A Fantasy World Ch. 06

Big Tits

Thank you for all reading my true story of the encounters with My Sub. I apologize again for the large gap between stories. Please let me know what you think. Hope all enjoy.


They had been sending curiosities and wants through more conversations, pictures and online stories. It was over a month before she would see him again. The thoughts of ways she could punish him were numerous. She had many ideas through their emails and chats.

She was in need of his submission before the time of his next arrival.

When she had finally received word of his dates, she was overjoyed. It was within the week of her birthday and she would make sure she got exactly what SHE wanted.

He was also thrilled when he heard the news. He was already planning on being tortured to limits he could not fathom; now he was hoping to get the opportunity to spoil her and earn some extra points still needed from his last blunder. He was not expecting her to be lenient if he had another ‘slip’ this encounter.

He hoped her teasing would continue forever. It was so intense; words could not do justice to the feeling of her power. He just hated the fact that he could not control himself when she teased and tortured him. He had to train himself to withstand her tormenting.

She would never be satisfied with a Pet that could not follow her orders. He did not want her to find another Pet and replace him. He enjoyed her denial greatly. He enjoyed watching her discover this new power in herself and using him to explore every aspect of it.

He arrived before she did and wanted everything to be perfect. He showered and made sure he was clean for his Mistress. He did not know which parts of his body she would choose for her pleasure and his torture, but she made every part tingle with suspense. He liked the surprise of her plans for him each visit.

He wanted to touch and play in the shower but refrained. He wanted the first touch of the day to be hers. He wanted to feel her hand grasp his cock and train it to her desires.

He was ready to receive any punishment she might have in mind. Her punishments were almost more intense than her rewards. She had a force in her disciplines that he craved at times. Any torture she decided always made it a truly interesting and fun evening.

She had expressed a want for a hot bath when she arrived. He knew he was to have it drawn before she entered the room and make sure the water was hot enough.

He did as he was expected and drew her hot bath. He waited for her arrival in agony. The curiosity of what her plans might be was killing him mentally.

The knock at the door made him jump back to the present. He hurried to open it and saw her standing there in a long black skirt, white long sleeve dress shirt and black heeled boots. He swallowed hard as he stared at her in the doorway. She was wearing the outfit of one of his fantasies, the first form of his torture. He was hard immediately at the site of his Mistress. She stood there with a glare in her eyes, staring at his naked body. He knew he would feel a powerful punishment tonight. He lowered his eyes from hers, showing his submission.

“Good evening, Ma’am.” He almost choked on the words.

“Hello, My Pet.” She grinned with an evil manner and he again swallowed hard.

“Your bath is ready, Mistress Kay. May I help you to it?” He managed, shaking as he asked her and moved from the doorway for her to enter.

She entered the room and dropped her things next to the sofa. He closed the door behind her and stepped towards her. He stepped to her hoping he would be greeted with a kiss. He was wrong and received a firm smack across his cheek instead.

She sat on the sofa and he knelt beside her. She raised her boot to him and instructed him to remove it without touching her feet.

He took a deep breath, bracing himself for this next form of torture. He reached up the inside of her calf for the long zipper that started below her knee and ended at her heel. He slowly unzipped the first boot and gasped as he took it off and her stocking foot came into view.

Then the second one came off even slower. He groaned in anguish as he was straining to keep from devouring her sweet feet.

She saw his eyes were pleading for permission but his mouth could not utter the words. She played on his pain for a few moments by running her feet up the inside of his legs but not far enough to touch his already hard cock.

“You may get to join me in a few minutes.” She returned.

He lowered his head again, disappointed.

“Sit here until you are called.” She ordered as she motioned to the sofa.

“Don’t get your hopes set on any kind of pleasure. You won’t be that lucky tonight.” She assured him as she turned for her bath.

She turned to him before she entered the bathroom, “There are straps in my bag. You know what to do with them. Then set out all the items for my easy access.”

