A Day to Remember

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Second part of a series, appropriately sandwiched between the events of The Night Before and The Morning After. Starts with MF, then MMF, before ending with a good dose of MM. Enjoy x


Lucille propped herself up onto one arm. Naked, her long, dark hair hung over her full breasts, the duvet covering her from the waist down. She reached across to her husband Mike, stroked his bare shoulder and whispered, “You awake?”

Mike moaned softly in response.

Lucille nudged closer into her husband. Her warm skin flush against his as she eased her slender arm over and down his chest to the tops of his thighs.

Mike inhaled sharply as his wife’s fingers glanced, then stroked, then wrapped themselves around his hardening cock. He turned his head round, bleary eyes opening. His soft smile. “Hey.”

“Hey. Been thinking about last night?” Lucille teased, squeezing his dick and pulling the skin down tight to his balls. “Or dreaming about tonight?”

“Bit of both,” he said, turning his body to face his wife, his naked hardness against hers, his arm embracing and pressing her into him, his hand gliding up and down her back. Hers along his. The delicious sensation of his erection against the hot skin of her belly. That heat between her legs radiating into him. Him into her.

Intense memories of the night before washed over them. Of Lucille standing in their doorway, silhouetted, as she returned freshly fucked from her hotel encounter with another man. Of cum dripping down the inside of her legs as she crossed the room. Of her recounting the passionate coupling with Robby in the lift that precipitated everything. Of her kneeing above Mike, hovering over his face, fully exposed and on show. Of Mike’s ripe cock ploughing into her swollen, soaking pussy as he reclaimed his wife and fell in love with her again and again and again. Or Robby’s late night text and the promise of a threesome tonight.

Fuelled by last night’s memories and the feeling of her hot body against him now, Mike emerged from his slumber. He lifted his head slightly and kissed his wife. He started with a nibble of her lip. A soft, light kiss on the lips until she opened her mouth to his searching tongue, and as the passion built she moved her free arm to caress the cheek of his face.

With her lips tingling, Lucille rolled back pulling Mike onto her. She opened her legs to him and felt him press against her slick, wet slit. He slid in easily. Both still kissing. Faces flush as each of them pulled the other ever closer to them. Both gripping, grappling, ever firmer, as if easing off would suddenly end this blissful beginning to the day.

Mike lay in her, barely moving. Tensing his glutes, he made small movements that ground against her clitoris. Lucille’s sigh ebbed, flowed, grew. She began to moan, pulsing her hips in time with Mike’s slow rock. His firm hardness pressing down and inside her.

She moaned silently in his ear.

Lucille’s hands felt along his solid back, stroked his ass, sought to pull him ever deeper into her as she opened her legs further apart, bringing her knees up level with her shoulders. He felt her squeeze; a deep, warm pressure on his cock.

Mike arched his back and wrapped his arms around her, trapping her legs. Pinning her down in this most vulnerable and open position, he kissed her neck and face and lips and pushed his tongue into her as he held her down and began to slowly plunge in and out of her hot, wet vagina.

Lucille’s placed her hand on the nape of his neck. He moved his head down. Sucked on her hardened nipples, kissed the soft flesh around them, held them firm in his grasp as he tongued and nibbled and kissed her brown, rippled areoles.

She moaned louder, and ground against the base of his cock, putting pressure on her clit by clamping herself around him.

Before long she felt the erotic urgency bloom inside her, that beautiful build-up as the first gentle waves of orgasm lapped within her and then that delicious glow, like a quick-fire sunrise, burst all over her as she came and came and Mike thrust harder into her and she felt his solid dick throb deep within her and he buried his head in the side of her neck, grunting as he exploded, spasming, leaking, and the pair of them lay like that, catching their breath, until Mike said at last, “I love you,” and slid off and out of his wife who replied, “I love you too.”

Later, but still in bed, it was Lucille who broke the silence.

“You OK?”

“Yes. You?”

“Yes. Very. Are we OK?”


After a while, Mike asked with as much nonchalance as he could muster, “Did he text back?”

Lucille smiled, knowingly. She reached over and checked her phone. Her long back and round ass revealed as the covers fell away from her.

“He asks if we fancy dinner. His shout.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I bet you do, husband.”


