A.G.D: Chocolate Milk


It was in the middle of the spring when I had the chance to see Samuel again. Samuel, as you will recall, is the son of the preacher in town. Besides being in college, he was also the one person in town that knew of my secret life of being on cam and playing with strangers as my online personae. In exchange for his silence, I have on occasion spent some quality time with him, giving my own brand of medicine as only the Naughty Nurse can.

Unfortunately, the vow of secrecy only applied to the sleepy town I volunteer in. The roots my late husband and I established in this town make it hard to think about leaving. It was because of such a complication that Samuel has used it to his advantage on a few occasions to have me help out some of his college buddies. That night was not an exception.

I walked in from helping out at the local elementary school with their book fair when I saw his signal on my door. Samuel started leaving a Polaroid of his smile on the door to let me know he was in there. Luckily to an outside observer, it makes no sense whatsoever. To me, it meant Samuel was there and there was a possibility he brought a friend in need. I took a deep breath before realizing that it had been a few weeks since I experienced the warm touch of a man. That thought alone made me change my tune as I unlocked my door.

I walk in to find Samuel sitting on my couch. He was wearing what looked like basketball gear or whatever the kids nowadays call it. Next to him sat a young black fellow also wearing basketball gear although it was a different team. I look at Samuel before he smiled at me. Then he stood up and opened his arms out to a hug. I pressed myself against him almost forgetting there was someone else in the room before I heard a throat clearing in the background. I pulled away almost blushing before Samuel started talking.

“Maria, I’d like you to meet my buddy Andrew.” I look at Andrew as he stood. He stood about a foot taller than me, but was slender. He had a baby face and these really deep brown eyes. As I admired his features, Samuel started whispering in my ear.

“He needs your help, Maria.” Samuel took a deep breath as Andrew begged off to use the restroom. “Andrew has never had…”

“Wait a second, Samuel!” I started before he clammed up.

“Maria, I know it seems like I am using you to pop my friends’ cherries. You need to understand…”

“That I am your whore, Samuel? That because of my secret, you’re going to hook your friend’s çanakkale escort up with pussy?” I started feeling flustered before Samuel started whispering in my ear.

“I already destroyed the pictures. I destroyed everything that I had on you to reveal your secret. You have no need to feel like I am forcing you to do anything.”

I could hear the desperation in his voice, as if I was his only confidante. My heart melted. It was then I pulled Samuel’s face down to mind and kissed him deeply.

“Promise me you’ll give me more time next time?” I said with a grin on my face disarming him before seeing him smile. He then kissed me back before we heard that clearing of the throat again.

“Maybe I should let you two have some fun without me,” he said sarcastically. Both of us started laughing. It was then we all sat down. We started to talk about college life and basketball before Samuel’s cell phone went off. He spoke on it for a few prior to pushing the button and getting up.

“Maria, it’s been fun catching up. That was Mom. Apparently dinner is waiting for me. Think you can cook up something for Andrew? I promise I’ll pick him up later if there’s a problem.”

I knew what Samuel was alluding to. As I kissed him good night, I started thinking about how I was going to help Andrew. I turned to see Andrew suddenly not as cocky as he was earlier. I then moved closer to him and took him by the hand.

“Let’s have some dinner, and then we’ll talk.”

The next hour was spent over some crock pot pork chops I started that morning. I made a double helping just so I had some leftovers, but it turns out Andy was hungry. I was unsure if it was due to nervousness or if he was really hungry. We drank some Kool-Aid I had him make prior to eating just so there would be nothing to use as an excuse for when I asked him the harder questions.

“Andrew, what did Samuel tell you about me?” You could see the look on his face change when I asked him that question. Considering what the previous “clients” told me, I can see where this was going.

“Ma’am, I….”

“Andrew, I have to ask the next few questions to protect you and me. Do you understand? If you don’t feel comfortable…”

“No ma’am. It isn’t that. It’s just that…”

As he stuttered, I began to massage his hand I was holding to help encourage him. As he began to talk, his cell phone rang. The look of panic crossed his face until he reached for it and breathed a çeşme escort sigh of relief. He then pushed the button and spoke for a few moments with the person on the phone while I put the dishes in the sink. Soon, he pushed the button and looked around before he called out.


