A Family Ritual


I knew John Branagan was wealthy but I did not realise just how wealthy until the afternoon we drove up the long drive to his parent’s house. A couple of days earlier John had asked me to marry him and I had jumped at the chance. Now we were here to visit his parents.

We pulled up in front of the large house and as John turned off the engine, he turned to me and smiled. “I hope you are ready for this,” he said.

I nodded. “I’m looking forward to it.”

He took my hand, and he looked serious. “Laura,” he said slowly, “whatever happens tonight, I want you to remember that I love you.”

I looked at him a little puzzled. “What’s likely to happen? I’ve only come to visit your parents.”

He smiled and nodded. “Yes, I know,” he said “but just remember, I do love you very much.”

He led me up the steps and opened the large door. I stepped into a spacious hallway. An attractive woman wearing a pretty flowered summery dress was walking down a wide stairway. She smiled. “Why, John,” she said, her face lighting up in a smile, “is this the pretty Laura you have told us so much about?” She took my hand and pressed it gently. “I am very pleased to meet you at last. John never stops talking about you. By the way, my name is Naomi” She took my arm. “Come with me, my darling. We must get to know each other.” Then she turned to John. “Your dad and Gramps are in the library. I am going to take this lovely young thing and get to know her better.” John smiled at me as his mother led me away.

Naomi took me through the house and out into the large garden. We sat on comfortable loungers on the patio sipping long cool drinks and chatting like any mother meeting her son’s intended. She wanted to know all about me.

I enjoyed the time I spent with her. She was interested in what I had to say, and wanted to know about my work and my family. She told me stories about John and I could tell that she loved her son very much. Our little talk was ended when a maid came out and told us that the evening meal was about to be served. Naomi smiled. “We have just time to freshen up before we go in to eat.”

She led the way to a beautifully appointed bathroom. We washed and freshened ourselves up before joining the others in the dining room. John introduced me to his farther, Gregory, and his grandfather, Owen. Owen smiled and extended a hand towards me. I took it. It was the hand of an old man, the skin almost transparent, but his grip was firm. He looked me up and down. “You are most beautiful,” he said. “I am very much looking forward to later.” I looked at him not really understanding. I turned and looked in John’s direction. He just shrugged.

The meal was wonderful and the conversation interesting. The wine flowed and my glass never seemed to be empty. I have to admit that by the end of the meal, I was beginning to feel a little light headed. I also noticed the interest I was getting from both Gregory and Owen.

Whenever I glanced in their direction, I caught them looking at me. It was a little unnerving, but I shrugged it off as initial curiosity The maid came in and spoke to Naomi. She smiled and nodded. “Coffee and brandy will be served in the lounge,” she said. We rose from the table and I had to hold on to John’s arm as I was beginning to feel a little unsteady on my feet.

The lounge, like the rest of the house, was big and spacious. A log fire had been lit in the large grate making the room cheerful in the dusk of the early evening. We all sat and talked more. I was feeling warm and relaxed as I sipped on the brandy. I couldn’t believe I had met someone as wonderful as John and now I had met his family. Things, it seemed, couldn’t be better.

Naomi placed her empty brandy glass on the table and announced that she had some work to attend too. “I’m sure you three are very capable of entertaining our guest,” she said as she stood up. She leaned over and took my hand. “It’s been lovely meeting you, Laura, and I hope we can chat some more later.” With that, she smiled at the others and left the room.

Once she had gone, I’m not sure what it was, but I distinctly felt a change in the atmosphere in the room. I felt a slight shiver run up my back. I shrugged it off and turned to John. “Naomi is so nice, and I really feel at home with her. She has made me feel so welcome.” John smiled and squeezed my hand.

I suddenly heard Owen cough lightly. I turned in his direction. He smiled. “I know John has not said anything to you, Laura, but we have a family ritual that takes place here with all the proposed brides. It’s a ritual that’s been going on for generations. It dates back to the earliest times.” I looked at him puzzled. “Our families back then were always Chieftains or leaders and as such, the elders had to ensure that whoever married into the family was able and committed to securing the family line, and capable of producing good strong children, and lots of them.” He looked over at the other two.

