A Load for the Road

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Yippie! Oh boy, oh joy! I get to go on vacation with my best friend today! I couldn’t sleep at all last night; I kept fantasizing about all of the fun Vicki and I would have on our first-ever road trip together! I am so excited! Vicki and I have been planning this trip all year long since our 18th birthdays, and today is finally the day I get to prove to Mommy and Daddy that I’m all-grown-up!

It was really early in the morning when all these thoughts were rushing through my head. Did I even sleep a wink last night? Yikes, I thought to myself…I have a BIG day in front of me and I shouldn’t be wasting any more time trapped in my tiny bed! My flexible figure was wrapped in my soft, silky sheets sliding into spaces unspoken of and untouched…I used to have those boring cotton sheets like Vicki has on her bed…oh, I don’t know how to explain it, but I simply L-O-V-E the way the silky sheets slide on my soft skin! It’s so soft and supple yet firm and toned since Mommy and Daddy want their little girl to grow up healthy and strong and beautiful too! [Giggles]

I was about to run downstairs when I realized I had NO pajamas on! Oh dear, I don’t think I could go out naked! You see, I didn’t look like all of the girls in my graduating class. Some were cute, but none of them really looked like me. I suppose I grew into a young lady earlier than most so I had developed an hourglass figure with protruding hips and the most amazing breasts…I must have gotten them from Mommy! Mommy has beautiful boobies with the longest nibbley nipples I have ever seen. I have only her to thank for the amazing genes protruding from my chest!

I reached into my closet and grabbed one of Daddy’s old shirts I used to always wear to bed when I was much younger. Oh dear! It was faded and nearly see-through but it always somehow retained the smell of Daddy’s cologne. I slid Daddy’s shirt over my head and down my breasts; it was so tight and snug and I saw my reflection and couldn’t help but think I looked like one of those beautiful ladies I’ve seen in Daddy’s secret magazines. I smiled widely as two little nubs hardened under Daddy’s soft shirt and I giggled so slightly as my areola outlines shone through. The shirt was just barely long enough to cover my unmentionables, looking even smaller, cuter and pinker barely hidden beneath the bottom of Daddy’s shirt, so…no need for panties!

Assuming I was dressed acceptably, I ran downstairs, boobies bouncing as I bolted toward the kitchen and looked at the clock… 6:00 AM! Oh, wow, I only get up this early for school but never this early on the weekend! Mommy and Daddy are usually awake by now but I know they went out partying last night with a couple of friends so I am sure they are getting some much deserved rest. Since I was leaving the nest today, I thought the least I could do was make this the very best morning Mommy and Daddy have ever had! And what better way to start the day than breakfast in bed!

I ground some coffee for Daddy and me and started preparing Mommy’s tea. I then fondled my fingers over the fresh fruit I had picked last night from Mommy’s garden. Mommy is an amazing cook and when she has her own personal garden, which I help take care of, then she can cook up the tastiest of meals, leaving my tongue and tummy begging for more!!

I sliced some slippery kiwi and then a pineapple. YIKES! Pineapple juice exploded everywhere, including all over me! Fiddlesticks, I am making such a mess!! I better stick to less-messy fruit such as, maybe, those big bananas over there! The coffee was nearly done brewing and Mommy’s tea was prepped to perfection so I grabbed one of those long, firm yellow things and gently placed the tips of my fingers on the tippy-top of the majestic fruit. I tugged once…twice…ever so gently at first…before my third tug unsheathed the magnesium-filled monster that erupted beneath my fingertips.

I heard some movement from upstairs; Mommy and Daddy must have awoken by the aroma of the coffee! I didn’t have time to clean myself properly, but I was hoping that Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t mind me being slightly sticky and sweet, so I grabbed the serving tray, balanced the beverages perfectly, lined the fruit in picture-perfect arrangement, and then carefully and quietly tip-toed up the stairs to present my parents with their well deserved breakfast in bed. Oh, yay, won’t they be simply excited!

