few kisses, a quick little lick here and there. Then he kisses his way to my tits, slowly licking and sucking on each, kissing all around each tit as he rubs them and squeezes them together, playing with them.

He starts kissing down my belly, as he gets to my belly button, he raises my legs and spreads them apart, to expose my pussy. He uses his tongue to open my pussy lips and let my clit show. Licking and sucking my clit, I can feel the need to cum building up inside me. I resist as he starts fucking me with his tongue, I reach down and grab Craig’s head, pulling his face into my pussy. He runs his fingers along the sides of my clit, squeezing just enough to make it tingle. Craig got me to the edge of cumming and stopped.

Looking up at me he can tell by the look on my face I want to cum. Craig gets back up over top of me, slides his cock inside me as I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts fucking me, very passionately at first and as I get closer, I beg him to fuck me harder. When Craig is ready to cum, he asks me if I want to cum with him. I told him, “YES PLEASE!” He tells me to make him believe it. I start begging him, “Please, Let me cum, I need to so BADLY!!”

Then I hear those wonderful words, “Cum for me baby!”

I let go and cum harder than I have for a while. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I left some scratches on Craig’s back. As we collapse on the bed I hear a knock on the front door. Bob answered the door so we could catch our breath. When he came back into the room Jeff, from the other night, was with him. Jeff apologized for showing up late and quickly got undressed. I motioned for him to come over and stand by the bed, I slowly start licking up and down the shaft and circle around the head of his cock, then take him into my throat. I tease him that way until he is hard.

Jeff rolled me over onto my stomach, handcuffed my hands behind my back and started rubbing his hands across my ass. I knew what was about to happen. Jeff slid his hand between my legs, rubbed my clit and ran his hand back up, teasing my pussy and asshole. As he takes his hand out from between my legs, there’s a loud ‘SMACK’ as he slaps my ass.

He rubs where cuckold porno he just smacked, then another smack on the other side of my ass and he rubs there too. He keep this up until my ass is glowing red. Jeff rubs my ass and sits back, admiring what he has done. I am soaking wet by this time and he takes off the handcuffs, sitting on the side of the bed, then has me kneel on the floor in front of him.

He has his cock in his hand, stroking it and tells me he wants to see how good a job I can do sucking him off on my own. I start sucking him, a little at a time until I have him in my throat. As I suck him, I lick his balls, when I get him in my throat. Sucking faster and harder until he explodes into my throat and I swallow every last drop, licking him clean.

Bob says he wants to see me play with myself and cum for them. I get on the bed, take the oil and start rubbing it all over my body. I lay back, start rubbing and pinching my clit. With my other hand I squeeze my tits and twist my nipples between my fingers. I gradually rub my clit a little faster, then take my other hand, putting three fingers in my pussy and start fucking myself.

I can feel the urge to cum start to build, the more I rub and pinch my clit, the stronger the urge is. Finally I let go, squirting almost across the room. I did get all three of them as they stood at the foot of the bed, watching me. At this point we decided to take a little break.

Bob and Craig went to take showers, Bob in my bathroom and Craig in the guest room, while Jeff and I went to get coffee. I told them when they got done to grab some coffee and meet us in the den. Craig finished first and came in and sat down, then Bob came in coffee in one hand, and a video tape in the other. I was so into what was going on, I completely forgot that he video taped the whole thing.

As he sits down he smile and says, “Anyone want to watch a movie?”

I have never seen myself on tape before, so I was kind of excited to see it. So I jumped up, put the tape in the VCR and settled back down next to Craig and Jeff, to watch what we had just done. I got so hot, I was sitting there in Craig’s shirt and no panties. Craig kept looking over at me to see my reaction. I couldn’t resist, I started rubbing my clit, slowly at first. I noticed Craig had undone his pants, and had his cock in his hand. I stopped watching the tape and started sucking Craig’s cock. Bob and Jeff were into the tape, so they didn’t pay much attention to what was going on with us.

When the tape was, over it was snowing pretty good, so Bob and Jeff decided they should probably go home. So we said our good-byes and I went back into the den where Craig was just sitting on the couch. I was kind of glad he stayed, Craig was more of a romantic, that was such a big change from the past 18 years. I really like the bondage and stuff, but I miss the romance, the gentle touches, knowing it’s you that is wanted and not just the sex. Craig asked if I minded if he stayed a little while, God no, I didn’t mind. We sat and talked for a long time and watched the snow. We finally went to bed around three in the morning, yes Craig stayed the night, he still had a couple of days before he had to go back to work.