I could see that John had become a little nervous and was still holding tightly on to my hand. Gregory diyarbakır escort was leaning back in his armchair looking at me, a slight smile on his face. Owen smiled at me and continued. “Over the years, this ritual as been passed down through generations of the family and, although it does not have the same meaning today, it has become a family tradition. Before the elder son of the family marries, the bride is subjected to the ritual where the elders of the family deem if she is a suitable addition to the family.”

I looked at John, not really understanding what all this was about. Owen and Gregory stood up. “We are going to prepare ourselves,” Gregory said quietly. “I am sure you will not let us down. John will now instruct you on what is required.” Then with a nod at his son, they turned and left.

The effects of the wine I had drunk earlier seemed to be wearing off, but I was still not seeing things too clearly. I turned to John. “What is going on?”

He looked at me. I could see he was nervous. “I need you to trust me with this one,” he said. “I know it is going to be a lot to ask of you, but if you really love me and want to be my wife, you will do as I ask.”

I smiled at him. “You know I will do anything for you,” I said, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

He leant over and poured out two more large measures of brandy. “I think you are going to need this,” he said as he went on to explain about the ritual.

I listened to what he had to say, at first with interest, and then with horror and incredulity. I pulled away from him. “You can’t be serious,” I said, as he finished. “No way, I won’t do it.”

He slumped on the sofa looking down hearted, but I was adamant. There was no way that I was going to do what he asked, family ritual or no family ritual. I looked at him. I loved this guy and it hurt me to see him this way. I took his hand. “Is there no way around this?”

He shook his head. “No, if the ritual is not completed, I won’t be allowed to marry.”

“Can’t we just run away and marry?” I asked.

He shook his head. “If I do that, I will be disinherited and cast out from the family.

However much we love each other, neither of us could afford to lose all this,” he said as he looked around.

I looked at him again, my mind in a whirl. Could I possibly do what he asked? Could I go through with the ritual for the sake of John and for the sake of our marriage? As John had explained, it was only a one time occurrence and really, I was not a prude. Even so, what he was asking of me was something I would never have contemplated doing. John and I had experienced a wonderful and exciting sex life since we met. John had turned out to be a wonderful and entertaining lover and I had shown him, to his pleasure, that I was truly uninhibited about sex.

I took his hand and squeezed it. “If it means so much to you, I will do it,” I said.

His face lit up for a moment. “Are you sure?” he asked. I nodded, and he pulled me to him and held me in his arms. “You don’t know what this means to me,” he said. “I was so frightened of losing you.” I held him tightly. Then he pulled away from me, got up, and went over to a cabinet. He opened it and took out a bottle of champagne. As he opened it and poured out two large glasses, he explained that it was to celebrate our forthcoming marriage and to help me through the next few hours. I smiled as I drank the cool golden liquid.

With all the excitement and the drink I had already consumed, the champagne soon began to make me feel relaxed again. John picked up the bottle and asked me to follow him. With a slight feeling of nervousness, I followed him out of the room. He led me upstairs and opened a door into a bedroom. On the large bed, two richly embroidered robes were laid out. “They are the ritual robes,” he said. Suddenly, on seeing the robes, I had a twinge of excitement. Maybe it was not going to be so bad after all.

“We both have to undress now and put these on,” he said. He began to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt. I followed suit, unzipping my dress and pulling it up over my head. When I dropped the dress on the bed, I saw John looking at me.

He smiled. “I will never tire of watching you reveal the exciting pleasures of your body,” he said. I smiled as I reached around and unclipped my bra. It dropped away and I cupped my breasts in my hands. Already my nipples were hard and slightly extended. John came over and pulled my hands away and then he bent and kissed each nipple. I shivered and let out a slight groan.

As it had been a warm day. I had worn very little under my dress, just a bra and a brief thong. John held me at arm’s length and looked at my body. “Oh, my god,” he said. “I want you here and now.”

I smiled at him. “I feel the same, my darling, but shouldn’t we wait a while?”

He nodded. “I know, I know.” He began quickly stripping off the rest of his clothes. Naked, he had a good strong body with a firm hard chest, a slim waist, athlete’s thighs and legs, and my pride edirne escort and joy– an already semi hard cock beginning to protrude from its nest of dark tight curls around the heavy sack of his balls.

