A Friend in Need


Jerry and I were drinking beers at his place one afternoon, watching a football game. After the game we started talking about a lot of things, including sex. After a while he asked me if I had ever tried on panties. I told him no. He then replied, “Want to?”

I was flabbergasted. He then tossed me a pair and said, “Go ahead.” I stood there stunned, and buzzed from all the beer, but I decided to go for it. I headed for the bathroom.

When I came out I had my jeans still on, but red satin bikini panties on underneath. They felt very sexy, and I was getting hard.

Jerry asked to see them, so I unzipped the fly and gave him a peek. “No, I want to see how they fit.” With that he walked over, undid the snap, and pulled down my jeans.

There I was…polo shirt, red panties and a raging hard-on. Jerry said they looked real nice and for me to see. He turned me around and faced me towards the mirror.

I must admit, they looked good on me. They covered my ass very well. I was standing there admiring myself when Jerry began rubbing my ass.

“Maybe you should try on something else,” Jerry said. “I’ll be right back.”

When he came back he had in his arms an entire outfit…hose, slip, bra, dress and a wig.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“You’ll see,” Jerry said.

After 15 minutes I was in full regalia…I was amazed how I looked. The blue dress was a low v-cut. Ziploc bags of water filled the bra. After applying makeup, I was a woman.

I had never done anything like this before, but I was enjoying it so far. The best was yet to come.

Jerry came up behind me and started caressing my sides. That felt great. When he reached around and began rubbing my cock, I almost melted.

It didn’t even feel like it was me in that dress. I saw someone else looking manisa escort back at me in the mirror.

“You look hot,” Jerry said. “We need to go out and show you off. I know the perfect place.”

How women walk in high heels I will never know. I must have stumbled eight times from the car to the door of the club we were at. I am sure the beer buzz, plus the erotic high I was on, had a lot to do with it.

We entered the club and headed for a secluded booth. I was scared to death. Jerry ordered me three shots of tequila to relax me.

I downed the first one in nothing flat. By the time I finished the third one, the first was hitting me. I was feeling very good. At this point, a nice looking guy named Eric came up and asked me to dance. Jerry just waved at me to go.

Eric and I were dancing front to back, him behind me. He was grinding his groin into my ass, and was evidently enjoying it. The hard thing pressing into my ass was a dead give away.

We were really grinding into each other. Eric then reached around and grabbed my cock from the outside of the dress. I just moaned.

We continued this pace for a while, and his grabbing my cock became more frequent. He was also pulling on it when he grabbed it. It was like he was jacking me off.

After some time, I began to feel a tingling in my legs. I had that feeling many times in the past. I knew what it meant. But I seemed oblivious as to what was about to happen.

Eric pulled me into him, grabbed my crotch and pulled me faster. Then…BLAM! I exploded all inside the panties. The orgasm was so intense I fell down.

There I was…coming all inside my clothes and shaking with every spurt. When I calmed down, I realized what had just happened. I ran to the restroom to clean up. I was beet red with kütahya escort embarrassment. When I returned to the booth, there was a drink waiting for me. And a smile on Jerry’s face.

“Enjoy that?” Jerry asked. “Looked like it.”

All I could do was drink my drink. But I admitted to myself it was fun.

After a while I headed to the bar to order more drinks for Jerry and I. I had to go to the end of the bar and wait my turn. A man was sitting on the stool and introduced himself as Barry.

“I liked your dancing out there,” he said.

I could feel my face turning red all over again.

He said not to worry that he had seen that happen many times before, especially to new people.

“I would like to see what Eric was so interested in,” Barry said. And with that, he reached under the skirt, into the panties, and began stroking me.

I opened up my legs for easier access. Barry just pulled me out and began softly stroking me. I just laid my head on the bar and closed my eyes.

Barry had a nice touch. When he got to the rim of the head, he would stop and then pull on the rim. This sent me into a moaning frenzy.

Soon I had that tingling feeling again. I did not care…Barry started it, I wanted him to finish it. And finish it he did. I released my fluid all over his gentle hand. He rubbed it all over my cock.

“I can see why Eric liked it,” Barry said. “Have fun the rest of the night. I am sure you will be pleased, and pleasing.”

When I returned with the drinks, Jerry asked what took so long.

“I have a second admirer.” I turned and raised my glass to Barry.

Near the end of the night Jerry took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We were dancing face to face. By this time I had more than my fill of orgasms, and tequila. malatya escort I was hammered, but having fun.

Jerry had his hand around my waist when he twirled me around. There was a young man with sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes.

“Mind if I join in?” Kevin said.

“Sure,” Jerry said. And with that I was sandwiched between the two of them.

There we were, grinding against each other. Jerry began rubbing my ass. His hands were so soft. Kevin let his hands do some roaming as well. He had me rock hard in seconds.

Jerry then got bold. He lifted up my skirt, pulled out the hose and panties, and dropped his cock in between my cheeks. I started grinding against it.

Kevin took the cue. He lifted up the front and placed his cock right next to mine for one exception. He took my cock and pulled it upright.

So there I was. A cock in my cheeks, a cock other than my own in my panties, and my cock pointing straight up. And we danced.

They both seemed to take great pains to keep me in a high state of arousal. Jerry was making sure his cock was massaging my crack. Kevin made sure I was caressing his with my hips, and he was rubbing his groin against the underside of my cock.

Within a short time I heard Jerry moan. Then I felt his warm fluid filling my ass and running down my thigh…inside the hose. A few minutes later Kevin released his load. Then the two of them squeezed against me and began lifting me up and down so that the underside of my cock would rub against Kevin. I felt like a rag doll, until a gusher opened up from the head of my cock and sprayed my stomach with my hot juice.

I headed for the restroom to clean up, but Jerry grabbed my hand.

“No, no, no,” Jerry said. “You must find out what a woman goes through after sex.”

I had cum from three different people running all down my legs. It felt sexy, kept me aroused.

Shortly after, Jerry and I left and returned to his place. When we got in, he pushed me to my knees.

The rest of the night I was his woman. That is another story.