A Comforting Church Experience Ch. 02


“This is Bavka.” The tall brunette stepped forward. She had a red satin half cup bra that presented her generous tits perfectly. She turned slowly to show off a healthy round ass and shapely thighs. She was four inches taller than my wife and about thirty pounds heavier, and was in fact the kind of girl I went for before my marriage “This is Felicity.” The little blonde stepped and spun around quickly. She was wearing a transparent shift that flowed around her body just like her gossamer hair. She then turned around and put her hands on a table, facing away from me, her almost perfectly round ass jutted from her slender body impossibly. She peeked over her shoulder to look in my eyes and then began to jiggle her ass, like in a rap video. The effect was incredible

“Dammnnnn…” I heard my wife whisper. She was staring at Felicity’s ass in disbelief.

“And this is Xotchtil. We call her Zot.” The latina girl had a black thong and a black string bikini that barely covered her nipples, leaving almost all of her perfect . . .and I do mean perfect . . . breasts exposed. She lifted her arms over her head and then let the arms slow drop to her side, which she parlayed into a body building pose which actually showed off some muscles which turned me on more than I thought it could. She turned and then did another body building pose, which also brought out some muscles across her back and legs that weren’t grotesque or ‘manly’ at all. It was just hot.

“Damn again…” My wife said, now staring at Zot.

“Are there any other qualifications you have questions about, Mr. Smith.”

I looked at my wife, who was totally ignoring me now for the near naked ladies in the room. I was a little surprised, Betty had never talked about wanting to be with women, though we had teased each other it about during silly, intimate moments. Suddenly, i knew what to do.

“No, but I do have one condition.”

“Really? And what might that be?”VanDerGirth asked with clear disapproval.

I continued unfazed. “Who ever I don’t choose, has to spend time with my wife.”

Though I was looking at VanDerGirth’s girls, I could feel Betty’s head snap towards me. All the girls laughed a bit, but none of them laughed with meanness. They were looking at Betty, and it was clear they liked they saw.

Before anyone else could speak, VanDerGirth grabbed the conch. “Done. Who is your choice?”


Bavka smiled with delight.

“Oh thank god, I am so damn horny.”, she gushed in relief.

The other two girls were looking at Betty, and Betty was looking back at them.

“So honey, there’s your girls. Miss VanDerGirth, I assume you will chaperone Casibom the proceedings.”

“No Mr. Smith. I wait in the sacristy to be called.”

“I don’t think so. I’d like you to stay. Pour some sherry, have a seat.”

“”Mr. Smith I really don’t…”

“This is for my comfort? My hearth? Right?”

She was lost for words.

“Then sit. Bavka come over here, please. Betty, why are you wasting time all alone?”

Bavka came to my side as Betty looked at me flabbergasted. “I’ve never been with a woman, especially not two women.”

“I have.” said Zot, who was licking her lips while looking Betty up and down.

“I’ve only been with girls one at a time.”, said Felicity, in a sweet little voice. ‘But I’m good at being told what to do.”

“Good, I’m gonna put that to good use.”, said Zot.

“Talk, talk, talk. Doesn’t anyone fuck anymore?” Bavka complained as she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled out my cock. She pulled my pants off and surveyed her prize “Allright! It’s a big one!” She shouted, as if it was a treat in a Cracker Jack Box.

“Awww…that’s not fair.” Said Felicity pouting. “The last guy was tiny and he chose me. But he did eat me out real good.”

As VanDerGirth sat in a corner in the room, a glass and bottle of sherry in her hand she admonished the girls, “Ladies we do not speak of past comfortings. Now, please get to fucking these people.” Hearing that formal old lady say ‘fucking’ made my cock twitch.

I looked down to watch Bavka work on my cock. She was slurping on it like her life depended on it. Her mouth had to be huge, as she took my length and girth with little difficulty. She dropped her hands to her side and paused.

“You can fuck my mouth hard if you want. I can take it.”

“Actually, I’d rather you take your time and just lick and suck and caress that thing. Your mouth is so sexy when you work it.” She looked pleased to hear it. She continued on my dick, but more gently, kissing and nuzzling all over it and using her incredibly long tongue to encase my entire Johnson in a second skin of pleasure.

“Good.” She said between licks. “Why don’t you sit down and I can just enjoy this wonderful cock of yours.” I sat in an armchair and Bavka settled between my knees and went back down on me, closing her eyes and bobbing gently up and down. I could see the whole room from my advantage point. Over on the couch, Zot had taken charge and was instructing Felicity to take Betty’s clothes off. Zot was giving orders from one end of the couch, leaning back with her legs spread and playing with her clit. Felicity and Betty were standing in front of Zot as Felicity undressed Casibom Giriş her. Betty’s tits were a little bigger than Felicity’s, but Betty’s nipples were larger and were hard as hell. Felicty was softly stroking Betty’s tits, and Betty’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

“Suck on ’em. Suck on those hard nipples, Felicty.” Zot ordered. Felicity instantly put her mouth to Betty’s nipple and flicked it with her tongue. A moan of delight escaped Betty’s lips.

