A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 02

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Peg and I became close friends because both of our husbands had the cuck fetish and we talked a lot about it and gave each other mutual support. We belonged to the same club and did lunch together and shopped together and our husbands got to be close friends and we even had a vacation together.

Both of our husbands were prosperous businessmen and we could afford to go to nice places. They never did their thing at home — only when on vacation out of town. It was strange how our husbands developed their fetishes in very similar ways, during the first few years of our marriages. A fetish repressed deep into their subconscious seemed to emerge slowly and begin to dominate their lives.

Peg and I both learned to be cuck-queens because our husbands led us in that direction. It was not a choice that either of us made. Each of our husbands had a fetish, which drove his sex life. Who was to blame? They were born that way I guess — like other sexual preferences. Peg and I just did what they wanted us to do. It became our life — and we lived it.

Peg and I often swapped cuck stories which both of us found amusing — at times devastatingly funny. But we also used these stories as serious sexual tools to arouse our husbands in the bedroom. We could turn them on by whispering about sex with other men. But, we never talked about it openly. We figured they would be too embarrassed. It would be like public castration. Cucks were sexually aroused by the humiliation of watching their wives enjoy sex with other men. Peg and I had always been careful to avoid talking about their sexual needs openly in their presence.

Tonight we had been to dinner at the club and, when we got back to our place for a drink, something — I’m not even sure I remember what it was now — caused Peg to tell me a quick cuck story and the next thing you know I told her a short one, as though we were alone and swapping stories about our voyeur-cuck husbands, with them not listening. We had had a lot to drink and maybe that loosened us up.

Anyway, the stories were funny and Peg and I were laughing until suddenly I realized that both our husbands looked very embarrassed. They had never heard us talk this way before. I caught Peg’s eye and she picked up at once on what was happening.

Then Peg just took control. She looked at her husband, Gerry, and then in her dominant voice she said, “You’ve never heard us talk this way before have you? Well, you better get used to it. Trish and I do it all the time. And we enjoy it.”

I guess she figured that now was the time to bring it out into the open. Anyway, she did something that just broke me up and I started laughing. I couldn’t control it. Peg has a real sense of humor — but this was the funniest thing I had ever seen her do.

Looking directly at Gerry, she formed a cup with her left hand and held it up as if she were cupping a pair of testicles. Then with the index and middle fingers of her right hand she formed a pair of scissors and pretended to snip off the testicles — just like she was castrating him. Then she pretended to hand them to him.

“Here baby,” Peg said, “put ’em in your pocket for the evening. You’re not gonna need ’em tonight. Trish and I are gonna have some girl talk, and you’re gonna listen.”

I was laughing so hard at Peg that I just went along with her. I don’t know what made me do it, but I looked at Ed and, shaking with laughter, I went through the same pantomime of cutting off his balls and handing them to him. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even talk.

Peg said, “Okay! Now you guys just listen up! We’re gonna talk about cucks. It’s our favorite subject. And I promise you – you guys are gonna enjoy it as much as we do. I’m gonna tell the first story.”

Jesus! I thought. Can the guys take this? Both of them looked embarrassed, but they didn’t say anything or get mad. Then I looked at Ed more carefully. He had that submissive look. The look I knew so well. The look that he always got when he was watching me fuck bahis siteleri another guy. Gerry’s head was down. He was submissive too. OMG! I thought. She just cucked ’em. They’re under her control — just like when we tell them cuck stories in bed or when they watch us fuck.

Peg’s voice changed subtly and she started to tell a story — she told it in a soft, sexy way. As I listened, I realized that this was the way she told a story to Gerry in bed to turn him on. I looked at Ed and I think he was responding to the story with a fantasy of his own, except the star performer in Ed’s fantasy was probably me — not Peg. In just a few sexy words she had them listening and fantasizing.

“It happened late one night,” Peg said softly, “in a small bar at our hotel in Bermuda. There was just us and three guys left in the bar. I was sitting on a bar stool in my miniskirt — heels and hose and a sexy garter belt, with no panties on. My dress was cut so low that my tits were about to fall out of my bra and the bartender was staring at them. I was starting to get horny.”

“The guy on the stool next to me had been talking to Gerry about fishing or something. Then he put his hand on my knee and looked at Gerry. Gerry didn’t say a word and neither did I. He left his hand there a minute, then he spread my legs just a little. My miniskirt was creeping up my thighs. Neither Gerry nor I said anything. He spread my legs a little more and I could see where my garter belt straps hooked onto my hose. Very slowly he placed his hand on the inside of my thigh above my hose. He left it there and looked up at Gerry.”

