A Colleague Reunion

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I tried to get to the loo without waking Shirley, tiptoeing past her, as she lay breathing softly on the sofa. But the flushing toilet disturbed her slumber, and I heard her whisper, “What time is it Rob?”

I stopped in mid stride, feeling slightly awkward, dressed only in my boxers. “Just after four-thirty, I think, Shirley. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

We were both ‘sleeping over’ after a small reunion of ex work colleagues. A dozen of us had met in a pub to talk about our old life in the high school. Both myself, and Shirley had drunk a little too much, and were grateful to Sarah for offering to put us up for the night in her flat.

I was retired, as was Shirley. She had divorced some years earlier, but I was a widower of five years now, and had almost forgotten how it was with a woman.

Sarah was very much younger, in her early thirties, and still worked at the high school, but wanted to meet up with some of the staff that she’d known in her first years at the school. Kindly, she had offered her sofa to Shirley, and a camp bed to me, which was in her spare room, that she used to store anything, and everything.

“I think we both had a bit too much, but wasn’t it fun?”

I had to agree, but I was standing there half naked, and Shirley could sense my embarrassment.

“Hey, I’m so sorry, you need to get back to bed.”

“I’m wide awake now I think,” I said sitting, on the end of the sofa near her feet.

Shirley lifted herself up onto her elbows, and in the half light her borrowed nightdress straps fell off her shoulders. She was incredibly thin, always had been, so her breasts were almost boyish. Even so she clutched the fabric to her, to avoid embarrassment.

“I guess I’ll get back to my campbed,” I muttered, and oddly as I got up, I kissed her briefly on the forehead. At the same time her hand clasped my arm to hold me back.

Bent over her, she tugged me lower, and kissed me on the lips. Just for a couple of seconds we held that kiss, but it was enough to make me sit back down on the sofa.

Fifteen years of working together, and there had been occasions when I wondered about Shirley sexually. I guess it’s a man thing to contemplate the normally impossible, but here I was half naked, kissing her.

Both of us looked at each other in the silence. We both leaned towards each other at the same time. This time Shirley’s lips were parted. My tongue flickered against hers, and I felt her hand gently cup the back of my neck. As she was now sitting upright, the nightdress slipped down, crumpled around her waist.

The kiss went on and my hands held her close. As I pulled away, there was a brief meeting of eyes, before I kissed the side of her neck, feeling how soft her skin was, I travelled downwards over her boyish flat breasts to find her nipple, swollen, rubbery, like a plump olive. As I ran my tongue over it, and took it between my lips, my left hand found her other nipple, and gently squeezed.

At that point I heard her gasp. It really was the first sound that we’d made, although I could almost hear my heart pounding within my rib cage. My whole body was feeling feelings I’d forgotten. Ones of desire, long gone, a distant memory. I was conscious of my cock stiffening in my boxers, and a heat flooding through my body.

I could hear Shirley’s breathing becoming faster and louder. As I laid her back down onto her pillow my mouth and tongue ran a path across her flat tummy, until I could feel the heat from her pussy emanating from her, and the musky female perfume of arousal.

Her legs were stick-thin, tecavüz porno but they opened to allow me to push my head between them. I was now kneeling on the floor beside her, and when my tongue slid into her sumptuously wet pussy she cried out with such pleasure that we were both oblivious to the fact that Sarah was in the next room.

“Oh god Rob, oh my god,” was all she could say. It was replaced with short, sharp gasps as my tongue flicked upwards towards her clit. When my lips closed around it, and I started to alternately suck, and lick it, the gasps turned to loud moaning.

I could tell that she was going to cum quickly, and it seemed in less than a couple of minutes I felt her legs gripping my head. Her pelvis seemed to shudder, her lower body almost shivering, and convulsing. I sensed she was stifling her cries, and when eventually she relaxed, I raised my head, and moved closer to kiss her once more.

My face was glazed with her pussy juices, but her mouth was willing, and our kisses were gentle and soft.

“I want you,” I whispered, not knowing quite how to express my own needs.

“Please, yes,” was all that Shirley needed to say.

I slid my boxers down, and raised myself onto the sofa between her legs. As I leaned forward onto my elbows, Shirley’s legs wrapped around me, snakelike, her ankles crossing behind my buttocks, as my cock seemed to be enveloped by the soft folds of her pussy.

