A Holiday to Remember Ch. 03


Anna just stared at her newly arrived friends. She had no idea what to say. Of course, she was happy to see them, but she also felt like she had betrayed James. He was such a nice guy and they had so much in common, but she hadn’t told him the whole truth.

James stood slightly confused looking across the apartment block at his ex-girlfriend’s sister.

“James, let me explain. This isn’t as bad as it looks.” Anna pleaded with him.

“Well, it looks pretty bad. You didn’t think to tell me that your friend Danni just happens to be my ex’s sister? And that would be the one who is coming? What you going to tell me next that Alex is coming?” He phrased this last part of the question to Danielle.

“Jim, no, I promise she isn’t. I give you my word, she doesn’t even know which hotel we are in, and I’m not going to tell her.” Danielle promised him.

“OK so this is a really interesting start to this holiday.” Anna’s other friend interrupted trying to break the tension. “I’m Cara by the way.” Waving a little.

“James.” He replied.

“James, can we talk about this, I want to tell you everything, this is exactly what I was trying to avoid, I tried to tell you last night, but you had already fallen asleep.” Anna spoke quietly so her friends wouldn’t hear.

“Yeah, we will but not now. Go and have some time with your friends, they are here early so have some fun with them.” James told her slightly coldly.

“OK, but what about dinner? We were going to eat together?” She asked slightly upset but trying to hide it.

“No, it’s alright, Cara and Danielle are here, you came to have some girl time, you told me how much you were looking forward to it. You should eat together.” He told her.

“What about you? Why don’t you join us?” She would have liked that.

“Yeah Jim, we haven’t seen each other in ages, come join us.” Danielle said. Obviously, they weren’t as quiet as he thought.

“No, it’s fine honestly. I think I might just grab a burrito or something from the buffet.” He told her.

“OK but I will see you later yeah?” Anna asked.

“I will be around. I’m probably going to one of the bars tonight and have a couple of drinks” He told her.

“OK, please James, I will explain everything.” Anna told him.

“I know. See you later.” With that he turned around and went into his room alone leaving her stood there in front of the door.

James wasn’t planning on meeting up with her. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to know her explanation. He felt betrayed even though he didn’t know why. She hadn’t lied to him she just hadn’t told him the whole truth or was it the same thing?

James decided that he would continue his holiday on his own. He had known her for 2 days and wouldn’t let this ruin his break away. It was a big complex and was sure he could avoid the 3 of them if he really wanted to.

He got himself sorted for the night and poured himself a whiskey while he shaved and styled his hair. It was 6.30 and he was starting to get hungry, so he headed to the buffet restaurant. The food was as good as he had become accustomed to. Not as good as the Al A Carte restaurant but better than he could cook.

The complex was massive, along with his hotel, there were two others containing their own restaurants. He went to one of the other hotels to have a look around and enjoy the nightly entertainment. It was a pirate show, more for kids than adults, and not really his thing so be headed to the bar. He ordered himself a whiskey while he looked around. There were plenty of people sitting around, some in singles some in pairs. It appeared that he wasn’t the only one holidaying alone.

After about 10 minutes sitting at the bar a young woman came up to order herself a glass of wine. She was one of the women who had been sitting on her own.

“Is this seat taken?” She asked James, indicating the stool next to him.

“No, help yourself.” He replied

“Thank you. Can I get you one?”

He thought this a bit of an odd question, they were at an all-inclusive hotel, why would she offer to get him a drink?

“Um yeah sure, thank you.”

She got the bartender’s attention again and ordered James another whiskey.

“I’m Krissie, nice to meet you.” She held out her hand for James to shake it as Anna had done on the flight.

“James. Nice to meet you too.”

“You’re British, aren’t you?” She asked

“Yup, how could you tell?” He asked her

“The drink, the accent, the lack of a tan, it was a bit of a giveaway.” She said chuckling.

“Fair enough, what about you? Where you from?”


“I have never been, is it as nice as it looks?”

They sat chatting at the bar for a while about where they were from, she had never even heard of Yorkshire. They went and sat at a table after ordering another round of drinks.

“So why was a handsome guy like you sitting alone tonight?” She asked him.