Just before I reached the bedroom door, I heard some sounds…but they sounded wet and slippery. I shouldn’t spy on Mommy and Daddy, I thought to myself, but I couldn’t help but place my ear against the bedroom door. More noises! Thumps! Moans! And grunts, too? What was going on—were they okay? Did they need my help!?!? Here I am, thinking we were going to have a wonderful morning before my road trip, but now I feared that something was terribly wrong! So, without another moment to spare, I lifted my little foot ever so carefully and reached my toes up towards the door handle, all the while still balancing the tray of breakfast, and managed to open the door, pushing anadolu yakası escort it open ever so slightly with flexibility and finesse.

I peeked my head inside their room, but stopped when I saw a reflection in their full-length mirror shrouded in mid-morning light. Mommy and Daddy were entangled in the bed sheets; Daddy was on top of Mommy holding her by the backs of her thighs, as he stared deeply into Mommy’s soul, unblinking and thrusting furiously back and forth, again and again, back and forth, back and forth…

They didn’t notice me come in, as I stood perfectly still as if frozen in place. Daddy was making animal-like groans and Mommy was cooing. She, too, was making muffled sounds yet another part of her seemed to sound like she was making the batter to some brownies; it sounded wet and sticky and moist and squishy! Before I could ponder any longer, a tingle began to form between my thighs. It felt strangely pleasant and electric, and I could feel my private parts begin to moisten up a bit. Oh, no, am I about to pee myself? That would be so embarrassing for a girl my age to wet herself in her parent’s bedroom!

But, distracted by what I saw and forgetting I was carrying quite a large load on the serving tray, I moved one hand between my legs to stop whatever it was from leaking my thighs…but doing so made me lose my balance and I jerked suddenly in order to rebalance the tray, the silverware clinking against coffee cups which caused quite the commotion. Mommy and Daddy froze; but in an instant, Daddy leapt from the bed.

“Jesus Christ, Baby Girl!” he bellowed.

“Close your eyes, Honey!” Mommy wailed.

I quickly stammered an apology, even though I wasn’t sure I had done anything wrong. Daddy was standing beside the bed, his daddydick standing straight up, covering his belly button. WOW, Daddy’s cock was HUGE! I have seen some penises in Sex Ed books, but I have never seen one that big! How was it possible that Daddy’s HUGE dick fit inside Mommy like that? It’s so big and Mommy’s so small, it had to have hurt her so bad but my Mommy seemed to LIKE having that BIG thing beat her up between her legs.

“Honey! Please, let us explain,” Daddy said.

Suddenly realizing I was staring at his cock, he quickly grabbed a sheet to cover his protruding manhood and Mommy waved me over.

“Honey, it’s okay, come sit next to me, and…what’s this? Did our Baby Girl bring us breakfast in bed?” Daddy walked over to me.

“Baby Girl, why don’t I help you with that?” he offered.

He grabbed the tray with both hands and the sheet covering his torso dropped, revealing the big man banana beneath it in the process. I gasped as I gawked at his cock up-close, and saw sticky white goo dripping down Daddy’s long thick shaft as clear liquid came out of the tip of his daddydick.

“My, god! Cover yourself up!” Mommy yelled as Daddy scrambled to cover himself, AGAIN.

I didn’t know what was happening to me; I placed the tray on the nightstand before crawling onto the bed next to Mommy. She was as slender and as beautiful as my Barbie dolls, fully naked and fully exposed, her nipples ablaze in the morning sunlight, perky and pink and so comforting to look at. I placed my head on Mommy’s chest, resting my cheek between her perfect breasts, feeling instantly at ease as I so fondly remember from my childhood. Anytime I was scared or hurt, Mommy would comfort me by placing my face ever so softly upon her bosom; it truly made me feel warm all over and still does to this very day!

“It’s okay, Honey,” Mommy assured me as she stroked my long, blonde hair. “Daddy and I were doing something that people, who love each other, do all the time.”

I looked up into Mommy’s baby blue eyes, moist from the moments she shared with Daddy. She had the prettiest eyes and longest lashes and luscious lips that I give her so many kisses upon.

“But, Mommy!” I squealed in that cute little coo. “I love you and Daddy so much!”

Daddy chuckled, crawling onto the bed next to Mommy and me. Daddy placed his firm hand upon my feminine thigh, adding to my feelings of warmth and security.

