A Couple Surprise Each Other

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Part 1:

Jennifer sat in the (rather comfortable) sofa of her and Jim’s living room, waiting to confront Jim as he walked through the door. She had overheard Ted mention that Jim and the guys had been regularly going to a local strip club called “Heaven’s Belle’s”. Truth be told, she had suspected for a while.

For her own part, Jennifer wasn’t that upset about it – not really. She kind of understood it in, in a way. It did confirm, however, some of her confidence issues. For her own part, Jennifer now felt the aging now more than ever – she wasn’t as comfortable in her skin as she was when she was younger. That Jim had taken to secretly ogling beautiful, young, nude strippers did nothing to boost her confidence.

And Jim – like many men – began to accrue a bit of weight as well. Somehow, though, it suited him – somehow he was even more handsome now than when he was younger and fitter. That Jim continued to grow more handsome with age – while she felt she grew less so – also hurt her confidence. Jennifer reflected that women definitely had it harder than men when getting old.

Additionally, sex between them had become increasingly uncommon. Even when they did partake, it was sort of a stale affair – the same routine, if you will. Jennifer had been hoping for some catalyst to break out of their cycle. Jim had found an out – without her. That – more than anything – upset her. Jim was out there enjoying his sexuality without her.

Just about the time Jennifer expected, the front door opened, and Jim slipped through. His look betrayed that he was quite surprised to see her sitting in the chair.

“Did you have fun?” Jennifer pointedly inquired.

“Umm, yeah, the guys and I had fun.” Jim replied uneasily, already sensing some tension.

“Look, Jim…I know you went to the strip club. I know that you, Ted, and all of them have been going for some time.” Jim’s look was equal parts hurt, surprise, and shame.

“Well, yeah. I guess there’s no point in hiding it.” Jim collapsed on the love seat adjacent the couch and frowned at her. “I’m sorry, I just…I dunno…look, it’s not a big deal. Nothing happens in those places. Just a few beers, a bit of eye candy…it’s nothing else.”

“Look, Jim…I’m upset – ” Jim looked down at the floor mid-sentence ” – but maybe not for the reasons you think.” Jennifer had her legs crossed. For solely dramatic purposes, she uncrossed her legs and placed the leg which had been resting beneath the other on top top of the other instead on top.

“Look, Jen…it’s not a big deal. I wanted to tell you, to ask for permission. But it just felt so awkward to ask…and so I just kind of hid it.” Jim’s face had grown red and flushed.

“Jim, I’m not upset that you went. Not really. We’ve been together a long time, I get that you’re a man, you have appetites, you want to hang out with the guys.” Jim’s head nodded in what looked like unconscious agreement. “But here’s the deal: I have appetites, too. Our sex life has grown – and you know it’s true – stale. I also want to explore my sexuality while I’m still relatively young, too.”

Jim seemed uneasy at that – he immediately looked as if he suspected that the conversation may be going places he didn’t want it to go. “So…next time you go the strip club, it’s going to be with me. I’ve never been to one, and I want to see what it’s all about. Maybe I’ll like it.”

“Ummm, okay…ummm…sure.” Jim seemed uneasy about the idea, but resigned after having been caught. He probably recognized that most wives would have been much more upset, and that this was possibly a best-case scenario.

“So, whaddaya say…next Friday?” Jennifer asked playfully – but also making it clear it wasn’t a question.

“Okay, sounds like a deal.” Jim’s demeanor changed – he was relieved.

“So, let’s find a babysitter for the kids for next Friday. In the meantime, give me the low-down…what I should expect from “Heaven’s Belle’s”.” Jim grew wide-eyed that she even knew the specific club he had been frequenting. Jennifer had done her research online – the establishment was known for its more…”higher mileage” lap dances in relation to other nearby clubs.

Part 2:

“Okay, I’m ready Jim!” Jennifer yelled out the bathroom door. She had showered, shaved, and cleaned herself up almost as if it was a night on the town. The only major difference was that instead of a dress or heels, Jennifer opted to wear jean shorts, a white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Under, she of course wore a matching black thong and lacy bra. She felt more comfortable than casual – she wanted to feel comfortable not knowing what to expect (even though Jim had done a good job explaining.)

“Okay, let’s go.” Jim’s attire was a bit dressier, perhaps – jeans, dressier shoes, and a buttoned shirt. Jim wasn’t necessarily dressed to impress, but he also wasn’t dressed like a slob.