“I’m actually here on my own, was meant to be here with my girlfriend but we broke up, so I came out alone.”

“Oh, Sakarya Escort I’m sorry.” She told him sheepishly.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault. So, what about you? Why are you here on your own?” He asked her.

“I’m actually here on business. The company I work for has offices in Cancun so had to have a few meetings down here. Then I decided to stay for a few days and rest a bit. I’m actually going home day after tomorrow.”

“That’s great you can do that. The closest I get to travelling for work is a monthly meeting in Sheffield. Um, it’s a town about 30 miles south of where I usually work.” He added the last past in case she didn’t get the joke, she obviously hadn’t.

“It is good yes, I love Mexico, but they only send the higher up people to Europe. I have always wanted to go to London, or Paris or Rome.” She told him.

They sat talking for a few hours before James was suddenly feeling tired, he assumed jet lag had finally caught up to him properly.

“So, what are you doing for your last day?” He asked her.

“I was thinking about going over to Cozumel Island.”

“Never heard of it.” He confessed.

“It’s a little island just off the coast, you can get a ferry from Playa Del Carmen. It’s got beautiful beaches.”

“Sounds nice actually. Will have to have a look into going at some point.” He said.

“What are you doing tomorrow? Do you want to come with me? Would be nice to have company.” She asked him

“I’m not sure yet actually, I haven’t got any plans but not sure what I fancy doing yet.” He told her. He was still thinking about Anna and when or if he should talk to her.

“Well tell you what, here’s my number, drop me a message if you want to come. I’m leaving at 10. I’m just going to go have some beach time and a nice lunch.” She wrote her number down on a napkin, luckily, she had a pen in her handbag, it seemed very old school to him.

“Thanks, I will let you know either way.” He promised her. “Well, I’m going to call it a night, I think jet lag is starting to catch up with me.”

“I’m going too, want to enjoy my last day here. Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow.”

“I will let you know; I promise.” He said as he was about to leave. He gave her a little kiss on the cheek before leaving. “Goodnight.”


James had no idea that Anna and her friends had seen all of this. He didn’t see how upset Anna was as her eyes swam with tears.

James returned to his room, it wasn’t too late, but he thought he might watch some “24” and call it an early night. At around 11pm there was a soft knock at the door. He thought it might be Anna, but he wasn’t ready to talk to her. He didn’t answer and heard footsteps walking away from the door. He would talk to her soon.

He went and got his phone out of the safe, turning it on for the first time since he arrived at the resort. He checked his messages, seeing none of importance he typed in Krissie’s number and a quick text. “Hi, it’s James from the bar. I would like to come with you tomorrow if the offer is still there?”

He thought she might be asleep by now, but the response came back almost immediately.

“Hi James, of course the offer is still open, I will see you in the lobby at 10. Night. Xx”

James locked up his phone again. He needed to take it out with him and take some photos at some point. He got back in to bed, setting up the sleep timer on his tablet. He fell asleep quickly, but still thinking of Anna. How had she gotten under his skin so much?

The next morning, he woke up at 7.30 and not wanting to delay the day, got up, showered, and headed to breakfast.

As he left the room the butler stopped him with a friendly “Good morning senor. Do you have any plans for today?”

“Morning Ceaser, yes I do actually, I’m going off to Cozumel Island.”

“You will like it there senor it has beautiful beaches. Are you going with senorita Green?” He asked innocently.

“Nope just me. See you later.” He left then, to go eat breakfast. The service was so quick he was far too early to meet Krissie, he decided to relax a bit more in his room before he set off, packing his snorkelling gear and underwater camera, hoping he didn’t look too geeky. He didn’t pack his board shorts preferring to wear them and pack some fresh clothes for later.

He didn’t see Anna that morning, she was probably still asleep after her first night with her friends. He was glad he didn’t, he didn’t want to have to explain what he was doing that day. It wasn’t as if he was doing anything wrong, but it felt a bit off.

He met with Krissie at 10am at the lobby. They set off straight out of the complex and heading towards the taxis to the port. It only took them a few minutes to hail down a cab and a further five minutes to get there. They bought their tickets for the ferry, boarded and was there within an hour. It was a good travel service. They spent the journey up on deck enjoying the sea view and air.