I shivered with excitement, remembering in detail the pleasures that he had given me over the last few months. He stood watching me as I eased down my brief thong and revealed the intimate detail of my pussy, carefully shaved with just a slight strip of blond hair accentuating the shaded cleft.

He took me in his arms and pressed his hard body against mine. “Thank you, my darling,” he said. “After this, we will be together always.” I kissed him tenderly.

We parted and he handed me my robe. It felt heavy on my shoulders. He tied the cord around my neck and then slipped into his. He smiled at me. “Ready?” he asked.

I nodded. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

He took my hand and led me from the room. It felt strange and exciting being naked under the heavy robe. I felt it part slightly as we descended the broad staircase. I made a move to adjust it but John stopped me. “You must not touch the robe,” he said. “Just allow it to flow with your body.” I smiled at him and moved my hand away.

Down the wide hallway he stopped before a large door, and knocked twice. A voice from inside bade him enter. He pushed open the door and we stepped into a darkened room lit only by candles. As my eyes became accustomed to the dim light, I could see the two figures of Owen and Gregory seated on large chairs set up on a platform at the far end. Before them, there was a large, slightly raised bed, with no bedclothes, just a plain white mattress. I now felt myself shivering with nervousness and excitement. That was the place where it was all about to happen.

John led me around the bed to stand in front of Owen and Gregory. There was now no sign of recognition on their faces. They were both wearing robes similar to ours but much richer. The one Owen was wearing was deep purple and richly adorned with jewels. Gregory was in a similar robe, only his was red.

John knelt before Owen. “I have brought my proposed bride for your inspection and consideration, Master,” he said in a loud voice.

Owen nodded solemnly and looked in my direction. “You my proceed, my son,” he said.

John got up from his knees and came towards me. He smiled and mouthed, “I love you,” as he moved behind me. Then he reached around and pulled on the tie that fastened the robe around my neck. As it came loose, I felt the weight of the robe lifted off my shoulders and then it was drawn away.

I balled my hands up gripping my fingers tightly together and I felt a shiver of excitement as I was now displayed totally naked before the two elder members of John’s family. I was left standing there for several minutes while the two of them took in every detail of my exposed body.

Then Owen rose to his feet and came towards me. He stood in front of me, and I felt very conscious of my nakedness. “You have an excellent body, young lady. You look very fit.

He slowly walked around me. I bit my lip and almost jumped out of my skin when I felt his hand gently caress the firm curves of my bottom. “Very nice,” I heard him say. He came back and stood in front of me again. He looked over at John standing close by “Present her,” he said.

John took me by the arm and led me towards the bed. “Lie down on your back, arms by your side, legs slightly apart,” he whispered in my ear. I climbed up onto the bed and positioned myself in the way I had been instructed. John moved away to the side of the bed as Owen moved in to stand at the foot of the bed looking down on me.

I realised that from his position at the foot of the bed and the way which I had been instructed to lie, every intimate detail of my body was now exposed to him. As he looked down at me, I felt a warm sensation deep between my thighs. I

couldn’t believe I was beginning to be turned on by all this; that I was beginning to actually enjoy the experience.

Owen then knelt at the side of the bed and starting at my ankle, he began to run his hand slowly up the length of my leg. I could feel my body tensing as his hand traveled past my knee and up along the firm flesh of my upper thigh. I tensed myself as I imagined where his hand was heading, but his fingers trailed along my inner thigh before moving out and around my pussy mound. He then ran the flat of his hand over the firm flatness of my stomach, pressing gently.

Then his other hand moved in and cupped my breast, squeezing it gently for a moment. “Fine, fine,” he murmured before moving to run his fingers over my erect nipples. I could not help but express a groan. As I did so, he rolled one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it painfully between them.

I then felt his other hand move down my stomach. I could feel it brushing over the small trimmed strip of my pubic hair. Oh, how I wanted to take hold of it and press it against my pussy. I had not long to wait, as to my joy and pleasure, elazığ escort his finger was now moving down between my pussy lips. I almost cried out as I felt his finger move easily through the wetness that was beginning to seep out.