He started at his orders when she disappeared into the bathroom. beylikdüzü escort He placed the straps on the four corners of the bed. He sat the rest of the contents out on the nightstand. He was just as nervous as he was excited at the thoughts of her using them on him.

He remembered he had gotten her some new toys. He retrieved them from his things and placed them with the rest.

He could hear her splashing in her bath some and so wanted to be in there washing her body. He stood there outside the bathroom door and waited, listening.

She called for him after a few minutes to come in. Once in, she ordered him to wash her back. He knelt beside the bathtub and obeyed. He was thrilled to get to touch her after the way he had behaved during their last visit.

She noticed he had placed his collar around his neck to avoid any further misconduct. She was pleased that he remembered he was to have it on in her presence.

He took his time massaging as he washed her back, enjoying the privilege. He couldn’t help but notice her beautiful toes just peaking out of the hot water. He had to take a deep breath and fight back the urge to reach for them. He would surely be punished even more severely if he tried anything without permission.

She leaned back and saw his anguish as he was still looking at her toes. She knew just how to continue this torture. She rose her feet out of the water and asked him, “You want those, don’t you?”

He couldn’t answer knowing he wasn’t going to get the opportunity.

“You can answer, My Pet. You want to rub my feet, don’t you?” She raised them closer to him. Her foot was right in front of him and he didn’t make a flinch towards them. She knew he was holding himself in place.

“I am ready to get out. Get me a towel.” She ordered.

He did as he was told and held it out for her. She allowed him to dry her but advised against any impulses he might get to do anything more.

He took his time drying her as he slowly dabbed her body with the towel. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down. She could hear his breathing getting deeper as he dried her lower body. She just grinned knowing how badly he yearned to touch her and how desperate he was to be allowed the chance to taste her.

“I am dry, My Pet, go wait on the bed for me. Put on the blindfold.” She ordered.

She fiddled around in the bathroom for a few minutes building his curiosity for her next form of torture.

She walked over to him, “Lie back and do not reach for me. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.” He replied with a quiver in his voice.

She leaned down and had his cock in her mouth before he finished the response.

He gasped so loud, she thought he might scream if he had the breath.

He tried to dispute but knew he could not. He was solid at her touch and she had control of him. He tried to plead, “Please Mistress, let me service you. I should not be allowed the gift of your mouth.”

She ignored his plea and continued her aggressive playing with him. She flicked her tongue around his cock before lowering on it completely.

He continued, “Please may I touch you, Miss Kay?”

She saw his hands start to move towards her.

She stopped her abuse immediately and smacked him. She smacked his hard cock as it lay against him throbbing and still wet from her mouth. Then she smacked his cheek again, “You need some extra training on following orders, My bad Pet.” She stated. “We will work on that after dinner. Get dressed.”

She continued to tease him as they sat at the bar during dinner in the hotel lounge. She could tell he was hard through his jeans and it made her feel even more in control of him.

He was having a hard time swallowing his beer as she flicked him. She enjoyed the visual effect she had on him in public.

They finished their drinks and started back to the room. Once in the room and the door closed behind them, she turned and pinned him against it. She kissed him hard. She reached and grabbed his still swelling bulge and squeezed.

“Are you ready for what I have in store for you?” She asked in a whisper.

“I hope so, Miss Kay.” He answered.

“You are to get undressed and face the wall at the end of the bed. I will be there in a few minutes.” She instructed.

He went into the other room, and undressed. He placed his collar back around his neck and the blindfold back onto his eyes. He stood facing the wall for what seemed like an eternity.

She inspected the toys he had laid out on the nightstand and took her time deciding with which ones to start. She noticed the new ones and smiled to herself.

There was a pair of shiny silver nipple clamps and a ball gag she was certain would prove to be a good idea. She grabbed the crop and turned towards him against the wall.

“Put your hands up and on the wall. Spread those legs open more. Stick that ass out to me. It is mine, right My Pet?” She asked as she smacked adana escort her crop hard against it.