“This was the moment! In almost every encounter this moment occurred. Gerry could laugh, take my arm, make some comment about it being time for bed, and lead me upstairs. Or, he could choose to follow the demands of his fetish. I saw it in his face — the conflict between his fierce jealousy and that demanding fetish that controlled his soul. It excited me sexually to watch him struggle — even though I knew the fetish always won. Gerry suffered a dozen seconds of violent mental anguish — and then, reluctantly, he nodded his head, giving my body to this stranger. I trembled with sexual delight and felt the juices flow in my pussy.”

I looked over at our husbands. Ed and Gerry were both listening to Peg and eating it up. I could see them getting aroused. She was cucking them both — big time! Just like each of us did with our husband, naked in bed, whispering while they were jacking off. Except that now, there were four of us sitting in the living room, fully clothed, sipping cocktails. Peg’s voice was soft and sexy.

“I was kinda drunk. Gerry’s submission and that guy’s hand were turning me on. Gerry usually got us moved back to the privacy of a dark booth by this time, but my poor husband and several other guys were staring at the stud’s hand moving up my leg, toward my pussy, in a well lit public bar. The stud kept moving his hand up higher and spreading my legs wider. The bartender came over and leaned on the bar watching us, and the other two guys at the bar walked up behind me and looked over my shoulder.”

“The stud got his fingers in my pussy and he started to play with me and the guys could hear the wet squishy sounds of a horny pussy. They knew exactly what I wanted. He had me! I spread my legs as wide as I could and my miniskirt slipped up over my hips showing everybody what they wanted to see. When I looked down I could see my naked belly, my hairy beaver, and that horny bastard’s hand playing with my pussy.”

“The stud had three fingers in me, with his thumb on my clit, and he started finger-fuckin me, slow and easy. All the guys knew that I was enjoying it, because I began pumping my ass as they watched. Gerry put his arm around my back and held me steady so I could I hump harder and get those fingers deeper. I was so damned horny it took only a couple of minutes. My contractions started and I groaned and began to tremble in an orgasm.”

By now, our husbands were canlı bahis siteleri both off in fantasyland, each with a hard on, and I watched them stroke their bulging cocks through their pants. They were not looking at Peg or me. They were staring off into space seeing only their fantasy. This was a first for the four of us and it was exciting. Peg saw them and looked over at me and smiled and nodded. She gave me the thumbs up sign and silently mouthed the words “We got ’em.” She was right — we had ’em. She kept telling her story.

“When I came out of my orgasm I was being carried by two guys — one with his hands under my arms and the other holding my legs. They carried me back to a booth with Gerry scurrying along behind. The third guy walked beside me. When they got me to the booth I felt them slip my dress up over my head and take off my bra and I was stark naked — well not quite, since I still had on my hose and garter belt and spike heels.”

“They laid me on the table on my back with my knees in the air and my legs spread wide. Two guys were on each side of me. Gerry sat there and watched them play with my tits and pussy — six hands going all over my body and I was so turned on I lost control. I was ready to fuck. And Gerry was ready to watch ’em fuck me.”

I looked at our guys across the living room. Gerry was rubbing his cock rapidly now. I could tell he was reliving the event he had witnessed just a few months ago. He had been there, watching his wife about to get fucked and Peg knew exactly what she was doing — turning him on with words and painting word pictures he remembered vividly. Suddenly Gerry’s head fell back and he shuddered as an orgasm racked his body. He pumped his load into his pants, groaning. Peg watched him tremble. Then she laughed at him softly and gave me another thumbs up.

Peg continued her story. “Then one of the guys got up and dropped his pants. He moved to the end of the table, grabbed my hips, and pulled my ass close to him. Then he got between my legs. My pussy was dripping wet and it was easy for him to shove his cock into me. He started fuckin me and God it felt good. I was straddling him. He had one leg under each arm and my feet, still in spike heels, bounced wildly in the air with each thrust. I saw the bartender walk up and heard him tell the guys to get me out of the bar because he had to close.”

“I didn’t want the guy to stop fuckin me — I needed it — bad! So I yelled out real loud, ‘Don’t stop — please don’t stop’ and all the guys started laughing.”

“The bartender leaned over and started to play with my tits. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘Finish her off. I been wanting to play with these big beauties all night.'”

“Gerry’s chin was resting on the table. He was watching that horny bastard’s big cock slip in and out of my pussy, and his heavy, low-hanging balls slap my ass. Gerry’s face was just inches away – close enough to smell the juice dripping out of me as I got fucked.”