The two drove their own vehicle to the establishment. During the drive, Jim again explained the kocaeli escort bayan club to her. Apparently, the club was a bring-your-own-beer establishment. Jennifer found the concept strange, but apparently it was common. Jim pretended that the “BYOB” establishments were simply less…up-tight than their peers that offered alcohol. Jennifer suspected that it had something to do with the mileage she had read about on the internet, however.

When they arrived, they found a rather nondescript building. Only a neon sign of a french maid baring a leg with the title “Heaven’s Belles” gave it away. It was decidedly not the classy French bordello that Jennifer had conjured up in her mind.

Nonetheless, Jennifer’s heart fluttered a bit as Jim led to the way to the door. Even though it failed to meet her expectations, she found this all rather exciting and daring. Opening the door, the two paid a $20 entrance fee and had their hands stamped by a rather imposing bouncer. “Have fun!” he said with a burly voice and kind smile.

Like the outside, the inside of the club wasn’t like she imagined. Jennifer first noted the loud, club-like music, then dim lighting, then the scantily-clad women flitting about…and the abundance of cheap perfume wafting in the air.

But then she noticed a naked, beautiful girl twirling about a golden pole on stage. Behind the dancer was a mirror that hid nothing of dancer from the patrons. This woman was young – white, blonde, and maybe 20 – and also completely nude. Jennifer admired her petite build. She also found the dancer’s gyrations strangely-entrancing. Jennifer felt a flush creep over her. Her heart fluttered, and she felt the familiar feelings of arousal mingled with some anger that Jim had been enjoying this establishment so regularly. Before long, she forgot that the the club had failed to meet her grandiose expectations.

Peeling her eyes away from the lovely dancer, Jennifer then noted the patrons. There were a lot in attendance, and they ran the gamut. The spectrum ran from groups of (handsome) young men looking for a fun night out to lonely-looking, gray-haired men past their middle years. Some patrons were chatting with strippers, some were ogling the dancer on stage, some were drinking a beer…and others were simply on their phones.

Jennifer also noted, however, a lot of couples. Jim had said women rarely went to the club as customers, and yet there were a lot in attendance. Like the men, they ran the gamut, too: attractive women in their 20’s up to women in their 50’s. In each case, though, the women were usually accompanied by a man. “Strange…” Jennifer thought.

Lastly, Jennifer noted the seating from the stage out: adjacent the stage were a series of love seats. Radiating from there, the love seats turned to tables with four chairs…and past them were pairs of chairs. As Jennifer entered the club with Jim, she also noted a curtain on the far-side that had not been entirely obvious as well as an entire room of love seats and waist-level walls to her left. In this area, Jennifer could see a stripper gyrating her hips on a patron’s lap. “That seems…rather risque.” Jennifer reflected. Jim had told her about the lap dances, but she had not expected them to be done out in the open.

She felt Jim’s hand grab her own as he led them to a table. He sat down, she sat down, and then he smiled uncomfortably at her. “Like it so far?” he asked. She could tell that Jim was doing his very best to *not* look at any of the scantily-clad strippers flitting by. She certainly noticed, however.

Again Glancing at the section where Jennifer had seen strippers giving lap dances, she replied – indignantly-yet-playfully – “I can see why you like it.” Jim forced an uncomfortable chuckle in response.

Truthfully, she was having a good time. She felt an arousal creeping through her she had not felt in quite a long time. Too busy enjoying the moment, Jennifer said little and just drank the situation in. Many of the strippers flitting about were beauties – especially the one gyrating nude on stage. Some strippers were short; some tall…some young, some older…some were of light complexion; others dark. Jennifer watched them as they “worked”: some seemed to sit with patrons, others seemed to grab their hands and whisk them away to various locations (perhaps for lap dances?) Regardless, Jennifer found herself wishing that she had a cup of wine…

Suddenly a voice boomed over an intercom: “Ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause for the beautiful Sapphire!” After an obligatory applause (although Jennifer found herself clapping enthusiastically), the voice over the intercom continued: “Next up, we have the lovely Tanisha!”

Jennifer studied the dancer on stage. With her dance over, “Sapphire” collected a series of bills on the stage, gathered some clothes she had removed at some point, and walked from the stage. She seemed to walk with a purpose – with clothes and money in tow, she walked izmit escort bayan straight to yet another curtained entrance Jennifer had not even seen before, swiped it aside, and disappeared.

