A Cougar’s Story Ch. 05


Beth did spend the next weekend with Jim and I and it was a lovely time for the three of us, though truthfully, Jim watched us a lot, and we put on quite the show for him.

Jim had the pleasure, that first night, of getting one of Beth’s blowjobs; watching her give a blowjob is a treat to behold. If she sucks dick as well as she eats pussy, then I know Jim enjoyed himself, lol.

I was an animal out of control when the three of us retired to our bedroom, that weekend; Beth had me under her spell, yet once again, and when she tied me to a chair and made me watch her fuck and suck Jim, I thought it was one of the hottest things I had ever watched.

Jim might not be able to ‘get it up’ as often as a younger guy, but when it was up, it was a monster fuck. Watching Jim and Beth on my bed, while restrained as I was, still gave me mini-orgasms; when they had finished, Beth slowly licked Jim’s cum from her lips, the result of licking Jim’s cock clean after he had fucked her and climaxed.

Beth made me beg to eat her, to suck Jim’s jism from her pussy; and I did, I begged until she allowed me to do so.

Fucking Jim once more before she left to return home, she told us that Jim gave the best head of any man that had gone down on her.

Well, yeah, I knew that!

I joined Jim on his trip the week following Beth’s visit, and we talked of nothing else on our drive to Kansas City for the convention. While he did his thing, I did mine; the plan was for me to get some much needed shopping in, which I did. What were un-planned were the carnal urges our weekend with Beth had dredged from my soul.

I behaved myself the first two days of the trip, being satisfied to masturbate while watching the DVD that Beth had given me, on an earlier trip. The third afternoon when I returned from shopping, I soaked in the large Jacuzzi-styled tub, letting the air jets tease my pussy and ass; it didn’t get me off but it did get me hot, and horny.

I knew that Jim wouldn’t be back to our room until 9 or so, after the convention shut down, so I was on my own. Inspired, or horny, or both, I called for a pizza from one of the delivery pizza-joints.

My plan was simply this; if the delivery person turned my crank, we’d both be smiling when he left. If that didn’t work out, I already had supper in the room.

I started watching the DVD again, while waiting, teasing my pussy with my fingers, but not wanting to climax. When the knock on the door startled me back to reality, I purposefully left the DVD running.

Standing aside to let the young man in, I judged him to be under twenty, and hopefully, over eighteen. I had a short wrap on, loosely tied to allow some cleavage to show, which his eyes quickly darted to when he walked by me.

I told him to put the pizza on the desk next to my laptop, which he did; his eyes locked onto the screen which was showing me on my knees, sucking Beth’s student’s cock.

Apologizing for my carelessness, I turned the screen off, and then looking around, I found my purse and turned xhamster porno back towards him, while looking for the money to pay him. He was ‘geekish’ but not unattractive, and his cock was stirring in his jeans from the quick view of my screen.

Finding the bills, I told him that I had just enough for the pizza, but not enough for a tip. He blushed and told me that was okay, it happens all the time. I told him that I didn’t feel right about it, though, and walking up to him, I dropped my hand and squeezed his cock through his jeans, causing his eyes to widen. I then said that I could tip him in other ways, if he’d like.

He nodded his head, his eyes half-closed, as I slowly squeezed his dick in my hand.

Sitting in the desk chair, I turned him towards me, and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and zipped down his fly. Reaching in with my hand, I took his now-hard cock out of his pants and immediately put my mouth around it, sucking as I stroked him.

He stood with his hands lightly touching my hair as I sucked this young dick, getting hotter and hornier by the second. When he climaxed, soon after I had started sucking him, I swallowed it all and licked him clean.

Standing, I dropped my wrap and told him to take off his clothes, which he did quickly. Bringing him over to the bed, I pulled him on top of me, as I wrapped my legs around his firm ass.

The thing about young guys? They get hard again quickly, which is why I wanted to get his first orgasm with my mouth; I wanted the fucking to last longer, and it did.

I climaxed a couple of times while this boy fucked me hard, and long. When he did climax, I thought he would drive his cock through me, as hard as he pushed into me.

He left, and I enjoyed the pizza while my pussy cooled down. His cock wasn’t big, but it was big enough to get the job done, and that, after all, was the point. And when I shared my story with Jim, we had a very delightful romp afterwards.

The next evening, Jim called and suggested that we meet downstairs, in the bar of our hotel, around 9:30 or thereabouts; He also suggested that I might want to get there a bit earlier so that I could ‘check out any likely ‘prospects’; Jimbo wanted me to get it on with someone, even after I told him of my tip to the pizza boy.

I dressed a bit on the sexy side, something I liked to do anyway, and headed to the lounge around 9; entering, I looked around as if looking for someone but really I was checking out the scene.

Spotting an open bar stool, near but not next to, a couple of thirty-somethings, I sat and ordered a Vodka martini, with four olives. Sipping my drink, I noticed in the bar-back mirror that one of the thirty-somethings was checking me out, trying to be unobtrusive about it.

When my eyes caught his in the mirror, I smiled, and sipped my drink; when our eyes met again in the mirror, I slowly sucked one of the olives from the sword that held them, making it more sensuous that it had to be, smiling afterwards.

He yaşlı porno wasn’t handsome, but not un-handsome, if you know what I mean, and appeared, in his suit, to be in shape. He moved to the seat next to me, the one between me and his friend, and asked if he could buy me a drink, which he did.

