A Day Dream

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By billsmiles and boredsenseless
Edited by boredsenseless

The curtains rippled as the soft breeze blew through the bedroom window, rolling across my face like the warm breath of nature while I drifted off to sleep.

No longer aware of my body, I enjoy the vivid colors of the grass, the trees and the wavy reflection of the clouds on the pond, the tall grass swaying with the same breeze that kissed my face.

Something pulled me back from my dream: slight, but enough to make me open my eyes. I turn my head and find you standing beside the bed.

I realize the noise that yanked me from my dream was the rustling of your tee shirt being pulled over your head. You smile at me as you drop it to the floor. I watch as your fingers slowly pull down the zipper on your blue jeans, then slide to the sides where you hook your thumbs in the belt loops and work them down over your hips. Your long hair covers your breasts as you bend to step out of your pants.

Our eyes meet again and you smile at me as you pull the cotton sheet off of me and slide your hand down my chest across my stomach, then wrap your fingers around my growing cock. You slowly stroke it as it grows in your hand.

“This afternoon you belong to me. You’re mine to use as I please,” you whisper as you reach down with your other hand and squeeze your fingers around my scrotum, slowly pulling my balls outward until I began to squirm.

You know how much I love it when you play this game with me.

I watch as you bend to lick the drop of crystal clear pre-cum from the head of my now throbbing cock.

Again you smile at me as you climb on top of me and settle into a comfortable position, straddling me. I can feel the warmth of your crotch on my cock. Your hand finds its way down back to its original place around my hard on, rubbing it slowly up and down your slit, teasing me.

“You better not cum in me!” you say. As you look into my eyes, you slowly güvenilir bahis sit down. Once the purple head slides in, you stop and hold still. You know I can not last long when you play this game.

“Do you understand me?” you ask. “Do not cum in me. If you do, you will suck every last drop out of me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” I answer with a smile.

The idea of licking you after we make love is something I often think about, but usually, after I cum I lose the desire and only want to lay there and relax.

Slowly, you continue to sit down, pushing my cock deeper into your warm pussy. You then rise up until only the head is in and hold still, teasing me. Finally, after many torturous moments, you thrust down, forcing my cock deep into your warm cunt. You begin to rock back and forth. I watch as you tilt your head back and your eyes close, working my cock in as far as it will go.

You like the feel of my throbbing cock filling you. You began to grind now, trying to get me even deeper into your pussy. I feel you twitch a little as you grind your hard clit between the two of us. I feel the muscles in your cunt began to tighten, squeezing and sucking at my cock. As I get closer to my release, you reach back and cup my balls in your hand as you run a finger over my anus.

My groan of pleasure causes you stop and wait for me to relax. You pull my balls until I tense up and hold my breath. You then slowly begin to rock again, grinding your clit back into my pelvic bone.

Several times you do this, taking me to the edge then stopping just before I’m past the point of no return, prolonging the inevitable. At long last, you reach back and cup my balls in your hand, gentler this time, softly pulling my scrotum as you run a finger over my anus. You gently squeeze and pull, milking my balls the way you do because you know it makes me cum. The feeling starts in the pit of stomach, moves to my balls, and creeps türkçe bahis up my spine to my brain. Then, like an electric shock, it consumes my entire body. I can feel the cum rushing through my pulsating cock. I twitch and jerk until you have milked me of every last drop of cum I have to offer.

Basking in afterglow, the thought of having to suck and lick you clean runs through my mind. I’m not sure if I really want to do that now. I open my eyes and see you looking at me, without a smile this time.

“I warned you not to do that.” you said in a soft but firm voice. Your fingers still rolling and pulling my balls. There is nothing left and my throbbing cock begins to relax.

You lift yourself off of me. I feel the cool breeze on my wet cock as it falls from the warm folds of your love. You reach between your legs with one hand. Your now sadistic smile tells me you’re holding yourself closed so nothing leaks out. Your breasts obscured by your long hair as you crawl up and straddle my face. You move your hand as you rock from side to side spreading your knees wider. Now all I can see is the pink folds that peek out between the wet matted hairs. The smell of your cunt is intoxicating.

I watch as you slide your hands between your legs, spreading your lips and holding them wide open.

“Look! Look what you’ve done!” you exclaim.

I watch as your finger caresses your still hard clit, rolling it in little circles. You spread your knees wider and reach for the head board to steady yourself with your other hand, the first still working your clit inches above my face. I look at the open hole with white froth at the edges. It closes and then reopens and closes again as you twitch from the rubbing of your clit. When it opens a second time, a little pearly white cream is pushed out. You start to throb as a small orgasm rushes through you. A soft moan escapes your lips and you rub your clit a little faster. Your cunt twitches, then opens güvenilir bahis siteleri and more cum oozes out, hanging in a long string. You lower your gaping cunt to my face.

“Suck it!” you demand as you rub your clit faster. “Suck your cum from me and make me cum, my love!” I open my mouth and suck at the pink, cum-covered flesh. I want to make you scream. I feel you twitch again as you grind your pussy hard on my face, still rubbing your clit.

“Suck it harder!” you demand.

“Open your mouth wide and suck hard!” I open my mouth wide and suck as much of your pink flesh into my mouth as I can.

“Oh Gawwwwd! Yes…YES! Harder!” you demand.

Your wish is my command, and I increase my intensity. Another twitch and I feel warm cum mixed with your pussy juice flowing from your pulsating cunt. I make myself swallow as I tip my head back, my nostrils flair as I gasp for a breath of air. I lick your slit, taking your pink flesh back between my lips. I push my tongue as far into you as I can and lap up the juices. I can’t get enough. The mix of our fluids is like a drug that I’m addicted to. Feeling you jerk again, I wait for your liquid to run down the back of my throat before I swallow. You began sliding back and forth until my nose is between your lips. I feel the juice being pushed onto my nose and down the back of my throat.

You begin to jerk and shake violently as you fuck my face. Your orgasm consumes you, grinding your cunt into my face until the shaking and jerking slows to a slow rocking motion. I open my eyes as you lift yourself up and take one last look at your red cunt. It looks used and loose. You slide down, collapsing on top of me. Worn out, you smile and kiss my lips.

“I love you, baby,” you whisper.

A loud noise startles me, which I recognize to be the door slamming shut. The breeze coming through the open window must have pushed the door shut, leaving, in its wake, the curtains to fall back down and lay motionless once again. I realize that I am alone in bed when I hear the hum of the vacuum cleaner in the living room.

“That was some dream,” I think to myself, as I reach up to find something wet on the corner of my lips.

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