Later that morning, after they’d had a long soak and got dressed, Mike and Lucille sat in the dining kitchen of their rented flat. escort vip One of six apartments on the seventh floor on a nine-storey block overlooking the harbour. The views were beautiful, but the block – one of three – was soulless. Although they’d made their mark and the apartment felt theirs, they were anonymous here with so many of the other flats leased out as Airbnbs or short-term lets. After three months here they still didn’t know any of their neighbours beyond a nod and a smile. People stayed a few days or weeks, then were gone. That seemed to be the way of it. This was for them also a short-term thing while Lucille completed a piece of consultancy for her engineering firm. Mike could work anywhere – he ran a digital agency from his laptop.

Perhaps their anonymity had freed them,

mulled Mike. Would they have taken these sexual fantasies, long the preserve of their bedroom, into the real world if they’d moved into a busy, bustling street with a strong sense of community, much like the one they’d left to come here? Mike wasn’t sure, though the timing felt right. These were deep and long-held desires and shared fantasies being explored, and he got the sense of a change in Lucille, as if she was shedding a part of herself, was opening up, and becoming a truer version of herself. He thought, too, about his own desires and wants and how tonight might see those played out.

Lucille leant across the granite island and slowly spun her cup of coffee around. Mike watched her for a few moments, before he came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her, and asked, “Hey, you ok? You look pensive.”

Lucille did a big inhale and smiled lovingly up at her husband. “Last night was intense and amazing, and I’m still tingling.”


“Oh, a mix of feelings. I’m scared you’ll get jealous. Or that you’ll be angry with me for enjoying it. Or you’ll stop loving me or something. I feel I’ve been unfaithful, but, well, I haven’t have I? I’m conflicted, I guess.”

Mike turned his wife round, gently lifted her face up to look at him.

“Lucille, I love you. Always will. You know that. And last night was fucking insane. You were so, so sexy. So hot. I didn’t think I could love you more but I do. I’ve never felt so hard. Ever. But I understand your reservations. I’d be lying if I didn’t have my own.”

Lucille’s eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Yes, I can’t help be a bit jealous. That you fucked another man. That he fucked you. That you came.

“That you enjoyed it.

“I know we’d talked it though, played it out, fantasised it, but still … In the night I got a bit freaked out that you’d fall in love with him and leave me.”

Lucille shook her head. “No. Never.”

“But then I think about you standing in that doorway, or crouching over me and, you know, his cum all over you, the thought of you riding him in that hotel room, of you on all fours and, and I get so turned on. Even saying it now is getting me hard!”

Lucille reached her hand down to feel her husband’s swelling bulge. Grinned.

“I know it’s stupid Mike but I’m nervous you won’t like Robby. I can’t lie. I really, really liked him. Yes, I fancy him. There, I said it. Is that wrong? I don’t think I could have done it if I hadn’t. If we hadn’t all clicked. So that makes me feel a bit guilty, which is so stupid. I’m excited and nervous about seeing him tonight. I have butterflies right now for fuck’s sake! Second date kind of thing. Does he like me? Silly right? I mean, we chatted so much with him online over the past few weeks we know him well, but part of me is scared you’ll hate him, rather than … well, want to, you know, have sex with him.”

Mike looked away, embarrassed that his wife had finally expressed it out loud. “Lucille, I’m nervous too, but I am sooo looking forward to tonight. I’m just not sure I can …”

She raised her eyebrows again. Felt that tingling sensation between her legs. “I know you, Mike, remember that.”

“Let’s just see what happens baby. I think all three of us are going to have lots of fun.”

They kissed for a moment. A lingering touch on soft lips between two adoring people; that ancient reassurance a couple shares.

“I do have one small issue Mike …”

Mike stared at his wife, concerned. “What?”

That coy look of hers. “I’ve nothing to wear. Let’s go into town. You can buy me some new underwear… I feel like putting on a show.”


On the walk into town along rows of Victorian terraces that gradually changed to shop fronts to slick glass windows, Mike and Lucille held hands. A deep, warmth spread to each other from that single, simple touch.

Every so often they’d catch each other’s eye, and a shy smile or coy glance would be shared between them. Anticipation heightened with each step, merging with the delicious memories of last night and this morning.

At the shopping mall, Lucille led her husband to the lingerie shop, and strolled in. Mike stood a step behind as Lucille browsed rows and rows of black, white, escort rus pink, red, blue, silk, satin, lace and see-through bras and knickers and thongs, bodysuits and basques.

“What do you fancy? Anything in mind?”