“Oh yessssss,” was the long sigh, as I buried myself deeply inside her.

I kissed her again, and adjusted my body, bringing the top of my shaft to massage her clit. I wasn’t moving much, just a small thrusting motion that made Shirley dig her long nails into my shoulder blades. Lifting my head, I briefly saw her eyes open, and her pupils dilate. Then her eyelids fluttered, and closed, and her mouth opened, and a soft groan continued as she licked her lips. Her head was thrown back, and I knew that if I kept moving slowly, the way I had been, she would soon cum again.

My self control was being tested, but gritting my teeth somewhat, I continued to pleasure her.

Suddenly, her fingernails raked down my back, causing me to grunt. I could feel her back arching against me, and the shuddering I’d felt earlier began again.

“Oh fuck, oh god, Rob, don’t stop.”

Her fingernails dug deeper, and the pain seemed to trigger my own orgasm. All my pent up spunk started to ejaculate deep into her. First one spurt, then another, and the feeling of emptying myself completely.

I tried not to collapse onto Shirley, and rolled to one side, perspiration running down my forehead. She kept her legs wrapped around me like a vine, and the joint mixture of love juices held the centres of our bodies together, until I felt the inevitable, that flaccid sensation, and the gradual slipping from her pussy’s grasp.

“Oh god Rob, should we have just done all that? What the hell must Sarah have thought, we haven’t been exactly quiet?”

“Shirley, it happened, it felt right, it felt good, let’s just enjoy one of those moments that we weren’t expecting. I should be feeling the guilt, but I don’t. It was a totally pleasurable moment, that I shall always remember.”

“Rob, you’re so nice, did you know I had a crush on you?”

“Not really, but we always had a frisson of chemistry, didn’t we.”

It was nearly six o’clock, and Shirley’s phone pinged. As she looked at it, we sat up, dishevelled, and she said that her son was picking her up in an hour, to take her to get her car, because üvey anne porno there was a family ‘get together’ in London at lunchtime.

I returned quietly to my spare room campbed, and dozed until I heard Sarah get up, and show Shirley out to her son’s car, when eventually he arrived.

I heard her showering, and I crept to the loo, and finding one of Sarah’s dressing gowns, I provided some respectability to my appearance. I went to the kitchen, and was sipping a glass of water on one of the stools when Sarah appeared.

She came out of her bedroom, dressed in a bathrobe, and wet hair hanging down, she looked at me, raised her eyebrows, and smiled.

I knew it wasn’t my peculiar appearance; it was what she probably had heard going on.

“Well Mr Robert, you certainly are a man of surprises. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like that for a long time.”

“Oh please, Sarah, please don’t make me feel anymore embarrassed.” I was avoiding her eyes, and looking very sheepish.

She was now giggling, thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. She continued, “You probably didn’t realise that there were several women on the staff that fancied you?”

I now looked at her directly, “Stop it, you are just being awful, and teasing me rotten.”

“No, I’m not,” Sarah said, raising her voice, “You’d be surprised. Jenny P, for one, and also Mrs Bradshaw, and that red haired woman in the canteen. And I didn’t think you were too bad either!”

I now went absolutely puce. I felt suddenly really hot, especially as Sarah stood beside me at the breakfast bar, and squeezed my arm as she expressed the word ‘either’ in a long exaggerated tone. I was holding my less than generous dressing gown together with one hand.

“Sarah! You mustn’t, you’re really twisting the knife.”

I was starting to fidget on the breakfast stool, and Sarah was suddenly very close. Dressed in her white towelling bathrobe, her damp hair clinging to her face, and her neck, she pressed towards me, and kissed me on the cheek.

“Robert, you are so funny. The sound of you and Shirley this morning, really turned me on. Men have been a bad idea for me lately, they all seem so immature. I only once had a much older boyfriend, and I was happiest and most satisfied with him.”

Before I could reply, Sarah had edged between my thighs, and placed her hands on my shoulders. Her big eyes were inches away from mine.

“I’m hoping you’re not rushing off so that I can see if I can tempt you like Shirley did.”