“Yes, Baby Girl, Mommy and Daddy love you so much, too.”

I sat up, looking right into Daddy’s face, which was a little ruff and gruff but I always loved how Daddy’s face felt in the morning before he shaved. It always felt so funky and fun and a little bit ticklish against my soft skin! Wow! I placed both hands on Daddy’s cheeks and rubbed his soft scruff against my little hands. Mommy sat up too, and placed her arms around Daddy and me, encircling us in motherly love and musky aromas.

“Yes, Honey, but this is a different kind of love Daddy and I share.”

It’s not fair; I loved Mommy and Daddy so much, but why was it so wrong for them to love me as much as I loved them?!

“Mommy, Daddy,” I pouted, “I love you as much as you love each other.”

I pulled the sheet away from Daddy’s dick and pointed at it. Somehow, it had shrunk in ataşehir escort size but it was still quite plump, nonetheless.

“Daddy, is this how you show Mommy your love?”

Mommy and Daddy giggled.

“Why, yes, Baby Girl, you’re correct.” Daddy rubbed my head playfully.

“Baby Girl is so smart!”

“You guys taught me well!” I beamed.

Mommy slipped her finger inside her wetness. “Look, Honey,” Mommy said, pulling her finger out and revealing white squishy goo. “This is how Mommy shows Daddy her love.”

Without thinking, I licked Mommy’s finger! Mommy gasped, Daddy coughed, and I savored the sweet sticky substance Mommy made between her legs.

“Yummy!” I said aloud, licking my lips. The smell was musky yet lovely and left my taste buds begging for more. “Is this the same stuff my panty-parts make?”

I opened my legs wide, revealing my pink belly and pink pussy beneath Daddy’s shirt. My little puss was still leaking warm juices just like Mommy’s, so I grabbed her hand and placed her fingertip inside of me, showing her that I was equally creamy and wet.

Daddy took my hand and pulled both Mommy’s and my fingers away from my region.

“No! Bad girl, bad Baby Girl! You do NOT touch yourself like that!”

“Daddy!” I retorted, freeing my hand from his grip. “But I make the same goo Mommy makes, too! Doesn’t this prove I love you as much as you love Mommy?'”

“Honey, you CANNOT touch Mommy and Daddy that way and Mommy and Daddy CANNOT touch YOU that way, either!”

I grabbed Daddy’s dick with one hand and he gasped! I thrust a finger inside Mommy’s slit and she squealed!

“Well, why CAN’T I touch you like THIS!?!”

“Naughty, Baby Girl,” Daddy moaned, a slight hesitation in his tone while his dick throbbed in my hand.

“Oh my goodness, Mommy!” I yelped. “Daddy’s dick just flexed!”

“It does a lot more than just flex, Honey,” Mommy whispered, leaning close to my little ear. “Daddy’s cock is magic!”

My eyes lit up in glee.

“Daddy is blessed with a massive dragon-dick and it shoots man-milk everywhere.”

“Yum, I love milk!!” I squealed. “Daddy, how come you’ve NEVER given me your milk before?! I bet it tastes amazing!”

Mommy and Daddy both laughed while Daddy’s dick throbbed and Mommy’s pussy tightened around my little index finger. By now, Daddy’s dick had grown substantially in size, both in length and in girth. It inflated in my hand like a big balloon animal and became rigid like a rock. My little fingers were just too short to cover Daddy’s dick all the way!

“You’re being a naughty girl,” Mommy purred.

Her pussy was tightening around my little finger as she adjusted her hips, allowing me to feel the soft, squishy, warm and gooey-wet insides of Mommy’s beautiful body. “We love you, Honey, but you don’t have to do…this…we…”

“Shhhhh,” I said.

Removing my dripping finger from between Mommy’s legs, and pressing my fingertip upon my little pink lips, I inhaled deeply…oh what a wonderful smell! I presented Mommy’s present to my quivering tongue and curious taste buds, licking every inch of my finger so not a drop of Mommy’s juice went to waste.

