A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 3

Kendra Lust

Naani was there the next day. There was a radiant look on her face. She did not look at me directly as Granny was around supervising her work. She pretended that she did not see me at all. I was very upset. But then it was better to be discreet about it as word travels very fast in villages. Nothing happened that day. It was disappointing. One of my relatives came to inquire about Granny. We talked the evening away. At night I went to the one street town nearby to just loiter and spend my time, hoping I could meet Naani. But there was no such luck. I came back, had my dinner and went to my room to read my novel. Granny went to sleep in her room downstairs.

When I got up the next morning, Granny was up and dressed. She told me that she was going to the village temple as it was Friday that day. Naani was there. Apparently she usually comes in early on Fridays to prepare Granny’s bath. I ignored her. I felt angry at her behaviour the previous day. As soon as Granny left, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Naani came and stood at the entrance.

“Mohan etten is angry isn’t he? You are not looking at me?” she asked.

“Why did you ignore me yesterday? You pretended to be so busy yesterday”

“Granny was around and I was afraid you would touch me. If she saw that it would be the end of me. I hope you understand. Don’t be angry etta….,” she begged me in a sexy voice. I could not hold my anger any more.

I quickly finished washing my face and asked her, “What is for breakfast today?”

“This!” she said. I looked up to see her holding up both her naked breasts.

“What? Granny ….” I stammered in surprise.

“I know. She will come back only after finishing her prayers and her chanting. It will take two hours. That is her routine,” she said confidently.

I made for her breasts, unable to resist the temptation.

“Not here, up to your room.”

She led the way after locking the front and back doors. I followed her close behind admiring her bouncing buttocks. She sat at the edge of my bed. I stood in front her and slowly removed her blouse and bra, thus fully exposing her big pendulous but firm breasts. I began to squeeze them gently, while she undid my lungi and freed my engorged prick and started stroking it lovingly. I was eager to see her completely nude. I pushed her on to the bed and untied her mundu. She lifted her buttocks to facilitate the removal. She was totally nude underneath. I spread her thighs and admired her beauty unhurriedly, knowing I had all the time at hand. Her globular breasts, fleshy abdomen, her rounded thighs and she lying there with her hair all spread out radiated an aura of pure sex. From within her hairy mould the swollen clit stood out prominently like an infantile penis. I was automatically attracted to it. I licked it with the tip of my tongue. It throbbed just like a man’s penis. I engulfed it with my lips and started sucking it. The feeling was şişli eskort ecstatic. Quickly, I did a 69 on Naani. Spreading her cunt lips with my hands, I pushed my tongue deep inside wet tunnel of love. Soon she reciprocated by jerking her hips up. I licked her cunt from the tip of her clit to the lower end. After a few licks I dared to lick her arse-hole. She started to jerk her hips more and began sucking my prick with vigour. Her slurping sound further stimulated me. She was a good sucker. She took my prick deep into her mouth and applied suction while bringing it out. I felt like being in another world. She went on to lick my balls. Then she too tickled my arse-hole.

She turned over and climbed on top of me, still in the sixty-nine position. This gave me a good view of her cunt and arse.

“Lick my arse, etta… Oh! Lick it nicely…. That’s how… that’s it…” she was gurgling with my prick in her mouth.

I noticed the brown puckered hole. It seemed slightly large. My saliva had lubricated it well. I could now insert my tongue into it slightly. I spread it out with both my hands. I could now insert it more. She was in ecstasy. Her moaning increased. I then wet one finger with saliva and inserted it into her arse-hole. To my surprise it went in smoothly. I found it somewhat loose. Then I tried two fingers. It was fitting nicely. This gave her some pleasure I suppose seeing that she started rocking her arse trying to fuck my fingers. I caught on. I fucked her arse-hole with my fingers and at the same time sucked her clit. She became wild and started to wriggle her buttocks violently and then rolled over.

“That’s enough etta. Now fuck me quick….” Saying which she bent her legs and spread her thighs wide. As I climbed on to her, she guided my prick with her hand to her cunt. I gave a push and my prick slid in smoothly up to my balls. With that I began pumping her. She matched my thrust with her counter thrust. Both our groins knocked hard. I found myself panting after a few minutes. She rolled me over and started to ride me. I have heard that this is what Kerala women love to do. As she raised and lowered her waist, I could see my penis sliding in and out. It was a fantastic sight. Her breasts were juggling up and down and moving round and round. She increased her tempo and increased her moaning till she reached her peak. At that moment I too shot my load of semen into her hot cunt. She shuddered and groaned loudly and fell on me. I hugged her and lay like that for a few minutes. I could feel my juice running down my prick and flowing between my thighs.

We went downstairs to the bathroom to clean up. She prepared coffee and breakfast. We still had about an hour before Granny returned. Still naked I sat her on my laps and played with her breasts while she fed me thosais with my erect prick between her thighs. My hands wee ever busy feeling various parts of her body.

“Naani edathy! Naani edathy” çapa eskort I heard some one calling.

