A happy life begins young, Ch2.


The ‘story’ you are about to read is actually true, unlike a lot of stories which are listed as a true story here. As you will find out I had very little education and my only exposure to writing/grammar was magazines and the very few books I found and hid away.

If you would like to copy, amend and send back to me without errors that would be welcomed; if you are the grammar police I would suggest you get your thrills elsewhere. Please do not copy this text to any other sites without my consent, which I will give assuming you PM me and tell me where you want to post it. I also do not give permission for this text to be used for any institutes and/or research purposes.

Just for you homophobes, I am a guy and as a child, and beyond, I had sex with both men and women. If you do not want to read about children, i.e. me, having sex with adults you are forewarned.

This is the second part, I have written quite a lot more. So far I have written 92 A4 pages all about my sexual life. If people feel that I need to change my writing style, take some time to learn to write in a more professional/literate manner I will postpone posting more until I have improved it. If people feel it is good or acceptable then I will post more. Remember – feedback is very welcome, as long as it is constructive. If more sexually explicit content is needed I can go back and include more.

This is a true recollection but I do not, and will never condone anyone doing anything written here. It is for you to think about, not to replicate.


Ch. 2

So here I am at my parents house alone in the dark with my computer providing the company of a dull low drone in my ears. I have been thinking back and trying to decide which memory would be best to tell you next.
I finished the first recollection with a hint that this segment would tell you about the time my father taught me how to pleasure him with every part of my body. However this seems to be rather a jump from what happened before that; The first time I was actually used by an adult male. This is what I will recall for you now.

It was a typical day for me at the tender age of nine. I had awoke early as normal to get in my parents bed before they awoke as I had been instruct to since my father had given me my own room. Every morning my mother knew her place in the bedroom, she had to wake up as soon as her phone started to vibrate on the cupboard before it woke my father up.
I also knew my place. I was to crawl into their bed naked as the alarm sounded and uncover my mum, delicately stroking my tongue around her nipples that sat dormant on her warm soft flesh. Gently taking her soft nipple into my mouth I learnt from a young age how to harden them, getting her aroused before moving onto the intensely warm and fragrant embrace of her lips.
‘Good morning baby.’ My mum sleepily cooed, happy to be broke from her slumber by my young tongue bringing her into her normal waking state of sexual awareness.
I could feel her small pink protrusion of flesh harden within my mouths grasp as I did my duty. Her hands nestling on my head, her fingers curling in my hair, as she pulled my face closer to her chest. As she reached her full hardness between my lips I did what I had to do every day, I slid my body down beneath the covers until my face was directly between her legs.
I could smell her beautiful scent from a few inches away, it always made me happy inside that I knew I got to prepare her for my father. I inched my face closer anticipating the warmth and moistness that was to engulf my senses.
Just as she had taught me I started with gentle circles of her labia, tasting her and my father from the night before. I made a point of not connecting my small tongue with her clitoris as it was not my job in the mornings to give her an orgasm since I was just there to get her ready for father.
As I traced her outer labia I could feel them start to swell telling me I was being a good boy. The warmth would increase and she would become increasingly wet from both my saliva and her own production of natural sweet juices.

‘God I love waking up in the mornings, you are so good at making mummy all wet and horny. Wake your Daddy up so he can fuck my pussy hard!’
It was rare my mum was ask me to wake father up, I knew when she was ready but that particular day she was much hotter and primed than normal.
My father was sleeping on his side as normal, facing away from my mum and I. Reaching over his hips and tracing his pelvic bone I wrapped my small hand around his soft penis. Father was still very much asleep but his penis reacted fast as always. With my hands being small I could not get my grip all the way around even his flaccid penis but I knew how to stroke slowly from base to head with a slight pressure; More a milking action than masturbating him.

‘Keep licking my wet pussy baby while you get your Daddy hard for me. Fuck…God that feels good, I want you to stick your little tongue inside me!’ my mother groaned as I multi tasked my hand and mouth.
I did as I was told and plunged my tongue inside her as far as I could, feeling the heat wrap around my extended muscle. In this position my nose was pressed hard against her exposed vagina, her clitoris rubbing against my brow.
I must have faltered in my pace on father’s penis as he turned over to pull the covers back exposing me to a rush of cold yet refreshing air.

