A Day Trip With Daddy’s Little Girl

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“I’ll be over sometime around 6, I swear to it Danny.” Shiela said nervously.

“Will you? That’s exactly what you said last week and look how that fiasco turned out!” Danny, Shiela’s husband was fuming. He had expected that she was having an affair for over 2 months now and what pissed him off the most was, she was a dog. Not a good looking woman at all and yet some other guy was banging her brains out while he couldn’t get any!

Danny sighed and hung up. At 32, he thought he had a great family. Two handsome sons and a beautiful girl named Laurel. His sons were doing well in college, one in medicine and the other one in film school. Laurel was doing well in high school and was active in the sports and academics constantly there. The problem was his wife. 4 years his senior, she had already grown out of him and he was sick of it. What could he do? He had confronted her and nothing worked. Sadly, Danny picked up a beer from the fridge and plodded into the den to lay back on his chair and contemplate.


Laurel, at 18, was barely paying attention in her Advanced chemistry class. Who cares anyway? she thought. With short straight blonde hair she looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston. She was very thin and had small breasts. A tan complexion and piercing gray eyes, she was a knock out. But, not too headstrong, Laurel never paid attention to it…kind of like chemistry!

“Pssssst” a whisper came from behind her. Turning around Laurel faced her boyfriend, Adam. Smiling a toothy grin she asked quietly…


He grinned back at her and said “Skip the next class with me and lets go back to your house…and uh…ya know?”

Laurel let out a giggle and shook her head.

“C’mon baby, you said everyone’s at work today…come on please?” Adam had resorted to pleading so she couldn’t resist!

“Okay okay. Just hush.” she commanded playfully.

Laurel really dug Ad, he was a good looking goofy fun kind of guy and just last month she gave up her virginity to him. She could remember it pristinely. They were kissing furiously and slowly, back and forth. His tongue was welcome into her mouth as his hands traveled all over her young body. Her taught stomach and breasts pushed themselves against his touch. He pulled back from kissing her that night and looked at her sweetly. Telling Laurel that he loved her dearly, she responded back : “Make love to me Adam Fizziatti.”

Adam gazed up her, shocked. Shaking a bit he made sure it was okay and sure enough 30 minutes later both of them were naked on Laurel’s bed. Under the covers their bodies writhed with passion. His long dick, not so much thick but long, poked and prodded at her inner thighs. This made Laurel laugh a little and smile at her lover. With every poke, he grunted and said sorry. Slowly, she wrapped her hand around his dick and started to breathe hard. His cock was slick because of the condom they put on grandbetting giriş him and she opened her legs wide under the covers, feet poking out of the sides. Whimpering a little, Adam followed her guiding,and attempted to penetrate her softly.

“Ohhh…” she had moaned.

And that was how she fell even harder for this boy.

The bell rang and Laurel jumped up and ran out of the door, Adam following after her. They snuck out of the side exits of the school, heard a security guard yelling at them and then took off running even faster. Their heavy bookbags jumped on their backs as they ran but the couple finally made it to Laurel’s car.


Danny sat on the chair for a long time that morning and felt his ass begin to go numb. Figuring it was better that he go do something productive, Danny stood up and headed upstairs to wash up and shave. It was only 12:30 and he knew it was pretty unacceptable to look like it was 5:30 in the morning when it was quite obviously mid-afternoon!!! When he reached the bathroom he turned on the water and started to soak his face. A bit scruffy, he stared into the mirror.

“Shiela…” the name rolled off his lips.

Turning off the water, he grabbed a towel and wiped his unshaved face dry. Fuck this, he thought. He needed to unwind and calm down a bit. He knew just how to do it. Walking into his bedroom he knelt down underneath the bed and pulled out a box that was labeled “TAX RETURNS”. Sitting on the soft carpeting, Danny tore off the top and rummaged through the box. Inside of the box, there was another much smaller one. Sliding the top off of that one, Danny smiled as he looked down into his hands. His one savior during the tough times: Spots of Acid.

Okay, so he wasn’t the most normal Dad but everyone needs some sort of outlet right? His just wasn’t painting or writing or talking about it. His was dropping acid. Big deal, even his wife knew about it and when the kids were younger…they use to do it together. That was before she became too uptight. Closing the bedroom door with his foot he laid back and peeled off a spot. Placing the thin paper to his arm, he relaxed and breathed deeply as it dissolved. Closing his eyes as his world began to melt, he smiled.


Laurel was being pressed up against the door by Adam as he lifted her leg and kissed her mouth. No cars in the front yard, Laurel could care less who saw. Finally after a few moments of their passion she got the door open and threw her books down. Giggling and laughing she saw that her dad’s favorite coffee mug was sitting near his Lazy boy as well as the cordless. She thought that was a little odd, her father being a neat freak and all…but whatever.

“Upstairs!” Adam whispered powerfully.

He picked her up off of her small feet before she could answer and Laurel kicked off her sandals.

“You have to be out of grandbetting yeni giriş here by 2:30 Casanova!”

“I know, ” he replied, “it won’t take me that long”.

