A Family Three-Way

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Harry and Casey are out for the night, having made plans with friends. Their mother Sandy stares into the deserted lounge room. She lets out a long sigh. Ever since her husband took the new job, she’s been finding herself more bored than ever. With his frequent business trips out of town, she has been left alone with the kids more often than having him around.

Usually she would occupy herself doing things with the kids on a night like tonight, but ever since Harry graduated and started college, and Casey moved schools to the new senior all-girls school, the two of them had increased social activity and were often out on Friday nights like this.

Flopping down on the couch with a sigh, Sandy picks up the remote and turns the TV on. A random movie is playing and the characters on screen are in the bedroom taking each other’s clothes off as they make out. Curious, Sandy stays on the channel to see how far the characters would get before the scene changed.

As she watches the characters slowly undress she is disappointed to see that the film was made in a way that cleverly only showed the females boobs. Still, she continued to watch feeling somewhat aroused as the guy tosses her onto the bed and climbs on top. With a pang of lust, Sandy realises it’s been awhile since her husband gave her any sort of pleasure in bed.

The scene goes on, the two characters making out and moaning to one another. As Sandy sits there, she finds herself rubbing her nipples through the thin material of her top; having decided not to put a bra on as she was the only one home.

Suddenly the scene of the movie changes. Not wanting to ruin the mood she was in, Sandy quickly turns the TV off again before returning her attention to her nipples. After a while she decides to remove her top, allowing her larger plump breasts free of the constricting material. Throwing the top on the ground she lays her head back and begins rubbing her breasts.

She lets out a soft moan as she feels arousal begin to spread over her body. Once her nipples are hard, she decides to go one step further and pulls off her pants and underwear so that she is completely naked on the couch.

Running her hands over her body she leans her head back and closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation of touch. She directs one hand to between her legs as the other returns to one of her nipples.

Rubbing the outside of her pussy she moans softly. Slowly she allows one finger to slip between the folds of her pussy lips and down to her entrance. Teasing herself she moans at her wetness and uses it to find her clit.

She circles her clit with her finger teasingly as she pinches her nipple, again letting out a moan of desire. Slowly, she starts to push one finger into her pussy. Beginning to finger herself, she slips a second finger in. All the while teasing her nipples.

Enjoying herself, Sandy doesn’t realise when her son Harry walks through the door.

“Mum?” Harry walks around the couch towards his mum and stops at the site before him, mouth gaping wide.

Sandra freezes and stares wide eyed at her son, fingers still in her pussy, the other hand still pinching her nipple.

“W… What are you doing?” he stammers, unable to draw his eyes away from the sight. He feels a twitch in his jeans.

Sandy finally recovers and pulling her fingers out of her pussy she pulls a cushion over, hugging it to her naked body.

“It’s called masturbation Harry,” she snaps at him, as her cheeks redden in embarrassment. “It’s what people do when they are horny and have no other way of releasing their sexual tension.”

“I … I know what masturbation is… but … why?” he asks looking up at her with wide eyes. “What about dad?”

“You’re father hasn’t exactly touched me in a while, with all the trips he’s been doing he doesn’t seem to have any time for me anymore,” she huffs, still clearly embarrassed. “What are you doing back so early? I thought you were out for the night.”

“Oh um…” he stutters. “Sam had things he needed to do so we called it a night after a few rounds of pool.” Harry looks at the ground not wanting to look his mum in the eye.

“Oh…” she responds.

“I’m sorry I came home too early.” Harry feels his cock twitch again sarıyer escort thinking about her naked body. His cheeks flush and he hopes he only looks embarrassed and not turned on. “I’ll um… give you some privacy.” He mutters as he starts to walk away.

“I’m sorry Harry…” Sandy says deflated. “I didn’t mean to snap… I’m just embarrassed. You weren’t supposed to see me like this…”

Harry stops but does not turn around.

“You know what mum?” he says in a strange voice.

“Hmm?” she asks.

“I never realised how hot you were… I mean I knew you were always beautiful, but now I can see why all the guys at school calls you a MILF … What I just saw … that was the hottest and most sexy thing I have ever seen…” Harry feels his cock twitch again and is glad he’s facing away from his mother.

“Really?” she asks in a small voice. “You think I’m sexy?”

Harry nods.

“You know…” she says in a strange voice.

Harry turns around at the odd note in his mother’s voice and as he watches, she stands, letting the cushion drop to reveal her slender naked body once more. Harry gulps, his cock twitching again. He stands frozen to the spot.

“Since your father isn’t here… You could always step up to the plate…” she suggests seductively.

Harry stands there frozen, his gaze flicking over his mum’s smoking hot body. He can’t respond.