‘Pay more attention boy, you need to learn to keep your rhythm on a big man’s cock even if you are eating your mum’s cunt’ He was not angry but there was certainly a hint of strict teaching in his voice.
‘Uh huh’ was all I could manage as my mum’s hands mashed my face into her now thoroughly slick entrance.
I steadied my pace on my father’s penis to make sure he was very hard for my mum. I could feel his eyes watching me even though my eyes where pressed closed against increasingly warm folds of flesh. I knew he liked to watch his little boy naked between his wife’s legs, tiny bum high in the air and small hand wrapped around his meat.
He slowly started to grind back into my hand, his penis getting close to it’s full potential. There was no way I could close my hand around even half his full hardness at that age, he had a wide girth and was always incredible hard.

‘Okay boy, sit on this whores stomach and suck her fat tits while I breed her’ father demanded, wanting mum and me in his favourite position.
I quickly released my grip of his rod and breathed deeply as I removed my face from its now intensely hot bed. A slight groan of disappointment emitting from her as her little boy stopped pleasuring her. I moved up as I was told and readied myself to have a finger inserted inside me in case my father decided this morning he wanted to feel my small anus.
I managed to sneak a look back as my father positioned himself between mum’s legs and place his engorged fleshy head to her lips. He stroked himself up and down her exposed and swollen entrance to get himself well and truly lubricated. Just as he pushed all of himself inside her in one strong motion I felt his hand firmly connect with my naked buttocks.

‘I told you to suck her tit’s, now do it before I slam my fat cock in you!’
I was scared of his tone but excited that I got to watch for the first time his penis slam into her. Maybe I shouldn’t suck mum’s nipples and then I would get to be treated like mum does, I remember thinking at the time. I wasn’t sure at that time what I could really get away with so I did as I was told but I still tried to steal glimpses of him slamming himself in and out of her seemingly bottomless walls.

Every now and then as my mum was forced further up the bed I was able to look down between my legs, past my hairless little penis and see my father’s large hairy balls swing back as he pulled out. They would disappear from view again as he ploughed forward again with a loud slap hard against the pale moist flesh of mum’s cheeks.
I was struggling to keep my mouth locked onto mum’s breast as she was hammered back and forth along the bed, her body shifting with every powerful stroke father gave her. Never the less I did my best and was rewarded with her hands once again on my head, steadying me and making sure my mouth never left her body.
I sucked, nibbled and teased her small pink nugget keeping a strong suction on her. Mum’s groans grew louder and more guttural and she received my father. Her moans and screams barely covering the sound of the fierce action behind me.
‘You’re a fucking whore, you like me fucking you like a dog? You want me to cum inside your wet cunt?’
‘Yes.. Oh God… Please give me your cum… Give your filthy whore your hot load deep inside me!’

Father always loved mum begging him to orgasm inside her. I am not sure if it was just because she loved it when he did or for the fact she knew he would only let her orgasm after or at the same time him.
I did everything I could to pleasure my mum, stroking and pinching her right nipple as I enveloped her other in my mouth, tongue flicking and circling as I sucked.
Father always loved looking at my little pink hole as he had is way with mum, that particular time he grabbed my buttock with one hand, pulling it far to the side so he could see my tight muscles clench and relax. Hearing him groan as I pushed on my anal muscles and flexed my hole for him to see made me excited. I wriggled and gyrated my hips at him just as mum did when he had her on all fours.

‘That’s it you little fuck toy show Daddy what you want!’
I pushed back at him as mum used to do, squeaking and sighing as he rubbed his thumb against my tight little sphincter.

‘I’m going to use that hole very soon boy, and turn you into my little girly fuck toy. Oh… Fuck… Get ready whore… I’m… going… to!’ Ohhhh Fuuuck!’
As my father bellowed my mother screamed and I squealed. I couldn’t breath with my face pulled hard into breast. I couldn’t move as my father had unintentionally forced his entire thumb all the way inside my dry and very tight little hole. I froze in place as the pain of the intrusion took over my senses, all I could feel was his thick hard thumb plumbing what I thought was the depths of my bowls.
As he stopped slamming his cum deep inside my mum the noises of their lust ebbed. As the last of his orgasm faded he must have opened his eyes to see my impaled on his hand.

‘Jesus Christ Jan, look at this little boy slut! He has my whole thumb inside him with no lube.’ he chuckled with slight astonishment as he wriggled his thumb around inside me. I didn’t dare move as the pain a the time was immense. I had been fingered by my father plenty of times in the past but I had always been lubed up with saliva, vaginal juices, KY or a mix of them all and entered slowly.
My head was released as mum sat up on the bed, quickly moving out from under me to get behind me and see. I was like a deer in headlights, unsure what to do but unable to move even if a thought had come to me.