She heard whimpers before he answered with, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Speak up when I ask you a question. Is this MY ass?” She thwacked his ass hard.

A louder and more definite, “Yes, Miss Kay.” followed.

“That’s better, slave.” She smacked her crop across his cheeks a few more times. He responded to each with a light whimper and a slight reflex pull away. The more he whimpered, the more she enjoyed punishing him. His whimpers were not ones of hurt or distress. She knew he enjoyed to be punished by her.

She ran the crop up the back of his legs and under him to the front. The cold bar of the crop was between his cheeks. She felt him quiver for a few moments then tapped his balls with the end.

She reached around him with her other hand and grabbed his cock. She stroked him a few times and held him up against his stomach. Holding him in place, her other hand reached the crop around him and smacked him against his exposed flesh. He bucked his ass back into her. She continued to smack his front and his backsides until she felt she had a sufficient pink on him for this part of his punishment.

She turned and laid the crop back on the nightstand.

“Remove the blindfold and go get the hot tub ready for us.” was her next order.

Away he went into the other room.

She ordered him to also prepare them the usual drinks and wait for her. She undressed and joined him.

He helped her step up into the hot tub and followed in behind her. They sat and sipped on their drinks while her feet played with him under the water for a while. She ran her feet all around his submerged body and legs. Her feet wrapped around him, pulled him closer to her and she straddled him. She stayed on top of him and began to rock back and forth.

He reached his arms around her and she immediately stopped him. Her hands wrapped around his wrists and pinned them against the sides of the hot tub. She leaned in and pressed her body up against him.

“I did NOT say you could touch me!” She exclaimed. “Do not move your arms. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am. I’m…” He started.

She interrupted him, “I don’t want to hear it. Just do what you are told.”

She leaned down and kissed him hard. She pulled away from him slowly; biting his lower lip as she did.

“You ready to use those lips? Close your eyes.” She told him.

Once his eyes were closed, she stood up slowly making sure she rubbed his body with hers as she moved. Her breasts and nipples running over his upper chest then up to his mouth.

He immediately opened his lips and took her nipple between them. He latched onto it and pulled it gently between his teeth. Circling with his tongue he hung on to her for just a moment before she pulled it away from him.

He wanted to follow but didn’t. He stayed in place against the edge of the hot tub with his arms against it as if she were still holding onto them.

She stood up in the center and instructed him, “Keep your eyes closed and move forward just a step, hands at your sides.’

He slid himself forward just a step or so and could feel her in front of him. He remained until instructed farther. He was eye level with her smooth pussy and couldn’t see it. He could sense it through every other part of him.

She turned around and leaned over to hang onto the side. She pushed her ass back into his face. She swayed her hips slightly and could feel him press into her.

“Yes My Pet, taste my ass. You have been waiting for your chance to taste me again. Do a good job and there will be more presents for me.”

He kept his hands at his sides and used only his head. He moved all up and down her crevice and over her curves. Every part of his tongue explored every part of her buttocks. He licked, sucked, and bit at times to hear her moans change tones. His mouth felt great. His enthusiasm was even more of a turn-on.

She lifted her foot onto the edge of the hot tub and reached her hand around to spread her cheeks, allowing him even more access to her back end. He took the allowance in full and dove deeper into her hole. His mouth was hard at work on its way to bringing his Mistress to another orgasm. He leaned forward and started his work on her pussy.

She turned and permitted him the full pleasure of her pussy at his eager. She didn’t have to move his head back in place from her turning around. He barely moved it out of the way allowing her to turn and was already trying to bring her to that explosion.

She asked him in a grin, “Are you in a hurry, My Pet? Slow down and enjoy the gift of my pussy while you are getting it. I will enjoy my orgasm build before it displays all over your face.”

He slowed down and really paid attention to her sensitive areas. He never had to work long at her areas before he got reactions. Her reactions were very noticeable. She did not hold back when letting him know he was pleasing afyon escort her.

She slowed her hips and rotated them around his talented tongue. She wanted to slow the build but could not. She felt her climax build deep inside her and her legs were already starting to quiver.