Sandy walks over to her son and looks up at him. He is a good foot taller than her. She reaches up to place her hands over his well-defined pecs under his T-shirt. She admires the feel of his toned body and his dark hair and bright blue eyes. She leans closer her large boobs pressing against his chest. He takes a step back, she closes the distance again as she rubs her hands down his body.

“Just like your dad,” she murmurs.

“Mum…” he says in a strained voice… “We can’t… It’s wrong.”

Sandy continues to run her hands over her son’s body, one of them rubs over the bulge in his pants and he feels it twitch again at her touch, a small moan escapes his lips involuntarily.

“I can tell you want it Harry…” she says seductively as she rubs at his crotch through his jeans. This makes him moan again. “You want it… I want it…. what’s so wrong about it?” she asks. “No one has to know….”

“Fuck,” he says, knowing his resolve would not last much longer.

“Yes Harry,” his mum purrs at him. “I want you to fuck me… I want you to fuck me hard.”

And like that, Harry’s resolve is gone, he yanks his shirt over his head and throws it on the ground revealing his nicely toned body. He watches, his breathing getting ragged as he watches his mum rub her hands over his abs and chest. Her hands move down to his jeans and hooking her fingers through the belt loops, she tugs him towards the couch. He follows obediently.

Once there, she undoes his pants and slips them and his jocks down, letting them pool around his ankles, his large thick cock jumping to attention at its release.

“Mmmm” Sandy purrs. “You’re quite a bit larger than you father.”

Harry’s cock twitches again growing a little bit larger at the ego boost of being called ‘big.’ His mum pushes him onto the couch and he sits there gazing up at his naked mother as her boobs hang in front of his face.

Harry’s hands reach out to touch the lovely firm tits before him but has his hands slapped away. Taking the hint, he brings them back to his sides and looks up at his mother who is smiling down at him.

Slowly, she kneels in front of him, spreading his legs wider. He complies. Sandy slowly leans forward and holding his long thick cock in her hand she licks the tip. Harry moans softly watching as his mum licks him over and over. Finally she leans further forward and takes his big cock into her mouth, running her tongue over every part of him she can.

Harry moans loudly as his mother takes him in his mouth and starts to bob up and down on it. Slowly getting faster and faster.

The two of them are so lost in the moment that neither realises that the door opens once more as Casey walks in.

The moans reach Casey as soon as she walks through the door, looking esenyurt escort over at the couch she can see the top of Harry’s head as he moans at the ceiling eyes closed.

‘Oh God not again,’ she thinks to herself in disgust. She has caught her brother wanking off on the couch a few times now. ‘Guess I should remind the idiot that mum’s home tonight,’ she thinks.

“Geez, don’t you think you can do that in your own room?” she says, loud enough to be heard over her brothers moans. She starts walking towards the couch. “What would mum think if she came down stairs and caught you? Or did you forget she was home tonight?”

Casey finally moves around the corner of the couch and stares open mouthed at the scene before her. Sandy and her son freeze. Sandy looks wide eyed at her daughter, still with Harry’s cock in her mouth. Harry just looks embarrassed and ashamed.

“YOU!” Casey yells, looking at her brother. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!” she screeches pointing at their mother still kneeling there, a mouth full of cock.

“Case… uh … it wasn’t me I swear” Harry pleads. “It was mum… she came on to me!”

“Oh yeah? Likely story!” she scoffs. “I don’t know how you managed it but you should be ashamed of yourself. Your own mother!”

“Um… actually,” pipes up Sandy, having finally pulled herself together enough to pull her mouth off of her sons cock and sit up, facing her daughter. “He’s telling the truth… it was me,” she explains blushing furiously.

Casey stares at her mum, her cheeks going pink as she takes in her mum’s breasts front on. They wore the same bra size so they were much similar to her own.

“W.. What?” Casey manages as she drags her eyes from her mother’s boobs up to her face. “Why..?” she asks confused.

“Well… I was masturbating on the couch when your brother came home early and caught me… I was just so horny that I suggested maybe he could help me… since your father never has time to satisfy me anymore,” says Sandy in a rush.

“But… what? … he’s your son… It’s wrong… oh god I’m so confused.” Casey sinks to the ground covering her face in her hands.

Sandy crawls over to her daughter and hugs her close.

“Oh sweetie… I’m sorry. But you have to admit it, your brother is strikingly attractive. The dark hair, blue eyes, toned body… and his cock… wow it’s just amazing.”

Casey looks up at her brother, her eyes resting on his still erect cock. She gulps. Her mum was right. Harry was sexy, intensely so. There had been a few times where she had wondered what it would be like to have sex with him, she never thought about it seriously though. But now, seeing his cock out in the open, sticking up hungry for pussy, she felt herself getting wet as she thought again of what it would be like.

“You know…” says her mother, bringing Casey’s attention back to Sandy. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman… I suggested a threesome to your father once but he wouldn’t hear of it… so I dropped the idea.”

