A Keg Party

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It was a Saturday afternoon and we were in a rush to finish getting ready for the kegger that was at one of your friends’ house. You had on a pair of khakis and a blue t-shirt and I had a short black skirt and a tight pink t-shirt.

We finally made it to the party, only a couple minutes late. Music was playing and people were dancing. A couple of people started a game of beer pong and keg stands going on. We had a couple drinks and then we started dancing, grinding up on each other. Feeling your body up against mine started to make me hot. I started kissing you on the dance floor. You then pushed me up against the wall and started making out with me.

You then pull away, grabbing my hand, telling me to follow you. You lead us to the downstairs bathroom, sneaking in so no one sees. As soon as we got in you closed the door then pushed me up against it. You started kissing me hard, sliding your hand up my stomach, cupping my tit in your hand, rubbing my nipple with your thumb. You then kissed your way down to my neck. Moving your hand from my tit kadıköy escort you slid it down my side, down the side of my leg. Moving your hand to the back of my leg sliding it up my ass, feeling that I wasn’t wearing any panties, whispering in my ear, “MmM, you naughty girl.”

Smirking as I slid my hands down to your pants, unzipping them, and then sliding your pants and your boxers down to your knees. I then grabbed your cock, slowly jerking you off. You moved your hand around to the front of my skirt, sliding your fingers up my skirt. You slowly began rubbing your fingers up and down my slit, slowly moving your fingers in my pussy as you started slowly fingering me making me moan. Feeling your cock get harder in my hand I start jerking you off harder. You then pulled your fingers out, pulling my skirt up over my waist.

Walking me over to the sink, you bend me over, sliding your cock deep in my pussy, holding onto my hips thrusting in and out slowly. I began moaning softly, you started thrusting harder and faster, üsküdar escort slamming me against the sink making me bite my lip so no one hears. As you thrust harder and harder you watched my face in the mirror as you fucked my pussy harder and harder, making me bite my lip harder. I then started slamming back against you as you slammed into me. You start moving your right hand slowly up my stomach, sliding it up my shirt, grabbing my tit, squeezing it.

I start moaning “oohhh, im about to cum” you then pull out of my pussy, turning me around you grab my ass picking me up off the floor. You slam me against the back of the door. Sliding your cock in my pussy, you begin fucking my pussy harder and harder. With each thrust I slam back against the door, wrapping my legs around your waist. You begin thrusting harder and harder as I start digging my nails into your back, telling you “not so hard, everyone’s gonna hear.” You get a big smirk on your face as you thrust even harder, making me whimper in pain as you slam me tuzla escort harder and harder against the door.

We then hear a knock on the door but you don’t care. They ask “Is everything ok in there?” Moaning loudly I reply “Yes” as you grin without a care in the world knowing we got caught. Slamming harder, you begin to groan as you’re about to cum, moaning louder and louder, digging my nails deeper into your back. Moaning even louder as I begin to cum, you star groaning louder as you begin cumming deep in my pussy. You start moving your hips slower and slower until we finish.

Leaning up against me until you catch your breath, whispering in my ear, “God damn baby, We need to do this more often.” Catching our breath, you then put me down, cleaning up you pull up your boxers and pants and straighten your shirt. Cum starts to drip down my inner thigh, you notice and start to grin. Cleaning up then I start fixing my skirt and shirt, and then my hair.

You unlock the door grabbing my hand walking out in front of me, with a grin on your face. People are looking at us as we walk about and I begin to blush knowing that everyone knew what was going on in the bathroom. You walk over to the keg, your buddies then give you a high five, then hand you two beers for us. We then continue drinking and having a good time until the kegger is over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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