‘Wow, he will be taking that big cock of yours in no time John but I think you might be hurting him a little.’
‘Well it will hurt even more when I slam my cock in him so he better get used to it’
As the pain slowly faded I could feel my insides being slowly fucked. My muscled kept tensing uncontrollably but my body decided on its own to start rocking back and forth. I couldn’t understand why I was doing that but thinking back it was probably from watching my parents so often, mum bent over one piece of furniture or another as my father ravaged her.
I looked over my shoulder to see my fathers left arm around my mums shoulders, hugging her as they both watched my small body try to get pleasure from his invading thumb. Thinking about it now it was if they had a look of pride in their eyes.

‘That’s enough boy, you will be getting plenty of that very soon’ father winked at me, a small smile playfully running across his face.
‘Come on baby, lets go and grab some breakfast after a shower, then you can go play outside for a while.’ Mum croaked at me as she tried to hide the fact she nearly started laughing, obviously she knew what my father had meant. Being nine I hadn’t got the hang of understanding when my father had something planned or when he had another meaning in what he was saying. I felt the thumb that invaded me retract with a little resistance with the lack of lubricant. There was a slight amount of pain but the strangest thing was the sudden feeling of being empty inside. However being a naive happy little boy I jumped up off the bed, forgetting in a second the short experience of pain I had just endured, scurried down the hallway while mum chased me to the shower, both of us naked of course.

After a quick shower with mum, breakfast I grabbed my ‘explorer bag’, as I called it then, and I bounced out of the house onto the dirt track at the back of the house. Being so young I vividly remember knowing the forest around our house better than even my father did, in all directions for a few miles.
I had mental markers for everything. There was the tree stump where the evil witch had gutted and half eaten a rabbit. I remember only a day later all the remaining flesh and skin had been stripped away by the insects that only existed when no one was looking. I avoided that tree stump from that day on, not wanting to be half eaten and left for the forest to gobble up.
There was a small jagged gully made of slate with a stream that ran through it, flowing around a mossy rock I think I had called Fred because the moss had grown to resemble a face in my young mind. I was a rather whimsical child come to think of it.
But that day I decided to go up past the clearing where the goblins had cut all the trees down and up to the small cave I had never dared go in before. I have been there since and if I wanted to go inside it now I would have to crouch down low shuffle to get inside. Back then I looked up at the huge cave from the bottom of the shingle that lead to the mouth. gaziantep escort I remember being scared but fascinated with what could be inside. Monsters and goblins I think was what scared me most. I had only managed to scrabble half way up the bank when I slipped and skidded on my knee to the bottom of the hill. Frustrated I slammed my hand into the shale, small bits flying in all directions.
‘What’s up lad?’ a deep male voice came from somewhere behind me.
Startled I turned around on my knees, hands planted firmly on the small rocks around me, ready to jump up and run.
‘Uh… uhm… Nothing sir! I just slipped.’ was all I could manage as I tried to reign my jolt of fear back in. The man standing before me was huge. His shoulders were the widest I had ever seen, his muscles bulging and skin glinting under the sun that glimmered through the trees. The sun seems to make his head glow as it reflected off his bald shiny scalp. In contrast he had a short but full dark brown beard speckled with patches of grey above his lip, leading in a circle around his mouth to his chin.

‘Come on boy, stand up and dust yourself down.’ he spoke with a voice as deep the cave behind me above the hill.
I stood slowly not sure of the mountain of a man before me. I had only really been around my father and mum, the occasional visitor or delivery person but never on my own. Being so far from anyone and being isolated had not prepared me at that time to deal with strangers.
‘It’s OK lad, don’t you worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I was just out walking and saw you slip. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself.’ he chuckled, his face softening and his body relaxing as he became a lot less intimidating.
I slipped my bag off my shoulders and I looked down to notice a graze on my right knee. No more than a scratch that I got every time I went out playing in the forest. However it was bleeding and it did sting, if I recall correctly.

‘We better have a look at that, that shingle might have got under the skin!’
I took a step backwards as he started to walk towards me, a sharp crunching of pebbles under his feet as he crossed the small gap between us.
‘Come on lad, I said I am not going to hurt you. I’m Peter, what’s your name little one?’ he asked as he knelt down on one knee and extended his large hand in apparent friendship.
‘Erm… I’m James sir’ I managed to force out of myself as I looked down at my feet, trying to ignore the tickling of the blood as it made its way towards my long black hiking socks.

‘Hello James. Now we are properly introduced why don’t you come here and let me take a look at that cut. Don’t worry I promise I won’t hurt you.’ Peter smiled whilst he again extended his hand out to me.
I remember still being a little uneasy but I was no longer scared. His large biceps and hair covered forearms reminded me of my father but on a much grander and contoured level. Looking back that first step towards him seemed to take an age as my feet felt like lead. But as I reached out my hand and placed it in his I seemed to at ease. His immense hand closed around mine and gently pulled me towards him.

