A Conversation with Diana Ch. 03

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Close Up


(Tuesday morning. Diana came on line on a mobile device.)

‘Hi Sarah. I see you’re there.’

‘Where are you, Diana?’

‘In a layby. Been to a meeting at head office, but couldn’t stop wanting to be with you. So here I am.’

‘Ah, you’re in your business suit?’

‘Yes. But I put my knickers in my briefcase to be ready for you.’

‘Naughty lady! But so exciting.’

‘I need you desperately Sarah. You’ve no idea what you do to me.’

‘Thank you darling.’

‘Feel my tits Sarah.’

‘There. Mmm warm and squashy. I LOVE them.’

‘Do you really? Kiss me. I so want to feel you kissing me. Tongues lashing. Probing.’

‘Hand reaching up your navy-blue skirt as our lips meet. Finger tips trailing up your inner thigh.’


‘Kissing your soft lips. Fingers searching for their goal. That lovely warm secret between your thighs.’

‘I can feel your fingers stretching my labia apart.’

‘Eager to explore that special passge. OMG Di. You’re so wet.’

‘I know – all the time – wanting to feel your fingers in there. Fuck her!’

‘Two fingers. Sinking deep inside you. You’ve slid down the seat. Skirt gathered round your thighs. I’m climbing between your legs.’

‘I’m squeezing my tits Sarah. Feeling your fingers deep in my vagina.’

‘Now slipping a finger inside your rosebud. Warm and sticky.’

‘Oh yes. Don’t stop. I’m on such a high …’

‘Four fingers faster and deeper. Harder. Thighs trembling. Lips biting your clit. It’s big and hard.’

‘OMG. I’m going to cum already.’

‘Come on then Di. Feel my whole hand forcing its way into your vagina. Fisting. Two fingers in your bum. Fucking you hard and deep.’

‘OMG OMG. I’m cummmmming Sarah.’

‘YES YES YES. Shaking thighs. Fluttering belly. Gasping and moaning.’


‘Mmm. Lots of cum juice. Cupping your pussy in my palm. Hot and sticky cum.’

(After a pause.)

‘OMG Sarah, You are fantastic. Such a fierce orgasm. I’ve never had orgasms like this before. Not ever. They’re so … complete!’

‘Glad you enjoy them Di. I enjoy mine as well.’

‘But no time for another. Must dash. But you’ve no idea just how much I needed that! Thank you Sarah.’

(Diana cam on line from her mobile again on the Wednesday, although she was in her office. She was so desperate for sex again, but nervous about letting go in her office, with her PA just outside the door. But she managed! On Thursday, she asked me to be online on Friday at noon. She had decided to arrange a ‘meeting’ with her daughter, but wanted me to be there at the time. Diana and I met on line at midday. She was in her office, feeling excited and nervous. She had arranged to be home before her daughter, Ella, got there at about 2.30. I was asked if I could be with her, to get her horny, having on-line sex as Ella arrived. As the time came, we had some heart-stopping problems with our on-line messenger connection, but after signing out and in again, we finally got connected. Just in time. The resulting conversation has been esenyurt escort slightly expanded and edited.)

‘You there Di?’

‘Yes … phew … thank goodness. Ella has just pulled up on the drive.’

‘Do you want to be chatting when gets in?’

‘Yes. I want her to see us chatting … is that ok?’

‘Then you can tell her who I am … and that I’m playing with your breasts and pussy.’

‘Yes, that was my plan … OMG Sarah, I wish you were here … I would love her to see you between my legs. I have my robe unfastened, is this ok?.’

‘Mmm … perfect … I’d like her to see me too, those warm wet thighs with my face pressed to your vulva. Inhaling that delicious scent.’

‘OMG. Yesssss.’

‘Tongue penetrating your dripping vagina. Tasting your nectar.’

‘Lick me darling. I’m shaking… She’s coming up the stairs.’

‘Do you want an orgasm as she arrives?’

‘OMG Sarah … lick me darling … yes.’

‘Mmmm … you have a marvellous body, Di darling. Gorgeous breasts. And lovely slippery vulva. I just LOVE feeling you and slipping fingers in your vagina and bum. Tongue prodding your large stiff clit.’


