A Dominant Man


Looking back he should have known from their first date. The way she ignored his attempts to bait her for information, the way her eerie gray eyes stared him down when she choose to look at him, but especially when he went to get the check. She had reached for her purse and he had reached across the table as if to stop her, saying “no, let me”. She had stopped and stared at him for a moment, thinking about it; causing him to pause and hold his breath, as if waiting for her permission. She looked him in the eyes, smiled and said “ok, thank you”. At the time it seemed like nothing more than an awkward moment, but thinking back on it that was his first sign she was Dominant. The way she made him feel like he needed her permission to pay the check, it was infuriating now, but at the time it had been so subtle he hadn’t noticed.

Even asking her to dinner he realized, he had been asking her permission. She had always been in control. Always making the decisions and he couldn’t stop kicking himself for it. He was a man damnit! Not just any man, a Dominant man. He took control, he TOOK women on dates and then he TOOK what he wanted from them in bed. Not her though, he craved her and she had no interest in submitting to him at all.

It had started off so innocently. He saw her in a grocery store, tall, slender, elegant and very different from the usual bleach blonde type of pretty. She had dark brown hair, pixie cut, high cheekbones, very pale white skin and gray eyes. She sinop escort looked sweet and severe at the same time. When she smiled though, you would have thought she was submissive. She was quiet, almost mousy. With her button up shirt, flats and skinny jeans she looked very young and kind of adorable. It was a different story when you spoke to her, she was intelligent, almost scary smart and very well spoken. She had a thoughtful, old world quality that made you think of ancient kings and queens, or vampires. It made her a bit intimidating. It made him want to own her.

He was intrigued and had hoped to find out more about her at dinner, but she had revealed very little. She spoke about her job and volunteer work, and while she was obviously successful he could tell it was all small talk. She had more interesting secrets that she was hiding behind those clear, gray eyes.

She had insisted on a casual place and dressed so simply – a long black dress, sleeveless. The kind that would look like a towel on the hanger but on her the simplicity highlighted her curves, especially her hips and voluptuous ass. It was sexy and made him wonder if she knew how much it turned men on. Judging by the smirk he saw on her face when she caught him looking he was guessing she did. All through dinner he had fantasized about ripping the flimsy fabric off her, hurting her, forcing her to kneel and making her satisfy the needs she had created with her teasing.

After she sivas escort had **allowed** him to pay the bill he took her home. Now he was going to make him move on his little tease. He pressed her to the wall to kiss her, pinning her arms and body and she didn’t resist. In fact, she didn’t seem shocked or timid either. She kissed him back and it turned him on. When he finally let her go he had wanted to come in and take her to bed, but she had stopped him, making him stand there, silent and helplessly waiting while she decided. She told him goodnight and sent him on his way though, and it took everything he had not to grab her and take her against the wall, in her doorway, by force.

As the week went on he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and the more he text messaged her the more she teased him. He now realized she knew exactly what she was doing and it made him want to punish her for it even more. It tormented him to think he couldn’t take what he wanted from her until she relented and gave him her submission.

She was very candid and honest, and nothing seemed to shock her, so when their conversations took on a more sexual tone he contemplated telling her about his BDSM lifestyle. Generally he didn’t go full on kink with vanilla women. He got aggressive and would force them to their knees to suck his cock and pin them down in bed, but he never beat them or insisted they call him Master. She was different though. He **needed** to own her completely. tekirdağ escort

He asked her if she was into anything kinky to get the conversation rolling – and she said “yes” much to his surprise. She didn’t elaborate and he didn’t ask, his biggest mistake. It tormented him that he hadn’t asked before he barreled into asking her if she had ever heard of a particular fetish community and telling her that he was listed there as a Dominant. He was so excited, and it had all soured so quickly when she laughed at him. She told him she was involved in the community too – and she was never submissive. The way she pronounce “never” he could tell it was non-negotiable. The despair he felt as his heart sank made him almost want to cry.

It was quickly filled by a burning in his cheeks as he realized now why he had been so uncomfortable getting the check and standing in her doorway. She was dominating HIM! This whole time! He had been making an ass of himself pandering to a Dominant woman! As he realized this he contemplated his options. Should he try to be submissive? He never really had before, and she was hot. Not likely. He wanted to own her, but she wasn’t going to submit to him. That much was clear. He needed a plan, an option. He was desperate.

He looked her up online and it only further increased his despair – she was not only Dominant but practically professional judging by her profile pictures. He realized the only way he would have her was if he was the bull in one of her cuckhold scenarios. He normally hated other men being anywhere near his naked body, but just the hope that it might be a way to get his hands on her naked body and perky little breasts made him get hard, and determined all over again…