“You look gorgeous in anything sweetheart. And nothing.”

The attendant came over. A younger women in her late 20s with long blonde hair. “Can I help you?” she asked.

Mike glanced at Lucille, expecting her to say no but instead she said, “Actually, yes, that would be great. I’m looking for something with that extra wow factor. Something that …”

She gave Mike a quick look. His heart melted and pulse raced when she gave him that coy smile of hers and stepped a touch closer to the attendant. Even though the shop was empty she lowered her voice and spoke intimately …

“Something that really shows me off.”

She turned to Mike.

“Why don’t you wait outside honey. I won’t be long.”

Ten minutes later Lucille swayed out of the shop.

“She was lovely. So helpful.”

“Get something? Nice?”

“Oh yes. You’re going to love it.”

She nestled into her husband, whispered in his ear, “She was quite sexy, wasn’t she?”

Mike gave a non-committal shrug.

“I told her by the way.”


“After you left. I said I wanted something to show me off. So she measured me properly – ages since I’ve done that – then she started pulling out sexy lingerie and I started getting really turned on. So I told her, ‘I’m going to have a threesome tonight with my husband and another man and I want to look amazing.’ Her eyes nearly popped out of her head.”

“I’m not surprised!” Mike said as his cock started to swell. “What did she say?”

“She smiled and said ‘Lucky you.’ And then we browsed the shelves more. I became very, very aware of her. Her of me, I think too. A couple of times we brushed against each other. She was quite professional but at the same time it was very, very sexy.

“Then she turned and as she handed me some items she said she’d had a threesome but it had been with another woman. She made eye contact and grinned. Definitely some unspoken tension there. Great sales technique. I didn’t even notice the price until she rung it up.”

“‘Your men are going to love you in this,’ she said. ‘Be sure to come back and tell me how you got on…'”

“Oh my god. You’re such a …”


“Sexy, wonderful woman.”

“Hmmm, slut more like! God I felt so horny with her back there. She had really nice boobs don’t you think?Anyway, she asked me if I wanted to try it on but I said no. I think if she’d had tried anything I’d have melted.”

On the walk back home they stopped in for a coffee. In the queue Lucille whispered in Mike’s ear, “I can’t wait for you to see me in this.”

Feeling brazen, despite the other customers and staff around her, she moved in again and whispered, “I can’t wait for you to watch me. For you to watch me riding Robby’s big, hard cock.”

The two counter staff turned their head, confused. Had they overheard? Did they hear right? Did she just say what they thought she said?

Keenly aware of them, Lucille pretended to ignore them and whispered, perhaps a touch too loudly, “And I can’t wait to suck your big hard cock as he pounds my pussy from behind.

“I can’t wait to watch you suck his dick.”

“Next,” said the barista. “Can I help you?”

Mike spluttered the order to the blushing barista. As she turned her back to make the order, Lucille said, “Oh god, I’m so wet Mike. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so horny.”

“You’re shameless,” laughed Mike as they left the coffee shop. “Did you see her face? She went beetroot!”

“Oh my god. Not sure what she heard, but we can never, ever go back there Mike,” cackled Lucille as they fell about each other laughing. “What’s happening to me Mike?!”

He wasn’t sure, but the raucous, raunchy side he always suspected was in Lucille was starting to show itself.

She continued to tease him on the walk home and so as soon as they were back in their flat, Mike had her up against the wall. His engorged penis painfully pushing out from his trousers against her legs. They kissed passionately. Hands roaming over each other. He squeezed her fleshy breasts. Roughly pushed his other hand between her legs.

“Stop Mike.”

He pulled her arms away and held them above her.


She turned away and said, “You’re gonna make me cum. Let’s save ourselves. I don’t plan on sleeping tonight.”

“I’m so fucking hot for you right now Lucille.”

“Good. Save it stud.”


Lucille spent an age getting ready in the bathroom. She emerged from the shower wrapped up in a gown that hid her body from Mike’s eager eyes. That hid the black see-through basque and knicker set that directed eyes attention to her vulva and pushed her breasts skywards giving an impressive, eye-catching cleavage. A thin thong of textured black fabric separated the smooth globes of her ass.

