A Fantasy Shared is a Fantasy Lived

Alexis Fawx

For a long time I have had fantasies of having a threesome with my girlfriend and another man. I would love to watch another man have sex with my wife, and I would also like to experiment with a man. I would often watch porn which contained a threesome. I am not gay I would just consider myself as experimental and enjoy all kinds of sex.

I had come home late one night from a meeting to find my girlfriend upstairs on the computer. I popped my head round the study door to see my gorgeous girlfriend in her silk robe and slightly damp hair; I guessed she had just come out the shower. I was taken back by her beauty, even after three years together I still lusted for her as much as ever. Her robe came up to her thigh with her shapely legs and feet clearly visible. Her toes manicured and painted red, she looked beautiful. She must have been chilly as her erect nipples were straining against the silk of the robe, I knew she was naked under her robe as she had just come out the shower and would have waited until she was fully dry before putting her panties and bra on. The thought of her being naked under her robe excited me further. Her large E cup breasts were pert and firm, and her cleavage with out a bra was still very impressive. I hoped I was going to get some of her good loving and feeling playful I greeted her.

‘Hi sexy.’ I said.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about your fantasy?’ She said sternly.

‘What are you talking about?’ I said knowing exactly what she was talking about. I had been busted. No chance of that fuck now.

‘All this porn on your computer.’ I didn’t know what to say, I could of hid the porn, I knew she would find it eventually, but I guess I wanted her to find it so she would know the truth as I was to scared to tell her.

‘You want another man to fuck me, and fuck you? Are you gay?’ She asked. I knew she would ask that.

‘No I am not, I would just like to try it out, its only a fantasy, I don’t want to put it into reality.’ What a lie, I wanted nothing more than to put it into practise.

‘Oh.’ She said, sounding disappointed. I couldn’t believe the expression in her voice. Did she want this to happen also?

‘You aren’t mad with me are you?’ I asked in my softest voice hoping she wouldn’t be angry.

‘No I am just surprised that is all, I wish you would have told me.’ She replied.

‘I didn’t want to tell you in case you freaked out; I knew you wouldn’t want to do it anyway.’ I said, trying to do some fishing to see her feelings on the idea.

‘Why wouldn’t I want to do it, are you trying to say I am boring and don’t have fantasies?’ She snapped. I knew from her reaction she was offended and that the idea of my fantasy intrigued her.

‘No it’s just I didn’t think you would want to have sex with another man while I was watching, in case I got angry with you, and the thought of me and another guy would repulse you.’ I said hoping she would respond by saying she wouldn’t mind trying it out, what she did say almost knocked me off my feet.

‘Well I have masturbated many times imagining having intercourse with another man while you watch, and taking you both on at the same time, I would love to be treated as a dirty slut and fucked by two men, I am not as boring and one dimensional as you think I am, I have fantasies to you know. I hate it when you judge me wrongly.’ She sounded angry

‘I am sorry, I had no idea, you should have told me.’ I replied

‘Just like you should have told me about your fantasy.’ She quipped, now with more of a smile on her pretty face.

‘You are right, I am sorry, so you would like a threesome?’ I asked hoping I hadn’t pushed my luck too far.

‘Yeah, but wouldn’t you be jealous seeing me with another man.’ She asked inquisitively.

‘No, I know you love me and you only want me, he would be for pleasure only.’ I replied hoping she was seriously considering the proposition.

‘Yeah, I think it would be great for our sex life.’ She said, sounding like she wanted to try it out.

I didn’t want to push it too far but I had to see what she thought about me being with another guy.

‘But now you know that I wanted to experiment with a guy, has that put you off?’ I asked trying to sound like I wasn’t bothered if it didn’t happen when really my heart rate was faster than an athletes after running the 100m sprint.

‘I didn’t judge you, so please don’t think I am weird….’

‘I won’t, if course I won’t, you can tell me anything.’

‘It kinda turns me on.’ She said sounding embarrassed.

‘What does sweetie?’ I knew what she meant but I wanted her to say it.

‘The thought of us sharing a stranger, us both touching him, the thought of you pleasuring another man, and him pleasuring you while I watch and join in. The thought of the three of us touching each other, no limits just wild uninhibited sex. It makes me wet just thinking about it.’ She looked at me with her gorgeous blue eyes.

