A Fantasy Fulfilled

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Again, this is a story loosely based on reality. The characters do, really, exist.

As readers may recall, Karen had long fantasized hooking up with a person of the Asian persuasion. The idea of a man with perfectly smooth skin was really a turn on. In fact, men with lots of body hair were a sexual turn off for her.

As it has turned out, Karen was ahead of her time. As witnessed by web info sites, the “hairless” look is now in.



Cultural and social attitudes

The attitudes towards chest hair vary between different cultures and times. In some cultures, it is a symbol for virility and masculinity; other societies display a hairless body as a sign of youthfulness. Some people find men with a lot of chest hair, pattern four, very sexually arousing. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome male statues did not show any chest hair. Even on paintings and sculptures from Middle Ages to modern times men were often portrayed without any hair on their anterior torso.

While in the early and middle twentieth century the attitude towards hair on the chest was largely indifferent, there was a late twentieth century trend within Western societies to remove chest hair. Some young men in their teens and twenties, especially in the United States and those involved in beach culture, remove their chest hair. It is quite common for actors, who will appear shirtless in a movie or television show, to shave their chests. The removal of body hair (depilation and epilation) by men was labelled by the personal hygiene industry as manscaping. This public trend, distributed by the media, began in the United States and spread to other Western societies. Many companies catered to men looking for ways to remove their chest hair, such as Nair for Men and Nads for Men. While most men depicted in fashion advertising still have no chest hair, a few exceptions can now be seen. Bucking the larger trend, a positive acceptance of body hair could be found amongst adherents of naturism as well as the bear community, the latter a gay subculture whose members tend to exhibit typical masculine gender traits. Removing or maintaining chest hair ultimately depends on one’s individual preference, which can be influenced by what is considered most attractive.

Encyclopedia Sources Also Confirm that Asians (and indigenous Americans) have little body hair:

The Mongoloid race, including most peoples of E Asia and the indigenous peoples of the Americas, has been described as saffron to yellow or reddish brown in skin color, of medium stature, with a broad head form. The hair is dark, straight, and coarse; body hair is sparse. The eyes are black to dark brown. The epicanthic fold, imparting an almond shape to the eye, is common, and the nose bridge is usually low or medium.


In humans, hair grows mostly on the head, and the amount of body hair is different from race to race. Asians and native North Americans have the least amount of body hair, while Caucasians tend to have the most.


Of the several men Karen was to date during what shall be referred to as the “Daveless Period”, G was the only Asian. He was an atty. fm. O.C. They had communicated w. fervent zeal and would meet when her daughter was to leave fm. L.A. for Oz. Altho it was Jan., southern Ca. was in the 80’s. The plan was to meet at his townhouse, go for a swim at the heated community pool, take a walk along the shore, and do dinner. Karen was hoping things would really click and all that would only be the proverbial foreplay for what would follow. She was so optimistic, she had checked out of her “hippie” hotel, The Adventurer, in Inglewood.

With only a modicum of trepidation, she left LA for her rendezvous. She had decided to wear a “middle-of-the-road” outfit, neither staid nor provocative. The “provocative” would come when she changed into her orange bikini.

G quickly responded to her push of the door bell. He opened the door, took both her hands, and squeezed them as he pulled her toward him and gave her a hug. “Have a seat. I’ve set out some cheeses and deli meats and English crackers. We have iced tea, white grape juice, beer, and wine.” Karen was impressed by his initial savoir faire as well as his spotless abode.

It only took about 10 minutes of Idle chit-chat for whatever initial nervousness they both had to vanish. “Let’s change and go down to the pool. It will give us a chance to actually talk face to face for a change. I’ll bring along the pitcher of iced tea and paper cups. The guest room and bath is thru that doorway.” Karen took her beach bag and quickly changed into her bikini and discretely wrapped herself in a filmy sarong. A few minutes later she met G in the living room. He was wearing his mid length trunks w. a beach towel around his waist. “Here’s a towel halkalı escort for you. Let’s go.”