For a moment he opened me up, probing one long finger into the warm wetness. Then he moved back up until he uncovered my clit. I cried out as his finger began to slowly rotate the hard nub. Now I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel something hard and long opening me up, sliding into the welcoming wet warmth of my love tunnel. I no longer cared that my future husband and lover was watching and his father, as well as his grandfather, was taking pleasure from his proposed bride’s naked body. Now I wanted fucking and I wanted fucking badly.

I was startled for a moment as my elderly lover moved away from me, but it was only for a moment to position himself between my open legs. I looked down at him kneeling there and stared as he spread his robe and exposed his own nakedness. Although he was well over three times my age, his body looked hard and strong, but what made my eyes widen was the size of his manhood. It stood out like a short pole from his loins. It was a good eight to nine inches in length and as thick as my wrist. Would my body accept such a weapon? Might it not tear me apart? I was soon to find out as he spread me open with his fingers before pressing the bulging head between my pussy lips and slowly easing himself into me. I cried out as my body accepted him, and the tightness of my pussy engulfed him in its warm embrace. He considerately allowed me to become used to the tightness before, slowly at first, he began to fuck me. I could not believe that my young body had actually accepted him, but it had and the pleasure of his penetrating rhythm soon had me begging him never to stop.

I was soon raising myself to meet his every stroke, and my body responded as orgasm after orgasm coursed through my body. I looked up into his face. It was twisted in desire with beads of perspiration running down from his brow and dripping onto my body. Suddenly, he almost whimpered as his whole body stiffened. I knew this was the moment, as with a gasp, he erupted into me. I cried out and gripped onto him, pulling him to me as I felt his warm juices gushing from my already well filled hole and running down between my thighs.

He collapsed onto me. I hungrily kissed his sweating face. “Thank you, thank you,” I whispered into his ear.

He smiled. “You were exceptional, my lovely Laura. I think you will make an interesting addition to our family.” Then he moved off me, his once proud cock shrinking and slipping out of my oozing pussy. I turned my head to look where John was standing watching us, and I was amused to see his cock protruding obscenely from the folds of his robe. I wondered if I would get the pleasure of it before the evening was over.

I was brought back to the present, feeling a hand on my leg. I looked down to see Gregory easing my legs apart. My God, I thought to myself, this really was going to be a family affair. Gregory shrugged off his robe and eased himself between my open legs. His already hard cock had no trouble in sliding into me. He rested there for a moment, reveling in the pleasure of my body. He took one of my nipples in his mouth a sucked on it, nipping it gently with his teeth until I cried out, and then he too began to pump into me with slow easy strokes, thrusting himself deep into the recesses of my pussy.

Gregory, too, soon had me demanding more and I clung on to him as soon he too emptied himself into me, his juices joining those of his father’s to fill me again to overflowing. I held him in my arms, allowing him to revive before he eased himself off me. He smiled and thanked me for the pleasure. I was almost a spent force. My thighs and body were aching from the weight of their bodies and my pussy was beginning to feel extremely tender.

But even so, when my lover and now future husband joined me on the bed, I needed little encouragement to allow him the pleasures of my body. At first he was a little concerned that he was one too many for me but I assured him that he was the icing on the cake. Even though my body was now aching, tender, and quite sore in parts, I gave myself to him totally, if only to show him just how much I really loved him. I glanced over to where Owen and Gregory were still sprawled in their chairs watching and this spurred me on to even greater efforts. When at last he came I almost fainted, the pleasure was so extreme. I believe I even heard the other two applauding our performance as we lay wrapped, gasping, in each others arms.

Afterwards, when we had recovered, John showed me to a bathroom and joined me in the shower as he helped me to wash myself, tenderly wiping my body with a soft sponge. I was not surprised to find my inner thighs quite reddened and sore.

John apologized to me for the ordeal that I had been put through. I smiled at him, kissed him tenderly, and assured him that for the most part it had been a pleasure. He told me that it had been hard for him to see his father and grandfather take me, but he knew that family traditions must be observed. He was pleased to tell me that I had passed the ritual with flying colors, and I now was a welcomed member of the family.