‘I can’t believe that’s how you feel, I wish eskişehir escort I would have told you ages ago. Shall we make it happen?’ I asked hoping she would say yes.

‘Yes, I can’t wait, I am so horny from thinking about it. Please take me now.’

With that I swept her up from the computer chair into my arms, out of the study and into our bedroom. I threw her on the bed and ripped her silk robe open. Her body was exposed to me fully and I was right, she didn’t have any underwear on. She had obviously shaved in the shower as her pussy was fully shaven and her whole body was smooth with no imperfections. She was stunning. I stood back to look at her. Lying on the bed with her legs from the knee down dangling over the bed, her pussy looked hot and wet. Her toned stomach looked gorgeous with her large firm tits and her stiff nipples looked so sexy.

She lifted her feet up to my face and pointed her toes. I took one of her gorgeous feet in my hand and slowly began to lick up and down the sole. My cock became erect in my trousers and I played with her sexy feet. I then sucked each toe in my mouth as she began to moan. Her hand found it’s way down to her pussy and her finger found her clit, she greeted this with another soft moan. Her finger worked her pussy as I slowly licked, sucked and caressed her pretty feet.

Normally a soft tender lover, what she did next surprised me. She wrapped her other foot around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. She grabbed my face and thrust her tongue into my mouth. She tasted good and our tongues entangled each other in a firm and aggressive nature.

She rolled me over so she was on top and ripped my shirt open. She began kissing down my chest, stopping at my nipples to suck and bite then quite hard. She was obviously horny and was being more rough than normal. I was loving it.

She kissed down my torso and unbuckled my trousers. In one quick motion she pulled my trousers and boxers straight off.

The silk gown she was still wearing made her look beautiful, but her actions were slutty and dirty. She grabbed my cock hard and forced in straight into her mouth. She sucked the first 3 inches of my dick in her mouth hard and fast, furiously stroking my cock with her hand. This was the best blowjob she had ever given me. My cock was throbbing and I was beginning to think about cumming.

As if she read my mind she let go of my cock, much to my disappointment and crawled up to my face. She straddled my face and began to lower her pussy towards my face. She was facing the wrong way for a 69, which was disappointing but I was still excited about liciking her hot pussy. She began thrusting her pussy into my face and grinding her clit into my mouth as she grabbed her tits and firmly began massaging them.

The sight of this really turned me on and I couldn’t believe how wild she was being. Her pussy was wet and her juices tasted great. I alternated between licking her clit and pushing my tongue into her pussy hole. She then grabbed my head with her one hand and pushed her pussy harder into my face. She was moaning groaning and screaming as she grinded her wet pussy on my face.

‘Oh fuck, keep licking my pussy you dirty bitch, don’t stop, get my pussy soaking wet for your cock to slide in and out of it.’ She panted between bated breaths.

She very rarely talked like this and it really turned me on. My cock was throbbing and in desperate need of attention.

Again as if she read my mind she stopped grinding her pussy on my face and threw her robe to the floor. She scooted back and thrust my throbbing member straight into her tight wet pussy.

Her pussy is very tight and usually my cock is placed in with much more care anf precision. She was so wet my cock slid straight in. Her pussy engulfing all 8 inches of my cock.

She wasted no time and started banging my cock as hard as she could. Bouncing on my cock hard and fast, her face showing a state of complete pleasure.

I grabbed her ass and began pumping into her as hard and as fast as I could. I spead her ass cheeks and began rubbing her asshole with my finger. I knew she loved this. She was pinching her nipples and screaming at the top of her voice.

‘Argh fuck me harder Tom. Rub my little asshole, it feels s good. i feel like such a dirty slut. I need to cum now, make me cum, make me cum, please make me cum.’

This spurred me on further as I banged my cock into her as hard as I could and thrust my finger into her asshole. Her pussy was so tight on my cock I could feel my own orgasm building.

‘I wish your finger was another mans cock, I cant wait to have both holes filled. Fuck me harder I need to cum so bad.’ She screamed.

I looked up at her beautiful face and saw she was about to cum. I increased my pace and gave her all I had. She began to spasm and scream ‘Oh fuck’ over and over again. She then pushed her pussy down on my cock as hard as she could and began rubbing her clit into my shaven pubic gaziantep escort area. She thrust as hard as she could while screaming and panting. She was wild and I knew she was going to have a powerful orgasm.