“Damn! I needed this fuck. I hadn’t been fucked by a real man in over a month — just Gerry and my vibrator. Then the guy started fuckin me harder and faster and when I felt him start to pump a load of cum into me, I just closed my eyes, humped my ass, groaned, and had another orgasm, with all of the guys laughing at me.”

I looked quickly at Gerry when Peg made that humiliating comment about him not being a “real man” but he had accepted it just like all the humiliation that was a part of being a voyeur-cuckold – the psychological castration when we talked about their little dicks, and other guys being better fucks. It all just turned them on. But that was just when two of us were naked in bed. This was humiliation with four friends fully dressed, sitting around in the living room. This was new. And it was kinda fun.

“When I got back from La-la-land,” Peg continued, “I was being carried out of the bar through a brightly lit lobby to the elevators, by two guys, with the guy who had fucked me leading the way and Gerry following the parade. canlı bahis I was buck-naked. Cum was dripping out of my pussy and Gerry was carrying my dress. It had to be 2AM and the hotel was deserted. There was just one clerk behind the desk watching us, his eyes wide with astonishment. They got me on the elevator and we went up and the elevator door opened and we went down the hall.”

“They carried me to a room and one guy pulled out his card and opened the door. It was not my room! As they carried me into the room, another guy pushed Gerry back into the hall and closed the door saying, ‘Your wife wants to fuck and we’re gonna fuck her. She’ll call you in the morning when we’re finished with her.’ I was alone with three horny guys and Gerry was locked outside in the hall with my clothes and his dick in his hand. “

I looked back and forth from Peg to Gerry. Gerry was stroking his erection fiercely and Peg had a smile of satisfaction on her face. I looked over at my husband just in time to see him shudder in an orgasm — pumping his cum, just like Gerry, into his pants. I could see his mind imagining that it was me in that room with three horny studs, and him locked out in the hall – helpless. Peg looked at me, pointed to Ed having his orgasm, and giggled. Another thumbs up and then she continued her story.

“The guys laid me on the bed and took turns fucking me. They were so horny that they pumped their loads faster than I wanted, but after they got off once they slowed down and fucked me steady, just the way I liked, swapping places, for what seemed like hours. Damn, that was good fuckin — some of the best I ever had — and they just kept on fuckin me, one after the other, and I just kept on having orgasms. Jesus! It was good.”

“I was too drunk to remember how many loads I took. I passed out while I was getting fucked and I woke up with the sun shining in the window and a guy in the saddle banging away. I have no idea if they rested. As far as I know they fucked me all night from 2AM till the sun came up.”

Our loving husbands were still playing with their dicks — only now each guy had his fly open and his dick in his hand jacking off. No more shame. This was group cuckold sex. Peg made a jacking off pantomime with both hands, pointed, and laughed loudly at them. She was right. I laughed too. They were funny as hell, sitting in the living room, fully dressed and jacking off. The guys were too far into fantasy to hear us laugh at them. She continued her story.

“After I woke up that morning each guy wanted to fuck me again and I took care of all three, but I was tired and my pussy was getting sore. I only came once. Then laying on the bed, in a big puddle of cum, naked, sweating, with my legs spread and cum dripping out of my well-used pussy, I picked up the bedside phone and called our room. My loving husband answered right away. Poor guy! He must have been jacking off all night. I remember that his little peter was real sore and bruised the next day. I gave him the room number and told him to bring some clothes because I was buck-naked — my hose and garter belt had vanished during the night.”

Then Peg stops telling her story, gets up, and goes over to the couch where Gerry is jacking off. She sits down next to him and puts her arms around him and starts to whisper in his ear. I couldn’t understand what she was saying but he began to beat his meat frantically and pumped another load of semen into the air and it fell back on his trousers. Ed clenched his eyes tight and did the same. Two three-piece suits were going to need a lot of dry cleaning after this night was over.

“That was fun,” Peg said. “Why don’t we do it again next week? Trish, you can tell me your favorite cuck story. I think they like the ones where we’re fucking several guys. That turns ’em on big time!”

I chuckled. “You think their little peckers will be recovered by next week?”

“I sure as hell hope so,” said Peg. “It ain’t much, but it’s better than a vibrator, and it’s all I got till our next vacation.”

Then turning to our husbands Peg asked, “Did you guys enjoy the girl talk?”

They both just sat there with limp dicks in their hands and cum all over the front of their pants. They were exhausted.

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