A Drive Home!

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As I’m writing this story, I can’t help to think about it over and over again…. considering it did happen last night.


My cousin was a majorette for her high school, and had a game and wanted her dad to desperately come. I was chilling with my uncle for the day, and we were just talking about how college was going, and how I changed my major like three times, and whatnot.

Well, it was time to go to my cousin’s game and watch her perform. We went our separate ways. He talked to some of his old high school buddies, and I saw some of mine, and started talking to ’em. The game was over! My cousin was going to her grandmother’s for the weekend. I was going to go home with my uncle, I mean, I haven’t spent any time with him at all, and he was like my second dad, in fact, he was more like MY dad. Well, my cousin had to go to her grandmothers, so my uncle gave her her farewells. She left, and we did as well.

On our way home from the game, my uncle and I began to talk about everything (It was a 45 minute drive, so there was some talking), he told me how his marriage kartal escort was slowly starting to become nothing, and I told him how my girlfriend recently broke up with me.

He told me that my aunt and him haven’t been getting along he said, “we fight more than we fuck”, bluntly to say. I was shocked that I was having this conversation with my uncle!

So I asked him, “What do you do when you’re not getting anything?”

Shocked of what I asked, he replied, “Well, I don’t know. I try my best to stay sane – but you’re aunt doesn’t help at all”

I was thinking to my self – why would my aunt not want my uncle? He’s in great shape for his body! His face was welcoming, he had a swagger to him that no one really could understand, but I knew it was merely confidence. His face was shaved, but small bits of hair on his chin, 6’1″, 170lbs, and a patch of brisk, brown hair in between his small nipples with a golden brown happy trail that extended from the end of his pecks down to the beginning of his dick.

I stammered to ask, “Well, uhhh…would you be uncomfortable bostancı escort if I asked to help you out?”

Nervously petrified, my uncle began to conjure something to say, but the pause was nail-biting, I couldn’t take it anymore. And I began to feel for his cock!

I looked up to him, he was till driving…his face was already in ecstasy, and you could tell he had not been getting any in a few months! So I guess he got my hint, we went to an old, abandoned road, parked the car, and turned the lights off. I was feeling around, going inch by inch up toward his navel, taking off the button up shirt that exuded with a perfect, manly scent of his cologne! His nipples were erect, and I was hoping I could get his cock that way as well. I licked my way up to his well-shaved neck — but suddenly, I had to pause!

I thought to myself “please don’t stop – please, let’s not go home” but he deterred my mind from my controlling thoughts; he took his pants off for me and following with his fruit of the loom underwear that did not conceal his dick at all.

I was happy. I maltepe escort continued with my circular motions with my tongue…moving down from his neck, getting towards his nipples, thrusting my tongue through my lips, trying to cover my uncle’s entire area of his chest…my tongue must have been exhausted from the labor I made it endure.

I got to my uncle’s dick. Abruptly, I felt his hand caress the back of my neck, and gently moved my mouth over his dick, he wasn’t forcing anything of this. I was moving up and down on my uncle’s dick, with passion and love, this thing must have been 8 to 9 inches, but I wanted my uncle to remember this orgasm. I took the entire dick in my mouth with no questions to ask. I began to suck like the girls that I repeatedly watched from the porn videos. My uncle was in ecstasy. I could tell from the soft noises that came from his mouth, as he was almost trying to hide the fact that his nephew was getting him off. I went down for the fourth time…and my uncle got a call.

My uncle was petrified, he scavenged around to locate his cell phone, and it was my aunt, unfortunately for the both of us, asking him if he was okay! Suddenly, they ended the conversation!

My uncle whispered, “Son, we got to get home, we’ll definitely have to do this another time!”

I was disappointed, then when I noticed him lean over and avidly and passionately make out with me.

I replied, “God, most definitely!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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