Casey stares at her mum in shock.

“Your brothers not the only one I find attractive you know sweetie,” says Sandy seductively.

“You can’t mean…” Casey feels her arousal grow as she thinks about what her mother is suggesting.

“Case…” says Harry from the couch with a curious look on his face. “Why don’t you join us? For mum’s sake…”

Casey looks at her brother and notices a gleam in his eye, that says she obviously wasn’t the only one who had been having brother sister fantasies. She looks back at her mother, eyes glancing at the plump breasts squashed against her arm. Finally she nods.

“Okay…” her voice comes out all husky.

Harry walks over to his mother and sister on the floor as Sandy helps Casey out of her top and bra. He walks behind his sister and drops down behind her. Kneeling, he reaches his hands around to her front and cups her boobs. He’s always wanted to feel them beneath his hands.

Sandy nods to her son in approval and leans forward pressing her lips against Casey’s.

Casey moans softly as her brother fondles her boobs and plays with her nipples. Her mother’s tongue slips into her mouth and their tongue rub avrupa yakası escort against one another. Moaning as she kisses her mother back, she feels more aroused than ever from her brother’s touch.

After a while of this, Sandy stands and pulls Casey to her feet, leading her to the couch and sitting her down after helping her remove her pants and underwear. Harry follows on behind. Once Casey is fully naked and on the couch, Sandy motions for Harry to stand over his sister on the couch with his feet spread wide on either side of her.

Casey looks up at her hot brother then down at the cock waiting just in front of her face, perfectly aligned. Taking the hint, she reaches up and guides her brother’s cock into her mouth, licking the tip just before taking his thick head and shaft into her mouth.

Harry moans as his sister enveloped his cock with her mouth and rests his hands on the back of her head. She starts to move her head sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucks on him and runs her tongue over his pulsing veins.

Sandy stands watching for a while, rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. After a while she kneels before the couch between her daughters spread legs. Slowly she lets her tongue run the length of her daughter’s pussy. Hearing her moan around her brother’s cock she continues.

Sandy uses her tongue to part her daughter’s pussy lips and moans at the sweet wetness she finds. After exploring with her tongue she starts to flick at Casey’s sensitive clit. Moans from both Sandy’s children urge her on.

Casey’s body is on fire as her mum eats her pussy and her brother fucks her mouth. She is so aroused and can’t believe she didn’t get into this sooner. She sucks hard on her brother’s cock bringing a loud moan to his lips.

After a while, Harry pulls his cock out of his sister’s mouth and steps down off the couch, careful not to interrupt his mum as she eats out his sister. Seeing the view before him, he feels immensely turned on and his cock jumps again. Noticing his mum is on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, Harry kneels behind her. Gripping her waist, he pushes his cock against her pussy entrance.

Sandy moans feeling her sons cock at her entrance and pushes back onto him a bit, signalling to him that he is allowed to fuck her. He obviously gets the hint because he pushes into her, hard and fast, slipping in easily. They both moan together and Sandy continues to draw moans from her daughter by licking at her swollen clit.

Casey opens her eyes to see her brother fucking their mum from behind as she eats her. She moans loudly feeling so turned on.

Finally, Sandy stands, pulling Harry’s cock out of her own soaking pussy.

“Lay down,” she orders him, he does as he is told. Turning to her daughter she says, “I want you to sit on your brother and ride him.” Casey nods and gets off the couch.

Straddling her brother, Casey slowly pushes down onto his cock, letting it fill her pussy. Harry moans at her tightness, much tighter than his mum’s. Casey moans too as he fulls her completely and starts to ride him.

Sandy then sits on her sons face and Harry starts licking her out. She moans in pleasure and starts to fondle her daughters bouncing tits as she rides her brother’s big cock. Casey and Harry moan at the same time and Sandy leans forward to make out with her daughter once more.

Casey kisses her mum back, tasting herself and moaning as she feels her brothers cock slip in and out of her tight pussy. She fondles her mum’s breasts as her mum fondles hers. Their tongues dance against each other as Casey feels herself coming up to a climax.

As Casey’s Body shakes with her orgasm, Harry’s tongue sends his mother over the edge too. The two women clutch each other in ecstasy. Harry moans loudly into his mother’s pussy, lapping up her juices as he finds his own release, spurting his load into his sister’s pussy. This pushes Casey over the edge again into another orgasm.

The three stay in their positions, slowly coming down from their orgasms. Finally Sandy and Casey slide off of Harry and lay exhausted on the floor beside him.

Once they all recover, they start to slowly gather their clothes.

“I think it would be best if your father didn’t know about this.” Sandy says looking at each of her children in turn. They both nod their agreement before heading off to their rooms.

As Sandy climbs the stairs to her room and ensuite for a shower, she finds herself smiling. This night certainly turned out different to what she had expected. But God, did she love it.

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