“So, James what do you think?” Krissie Sakarya Escort Bayan asked him as they arrived on the island.

“It’s looks beautiful. Want to head straight to the beach?” He asked her.

“Yeah, let’s go, beaches are a bit different here though, they are all separated by bar where you either pay entry or buy drinks or food from them, as they own the land”

“Drinks it is. I could do with a beer.” He told her. The walked a few minutes down the road where you could see the usual locals selling cheap souvenirs or beach wear. They even had a joint guy come up to them whispering “I got weed, I got blow. Want to party?” They thanked him but refused the gentleman’s offer.

They hailed down the first taxi they saw and headed out of the town. They had asked the taxi driver to take them to a beautiful beach, the driver just smiled saying he knew the perfect place.

The bar he took them to was very shabby, but the beach was beautiful. The water was clear blue and filled with aquatic life. You would be able to see the bottom for metres out.

“Is this good enough do you think?” She asked innocently.

“Looks great to me. What you want to drink?” He asked her.

“Beer please, Corona if they got it.” She replied.

James went over to the bar to order the drinks while she stripped down to her bikini. James couldn’t help but watch as she undressed, she had a great body, more like a model’s with big breasts and a great ass. Her swimsuit was more like very skimpy underwear, shame it wasn’t see through.

He came back with two beers and sat with her drinking his beer still thinking of Anna. Krissie dove into her bag and pulled out her phone.

“Come on, in for a picture.” She demanded.

She took a selfie of the two of them. He was sitting very close to her, with her breasts resting on his arm.

They went for a swim, cooling off from the hot sun, it was 33 degrees that day. They swam around a bit, using the snorkelling gear that he had brought with him. The water was so clear you could see every fish and segment of coral, it truly was paradise there.

They stayed in the water for about half an hour until Krissie got tired. They got out and the bar tender brought them another beer each.

“Wow, these beers are going straight to my head.” She told him, looking a little tipsy.

“It’s the heat, you should drink some water.” He replied seriously.

They sat quietly for a few minutes just looking out over the ocean, until Krissie broke the silence.

“I hate tan lines; would you mind if I sunbathe topless?”

He didn’t mind at all. He wanted to see those big breasts.

“Sure, I’m topless so I can’t see the problem in it.” He said trying not to laugh at his own joke.

She immediately unclipped the back of her bikini letting it fall off, immediately exposing her big breasts. They looked amazing but he wondered if they were fake or real.

He had a quick look as she was getting herself comfortable but wasn’t trying to be too obvious. They continued talking, the whole time James trying not to look down at her chest.

She giggled at him. “Just be done with it.” She said playfully.

“Be done with what?” He asked innocently

“I can see you trying not to look at my tits, so just have a good look and be done with it.” Obviously, she was used to people staring at them.

He didn’t bother trying to deny it and looked straight at them. She really did have a big chest and wasn’t embarrassed or shy at all about them. They were bigger than Anna’s had been, and he again wondered if they were real or fake. While he was looking, she applied sun cream to herself, starting with her arms and legs and then moving to her breasts, covering them thickly, making her skin shine and reflect the light. Whether it was from her touch or him watching, her nipples were getting harder making her breasts look even better. She also had no tan lines, proving that this wasn’t the first time she had done this.

When she sat back James averted his eyes back towards the ocean, trying to be more discreet.

“Come on, I can see you can’t stop looking at them. Let’s go for a swim, take your mind off them.”

That wasn’t likely to happen, and she knew it. They waded out into the showers, never going deeper than just above their waists. James sat down in the water, trying to hide his already growing cock.

“They are real. Just to answer your question.” She said bluntly.

“What question?” He replied as casually as possible.

“Come on, you think I don’t know the question. When guys see me, they usually think to themselves two questions. How big are they? and are they real or not? No one can ever answer if I ask what colour my eyes are.” This all came out sternly but she smiled throughout showing she was used to it.

“Your eyes are green.” He said flatly. “But OK yeah maybe the thought had crossed my mind.”

She just laughed at him splashing him with the salty water. “See, men are so easy. I’m guessing Escort Sakarya now that I have mentioned it, you are wondering how big they are? 36DD.”