My mind was confused. I’d just had sex with an ex colleague who I’d worked with for many years, and was ‘mature’ like me, and now an ex colleague half my age was making a play for me too.

Sarah took my hand that was protecting my modesty, and of course the dressing gown fell open. Sarah didn’t look down, but held my gaze.

“Oh dear, look what’s happened.” And her hand gently took my cock, and both she and I began to feel it harden. Pressing even closer it was inevitable that we kissed. I was gone.

My hands pulled her bathrobe open revealing her young body. Her breasts were perfect, full, plump, and nipples erect, and succulent. Before I could even begin to explore, Sarah had put her finger to my lips, signifying for me not to speak, and she led me to her bedrom. Even before we were inside the room, she had slipped off her bathrobe revealing the true sexiness of her body.

Turning, she slid off my dressing gown, I felt slightly awkward as my cock stood to attention. When Sarah stood back, and made an approving üvey erkek kardeş porno sound, she suddenly became a different animal.

As I took in her body she grabbed both my arms, and pushed me back on the bed. In an instant she had gone down on my cock, kneeling astride my legs. I remembered the unmade bed smelling of her perfume, and also thinking that she must be tasting the remaining pussy juices of Shirley, on my cock.

Sarah was ravenous, and as I watched her head moving up and down, it amazed me that I was so hard after my escapade with Shirley. And then I felt something that I’d forgotten from years ago. Sarah started pushing down on me harder, and amazingly I felt my cock sliding into her throat. She made a gurgling sound, as she lifted, and sunk down again, and when this had happened several times I saw her kneel up smiling with slavers of saliva dribbling from her mouth down over her breasts.

Giggling and wiping the slippery liquid around her nipples she went down on me again. God, it felt good. Deep throating as I’d seen it in porn videos.

When she rose up again, she slid her whole body forwards, and leaning towards me, kissed me with her dripping lips. Expertly she pushed her hips onto my cock, which seemed to glide inside her slick pussy.

Sarah’s expression changed from a mischievous smile to one of almost remote concentration. Her eyes closed, her mouth half opened, her head was tilted back, and as she rotated her hips, grinding down on me, she was pressing down on my chest with her hands. It was as though I was just a means of bringing her off.

What it did do was to intrigue me, I was controlling my urge to let go, and I watched fascinated as she approached orgasm. When she came it was with short gasps, little noises from the back of her throat, followed by a loud cry of ” Oh, Oh, oooooooh, ohhhhhhhhh god.”

I felt the wetness of her pussy soaking my pubic hair, and when she opened her eyes there was the smile of satisfaction.

Her assertiveness had dwindled, but she still wanted to make me cum. She fell to one side of the bed pulling me over, and on top of her. “Now you fuck me!” she instructed.

It was my chance now to enjoy the feeling of a young body beneath me. Still inside her, my cock was enveloped by her tight, wet pussy. My chest was pressing against her luxuriant, perfect breasts. I took one of her nipples between my lips, pulling the spongy flesh until it was firm and pert. I started to move my hips, and the feeling of Sarah’s thighs around mine was exquisite. I raised myself on my knees, and collecting her legs brought them up over my shoulders, giving me a complete view of her upper body and face.

“Fuck me Rob,” she muttered, as her breathing became shorter once more.

Her ankles locked behind my neck, and as I thrust down on her, our hands clasped, fingers intertwining, pressed against the bed.

“God, keep going, don’t stop,” the plea came against a background of the headboard banging into the wall.

I had no intention of stopping until she’d cum again. And sure enough, the harder I pounded her, the closer she came. Finally, with a shudder, her body succumbed.

Her fingers gripped harder, and with an extended, low growl she came.

As I watched her face, her eyes opened, just as mine closed, and with a grunt I pumped her pussy full of spunk.

Our bodies disentangled themselves, and I lowered myself beside her. We were both slightly breathless, and dribbles of semen had spilt across Sarah’s lower stomach. It was seeping from my cock, as we both used tissues to ‘clean up.’

“Rob I hope you won’t tell Shirley about that, I’d hate to spoil our friendship.”

“Oh gosh Sarah, it’s our secret, I wasn’t exactly expecting to fuck two women in succession. You’re a naughty lady, but irresistible I must say.”

“I might say the same about you Rob, I’m glad it happened.”