A Letter to my Parents Pt. 06

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Note to All – No one under the age of 18 is engaged in any sort of sexual activity in this fictional story. It is neither implied, inferred, suggested nor endorsed by this author.

A Letter to My Parents, Part 6

Me – Sabrina, age 18, 5’7′ 125, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36B-24-34

Mom – Jenna, age 40, 5’8″ 125, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D-26-36

Dad – Tom, age 40, 6’2″ 195, sandy brown hair, blue eyes

Dad approached the bedside where Mom and I were kneeling and waiting for him after his shower. I leaned up to indicate to him I wanted to suck his cock. Mom used a finger on one of her hands to gently rub around my asshole. I took as much of Dad’s cock into my mouth as I could handle. He tasted so clean, so manly, so delicious. I looked up at him as I sucked his beautiful member, our lust filled eyes making contact. He moved gently back and forth as I sucked him. Mom told me to make sure I had plenty of saliva in my mouth so that my mouth felt like a pussy when I sucked Dad. Just tasting his yummy dick had me drooling. Mom pushed her finger into my ass and that set off the fire in my pussy. I looked up at Dad with lust and unconditional love in my eyes. I took his cock out of my mouth for just a moment so I could say something to him.

“Dad, I want you to fuck my mouth like you fuck Mom’s pussy.”

“Wish granted my darling daughter.”

Mom pulled her finger out of my ass so that I could şişli escort get up on our bed. I laid sideways, instead of long ways on our spacious bed. Our bed! Now that was something I was getting used to in a hurry.

I was on my back and Dad mounted my mouth like he would fuck in missionary position. I reached for his cock with my hand and guided it into my mouth. Mom laid between my wide open legs to eat my pussy. I had other ideas. Dad began to fuck my mouth, nice and slow at first to allow me to get used to being mouth fucked. I was loving it. It felt so good and so natural to be used like this. I tapped Mom on the shoulder and motioned for Mom to come up closer. With one hand, I spread Dad’s asshole and with the other hand, I pulled Mom’s face to it. She got the hint and began rimming Dad.

I was in heaven. Dad was fucking my mouth and Mom was eating Dad’s ass. We stayed like this for several minutes. Mom had turned into a wild woman eating Dad’s ass so nasty and hard. I could feel her saliva dripping onto my chest. I rubbed in into my skin. I grabbed Dad by the hips and started moving him back and forth faster and harder. I could feel his precum dripping into my mouth, thanks to the mouth fucking he was giving me and the nasty rimjob Mom was giving him. Mom reached down and found my pussy. It was deliciously wet. She began to finger me, no she was finger banging me. I pulled my legs up some so mecidiyeköy escort she could finger me deeper. Dad picked up his pace and was fucking my mouth like a man possessed. Mom could tell Dad was getting close.

“Baby, your Daddy is getting closer.” Mom said.

I orgasmed on her fingers. I squeezed Dad’s cock with my mouth when I came. That was all he needed, more pressure from lips to coax his cum out of his cock. He slowed down and I felt his cock get rock hard. The head of his lovely dick started pulsing and he emptied his warm, delicious cum into my mouth. I was determined to swallow every drop. I succeeded too. I got it all. I was stroking and squeezing his cock into my mouth because I wanted all of it. Dad climbed off of me and Mom climbed a little further up my torso so we could kiss and share the residue of his cum in my mouth. After we kissed, she got up to go to the bathroom so I crawled over to Dad and laid in his arms.

“Dad, that was wonderful. Thank you.”

“You are so welcome Princess.”

“I want your cum inside of me next time.”

“I would love that.”

Mom came from the bathroom and laid between my and Dad’s legs, gently kissing my pussy and tenderly licking and kissing his cock. Dad and I started kissing passionately and I felt him rubbing my breasts. Mom was kissing and sucking my clit and I was getting more and more turned on. She had also sucked Dad istanbul escort to an erection after a few minutes of rest. Dad climbed on top of me and put his cock in my pussy. Mom moved so that she could sit on my face and kiss Dad while he made love to me. They both held my legs in the air. I felt so open, so lusty, so nasty. I wanted them to do whatever their hearts and nasty minds desired. I was a hot slut in heat. I began to move back against Dad so that he could get deeper. I took one of Mom’s hands and guided it to my clit. I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy with every bit of effort I had in me. I wanted her cum all over my face. Mom’s fingers on my clit and Dad making love to my pussy made me cum again. It wasn’t a hard one. It was soft. It was sweet. It made my legs shake. Mom announced she was going to cum. She did and I drank her sweet cream into my mouth and into tummy. A few minutes later, Dad told me he was going to cum in me.

“Please do Daddy! I can’t wait to feel it inside of me.”

I felt it shoot in me. It felt like a lot. It was so nice feeling his cock pulsate and cumming in my pussy. His pussy. Mom’s pussy. My pussy. Our pussy. Mom lifted off of me to kiss Dad with a passion I had witnessed many times between them. She got up to shower. Dad got up to go shower with her as well.

“Sabrina, you coming to shower with us?” Mom asked.

I snapped out of my state of orgasmic bliss to tell her I was on my way.

“Coming Mom.” Damn I was so happy and so in love with those two.


Thank you all for reading. Please rate and comment. Part 7 will be coming soon. The family moves to Miami and Sabrina has a big announcement.

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