I woke up a little after 8 am, it was so nice to wake up with a guys arms around me. I didn’t realize Craig had already been awake for about a half and hour, he was waiting for me to wake up. When I started moving around, Craig reaches down between my legs and finds my clit. Morning sex, that’s the best, starts the day out right. He moves my hair and starts kissing my neck, nibbling on my earlobes. He rubs and squeezes my tits, and then teases my clit. Craig has his body pressed against the back of mine, we are on our sides.

I can feel his cock beginning to get bigger and bigger. I reach behind me and rub his cock until he can’t stand it anymore. He slides his hand around my neck and czech porno under my chin and pulls my head back so he can kiss me. I’m wet enough now, his cock slides in my pussy easily. He is going from my tits to my clit and back to my tits. He starts out with a slow steady rhythm, kissing my neck and lips the whole time. He gradually picks up speed, fucking faster as I push back against him, trying to get him in as deep as he will go.

Fucking me faster and faster, I hear him whisper in my ear, “Cum with me baby, I am ready… I’m Cumming!” The whispers send me over the edge, I cum so much, jerking and pushing against him. We lay there, his arms wrapped around me, for at least 10 or 15 minutes before we can even catch our breath and begin to move again. We get up, take a shower and then eat breakfast in the den.

The den is my favorite room in my house, it has the big picture window that looks out over the yard to a barn that needs a little paint. When we finish breakfast, I talk Craig into helping me shovel the walk and the driveway. We got to talking about snowmen so we decided to see who could build the better one. Mine had a slender waist and nice big tits, his had a big cock. We both had a really good laugh, its a good thing I live in the country. We went in to warm up, I got us some hot chocolate and we went into the den. Craig got the fireplace going, I grabbed a blanket and we snuggled up together in front of the fireplace. We drank our hot chocolate and talked about our childhood, home lives and families.

This is so great, it’s like we are the only two people in the whole world. I can’t resist, I start kissing Craig. He’s not only good looking, he is a great listener to, he seems to be really in tune with me. We take each others clothes off, sex in front of the fireplace is so romantic. I am so turned on at this point, he lays me down, starts kissing me with soft gentle kisses, making his way down my neck and to my tits, a little lick and suck on each nipple. As he kisses down my belly, he is rubbing and squeezing my tits. I am getting wet in anticipation of what is about to happen. The closer he gets the faster I am breathing, he barely runs his tongue along my clit, and it drives me wild.

He does this a few more times, then Craig stops what he is doing and rubs his cock on my clit until he is rock hard and soaked. As soon as he is, he slides his cock into my pussy, slow steady strokes. He is looking in my eyes, Bob must have told him about that too! When he is close, he tells me that when he cums, he wants me to suck him and to deep throat him. He has never had anyone do that before.

I tell him I want his cock in my throat so bad, I want him to cum down my throat. The words seem to do the trick, I can see on his face he is about to cum again. I push him back saying, “Baby, let me suck you into my throat” he moves back and sits, I move between his legs, lowering my head slowly, a little going in each time, I bob up and down, onto his cock, slowly stroking him as he slides down my throat, I start to gag but regain myself as he slips a little deeper inside.

As he gets in my tight throat, he starts to cum, I can’t stop sucking and swallowing as he explodes. He throws his head back and almost loses his balance as I feel the hot cum shooting deep into my throat. As he cums, I cum with him, I have never done that before, not without someone touching my pussy. We both fall over onto the floor, the fire crackling, the heat on our wet sweaty bodies.

We lay wrapped together for a long time, as we both come down from the latest climax we shared. We slowly regain ourselves and clean each other up. Once we get up and dressed, he decides it is time to go, he needs a long rest before he goes back to work. I tell him how wonderful last night and today had been. He tells me it won’t be the last time, he promises me it is just the beginning. As he prepares to leave, we make plans to make sure we stay in very close contact. When he is ready, I walk him out to his car. We share a long kiss and a tight hug. Without talking, we say our good-byes, but just for now. One last kiss and he is pulling away. I walk back to the house, knowing my life was just beginning.