As Mike showered and shaved escort elit and cleaned himself, she dropped the gown and stood in front of the full length mirror in their bedroom. The thought of revealing herself to any man but Mike used to terrify her. Now she was a very different woman. Liking what she was seeing in her own reflection, she knew she looked attractive and oh so sexy. The desire to show off chimed in her, and for a few moments she stood there, turning, admiring her own curves, the long lines of her shapely body perfectly enhanced and defined in her sexy new lingerie set.

With a degree of reluctance she decided to cover up. She reached for her dress, the skin-tight green one that Mike had bought her last Christmas. Simple, classy and stunning, it zipped up the front, and left little to the imagination, showing off her curves and cleavage, bare shoulder and arms, and long, long legs.

“Wow,” Mike said when he walked out with a towel round his waist. Lucille, her hair and makeup now done, sat in the edge of the bed putting on her high heels.

“You look hot as fuck. Even more beautiful.”

“You look good yourself. Let’s see what’s under the towel.”

Mike dropped the towel and his wife walked over to admire his strong, solid frame.

“You’ve shaved,” she said, reaching for his smooth balls. “Mmmm, all the way I see,” as she reached further between his legs and brushed her fingers over his ass. “So smooth and clean I love it. That for me … or for Robby?”

He didn’t answer so Lucille knelt down in front of him and took his long, hardening cock in her hands.

“Hmmmm?” She raised her eyebrows questioningly as she looked up at him. She leant over and kissed the tip. Then took it in her mouth. She let a finger glide over his asshole. Mike gasped.

“You want to suck his dick, don’t you Mike?”

She pushed against his hole. She pushed again and her finger rode up and into him.

“You want to suck him like this.”

Then she gorged down on his cock and wrapped her lips around it. Slid a second finger easily into him. Felt his tight ass relax.

After a moment, she suddenly withdrew her hand, lifted her head away, released Mike’s hard dick, stood up and said, “I want to see you get fucked on all fours.”

Mike grunted and groaned in frustration, then smiled guiltily at his wife. “Same.”

Lucille said back, “I think Robby’s got his work cut out.”


Robby was already there when Mike and Lucille walked into the hotel restaurant. He stood up from a booth at the back and waved to them warmly as they approached. He kissed Lucille on each cheek and pulled her in tight with an intimacy that caused a ripple of jealousy in Mike.

“So great to see you both,” he beamed.

“Good to see you too Robby,” said Lucille blushing slightly.

“You look even more radiant Lucille,” said Robby, his face lit up. “Wow,” he said, as his eyes roamed up and down and over her body. “Wow.”

Then they parted and the two men hugged and back slapped like old friends. Robby has a similar build to him, mused Mike.

“Great to meet you in the flesh Robby,” Mike said, feeling clumsy and uncertain. He felt a growing awkwardness amid the blatant attraction and intimacy between his wife and Robby.

Perhaps sensing his unease, Robby reached his arm out and laid a hand on Mike’s shoulder, as if sharing a confidence. “And you buddy. So great to meet you in the real world. You have the most incredible, beautiful wife. Thank you.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better, both of you.”

Mike grinned back and nodded, his attraction to Robby building as his cock started to swell in his trousers.

Mike sat down first. Lucille next to him. Robby opposite. The booth was private and intimate. Despite everything that had happened during the past 24 hours they reverted to small talk as they mulled over the hotel. The restaurant. The menu. Today’s weather. The city. This restaurant. Work.

Lucille lifted her eyes now and then and looked at her two men. Both men had fucked her twice in the past 24 hours. Both had licked her out. Both had made her cum and had ejaculated inside her. Both would be doing the same this evening. She squeezed her legs together in eager anticipation, felt the excitement build in her core. She felt flushed and wet and tingling.

After the waitress left with their drinks order, Robby leaned over and quietly and intensely said, “Lucille, last night was incredible. I’ve spent all day thinking about it. I’ve … err. Mike, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I’m mildly obsessed with your wife.”

Lucille felt the hotness between her legs spread.

“Only mildly?”

Despite her tease, a sense of guilt suddenly grabbed her. Admitting she enjoyed it felt like a betrayal, so she put on a smile and looked coyly down at her plate. She felt relief when Mike spoke up. “Lucille told me all about it when she came home. Sounded like you both had a lot of fun.”

“You enjoyed hearing about it Mike?”

“Yes, very much so.”

The three of them smiled at each other. Easy, relaxed, knowing and intimate.

“So great to see you both in real life,” Robby said, reaching out his hands to both Mike and Lucille.

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