“Yes, dear.” I answered.

“That was my girlfriend. And the reason why Samuel referred you to me. You see, she’s really special to me. So special that I bought her a ring. I want to propose to her in two weeks, but I have a slight problem.”

I was slightly perturbed. “How ‘slight’ is this problem?”

He could sense the annoyance in my voice. “Ma’am, I am a virgin because the last three girls I tried to have sex with got scared and freaked out. My Johnson…”

I walked up to him and looked him in the eye. “You expect me to believe the reason Samuel had you visit me is because your penis is what? Too big? Look kid, I have seen big penises. Yours is probably only six inches long and that’s not huge. Sorry to burst your bubble.” I started to turn when Andrew called for me again. I turned and saw that he dropped his shorts to reveal his large cock. It looked totally healthy in a clinical sense except I noticed that I couldn’t see the head.

Andrew had never been circumcised. I gasped, but held my tongue before I bent down in front of him. I took a long look at it before I stood up and looked him in the eye.

“So the catch is before you propose to Miss Wonderful, I need to show you that this isn’t a monstrosity. Is that correct?”

Andrew nodded his head before I took my tongue and slid it along its length. I estimated that it was about eight inches. I then licked up the other side before I had an idea.

“Andrew, how about we take a shower first?” Andrew was skeptical until I led him upstairs to my bathroom. Slowly I started to remove my dress in front of him while he watched. He was in shock for a bit until I was totally naked before I knelt before him.

“Your turn…” I started to untie his shoes until he finally got the hint and took off his shirt. Soon, his chocolate covered body was bare and I led him into the shower where I started to grab the loofah and scrub his chest before scrubbing it with my breasts. I could see him relax a bit before I sprayed them off and pushed his face towards my nipples. He greedily took one between his lips and started to bite hard before I calmly told him to take it easy. He pulled back a little as I diyarbakır escort started to stroke his cock. It was a few moments before I bent down in the shower and began to clean his cock.

In a few moments after that, his cock was clean and I had him spray off before we left the shower and I dried him off slowly, teasing his nipples in the process. Andrew took an intake of breath as I then slowly went down on my knees and started to stroke his cock. It took a moment to fish out the head before I slowly ran my tongue over it. His precum felt like sweet nectar in my mouth. He started to moan as I put my hands underneath and felt how heavy those gorgeous balls of his were. That seemed to be all it took to have him explode on my face and in my open mouth. His cum was delicious. I started to swallow what I could before I took the towel in my hand and cleaned off my face as he watched.

“Andrew, you need to give a girl warning before you do that. Remember, the decision to take your cum is hers and a lady needs time to decide. Do you understand? ”

Andrew nodded his head before I led him into my bedroom. It was there that I lay on the bed and told him to kiss my nipples, unsure of whether he would kiss me with his cum on my breath. He started attacking my nipples again, this time not biting them hard as I moaned for him. I then started pushing his face towards my pussy and spread my legs open. He was timid until I started whispering for him to lick my pussy.

The first orgasm hit right after first contact with his tongue. I moaned out loud before he started to slide his tongue in me deeply and tongue fuck me to a second orgasm. For a virgin, his tongue wasn’t bad. He then crept up my body and looked me in the eye before he let me taste my pussy on his lips. I then felt him slide his cock over my pussy.

“Ma’am…may I…”

“Fuck me Andrew!” I shouted in half voice. It took a moment to feel his cock enter me and about three or four more moments for me to coat his cock with my juices. It wasn’t long after that Andrew was getting ready to cum before I heard him plead again.

“Ma’am, I’m gonna cum…”

“Fill my slutty pussy, now!!!”

It had been a while since I felt so much cum explode inside me. As he pulled out, I could feel the emptiness in my pussy. I longed for him to fill it again, but kept my mouth shut to see how he was. I turned to him on the bed and saw him smile.

“Ma’am, I…”

“Andrew, are you really a virgin?”

“No ma’am. Samuel hired me as a thank you present from him since he knew it’s been a while. I hope you forgive both of us for the deception.”

For the lie, I couldn’t find a reason to blame him. Samuel was going to get a special present when I see him next.