‘That’s it James, now let’s get you up on my knee so I can check you out.’
His free hand took a hold of me under my arm as his other pulled me close to him. He deftly lifted me up and placed me onto his knee. It was strangely comfy being so close to him with the familiar manly smell my father had.
I watched as he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbed the blood off my graze, taking care not to put too much pressure on.

‘Well there is no stones or dirt in it, just a nasty little graze is all’ just as I had suspected it was.
I wasn’t sure why at the time but Peter pulled me in close to him, his arms wrapping around my shoulders and hugging me. One hand travelled up my back to rest on my head and pull me gently into his large pecs. He was only wearing a vest top so his chest hair was exposed, my face nestled in amongst it tickling my nose. I giggled and he looked down at me with a broad grin, flexing his pecs to make his hair tickle me more.

‘Stop it that tickles!’ I giggled as I wriggled on his knee.
‘Sorry lad but your laugh is so cute.’
I smiled back up at him feeling safe and protected in his manly embrace. I did become aware of his hand stroking my back and right thigh, gently squeezing as he smiled. He didn’t say anything for a while. I just sat on his knee as he stroked me, his hand moving up and down closer to my privates with each pass.
I knew he was enjoying feeling my small leg under his delicate grip, his hand almost big enough to encircle my entire thigh. The more he caressed me the firmer his grip got until I felt something move against the side of my leg.
I knew this feeling from when I sat on my father’s lap as mum would walk around naked and show her self off as father instructed. Those times father would put me directly over his penis and grind himself against my rear whilst he held my hips tightly. That normally ended with me being pulled back and forward so fast that my mum would stand up against me, holding me close to her so I didn’t fall off. She would always rest my head in that wonderful crevice between her breasts that made me feel so safe. Her hand rubbing my back while she told me how much of a good boy I was. Father would grind his rock solid penis hard against my crack just as he did with mum but with our clothes on. It would normally last about five minutes if I had to guess a time but it always ended with me having a wet patch on the back of my pants.

‘So why are you out here all alone James?’ Peter broke the silence we had been sharing.
‘I was just playing, sir. I like to come out and play on my own a lot. I was just going to see what was in that big cave up there.’
‘Well it certainly looks scary in there! I wouldn’t like to meet any big monsters!’
Giggling I poked Peter in the thigh I was sat on ‘You could get rid of any monsters in there!’
‘I couldn’t scare a monster away.’
‘You scared me!’ I stated very matter of factly, Peters face became a little hardened although still friendly as I looked him in the eye.
‘Your not scared of me now are you James? I want us to be friends.’ he had asked me with a slight look of worry dancing across his forehead.
‘No sir, I’m not scared now.’ I remember whispering as I looked down at his hand move over the crotch of my loose shorts and cupping my privates.
‘That’s good James, good boy. Now how about I do you a deal. I will go and scare any monsters away if you do me a favour.’ he whispered in my ear whilst rubbing his hand harder against my small penis. His other hand circling my lower back firmly yet soothingly.
I didn’t say anything to Peter, I only nodded knowing that the tension in the air was the same tension that would build between my parents.

Peter lightly shifted me off his knee and stood me in front of him. The smile on his face was vivid but there was a look in his eye; A look I know now to be the lust a man shows when he knows he is going to get what his loins deeply desire.
I stood there in the woods I knew so well and where I felt perfectly safe, before a man who wanted a favour I knew was sexual. If he knew of my experience he did not show it but he did show his excitement. I remember looking from his face to his bare arms, his chest hair to his massive legs and between those legs a defined outline of his lust.
There was a slight tremble in his hands as he reached for my shoulders. As his hands found the first button to my white cotton short sleeved shirt he fumbled it open and I watched his manhood visibly move in his jeans. The rest of the buttons soon followed and the warmth of the sun quickly took away the sharpness of the cool breeze as my shirt was removed completely. I was stood there with no shirt on, my naked torso exposed to him. Peter ran his hands lightly over my arms, up and down while staring at my chest as if trying to build up the courage to touch me further.
‘Wow James, you sure are very pretty. Just perfect. I want to just…’ his voice trailed off as he dragged his slightly calloused finger tips over my smooth chest making a point to linger on my nipples.
I was mesmerised by the movement of his chest. It rose and sank at an irregular pace. The hair bristled together and shone in the sun. Peter must have noticed my gaze because he looked me in the eye, shifted back upright and with a grin slowly removed his top.
I remember letting out a small gasp as the full effect of his manliness was exposed. His pectoral muscles where extremely developed with large nipples, nearly has long and hard as my mums, pushing forward and back with his breathing. His abdominals where strongly defined. All of this covered with short dark hair that danced in a pattern of waves across his sculpted testosterone, swathes of grey adding only to the image.