His name was Buzz, swear to God, and he introduced his friend, Mitch afterwards, and explained that they were in town for a convention. Well, the badges on their suit pockets betrayed that fact.

I told them that I got bored waiting for my husband to return from a business meeting and decided to come downstairs to make my own fun, the three of us laughing at my admission.

The three of us talked, getting comfortable with each other, and when the combo starting playing some nice, soft jazz, Buzz asked me to dance and I accepted. Buzz was a good dancer and when he pulled me, gently, a bit closer to him, I moved willingly. Walking back to the bar, Mitch didn’t let me sit down, taking me back onto the dance floor. Mitch didn’t dance as well as Buzz, but his erection against my thigh as we danced, was promising.

When dancing with Buzz again, I noticed Jim standing at the end of the bar, watching, with a smile on his face. Winking at me, followed by a small nod of his head, Jim walked away from the bar, to where, I did not know.

About 15 minutes later, Jim returned to the bar, and I excused myself to go to the restroom but told them to order me another drink. I did have to go, but when I came out of the bathroom, Jim was waiting for me in the hallway. We kissed, and he said that if I wanted to take them back to the room, to go ahead, but he didn’t need to be there.

He told me he had set up my laptop, in the suite’s bedroom, to webcast to his private site and that he’d sit in the business center, watching and monitoring on his laptop, both for his pleasure and for my safety.

So, that’s where he had disappeared to, I thought.

Returning to my seat, between Mitch and Buzz, I felt a bit of a tingle and adrenalin from the secretiveness of it all. Knowing that Jim would be watching, I also felt a bit naughtier than usual.

When I took my seat, I placed my hand on Mitch’s thigh ‘for balance’ but the tip of my finger brushed his erection, through his suit pants, which caused him to smile at me, which I returned.

I danced with each, one more time, and when on the floor with Buzz, he asked if I’d like to come upstairs with him and Mitch for a little privacy and to get to know each other a bit better.

I pulled my head from his, and answered that would be fine but I’d prefer it to be in my room. He asked about the possibility of my husband returning and I told him that I received a call when in the restroom and that my hubby wouldn’t be back to the hotel until after midnight.

Buzz smiled at me and I let him kiss me, opening my mouth to his tongue; breaking our kiss, I looked at him, and gave him my suite number, asking that he and Mitch give me aldatma porno 10 minutes, and then they should come up.

Answering the knock on the door, I let the boys into the suite; I had changed into a sheer negligee, which clearly showed my braless breasts and small panties. I told them to make themselves comfortable and I’d fix us all a drink, which I did. Clicking glasses after I joined them in the sitting room of the suite, on the small couch, we sipped and I leaned back against the couch.

Buzz turned to me and placed a hand on my knee, leaned in and kissed me, which I returned. As I kissed Buzz, I moved a hand to Mitch’s thigh, directly onto his semi-hard cock, and squeezed it back to erection as I kissed Buzz.

Breaking my kiss with Buzz, I repeated the kiss with Mitch and moved my other hand to Buzz’s crotch, squeezing his cock as I was doing to Mitch. They were both getting revved up with our kissing and my manipulation of their erections.

I let them feel and fondle my body as I switched between them, kissing, and my crotch was wet from their touches and my horniness. Breaking the kiss with Buzz, I told them that we needed to go into the bedroom.

I let them both take my gown off, but left my panties on, for now anyway. Buzz was in bed with me naked, first, while Mitch stripped down. When Mitch joined us, he and Buzz were both sucking my breasts in a nano-second, as my hands fondled their erections with my hands, loving having two cocks under my fingers as I stroked them.

Sliding down, I took Buzz’s cock into my mouth first, easily deep-throating him; feeling Mitch slide down behind me, I cocked one my legs forward in order for Mitch to slide his cock into me.

I moaned loudly when his thicker, longer cock filled me up and he started pumping into me; I redoubled my sucking of Buzz, fueled by Mitch’s cock in my pussy. Taking my mouth from Buzz’s cock, I switched positions so that Buzz could fuck me to reach his climax; I wanted Mitch’s larger cock in my mouth when he came.

I loved the taste of my juices on a cock and absolutely love it even more when the cock is big. Slowly, I was finally able to get Mitch completely into my mouth and throat, sucking slowly up and down as Buzz pumped his smaller cock into my pussy.

Buzz came first, and as soon as he finished draining his cock, he moved between my legs to suck my pussy, and his cum, I supposed; I really didn’t care because his efforts were moving me quickly to my own climax.

When Mitch exploded his load into my mouth and throat, I came as well, his cum spilling from my mouth and lips as I sucked as much of it as I could while my orgasm slowly ebbed.

Buzz moved from between my legs as I finished licking Mitch clean; pulling Buzz towards me when I sat on the edge of the bed, I licked him clean as well, tasting a combination of juices, theirs and mine.

Thanking them for a lovely, lovely evening, I let them out of the suite and fixed another drink, waiting for Jim to join me. When he did, his erection was obvious in his pants, which thrilled me to no end.

He replayed my night of lust with Buzz and Mitch, after he downloaded onto a disc. Watching it together got us both aroused, and we had a very, nice delicious session of making love.

Yes, I fuck others, but I make love with only my husband.