Shortly thereafter, the curtain again swiped aside and an extremely-fit, beautiful woman with ebony-black skin walked out. The matching bright-blue leggings, heels, bra, and thong complemented her dark skin brilliantly. “My god! She has a six-pack! And she’s my age!” Jennifer thought, astonished. Jennifer really wanted some wine now, to calm her nerves. She looked to see where Jim’s eyes were. Sure enough, he was also drinking in this ebony beauty.

To her surprise, Jennifer found that the the ebony goddess walked to the stage with a spray bottle and towel. After a few sprays of the bottle, she used the towel to wipe down the pole. When she was done, she gave the bottle and towel to another stripper who took it…somewhere. Jennifer’s eyes were too transfixed on this goddess to see where the bottle and towel were taken to. Jennifer had never been to a strip club…that poles had to “wiped down” for sanitation purposes struck her as…distinctly “unsexy”. And yet, that idea did nothing to dampen her building lust for this ebony goddess around her age.

“My god Jim! She’s beautiful!” She knew the tone in her voice couldn’t hide her enthusiasm. “You like her, then?” Jim’s smile that accompanied his response had no shame or uncertainty. “Maybe you should get a lap dance from her.” At Jim’s suggestion, Jennifer felt herself growing moist. Jim had told her about the lap dances – he even hinted that they could get…out of line. But she had never seriously considered it…until now.

Then, the voice over the intercom came back: “Ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget – tonight is amateur night! If you’re a lovely lady and you want to show off whatchoo got, come on over to the desk here and sign up for a few songs! No need to take your bottoms off ladies – or even your tops! But if you want to – go for it! Just sign up over here, and we’ll get you in line to show off those sexy moves! Also – ladies – you can sign up to give lap dances. But only the standard club dances. Sorry, ladies, you have to be an employee to do the VIP dances. If you wanna do the big leagues, first you gotta go pro. Now, give it up for the biggest of them all, the biggest in the big leagues…Tanishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“Amateur night, huh? That would explain all the ladies…” Jennifer thought. She also thought it might be sexy to do a dance – she wouldn’t even need to bare all like the DJ said. It was an interesting thought, but Jennifer pushed it away. She didn’t think anyone really wanted to see her dance…She was, like Tanisha, in her mid 30’s…unlike Tanisha, she did not have a zealous discipline with her exercise and diet. She had…softened…somewhat over the years. “I should be more like Tanisha.” Jennifer thought, ruefully.

When the voice over the intercom cut off (and cut off Jennifer’s rueful thoughts), Tanisha’s dancing began. And it was sexy. Her dancing was less sultry than the previous dancer – bit also more energetic. Athletic, even. And Tanisha took no time at all to strip off her first article of clothing: her top. Facing away from the crowd, she looked over shoulder as she reached behind and unfastened the hook of her bra to let it slide down. Once on the ground, she kicked the bra aside and spun to face the crowd.

Jennifer’s eyes immediately focused straight on her now-exposed nipples. The soft flesh of her nipples was even darker than the surrounding ebony skin. Jennifer became aware of herself shifting in her chair from arousal. For a moment, she had forgotten about Jim, but she then became aware of him studying her. With a nod towards Jim, Jennifer exclaimed “She’s fucking HOT!”. Jim simply nodded in his agreement as he also shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Spinning around again, Tanisha twerked her muscular ass before grabbing a hold of the pole for some lazy twirls. By now, Jennifer could feel her heart thumping in her chest. Watching Tanisha place her thumbs under her panties only to deftly remove them did nothing to help. After removing both her top and bottom, Tanisha stood – confidently – wearing only leggings, heels, and a bright smile. With Tanisha’s bottom removed, Jennifer could admire her shaven kitty. Looking at it, she found herself wondering what it would be like to lick it…she had never licked another woman before.

“Hey guys!” A woman’s voice interrupted Jennifer’s thoughts. A pink-clad stripper had sat down next to her and Jim. “I’m Velvet!” As she introduced herself, she reached out her hand to Jim who responded by softly shaking it. Again looking uncomfortable, Jim introduced first himself and then Jennifer to “Velvet”: “Nice to meet you. I’m Jim and this is Jennifer.” Jim had explained to her that strippers made most of their money doing lap dances, and so they often “worked the crowd.” But Jim had gebze escort also mentioned something that she couldn’t quite recall now…it was something along the lines of how strippers preferred couples…or women…or something…

“So, are you two enjoying your night?” Her voice was playful beyond the point of exaggeration. “Yes, we are!” Jim said, also too-eager in his response. The two exchanged some other pleasantries, but it was only background noise. She remained fixated on Tanisha. Just now, she was watching Tanisha supporting herself with one hand down on the floor while she spread her pussy wide and pumped her hips in and out near a patron’s face. Watching it continued to turn her on – Jennifer knew she would have to get some sexual relief before the night was out.