Rushing up the steps, Adam twisted and turned towards Laurel’s room and pushed the door open by kicking it. Laurel was kissing his neck and he threw her on the bed. Laying on top of her, Adam kissed her face and the process of their making love began. Tearing off their clothes fastly, and throwing them every which way, Laurel continued her child-like laughing; watched and teased Adam in a sing song voice. Finally naked, Adam took a breath and slid his manly hand onto her naked little tit. His right hand on her breast, his left resting against the outside of her pussy he could feel her start to get wet.

“God you’re gettin’ wet, aren’t you baby?” the young boy purred.

“You know it…you know it…fuck me Adam just fuck me.” Laurel was horny…horny flat out.

Lining up without assistance this time, he slid his long cock into the girl. She yelped and dug her nails into his back as her white teeth bit her lower lip. Adam groaned and held it in Laurel for a few moments. He lurched up and down, humping her pussy in a way. She was on the pill, so they didn’t have to use a rubber this time. Fucking her harder and harder, Laurel moaned louder and louder. Adam started calling dirty things out to her, asking her if she liked it when daddy fucked her. Laurel responded by screaming I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME DADDY! The passion was well over TOO HOT and Laurel was loving every minute of it.


Danny, still zonked out on the floor was laughing hysterically as his trip began. The room was spinning in slow motion and the white paint on his walls was starting to turn into little white particles floating in free space. That’s when he heard it:


Danny thought for a moment and smiled, lifting his hips up in the air and unleashing his cock from his pants. Hearing a young girl moaning in his head, he started to visualize none other than Laurel riding his cock with her head thrown back.

“MMM fuck daddy’s cock” Danny whispered to the invisible vision.

Wrapping his hand roughly around his cock he started to jerk off viciously. That was when he passed out…guess he dropped a little too much that time.


Adam was yelling he was ready to cum in his little girl’s snatch. Exploding inside the young girl, he shook and fell on Laurel. Already having her thin body racked by an orgasm, Laurel was breathing hard on Ad’s neck. After laying around for a bit, Laurel glanced at the clock. It was growing late, and she had to clean herself up before 4, when Daddy got home.

“Ad, its almost 2:15 you better go.” Rolling off of his girlfriend, he smiled and said

“I know.” Laurel watched as he got dressed; the muscles in his grandbetting güvenilirmi sexy body moved with him. He looked so graceful. As Adam slid on his shirt, and slipped on his shoes, he crawled atop his naked girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hate ya laurel…” and Adam stood up to walk away.

“Despise ya Ad…” and she sat up to wink at him as he took himself out of the house.

Relaxing in her bed for a few moments she got up and slipped on a tee shirt that only went a half inch past her naked ass cheeks. Walking towards her parent’s bedroom to find her Mom’s ciggarettes, she smiled totally content with her life. Extending her arm and putting her petal soft hand on the door she swung it open. Then she screamed.


Her father was passed out on the floor of her parents bedroom, his arms above his head, a small box full of paper near his lap and …ugh…his penis hanging limply out of his pants.

“What the hell?” she muttered to herself. Out of instinct, she yanked her shirt down. Knealing down and touching her father’s face…she said rather loudly:

“Daddy…are you okay…daddy!”

Danny’s eyes were closed but then opened slowly. Adjusting his eyes to this beautiful being in front of him he leaned up and grabbed the girl’s face.

“Daddy…what…what are you doing?” Laurel was growing nervous.

Danny placed his mouth on her and Laurel began to yell. Hitting him in the stomach she was outraged and fell on her back. Danny glanced down and got an awesome view of this girl’s pretty pink pussy.

“Daddy, it’s Laurel your daughter!!” She was trying to say anything to get him to stop staring at her nakedness.

“I know.” Danny said, and that was when it hit her. She knew that her father knew all along. He wanted this to happen. Standing up he grabbed her arms and laid her on the bed just like Adam had done only moments before.

“Dad…stop…what the hell? Are you high?” Laurel looked up her father’s blotchy face. He was still handsome, even though he was high as a kite…but what the hell? He couldn’t fuck her. Pulling her feet apart, Danny rubbed himself against his little girl, and his cock grew hard. That was all he needed, wasting no time he threw himself into Laurel and grunted. Fucking her cunt, his dick sawed in and out of Laurel. Moaning loudly as she squirmed beneath him he fucked her pussy harder and harder. She couldn’t deny the feeling, Laurel was wet. Leaning back, he grabbed at her tits and lifted her little body up with his. Swinging her upper body in a full circle, it was as if he was fucking a rag doll.

Laurel, as sick as it was, loved it. His cock was short and fat unlike Adam’s and it felt just as good if better. Fucking him back she moaned she was ready to cum. Her warm liquid splashed all over her father’s dick and that set Danny off.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DANIEL!!!” His little girl moaned.

Danny burst inside of her, his cum shooting straight up into her. They writhed and jumped and arched their bodies together. And then in a dramatic fall, collapsed into the bed. Wrapping his legs around his daughter Danny whispered…

“Laurel…want to take a trip?”

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