With a spasm and a twitch she came still screaming and grinding her pussy into me.

‘Oh fuck Tom your making me cum, you feel so good inside me.’ She whimpered almost like she was going to cry.

I slowed my pace down as her pussy contracted on my cock and slipped my finger from her tight asshole. I could feel her pussy juice seeping from her soaking wet hole.

She lay on me catching her breath as I slipped my cock out of her. When she felt me take my cock out of her she realised I hadn’t cum and sparked back to life.

She slithered down me and took my cock back into her mouth. She didn’t usually suck my dick after I had been in her pussy and I couldn’t believe how dirty she was being.

‘I taste good don’t I?’ She asked teasingly. ‘Hell yeah.’ I replied.

She licked the whole of my dick clean of her juices and sucked my balls in her mouth. My dick was now coated in her saliva. Then she did something she had never done before. She spread my ass cheeks and slowly began to lick my ass ring. I had always wanted her to do it, and now she was it felt great.

Her gentle licking soon became harder as she thrust her tongue up my asshole.

‘I bet you like this don’t you? I bet you would like a finger in your ass too wouldn’t you? And a cock you dirty bitch. I bet you wish you could be doing what I am doing don’t you, licking a mans dirty asshole.’ She said wanking my cock furiously.

Her dirty talk really got me going, especially as everything she said was true.

Then she spat on my asshole and began to rub her finger on my rosebud. She then thrust her finger into my ass. It felt amazing, I had fingered my own ass before, but it felt so much better with my hot girlfriend doing it.

‘Imagine this is a cock thrusting in and out of your ass while I suck your dick.’ Or would you rather a guy suck your dick?’ She growled.

I knew I didn’t need to answer that, I just carried on moaning and enjoying my treatment.

She added a second then a third finger, thrusting them in and out of my ass hard and fast. She then lowered her head onto my dick and took the end in her mouth.

She didn’t use her hand and slowly took half of my cock into her mouth and throat. She had never took this much of my cock in her mouth before and she wasn’t stopping there.

She lowered her head until the hole of my 8 inch cock was in her mouth. Her throat felt amazing around my cock. She stopped there and continued fucking my ass with her 3 fingers. I took my cue and grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth.

My cock came right out so only my throbbing head was in her mouth and then I harshly banged my cock back in until her nose touched my bald pubic area.

I knew I couldn’t last long taking this kind of treatment and warned her that I was going to cum. She sometimes let me cum in her mouth and I was hoping she wouldn’t spoil the fun now.

I thrust my cock into her throat harder and harder as she continued fingering my ass. I felt my cum rising so I fucked her face faster until I spasmed and shot stream after stream of hot cum into the back of her throat. She never normally swallowed my cum, usually only when there was no place to spit it, but this time she didn’t even hesitate. She swallowed jet after jet of my salty load. Her throat felt amazing contracting on my cock as she swallowed. Her throat milked me dry before she slid my cock out of her mouth and licked my dick clean of any cum.

It was the most amazing sexual experience ever. I lay there on the bed and she stood up, put her robe back on and began to walk out. Then she turned her head and began to talk.

‘If you think that was good, wait until there are two of you to please.’ With that she walked out the room.

Rachael was now more excited than me about our threesome and put an advertisement on the internet, it read ‘Hot young couple looking for hot young guy for a threesome. Preferably bisexual or willing to try man on man, with a large cock, a high sex drive and is willing to try anything. Please reply and attach a photo.’

We had about 6 replies. Two had no photo attached and didn’t seem too eager. Two said they wanted a threesome but no male on male which just left two. One was called Sean and was good looking young and was willing to do man on man and we thought he was the man for the job until we read the last reply. His name was Brad, 24 and he was good looking in his photo. Said he loved sex with both men and women and was willing to try anything. He lived fairly nearby and best of all according to Rachael was his cock as it was about 8 inches, same as mine.

We emailed him back a photo of us, a date time and our address. He replied back saying we looked good and he couldn’t wait giresun escort to come round.

Two weeks passed and it was the best two weeks of sex we ever had. She carried on being dirty, licking my ass, fingering me and even using her dildo on me. ‘Preparing me for the real thing.’ She said. Every load I shot that week she ate, not wasting any. ‘I have always loved the taste of cum, I just liked to keep it for special occasions.’ She said. I couldn’t wait for our threesome, I knew after that night our sex life would be better than ever.