Her fingers opened her pussy lips and gave him entire access to her swollen button. Again the reactions were immediate. Her build was not taking long at all. She could feel it getting closer and closer. She was holding his head to her with one hand and pushing her hips into him at the same time. She knew it was not going to be missed and she felt her tightening as she released herself into his coaxing mouth.

He could taste her sweet release and became vigorous in his efforts to not miss any of it. His tongue lapped at her juices and his throat swallowed every drop. Her cum tasted wonderful to him and he knew he had done a good job at pleasing her. He was still trying to earn points. Plus, make sure she was enjoying his services for her birthday.

She pulled back from him still shaky and lowered herself back down in the water. She sat on one side of the hot tub to catch her breath. Her legs and feet found him under the water and started playing with him again.

He loved the feel of her feet playing with his cock. It was so sexy to feel her smooth arches caressing his stiff rod. The softness of her toes trailing up and down his length sent quakes through him. It was erotic and felt magical to him. She enjoyed playing on his teasing with his worst fetish. Her manipulation with her feet was immeasurable.

Thoughts of his cum spraying over her arches kept springing into his visions. This time he was good to hold back any short cummings.

“I think we have been in here long enough. Get me a towel.” She ordered him.

He removed himself from the hot tub and stood outside it to assist her exit and be ready to dry her.

She allowed him to dry her body and replenish their drinks. “You’ve done well, My Pet. Now wait for me at the end of the bed again.”

He went to the end of the bed and sat there waiting for her to enter and give her next command. She entered right away and went for the blindfold. He kept his hands at his sides and didn’t try to reach for her this time when she got close enough. She commented on his restraint and wondered how long it would last. He lowered his head at the comment.

“Now stand and turn towards the bed.” She ordered.

She retrieved a few things from the nightstand and walked back over to him. She reached up and placed the gag into his mouth from behind him. “This is a nice present and will be quite useful.” She commented as she tightened it around the back of his head.

He barely managed a thank you before the gag muffled him. He moaned out in his lack of power state.

‘Now step back from the bed for a moment.” She stepped in front of him and sat on the edge of the bed. She reached up and bit down on one of his nipples. He shuddered a little but managed not to pull away from her bite on him. Once she released her bite, her teeth were replaced with the clamps. Both were on him and the silver chain hung between them. She pulled on it a few times to make sure it was secure to him. His reaction was sincere and he moaned out each time she touched the chain.

She flicked his nipples a few times to ensure the sensitivity had increased. The clamps were working and she was enjoying seeing the torture they were causing. His whimpers were of obvious enjoyment even around his gag.

“Put your hands behind your back.” She ordered next.

She handcuffed his wrists loosely. His breathing was increasing and growing deeper with every move she made. This just encouraged her actions even farther.

“Now get up on the bed and on your knees.” He did as he was told once again.

She positioned a pillow to be under his middle and another one under his face. Then she positioned herself behind him and pushed him over. He fell perfectly in place with the clamps and chain falling between the two pillows and his ass raised in the air to her. She only used the back two ties and secured his ankles to the bed.

She applied a generous amount of cold slippery lube to his ass crack and let it trickle down. Her fingers helping it find its way to his hole. He was moving his hips around the sensation of her touch. She knew he was ready for her. A firm smack across his ass let him know she was pleased seeing her Pet this way. All he could do was try to moan.

She had grabbed the vibrator off of the table and had it sliding up and down his opening. She positioned the tip of it at his hole and entered him slowly but with steady movement and force. Once he felt the pressure of her entry, he tried to moan out and could just whimper.

His hips moving back to meet her hand let her know she was not hurting him and to please continue her penetration of him. She took her time working her toy in him and adding lube as needed. She pumped him slow at first. Then she would increase speed and slow back down. Her depth increased with her speed and he wanted to pass out from the power over him but managed to stay with her and feel the entire punishment. Her free hand smacked his ass regularly as she pumped him.