A Family Affair

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Louise and I watched the man from the time he entered the restaurant. She was not a virgin and neither, of course, was I. Freddie said he would not marry a virgin, and I really thought I wanted to get married more than anything.

That was before Jay. He was about six feet tall, sandy brown hair, with just the touch of a moustache and goatee. As he got closer and removed his sunglasses, I saw his blue, blue eyes. His white polo shirt was stretched across an expanse of chest, with just the slightest bit of hair showing at the open neck. His arms and legs were very brown from lots of outdoor play.

Louise opened the next two buttons of her blouse to expose more tittie, and we argued about which of us would take him first, when he walked toward our table and sat down next to us. She tossed a coin in the air and I whispered, “heads!”

Lincoln showed his copper face on the white tablecloth. Louise kicked me in the shins and said, “You have to share. You have to.”

I nodded.

It took very little time for him to start a conversation. He did notice Louise and her titties, but he kept looking into my eyes as he spoke, and my cunt was wetter than wet. I hoped his cock was swollen.

We discovered that we had rooms in the hotel right next to each other.

“Oh,” said Louise. So that’s where the adjoining door goes – to your room. How fortuitous…”

Jay and I spent the day on the beach in the water, his betist giriş wedding band glistening in the sun. Louise spent the day sunbathing by the pool. He was a wonderful kisser, and kept his arms around me. I did not realize it at the time, but he paved the way for me to want only married men — and for that I am eternally grateful.

The three of us had dinner together, sharing idle chit-chat. Jay pretended he was just a really nice guy, not interested in fucking, or pulling down my panties and playing with my cunt, yet while I sat across from him at the table (not right next to him, like Louise), his toe was parked between my thighs, keeping me stimulated. He was very cordial to both of us. We returned to our separate rooms for the night, and Louise was adamant. We were not only sisters, we were best friends, and we shared everything. “Give him the drops!” she said.

“I know. I know. I promise. Just let me have him to myself for a little while. If I can tell he can go the distance, I’ll make sure he drinks the water. I’ll open the door when he’s asleep.”

I put on my prettiest sheer nightie with no panties, and tried the adjoining door. Yes! He had unlocked it from the other side. Jay was an incredible lover. Nothing at all like Freddie, who now, in retrospect, was dull and flat; demanding. Five-minute Freddie was no match for …whew…Jay. When Jay buried his face in my cunt, my engagement was totally betist yeni giriş off.

I remember telling him I was afraid of getting pregnant, but what did I know. He told me I was safe. Ha. Safe? Jay had no idea just how fertile I was. All I wanted to do was fuck him. My only experience with Freddie was that fucking was the ultimate sex.

Jay taught me how to play in bed. He pulled at my clit with his fingers, softly, gently…and sucked it, too, moving his tongue all around, slowly, until I felt my thighs clamp around his head in uncontrollable spasms. He made me feel like a woman. And then he fucked my cunt from behind, holding on to my ass, for the wildest ride of my life.

Yep, Freddie was history.

I got out of bed to clean myself in his bathroom, and came back to him with the glass of water for Louise.

Jay drank it right now and was asleep in a matter of minutes, but not before he kissed me goodnight. I knew it would be the last time I saw him in a conscious state.

I opened the adjoining bedroom door, and Louise trotted in, totally naked, carrying her Polaroid.

“Oh…Darlene! He must be incredible! Look at you! You’re glowing. I want him now,” she whispered.

“I don’t think you’re going to get anything out of him for awhile, Sweetie. He’s just run a marathon with me.”

“No? Watch this, Girl.” She loved to suck cock more than she loved to fuck. I thought it betist güvenilirmi was a phase.

Oh, Louise was very, very good. She kissed his mouth first, and ran her tongue over his lips. Jay never stirred, even when she giggled.

I moved back to the bed. I wanted to play, too.

“Suck with me,” she said. “He’s yummy.”

I put my mouth on the head of his cock, licking and sucking, while she feather-stroked his balls. He was hard in a very short time. I tasted more pre-cum at the head. He tasted wonderful. I had never sucked Freddie. This was a first.

“Lay in his arms, Darlene, and I’ll shoot a photo of the two of you!”

I snuggled up against Jay and wrapped his arm around me, pulling his head toward my neck as though he was snuggling. I threw my leg over his thigh, resting against his erection.

“Now, take one of me, Sweetie!” Darlene mounted his cock and began to fuck. “Ohhhhhhh, my god! Ohhh, my god!” Darlene moaned. I took a shot of her from behind, her little cunt wrapped around his beautiful cock, her ass in the air…and then he came inside her. It was a wonderful show, with just the moonlight filtering in through the window.

We cleaned him up, and took turns sucking him for the next hour. He really was wonderful, even asleep.

We were packed and out of the motel by five the next morning.

We both delivered on the same day nine months later. Louise was too free of a spirit to keep her daughter, and I was too young to keep both. I wish I knew where my niece is today. My son, Jeffery Jameson (“JJ”) is the proud father of twin boys, and a very good husband.

I still fuck only married men. I prefer it that way. They spoil me rotten.

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