The night was finally here. Rachael looked divine. Wearing only her silk robe and some high heels. This one was red and much shorter. It only just covered her ass and pussy when she stood up. I joined her in my robe with no underwear underneath and we hung a new robe in the downstairs bathroom ready for Brad.

There was a ring at the bell. Rachael jumped up, exposing her ass to me. She was ready for this, and I had no hesitations either. Rachael went to the door. She returned about a minute later. Alone.

‘Where’s Brad’ I said seeming alarmed.

‘He has gone to change into the robe, said he didn’t want to be a party pooper in clothes.’ She said giggling.

Brad returned a few moments later in the robe and sat down. We made small talk and had a drink as we all tried to get glimpses of each other under the robes. Brad seemed to have an impressive sized cock and I began to get excited about trying out a long lived fantasy.

‘So.’ Said Brad. ‘Who is going to get this party started?’

‘That would be me.’ Replied Rachael as she grabbed my hand and sat me on the sofa next to Brad.

Rachael then put on some sexy background music and began to dance. Slowly teasing both me and Brad giving him a kiss and squeezing his cock. I thought I might feel some jealousy, but I didn’t. I just felt turned on.

Rachael danced slowly revealing her ass, tits and pussy. Brad commented on how hot we both were and undid his robe to reveal an 8 inch throbbing member.

Rachael liked what she saw and got down on her knees. She began stroking his cock with her hand. Any nerves I felt went away then as Brad undid my robe. My growing cock exposed to the room.

Rachael took my cock in her other hand and slowly stroked both of us.

‘Kiss. I want to see you kiss.’ She said.

Without hesitating we both turned and leant in. Our lips met and we began kissing each other, soft pecks. I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue into his mouth. I felt his tongue as we both started to get into our kiss.

Rachael grabbed my hand and guided it to his cock. It felt warm and hard. I slowly stroked him as I felt him grab for my cock. We slowly stroked each others members as our tongues intertwined.

‘You two look so hot.’ Rachael said

We both stopped kissing and looked and Rachael to find her sitting up with her legs apart slowly fingering herself.

‘Who wants their dick sucked?’ Rach asked.

‘Me.’ We both replied at the same time laughing when we realised.

Rachael headed straight to my cock taking it in her hand and slowly licking the head.

‘What about mine?’ Brad said.

‘My mouth is full, Tom yours isn’t, help the poor guy out.’ Rach said playfully.

I was only to happy to oblige. My first taste of cock. I leant forwards and down to take his dick in my hand again. I pulled back his foreskin with my hand to reveal his throbbing purple head I extended my tongue and began to lick his throbbing head.

Rachael turned to see me in action. I lowered my head onto his dick and took about an inch in my mouth as I began to stroke him as I sucked his head.

‘Take more of his cock in your mouth.’ Rach said

‘I can’t.’ I replied. ‘I need to change position.’

‘I suggest we move onto the floor.’ Said Brad.

‘You like sex on the floor then you dirty bastard.’ Rach joked

We moved onto the floor and Brad lay down as I took his dick back into my mouth. It was big and I was enjoying having my mouth filled. Rachel seized her opportunity for a pussy licking and straddled Brad’s mouth, facing me to see me sucking my first cock.

Rach began moaning as Brad licked her clit. I was sucking Brad’s big cock in my mouth while looking up at my girlfriend grinding her pussy into Brad’s face and fondling her own tits.

‘Suck his dick you slut, make him cum in your mouth. I want to see you swallow.’ Rach said spurring me on.

I took half of his cock in my mouth and he was now pressing on my throat. I was loving sucking his huge dick and wanted to drink his cum. I picked up the speed as his cock slid through my lips and poked the back of my throat. I began to tickle his asshole with my finger as I increased the pace of my blowjob again. This sent him over the edge. He began to groan as he spurted his hot cum into my mouth.

‘Keep sucking his dick, swallow all of his tasty cum, don’t spill any of it.’ Rach screamed as she neared her orgasm.

His hot cum tasted good and I swallowed each of his hot sticky jets. He came loads almost filling my mouth. When he slowed down I slid his dick from my mouth and licked his last bit of cum from his dick. I kept it in my mouth and moved towards Rach. I grabbed her face and moved in for a kiss.