‘Adore your body – your beautiful breasts – that extraordinary wonder of nature between your thighs. Mmmm. I worship it.’

‘Sarah … make me cum … love you too. I wanna cum.’

‘Cum … cum … cum for me darling. You’re trembling. I feel the flutters in your belly. It’s there!’

‘OMG … yesssss.’

‘I want to hear your cries of despair and ecstasy. Feel your thrashing limbs.’


‘Has Ella heard you.’

‘She’s at door – yesssssssssssssssss.’

‘Tell her to come in.’


‘Feeling your nipples … so firm and swollen.’

‘Mmmm … rub them darling … very firm. They’re throbbing.’

‘And your pussy juices dribbling down your leg.’

‘CUMMING – yyesssssssssss.’

‘That was a glorious orgasm – have you cum for Sarah?’

(There is a few seconds pause.)

‘Hi Sarah, this is Ella.’

‘Goodness me. Hello Ella.’

‘Sat on the bed with my mum.’

‘Good heavens! And what are you doing with your mum? She and I were just making love.’

‘I was watching … she told me.’

‘Wow … exciting was it?’

‘You are naughty – very exciting though … mum’s gone to the bathroom.’

‘Well Ella, it’s you she really wants to suckle her nipples, not me.’


‘And stroke her thighs.’

‘Sarah! What are you saying? ME?’

‘Of course.’


‘Why not? Don’t you fancy kissing your mum’s nipples?’

‘OMG, yes. I do! How did you know?’

‘She’s a very sexy lady, Ella. How could you resist?’

‘Her tits are amazing … I know.’

‘And she would LOVE you to suckle those fantastic nipples … they are so wonderful.’

‘And I would love to suckle them … I know, they’re amazing.’

‘And I guess she’d like to suck yours as well … lol.’

‘Ah! Mum’s back now.’

‘Well, ask to stroke her boobs.’

‘What are you two talking about?’

‘Mum’s avrupa yakası escort DYING for you to suckle her … Ella wants to explore your breasts, Di.’

‘Sarah! Did you tell ..? Ella is nodding … OMG! she’s touching them… thank you.’

‘Ella’s wanting you to caress her breasts as well. And has done for a long time!’


‘Oh – shall I leave you to it? You have a lot to catch up with. And a lot of exploring to do.’

‘Do you want to? I’d rather you stay. Ella’s nodding.’

‘Can I undress Ella for you.’

‘Yes please… she says she’d love you to.’

‘When you’re both comfortable with each other’s body, maybe I can join in.’

‘Please. That would be awesome.’

‘What are you wearing Ella?

‘Ella here… I’m in silky top and pants.’

‘I’ll begin by giving Ella a soft kiss on the mouth … whilst I unbutton her top.’

‘Thank you. Mum’s kissing my neck.’

‘Mmmm, lucky lady.’

‘Mmmm … she’s doing that.’

‘And my hand is slipping down your bra, Ella

‘Mmmm … my nipples are hard.’

‘Your mum tells me you have lovely boobs, Ella … I wish I could see them.’

‘Blushing…. not as nice as mum’s.’

‘I have photos of mum’s.’

‘No! Really?’

‘All boobs are beautiful Ella.’

‘Thank you! Mum has unfastened my bra.’

‘I love to imagine kissing them while I play with her pussy.’

‘She’s eager. What have you done to her, Sarah?’

‘Made love to her and explain how wonderful it is to enjoy your sexuality, and to share it with her daughter, and she had the most intense orgasm.’

‘I’m kissing her … caressing her breasts … She’s taken off her robe … OMG … those tits!’

‘Let me remove your skirt Ella, and slip my hands into your knickers.’

‘I’m standing up.’

‘OMG Ella … my hand is groping your vulva … you’re wet through.’

‘Sarah…. mmmmm, I am.’

‘Let me explore your vulva and perhaps slip a finger into your gorgeous vagina. It’s always a thrill to fondle a strange vulva. Such a privilege.’

‘Mum tells me you asked her to grow her pussy hair. Mmmmm Sarah… mum … yes, that’s so good. Amazing!’

‘She has lovely hair – pity to cut it off … how about yours? – shaved I expect!!’