I got up and went to look. Naani went towards the bathroom and waited. I peeped through the curtains and saw Devi standing in the courtyard with a letter in her hand.

“It’s Devi” I said and opened the door to let her in.

Seeing our state of nudity, “This is not fair edathy, you are having fun without me,” she complained.

“No problem, you can take him now, but what did you rush here for?” Naani inquired.

“Oh! Here is a letter from my husband. Both our husbands are coming next weekend! Oh! Isn’t that good!” Devi was all excited. And so was Naani. They both hugged each other and jumped with joy. It had been three months since their husbands came home.

“But they will stay for only two days” Devi said. Secretly I was overjoyed to hear this for with their husbands around I will be left high and dry for sure.

“Now I have work to do before Granny returns. For now Mohan ettan needs one of us! Look at his prick standing up! You better take him,” she said.

Devi looked around to me and said, “This ettan is also like our husbands. He is always ready for us.”

“Let’s go to my room, we still have about an hour” saying so, I literally dragged her to my room upstairs.

I was already stripping her mundu as we entered the room. As usual she was naked underneath. Quickly I unhooked her blouse and her bra and made her nude. I was kissing her when Naani entered to wear her dress, for she was still naked. Seeing us thus she hugged Devi from behind and kneaded her breasts. After a few minutes, she began to dress.

“You enjoy yourselves while I finish my work” she told us, watching Devi who was now working my penis with her mouth. She left after dressing.

Devi was sucking my prick now, kneeling before me. I held her head and stared to fuck her mouth. She could almost gobble my entire prick. She held on to my buttocks with both her hands and was squeezing them. Her fingers ran between my buttocks and reached my arse-hole. She massaged it with one finger. I felt a strange pleasant sensation. She wet her finger with plenty of saliva and continued massaging my arse-hole, while sucking my prick. As my anus relaxed, she inserted her finger into it and looked up at me. Seeing me enjoying it, she inserted it for about an inch and started wriggling it. It was such a pleasant sensation. My penis became stiffer.

I then asked her to lie down on the bed. Facing her, I took her breast on my mouth and started sucking it. Though not as big as Naani’s, Devi’s breasts were big and conical with prominent nipples. The erect nipples were at least one inch long and she had a wonderfully large brownish areola surrounding it. A few strands of curly were growing at the edge of the brown area.

I took the nipple between my lips and started sucking it like drinking from a etiler escort straw. She hugged me closer and tried to push the entire breast into my mouth. I sucked her breasts alternately hard and long, till they were firm and rubbery.

We changed positions. She took my prick and with her long tongue started licking it from the base to the tip. I placed my head between her thighs and tasted her cunt with long licks. I grabbed her thick and juicy cunt lips with my lips and sucked then gently as I would a slice of ripe mango. Her cunt was secreting its juice freely. It was flowing down to her arse. I licked it up, enjoying its saltiness. When I licked her wet arse-hole, it quivered. I smelt it. It gave off a pungent smell. I licked it again, trying to insert the tip of my tongue. Her arse hole was tighter than Naani’s. I inserted one finger. It slid in but she gripped my finger tight with her anal muscles. I continued licking her cunt vigourously. After a while she relaxed her arse. I moved my finger slowly in and out. When she produced her arse juices, the movement was easier and smoother. She started moaning while sucking my prick.

“I can’t take it any more, please …” she begged me to stop.

She then climbed on top if me and taking my prick with her hand, she placed it at the entrance of her cunt and sat on it. It disappeared completely into her cunt. Planting her hands on either side of my waist, she started fucking me. I reached out and began squeezing her breasts. She had her eyes closed. She panted and groaned. Both of us were sweating profusely. She increased her speed. Being a farm worker, she had tremendous stamina. We approached our climaxes. I shot my second of the day load into Devi’s cunt.

We dressed quickly as it as almost time for Granny to come. Both of us went into the bathroom to wash up. Naani was in there washing Granny’s clothes. She smiled at us and inquired about our game. Devi lifted her mundu and squatted with a can of water from the tap and commenced washing her cunt.

“This etten is terrific. I wonder where he learned so much?” Devi asked.

“We used to watch all this on the video, that’s how I know what to do. But I must thank you both for letting me gain practical experience.” I told them.

“You are always welcome. We too satisfied our cunt itch. We dare not play around with local men because the word will get around very fast and our husbands will kill us when they come to know about it.”

“Another thing Naani. Why is you arse-hole looser than Devi’s?” I asked her.

They both laughed. “This ettan is very curious isn’t he Devi? The answer is simple. My husband sometimes uses it. Most of us working class Kerala women have some experience in it. When I have periods, my husband uses my arse to satisfy himself. I too like it. Devi would also like to try it, but her husband thinks it is not nice.”

All this talk caused my prick to rise again. “I too would like to try it one day” I said.

Devi noticed the tent my prick was making in my lungi. “He is ready even now Naani chichi,” she said pointing to my prick. We all laughed.

It was then that we heard Granny’s knock on the door.