Karen took her beach bag w. suntan lotion, cell phone, and sunglasses. They found two lounge chairs and Karen set her things on one of them. “Last one in the pool is a rotten egg”, she yelled. She hit the water, and did a couple laps. G was a powerful swimmer and quickly finished half a dozen laps before joining her poolside. Before G could really take a seat, Karen handed him her sunscreen bottle. “I got my front”, she smiled, “but you’ll need to do my back. Start w. the back of my neck and shoulders and work down. Don’t be stingy w. the quantity.”

G had noticed her applying lotion to her front while he was in the pool. Watching her rub the top of her breasts, which were quite exposed, definitely had excited him. Now, for the first time, he was going to touch her bare hide himself. As Karen lay on her stomach. he poured lotion on her warm skin. His finger tips were so titillating that she actually let out a few moans.

As he finished her back, his hands were almost trembling as they neared the top of her bottoms, Karen, in almost a hoarse whisper, said “I didn’t get the backs of my legs, get those too.” It was almost more than G could stand. He started at her calves, but as he did the upper part of her legs realized her bottoms left a fair amount of cheek exposed. As he finished rubbing in lotion on that part of her firm ass, he caught a glimpse of one or two pussy furs. “It’s a good thing I’m not wearing tight fitting trunks”, he said to himself.

When he finished, he laid down on the adjacent lounge on his stomach to hide the the front of his bulging suit not so much from Karen, but from the few others by the pool.

Karen said “I’ll get your back, now.” Her hands almost shook w. anticipation as she first touched his virtually hairless back. His whole body was as she imagined it would be. Almost no hair AND no fat. Just rubbing his skin began to make her bottoms get even more damp than they already were from the pool. She also felt power because she knew his cock was getting more engorged as he tried to shift positions. He made a half-hearted attempt to hide the fact he was to reaching into his bottoms and put it in a more comfortable position.

She was amazed at the almost complete lack of hair on the upper part of his legs as she actually reached under his loose fitting garment and almost reached his ass.

Neither of them was quite conscious of the fact that both of their breathing had become shallow. As Karen moved back fully onto her lounge they began talking and it was quickly apparent they connected as well in direct speech as in writing and phone calls. Over an hour flew by before they knew it.

“A few change in plans might be in order”, G said as they arrived back at his home. “My original plan was for us to take a walk along the beach and then bring you back here while I cooked and served dinner. Since you haven’t had much to eat, and it’s almost 3:30, why don’t we have our main meal now? It won’t take long. Everything is ready to put on the grill and it will only take me a few minutes to put together a salad. Let’s get out of our wet things”

“I am famished”, said Karen, “great idea”. They both quickly changed. He into some shorts and a T-shirt, she also into shorts, and a T w. no bra. Her nipples clearly showed, having become slightly swollen and erect by her wet and cold swim top.

“I’ll do the salad while you crank up grill. I’ll also open the wine. Doing wine is my specialty”

Dinner was a feast. Kebabs w. lamb, chicken, onions etc. Nan was also served.

“It will be sunset in 45 minutes. I want to take you to my favorite spot in Newport Beach where we can buy a drink and watch the sunset. You’d better take a sweater or jacket since it gets cool in the evening.” They both changed. G into slacks and a sport shirt, Karen into a moderately short skirt, revealing blouse – and while she did wear a bra, left her panties behind.

They held hands as they walked along the beach. As the sun touched the water, he gave her a passionate kiss. “Let’s go to that seafood bar up on the highway near where we parked. Altho it’s too early for the live music they have, they will be serving the best margaritas in town.” He put his arm around her shoulders as protection against the cool breeze that suddenly came up w. the sun’s disappearance.

They each had a drink. Before they knew it they had had another round of drinks and it was now after 8PM. “I forgot, they only have music on the weekends. We can go back to my place and make some of our own.” Karen was mildly surprised at G’s sense of humor. She somehow had thought him of almost being too serious.