‘Ah – like mine.’

‘Wish you were here with us. Watching me stroke mum’s tits and have you feel my pussy.’

‘So do I darling. Is your mum trembling with lust?’

‘Lol … She’s lying on the bed.’

‘She’s wanted to make love with you, Ella, for months.’

‘I wanted to make love to her as well.’

‘Good – I guessed as much – well, take advantage of her.’

‘I loved hearing her masturbate in her bedroom.’

‘That’s what I told your mum – I suggested you wanted her as much as she wanted you.’

‘Di here now. Ella has gone to undress.’

‘Get the camera out!! This moment must be recorded! Mum and daughter’s first sexual encounter.’

‘Lol…. you are naughty.’

‘I so so so wish I could be with you, anadolu yakası escort to join in the celebration. This is a defining moment in your lives.’

‘I wish you could too … Ella’s back…. OMG she’s naked.’

‘Ooo take photos for me!! lol.’

‘I will… she’s gorgeous….. OMG! She’s holding my boobs.’

‘After many kisses and fondles, I want you to get your face between Ella’s thighs and inhale that delicious scent.’

‘I willllllll.’

‘And taste that delectable pussy … then Ella can do the same for you … when you’re really really horny, go into 69 and EAT each other.’

’69… Yes, I want 69. We will … Ella’s sucking my nipple… oh … bliss.’

‘I’ll come back in twenty minutes.’

‘I’ll come in twenty seconds … OMG.’

‘And when I do, I hope you’ve both had GLORIOUS orgasms.’

‘We will I’m sure … aaghgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’

(Half an hour later)

‘Wow Di. Still here? What a day!’

‘Hi Sarah. That’s what I said.’

‘Where are you darling? All those months of uncertainly – gone! How does it feel?’

‘I’m still home. OMG … Guess!’

‘Where’s Ella? What an absolutely fantastic afternoon.’

‘She’s on her mobile telling her boyfriend she’s not going out tonight. It was sooo good.’

‘Wonderful. Better than me of course!! REAL as well.’

‘The most amazing orgasm, Sarah. No, you’re still the best.’

‘There are many more to cum. I’d love to see pics sometime. Certainly of Ella.’

‘I’ll try. I had the most intense, fastest orgasm from you, Sarah.’

‘Thanks you Di. That’s kind of you. I’ll bet you can’t get your head round it. It’s mind blowing!’

‘I couldn’t. I just loved her sucking my boobs.’

‘It all happened so fast, you can’t stop the clock just to capture the supreme delight in every second.’

‘Bliss. Every second … my head’s spinning.’

‘I can’t tell you how thrilled and delighted I am to have been able to help, and just to think, only last night I was worrying about you darling.’

‘You were the catalyst.’

‘So so pleased for us all.’

‘Me too . Thank you.’

‘How many cums was that then … three or four?’

‘Four. But three and four went into each other. Never ending! Ecstacy.’

‘She adores your tits as she calls them . Ella said she has always wanted to kiss them.’

‘I loved her holding them. She did call them my tits … rude.’

‘It must have been a really defining moment.’

‘She’s here again.’

‘She certainly didn’t want much encouragement. Hi Ella – so pleased for you both.’

‘I didn’t Sarah. Hi.’

‘Hello darling. I can’t get over it.’

‘OMG … Mum’s on her knees, muuuummmmmm.’

‘I shall have an extra glass of champagne for you this evening. Is Mum licking your pussy again, Ella?’

‘Hi Sarah, it’s Ella. Yeees. OMG … I’m cumming again. Yesssss. She absolutely loves it. Ooooohhhh. So do I.’

‘Let me kiss your nipples. Mmm. You do have superb tits Ella. I love sucking them as you mum licks and chews your vulva. Is that Ella cumming? Cum for me darling. I want to hear you cum.’

‘Oh god. I have to go Sarah … I’m cumming, yes, but want so much to eat her. Cumminnng.’

‘Eat each other.’

‘Oh hell! Byeeeeeee.’

‘Mmmm … cum back soon.’

‘We will, OMG … Sarah, I love you so much … this is Di. Byeeee.’

‘You are the greatest darling. Give Ella a long suck and lick for me.’

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