A Family Controlled

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God how did I get so lucky one might ask. Here I am standing in the kitchen looking down in to one of the most beautiful set of green eyes I’ve ever seen. Whose eyes and why am I looking down in to them? I’ll start off by saying her name is Beth, she’s 26 and my dads younger sister.

My name is Johnathon but everyone calls me Johnny, I’m 19 about 6’2 and 210 lbs. I’m in my senior year of school, I play football of course everyone here in Texas does. I’m not a star but I’m good enough to be a three year starter.

It all started about a year ago the day of my dad’s funeral. My dad died of cancer after a lengthy battle of ups and downs. When he passed he was 36 a shell of the man he once was.

My aunt Beth and uncle Charles moved in with us shortly after my dad was diagnosed, so my aunt Beth could help my mom look after me and my sister Susan {Suzzy} now 18 and a senior too. We never had much money but never had to want for anything as dad always provided for us. My dad was a supervisor at the locale wire works plant. My uncle Charles worked there as well as his assistant supervisor. That’s how he meet my aunt Beth.

A couple of months after they moved in I started to notice Charles would walk around the house acting like he owned it. I’d catch him watching my mom out of the corner of my eye as he mumbled “one day, one day.” I didn’t know what he meant but would soon find out.

On the day of the funeral after many of the friends had left, I was kind of in a daze. I walked up the stairs to the restroom that I shared with my aunt and uncle. That’s when I heard the sound of flesh being struck hard as I entered my room. This quickly got my attention. I slowly entered the bathroom that separated the two rooms. I began to hear my uncle Charles speak in low tones.

“God damn it Beth I’m the one in fucking charge around here now that that piece of ataşehir escort shit brother of yours has finally died.”

My first thought was WHAT THE FUCK? You sorry bastard. I listened on to him rant.

“If you don’t start fucking put out. I’m going to look somewhere else, and Marie sure is a fine piece of ass.”

Hold on my moms name was Marie was he talking about my mom?

“Yeah maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do, she hasn’t had any dick in probably more than a year. Your brother being the pathetic man he was. Sure as hell wasn’t giving her any, I bet she’s horny as fuck.” he spat

Now I know what your thinking, I should have ran in there and kicked his ass. Only one problem unfortunately I was only 18 and about 185 lbs. Charles on the other hand was a big man standing 6’5 and weighing at least 265 and pure muscle. I had to go about this differently. So to the noises of my aunt unwillingly and sloppily sucking Charles of while he mumbled how much he was going to love fucking my mom, I slowly left the bathroom and went back downstairs to be with my family.

About 30 minutes later Beth and Charles came down the stairs. Beth leading the way head hung low and a noticeable split in her lip, where Charles must have slapped her. MY mom was sitting on the couch holding Suzzy in her arms as she tried to hold back the tears. I was sitting in my fathers recliner surfing the channel guide.

When Charles yelled out “I’m headed to the bar for a couple beers, I’m tired of looking at your pitiful faces.”

Then looked at me and said “You best be out of my chair when I get back boy.”

My mother looked up in shock and Beth gasped and began to cry as he slammed the door on his way out.

It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I decided to take action on Charles. It was the Saturday after ümraniye escort my first game, I came home about an hour earlier than I normally would from our film session. After blowing out our cross town rivals there really wasn’t much to watch. As I entered the house I heard yelling and Beth pleading for Charles to stop. I knew Suzzy my little sister was at a friends house. She had stayed there after the game. So that left only mom, Beth, and Charles at home. I snuck up the stairs and was surprised where the yelling was coming from, it wasn’t Beth’s room it was moms. As I got closer I began to hear a woman’s moans, they where a mix of pain and unwanted pleasure. I slowly peaked around the corner to see what was happening. There on the bed was my mom tears in her eyes as Charles lay on top of her ass fucking her. Beth was kneeling on the floor a black eye starting to appear on her left eye and a split lip. Charles was thrusting like a mad man calling mom all kinds of names.

“Yeah I always knew you where a whore who liked to be fucked.” Charles yelled as he plunged in to my mothers wet vagina.

It was then that I noticed how distorted her vagina was from his huge cock.

My mother looked at my aunt and through gritted teeth said “It’s ok Beth let him have his way he’ll be finished soon.”

Smack came my his hand across my mothers face, as he grabber her long brown hair and making her arch her back. He pulled hard and picked up speed as she yelped in pain, then groaned as he unloaded his semen into her. I would find out later that that was the day my 36 year old mother became pregnant with her third child.

I watched stunned unable to move not noticing my own erection as he softened and slipped out of her now stretched and cum filled pussy. Not only was Charles a big man but he was hung like kadıköy escort a horse. I was filled with rage and wanted to walk in there and kill the bastard. Luckily for me they where facing away from me, I don’t think my feet would have moved if I wanted them too. It was Beth that broke me out of my trance when she gasped in shock. When I looked up our eyes meet and I could see her hand covering her mouth, her eyes big with shock.

My mother slithered off the bed her ass sticking up as she went, cum running down her legs. She gathered Beth in her arms and held her whispering in her ear that everything would be ok.

“Shut up you fucking cunt.” Charles snarled.

“If you could fuck worth a damn maybe I wouldn’t be fucking Marie.” he bellowed.

Laughingly he said “yeah right.”

I turned quickly on my heels and went down the stairs out the front door almost tackling Suzzy in my rush.

Damn it Johnny watch where your fucking going!” she shrieked.

Instinctively I covered her mouth with my hand spun her around telling her to come with me, we needed to talk. Over the next couple hours I explained to her what I had seen. She cried while I strangely stayed calm. It was at that moment that I decided I was going to take everything from him. I was going to make his life a living hell before I broke him permanently.

I told Suzzy not to say anything to let me deal with it and that I’d make everything alright. Suzzy didn’t leave my side that evening it was like we were little kids all over again. She even slept in my be with me that night, I awoke many times that night spooning her. My dick hard poking her in her firm ass.

The last time I woke it was early morning so I slipped out from beside her and walked to the bathroom. It was then that I realized what I meant by taking everything from him, it was Beth and my own mother I was going to take and anything else I could. Before realizing it I was stroking my hard dick to the thought of having mom bent over with my own cum dripping from between her legs, and to the thought of Beth’s womanly lips wrapped around my dick sloppily sucking it. As I filled her mouth, I shot my load all over the sink moaning her name.

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