Peter never spoke, nor did I. He did however become emboldened as he saw me fascinated with his well developed frame. He came back close to me and again knelt down. Easily finding the shiny black leather of my belt he traced it from front to back before moving his hands down over my buttocks, taking a firm handful in each hand. His strong grip did not last long as he took hold of my belt buckle and quickly undid it. I gasped as he quickly pulled my grey shorts down to my little leather hiking boots.

‘I think we should take these off little buddy, they are sort of in the way!’ Peter excitedly pointed out, yanking my boots off, pulling me off balance.
I fell into his chest and as our chest collided Peter put his arms around me, pulling me in close. I could feel his heart beating at a high pace, his breathing shallow until he put his nose to my neck and took a deep breath in.

‘Oh you smell nice James, very nice! Do you like the feel of your skin against a man’s skin?’
‘Yes, I do sir. You are very warm and soft, like my teddy when it comes out of the dryer at home!
Peter let out a hearty laugh and held me tighter while still struggling to get my boots off. Finally he managed to remove them without too much fuss.

‘Lets get those cute little shorts off as well then James, I bet you look amazing without them.’
I took a step backward as Peter lifted each foot out of my shorts, my hand was on his shoulder for balance. I was stood in front of this mountain of a man in just my little white briefs. It was a good thing I was used to being naked around adults because the smile on Peters face went from ear to ear. Even though I was used to it I still jumped as he reached for the sides of my pants and hooked a finger in each side. I knew what was next, that was also not new to me but Peter did it with a haste my mum had never done.

‘Bloody hell! You are utterly perfect. Do you know that James? You are the sexiest little boy I have ever seen. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?’
‘I am nine and one quarter sir.’
‘And a quarter huh? Well that just makes you even more special. Because you are such a big boy I am going to play a game with you only big boys get to play. Do you want that James? Do you want to play a big boys game?’ I remember him asking the trees as much as asking me. I don’t think my answer made it too his ears.
Very delicately, as if touching a snow flake, he brushed a finger over my penis. He stroked and danced around my inch of young flesh with his index finger before taking a grip of my hairless testicles. He cupped and massaged my empty scrotum whilst still rubbing the length of my penis with his thumb. I don’t recall what he said next, I think because I was so focus on the new sensation in my not quite so limp boyhood. What he did next was a surprise given that I was so intently focused on what he was doing to my body.

I watched as he stood upright towering above me and casting a shadow that took the warmth of the sun away from my pale white skin. He seemed to be much taller than he had before with no top on, his hands reaching for his own belt.

‘I am going to show you something I think you will really like James, normally only really big boys get to see a man with no clothes on. I think you are ready to see what I have for you though.’
He very slowly unbuckled the clasp of his belt and undid each button to his black jeans. I could see the bulge he was toting. It looked as if he wouldn’t be able to get his tight jeans over it but somehow he managed. The stiffness of his manhood forcefully ejected itself from the confines that had been torturing it and created a large log type protrusion hanging heavily towards his left leg. I realised then that his penis was much larger than my father’s. My eyes must have become very wide and my mouth open.

‘It’s okay James, don’t you worry. You are going to like Daddy’s big cock.’ Peter purred in what I guess what his soothing voice.
After slipping off his training shoes and jeans Peter proceeded to stroke himself in front of me. Being very short at that age the top of my head was just level with his large package that was currently being massaged.

‘James, I will go up and scare those monsters in a minute but right now I want you to reach up and pull my boxers down for me. That way we are both naked and enjoying each other.’ When he said that I became excited. I had for years watched my mum peal my fathers underwear down and see his semi erect penis almost flop out into her face. Now it was my turn. I couldn’t at the time work out why my hands where trembling as I reached up to his waist band. Slowly I pulled the cloth down. I watched as it caught on his buttocks and constantly growing penis. Tracing the waistband back I pulled his boxers down over his very muscular cheeks first, now they where only caught on his manhood. For some reason I remember I took a deep breath as I tugged for the last time, revealing what can only be described as the largest penis I had ever seen.

‘There you go James. That is all for you. Since you are so special you are the only one who gets to play with it.’
I was in awe. That thick, uncut, fleshy piece of meat was all for me I and I knew I wanted it.