James just smiled at her. He had no idea what to say until the worse joke came to him. “I hope you’re not wanting me to tell you my size. You know that men exaggerate things.”

“No it’s OK, I just know the usual things men want to know, so might as well get it out of the way. I prefer to see than be told.”

They didn’t stay in the water for too long, preferring to sit out in the sun with their beers. James didn’t stop checking out of her breasts, knowing she didn’t mind just made it impossible not to look, and with his dark sunglasses, she couldn’t see where he was looking anyway.

At around 6 both were getting hungry and realising that their return ferry was at 7. Neither of them wanting to miss it, they repacked their things, Krissie covered her breasts again, to James’s disappointment and left the bar.

They made it back in time getting the ferry on time and was back at the hotel by 8. Neither of them wanted a big posh meal so chose to eat a few things at the buffet. It wasn’t long though before she stood announcing that she had to go and get packed for her flight home the next day. It was strange she wanted to pack so early it was only just past 9pm.

“Do you want to come with me? I still have a lot of alcohol in my room, and it needs to be drank, I also might have bought something in Cozumel for us.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll help you pack if you want?” Ja.es was curious with what she had bought. They hadn’t been into any shops or anything. They left and went back to her room. It only took 10 minutes to help her pack and they were sitting on the sofa in her room drinking the remains of her room’s vodka.

After 4 of these James was feeling a bit unbalanced so decided to call it a night.

“I should let you sleep, you’ve got a flight tomorrow, and I’m really starting to feel drunk.” He told her.

“Oh OK, are you sure you don’t want to stay?” She looked quite disappointed. She moved closer to him, looking him in the eyes as she kissed him. James returned her kiss, for a second forgetting everything enjoying this new girl. It only took a second before Anna and strangely enough Alex popped into his head. Maybe him and Anna weren’t a thing, but he still thought he was doing the same as Alex had done to him, albeit on a much smaller scale.

He broke off the kiss and moved back within a few seconds of it starting.

“I’m sorry no, I can’t do this. I’m really sorry.” He told her bluntly.

“What’s wrong? I know you’re recently single but, you know some people say that the best way to get over someone is getting under someone and I like being on top.” She continued to rub his shoulders and his arms as she said this. Before he could say anything, she had already moved her hand down to his shorts rubbing his hardening cock. He backed away pulling away from her quickly.

“Honestly, I want to, believe me I want to, but I can’t. I’m sorry I just can’t.” He turned and quickly left the room. He wanted to go see Anna.

That little exchange had sealed it for James, he may have just given up a sure thing, but he had to hear her out.

He couldn’t get a transport so ended up walking back, which in his drunken state took longer than he expected. By the time he got back to his own block it was past 12 and thought it better to wait till morning. He didn’t want the night to end with no contact, so he went back to his room and wrote a small note on a sheet of paper from the hotel notepad. “I will see you in the morning xx”

He got himself into bed and tried to clear his mind. It had been a weird few days. He had come here to relax and had ended up in more drama in 3 days then in months back home. He wanted to hear her out and was just hoping this was all coincidental and not something else.

At least Krissie would be going home tomorrow so there would be no awkward moments with her. Looking back he had been a bit naive at her obvious advances. She did have a great body. He was wondering if he had made a mistake when his phone vibrated with a message. It was from Krissie.

“Hey, I’m just getting bed. Might take me a while to relax if you know what I mean? Let me know if you change your mind. Xxx”

The next message came quickly after this time it was a picture. She was lying naked on her bed with a pouty look on her face. She had pulled the camera out far enough that he could see her breasts and shaven pussy. It was a great pic. “Just so you can see what you’re missing xx.”

He wondered if he should have gone for it and fucked her. Anna would never know, Krissie would be out of the picture by tomorrow anyway. But he wasn’t that kind of guy. He already felt guilty about how far it had gone. He had made the right decision.

He shut off the phone and rolled over trying to not to think about Krissie all alone in her room.

He woke up to the usual sunshine pouring through the curtains. He checked the time to see it was only 7am, it was too early to get up for breakfast, so he made himself a coffee and put on the TV. There wasn’t much on so ended up putting on the news and daydreaming. He eventually opened his phone and saw another message from Krissie. This time it was a video.