Then, Tanisha sat in the lap of a nearby patron in his seat and gyrated her hips. When she arched her back and rolled her head over the shoulder of the patron, Jennifer could see that Tanisha’s beauty closer than ever. Like a dutiful student, Jennifer took note of Tanisha’s every move.

Without peeling her eyes from Tanisha, Jennifer asked “So hey, what’s the deal with the lap dances here?”

“Well, there’s the club standard $20 and you can get a dance over there – ” Velvet pointed to the area Jennifer had seen strippers giving lap dances before ” – or you can do the VIP lounge over there.” Velvet then pointed to a curtain which presumably hid another lounge behind it.

“The standard dances are – as you see – all clothes on. The VIP dances are…” Velvet paused mid-sentence, lustily looked over both Jim and her, and continued “…more private. They’re a lot more fun. You can do topless dances for $30, or you can enjoy all-nude dances for $40.”

Still watching Tanisha – now with her ass up in the air facing the patrons and her fingers again spreading herself open – Jennifer gestured towards Tanisha and flatly stated “I want the $40 dances with her.”

“OOoooh, okaaaay!” Velvet responded, naughtily. “I’ll let her know when she’s done.” Velvet bounded from her chair and went to wait …somewhere. Presumably to wait for Tanisha, whom she would presumably notify of Jennifer’s request, though she could not be sure.

“Jim, we’re getting some dances from her. No questions asked – you owe it to me. Besides, with all the money you’re making these days, you can afford a girl some fun.” Jim nodded, somewhat surprised but also seeming impressed. Jennifer rather enjoyed playing the wounded wife card, although she was already growing tired of it.

Acutely aware that Jim was also watching, Jennifer watched the remainder of Tanisha’s dance and mentally noted every last move she made. Even after her dance was over, Jennifer watched her every move. Jennifer admired her confidence; her beauty; her athleticism. Fortunately, Velvet had gotten word to her, so Jennifer and Jim didn’t have to wait long before Tanisha – again wearing her bright blue outfit – sauntered over and introduced herself. “Hey guys – I hear you have a special request?”

Jennifer nodded in agreement. Looking up at Tanisha while she stood, Jennifer told her “My husband and I think you’re the most beautiful woman we’ve ever seen. We would love a VIP dance from you.” Even as she said it, Jennifer stared at the woman’s legs – her leg muscles bulged due to the heels she wore.

Tanisha seemed genuinely surprised by the compliment. “Thaaaank yooouuuu! Well, I loooove giving couples dances. Here, let me show you two the VIP room.” Tanisha gently grabbed Jennifer’s hand, and walked her to the curtain that Velvet had indicated earlier was the VIP room entrance. With Jim behind her, Jennifer girded herself for what she suspected would be a great time.

Part 3

The VIP lounge had not been what Jennifer expected. Somehow, she expected gold – or bright lights – or some form of exuberant luxury. What it was, instead, was a series of yet yet more curtains. Several curtains were opened and revealed that each room contained opposing couches complete with an ottoman and coffee table. From the rooms with closed curtains, Jennifer could hear the unmistakable sounds of sexual activity. “So this is why Jim loves this place…” Watching Tanisha, Jennifer had forgotten that she was both upset and somewhat jealous that Jim had been regularly coming here. Now seeing what occurred in the VIP lounge, Jennifer remembered those old feelings.

Tanisha’s voice was friendly when she led them into one of the curtained rooms: “Here we are. Make yourself comfortable. Jim, if you’re wearing a belt, go ahead and take it off. You can place your belt and any phones or anything on the coffee table.” Jim did as instructed – he took off his belt and sat in the couch. He was, just now, visibly uncomfortable. “He must know that I realize what’s he’s been doing here…” Jennifer thought. Unsure of protocol, Jennifer simply sat next to Jim and tried to appear comfortable.

Smiling at both Jim and Jennifer in turn, Tanisha confidently – professionally – stated “So, here’s my rules: you can touch anywhere you want – except the cookie jar. Keep your hands out of the cookie jar. If I don’t like you touching anywhere besides the cookie jar – I’ll let you know. One warning is all you get.”

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