“Chica! I said suck, not lick!” Zot rebuked Felicty and gave her a little push with her foot. Felicity pulled Betty’s nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it hard.

“Oh Shiiittt…” Said Betty, obviously delighted. She opened her eyes and looked down to watch the young girl greedily feasting on her tit. Then she glanced over at Zot, who was still playing with her clit and pussy.

“Do you like what you see, Pastor?” Zot said with a bit of a challenge. Zot pulled aside the thin bit of cloth and started to squeeze her own tit and pinch her nipple. “You like looking at me while I flick my clit and play with my titties? Huh? You thinking about my pussy?” Betty was transfixed. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Zot while Felicity kept sucking and licking her nipple.

“Felicty, bring the pastor to my pussy.” Zot order. Felicity stopped sucking on Betty’s tits and giggled as she pulled Betty over to where Zot lay sprawled. Betty was now naked except for her panties. Her 35 year old body was as sexy as anyone’s in the room, just a little less curvy. Her pale, grown up figure contrasted with the young pale blonde and tanned latina perfectly. With a look of triumph, Felicty forced Betty on her knees in front of Zot.

“I thought I was the one who was to be served?” Betty nervously joked, staring down at Zot’s glistening shaved pussy.

“And you are. You want this, I can tell. I can see it in your eyes. Now lick my pussy.” Zot grabbed her head and pulled Betty’s face to her cunt. Felicity flopped next to Zot on the couch and started to caress Zot and watched as my wife munched on her first vagina.

“Oh that’s it, shit yeah Girl. Lick my little clit, LICK IT!” Zot almost screamed.

“Volume please.” Cautioned Mis VanDerGirth from her chair, quietly sipping her sherry.

“Oh, sorry.” Said Zot, dropping the attitude, which she put right back on when she said, “But keep sticking that tongue in there…ooooh!”

Meanwhile Bavka had got my cock hard and glistening with her saliva. Watching my wife bent over, ass in the air sucking on a hot chick’s pussy was sexy as hell, but it was time for me to get some of my own. I took Bavka to the daybed and laid her down. Casibom Yeni Giriş I took off her bra, and indulged myself with her tits like a little boy, kissing and licking to my delight all over her wonderful funbags! I also teased her clit and finger fucked her while filling my mouth with her nipples. Bavka didn’t slow down a bit.

“Oh hell yes, suck on them, harder, harder!”

I did as I was told, and sucked on them so had I thought I was going to pass out. Bavka shuddered a little and pushed me off her tit. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah, yeah…you just made me come by sucking on my tits, that’s all. Wow.” She was gasping for air. “Now, please… please fuck the shit out of me with that huge cock! Please!”

I climbed on top and before I could do a thing, Bavka grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way into her.

“OOOhhh Yes!” She yelled.

“Bavka, volume please.” Miss VanDerGirth warned.

Bavka clamped her lips shut with a superhuman effort, as I started fucking her hard and deep. Her pussy was a little tighter than Betty’s, and her thick waist and thighs were a enjoyable switch from Betty’s athletic figure. Bavka seemed to love the fucking she was getting, and encouraged me no matter how hard I slammed my cock into her.

“Fuck me from behind, Mr. Smith? Please?” Bavka asked after ten minutes of fucking. I didn’t even answer, I just rolled off and placed her in front of me with her luscious ass swaying in the air. I grabbed her hips and slowed slid my cock into her. Damn, what a pussy! I slid the entire length of my cock in and out of Bavka, which was driving her crazy. She had stuck her ass high in the air and buried her face in a pillow so she could moan louder without being yelled at by VanDerGirth. From my new position, I could see the girls again. Now Betty was seated on the couch with Felicity and Zot on either side of her. They were each sucking on one of Betty’s tits and playing with her pussy. The look of ecstasy on her face was indescribable. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. I watched her drink me in, fucking a huge titted thick woman with my slow stroke, a stroke I had used on Betty many times.

I looked deep into her eyes and started fucking Bavka faster and harder, but Betty knew by my eyes I was thinking about fucking her, and I was. I watched the two young nymphs lick and caress her body, their fingers slipping in and out of her pussy while I pounded Bavka. Never taking my eyes off of Betty, I reached down a grabbed a handful of Bavka’s brunette locks and pulled her head up while slamming into her extra deep. Bavka’s pussy shuddered and a flood of juice ran over my cock and down both our legs as she came. As Betty watched Bavka’s orgasm, she began to have one of her own. She grabbed Felicty and Zot’s heads, forcing them to suck on her tits even harder and then gasped out a body-wracking orgasm, which seemed to shake the entire couch.