When they got back to G’s place he put on some şişli escort jazz, the type you can dance to. As G turned around after programming his i-pod to play the music he wanted thru the sound system, Karen said “Time to boogie!”

“I’m not a good dancer”, G protested. “It will come naturally. Put your right arm around my waist and just imitate my movements.” G had obviously underestimated his abilities. His body melded into hers as though they were one unit. Before the end of the first cut she could feel the outline of his penis pressing against her pelvic bone. As that song ended, she wriggled her hips and did a twirl, her airborne skirt exposing much of her bare ass.

“I’m going to slip into something more comfortable”, G said. “Pour us a glass of something while I change. Meantime, you can take off those leather boots and make yourself at home.”

G had put on a great looking silk robe and was laying on his back on the sofa when Karen returned with some drinks. She sat on the floor in front of him. He sat up and began massaging her neck and shoulders. After a few minutes she turned and commanded “Lay on your back. I’m going to rub your tummy the way I do my dog. He likes it and you will as well.” As G began to lay back, his robe parted enough to give her access to his chest and tummy. . Using circular motions she began to sensuously rub his chest and then his tummy. The lack of body hair in these areas almost immediately began to arouse her sexual urges. G simply closed his eyes as she worked her magic. Karen was on her knees. She then pulled over a cushioned foot stool to sit on, which gave her both a better view and more leverage. As she reached the lower part of his tummy, she saw he was wearing matching silk boxers. Like most boxers, these had a large fly opening. She could see his penis was quite erect, having easily found its way thru the fly. She could also see some of his jet black pubic hair that also protruded through the fly.

G’s cock was pointed almost straight up, perpendicular to his body. At that point Karen pinched and then licked his nipples. Unlike one of her recent lovers (who shall remain nameless), G responded with a cross between a grunt and a groan. Out of the corner of her eye, Karen could see his dark shaft actually twitch and quiver every time she nibbled on a nipple. Not having any panties on, she almost laughed to herself wondering how the impeccable G would explain the stains (from her pussy juices) on the stool cushion.

“I don’t think I ever told you in all our writings that I have always fantasized about being up close and personal w.an Asian person. The idea of being w. someone almost completely devoid of body hair has long been a turn on for me. Since I’m the type who can’t “bond” w. someone unless there is a real connection on other levels, the opportunity never has presented itself before.” With that, she put her mouth over his shaft and began licking and sucking. As she had read and observed at nude beaches, while many Asians have slightly shorter cocks than white folks (her old lover Dave being an exception), they are often bigger in circumference than one would expect. G certainly filled the mold.

The combination of his smooth cock, and the silk boxers under her hand holding it, almost drove her over the edge. She suddenly realized she was playing w. her own pussy w. her other hand and immediately stopped. She then tried to reach through the fly and grab his balls, but couldn’t do it. “Lift your ass up while I slip these off”, Karen exhorted. G didn’t need to be told twice. Karen now had a view of the entire length of his body – the only hair being that surrounding his swollen cock and the top of his head. His eyes were closed and he was making sounds similar to a Hindu chant – oooom, oooom. She didn’t know it until later, but his balls were nearly twice their normal size. She gently cupped them in one hand while the other held his shaft as she sucked on it. Although she didn’t really want him to cum in her mouth, she did want to see his cock when he did. She liked the taste of his precum that was oozing out of his penis head.

“I can’t take this anymore”, she said half aloud. She virtually ripped her blouse in getting it off and quickly unsnapped her bra. Undoing one button was all it took to allow her small skirt fall to the floor. With that she straddled his body and lower herself on his rock hard shaft. Usually she didn’t like cocks that were super hard. In this case, the hardened pole allowed her to easily keep him buried in her swollen pussy while she vigorously moved up and down along his smooth torso. The slight friction of her swollen breasts and nipples, was, she could tell, about bring her to a violent happy ending – complete with shrieks and throbbing sarıyer escort pussy lips grabbing at his shaft, and not letting it go.

Just as all that was about to happen, she heard a deep throated growl and felt the cock within her convulse. Unlike most men she had experienced whose cum juices ooze out or just shot gobs rapid fire like a volcano, G shot streams as though from a canon. She could feel the first hot stream as it hit the back walls of her vagina. That first shot was enough to send her over the edge. By the time the second stream hit, she had lost all control. While screaming with pleasure, her pussy was contracting so violently that it pushed his pulsating cock completely out. His third shot was so strong it ended up almost on her neck, just between her now heaving breasts.

He started to reach for his cock to try and tame it – but Karen beat him to it. Karen’s next cumming was triggered by the rumblings that were building up to another violent tremor in his penis. When that 4th and final shot came, it felt her hand was holding a bucking bronco that was out of control. G was leaning slightly forward over her. She had a firm grip on his shaft and could feel that last shot as it raced through his penis. It wasn’t until later that she knew where it landed.

Karen had cum so hard, it almost hurt afterward. Aside from the cum on her chest, there were droplets forming on her pussy fur as G’s cock was over it, still dripping as it shrunk in size.

As is her style, Karen licked the remaining droplets off his cock head. Almost concurrently, G used the still viscous cum between her breasts like a massage lotion. “I understand this is good for your skin, and rubbing some on your nipples will help nurture and revitalize them.” G said with a warm voice.

With that, Karen got off the sofa and went immediately to bed. She slept so soundly, she didn’t hear when G got up. In fact, she wasn’t sure whether what happened was real or just an extremely erotic dream. Had G spent the night in bed w. her? It was his bed, but maybe he used the guest room.

“Good morning, sleepy head”, G called out from the kitchen when he heard her stirring. Her clothes were nowhere in sight, but saw G’s Turkish bathrobe in the bathroom when she went in. After using the toilet, she put it on.

When she ventured out to the living room, she saw her clothes neatly piled on a chair. Her suitcase was where she left it in the guest room. She looked at the footstool. Yes, there were a couple stains on it, but maybe they were there from before, although unlikely. When she picked up her blouse, one button was missing.

She went into the kitchen and gave G a hug and kiss” He was wearing the same silk robe she remembered from last nite. No boxers and she could see his limp penis against the shear material. “I do love looking, admiring, touching. and, under the right conditions, sometimes sucking and fucking them.” she thought to herself.

“I think i need to shower”, and w. that Karen grabbed some clothes from her suitcase. She wasn’t going to wash her hair, but she then noticed when she stroked her hair above her left ear, feeling something crusty. “The leftover from the 4th shot last nite!!” And she looked at her pussy fur and saw some white flakes that used to be droplets. (She remembered that Dave used to like looking at droplets of his cum sparking in the light on her fur. She quickly put that thought out of her mind.) Guess this was all for real, she mused. I should have realized that when i woke up. All that liquid leaking out of my pussy couldn’t possibly have been self generated.

At that moment G came up behind her. “I’ll show you how to turn turn on the shower.”

“I see you have everything a girl needs”, Karen said w. a sly grin. “Not just any girl.”, he replied. While he was still standing there, she let her robe drop to the floor.

“I usually like to shower alone, but this is so big and has multiple shower heads, I might need some help.” G dropped his robe, allowing Karen to see his penis in its flacid condition. She knew she only had a short time before that view would change. She was able to notice that his balls, in their natural state, were just right and in perfect proportion to his penis. She liked balls that were tight against the penis and not hanging loosely down below the cock.

When the shower heads were all on she realized a couple of them, one in front and one behind her were at waist level. She was aleady planning how she would aim that pulsating shower head in front of her the next time she was in it alone. “Hmm”, she thought, “maybe make use of the one in back at the same time.”. That, and her wondering how to comfortably “do it” in the shower while making use of its tri-level platforms kept her mind whirling with excitement. At 5’8″ or so, G was the shortest lover she ever had. Maybe a shower fuck would be possible.

“You look like you’re in a trance”, G exclaimed as he used a lufa to rub her back.

“Just making some plans. By the look of Mr. Shaft, maybe I should quickly finish so you can change this to a cold shower.”

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