“Mommy, Daddy… I want this…I want you.” Daddy’s dick pulsated HARD. “Please, please, won’t you give Baby Girl all of your love?”

Mommy grabbed my head and thrust her tongue inside my mouth. Spit slung and tongues twisted and warm gushy feelings happened all at once.

“FUCK!” Daddy yelled in utter arousal, his cock throbbing beneath his daughter’s fingers.

Mommy slid her hands up my shirt, caressing the curves of my young-woman figure, reaching her fingers upward to tickle beneath my supple boobies. I giggled as my nipples grew harder and harder, pointing upwards and nearly poking through my sheer shirt.

“He-he, you see?? Look how much I love you guys!”

Daddy ripped my shirt off. I had to let go of his daddydick in exchange for being fully exposed in front of them; my blossoming body was of an untouched virgin, so pure and innocent and so naive… all for the taking… and ALL for them.

“Mommy… Daddy… will you make love to me?”

Daddy gently pushed me down upon the bed as I wriggled around on the silky sheets, completely vulnerable and utterly aroused.

“We don’t make love, Baby Girl… we FUCK.”

Daddy then climbed on top of me, mounting me in all his might and staring deeply into my eyes (a gift from Mommy and Daddy!) while pushing his hard dick against my tight wet slit. He rubbed his cock up and down my clit, so smooth and so soft, starting at the tip of my lips down towards my pink soft-spot, knocking at the entrance of his little girl’s hole with his dripping daddydick.

“Is this what you want, Baby Girl?” my Daddy smirked.

Teasing me with the tip of his masculinity, warm juices started flowing out from my pink hole, covering Daddy’s cock and running down into my little cherry asshole.

“Yes, Daddy! I want it!” I cried. ümraniye escort

Lifting my hipbones in hope that Daddy could penetrate me better, Daddy then grabbed my throat with one hand, closing his grasp around my fragile neck and began kissing me passionately. Mommy bent down to my ear and whispered:

“It’s going to hurt at first.”

“I… I want it to hurt, Mommy,” I gasped between Daddy’s tight grasp as his dick throbbed in delight.

“Beg me for it, Baby Girl,” Daddy growled through his lips that were still connected to mine, tightening his hold on my throat as he thrust against my body.

“I NEED IT DADDY!” I choked as I flailed, wrapping my legs around Daddy’s back, opening my tight pussy as wide as it would go.

“Please give me your daddydick! Please, Daddy! I need it! I need you inside me!”

My pussy was sopping wet. Daddy’s cock was covered with his little girl’s juices. His cock head was so big… so round… so ready to wreck his Baby Girl.

“Fuck your dirty little girl, Daddy!” Mommy moaned.

Daddy pushed hard into my little opening… nothing happened, it wouldn’t go in. Daddy pushed his dick harder into my pussy… until Daddy’s cock head barely breeched my hole.

“Owie! It’s too big Daddy!!”

“I’ll go slowly at first,” Daddy assured me, placing both hands over my hipbones, grabbing onto them firmly and smiling widely.

“I don’t want to break my Baby Girl… yet.”

And with a final furious thrust, Daddy’s dick finally broke through into my yearning pussy. My virgin insides were ripping and writhing in an amalgamation of pain and pleasure as my little cunt clung tightly to his rock-hard monster. It hurt so much BUT felt so good!!

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Daddy yelled, breathing heavily, staring into my eyes.

“How does Daddy’s dick feel inside you?” Mommy teased, as she started wiping the tears trickling down my cheeks.

“Oh, so good!” I cried.

Daddy began to slowly shove himself inside of me, ever so slowly at first, so I could withstand all of Daddy’s fatherly love. He rocked back and forth, his dick so powerful against my little pink pussy, making way for his majestic manhood as it quivered in delight in my untouched tunnel.

“FUCK! You’re so TIGHT, Baby Girl!” Daddy moaned between thrusts. He pounded harder and harder and harder.

“Fuck, fuck! FUCK! This is what Baby Girl wants, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, Daddy!” I cried as I felt the warm electric feeling building between my legs.

It kept building and building the deeper Daddy’s dick went. Deeper and deeper Daddy’s cock thrust… it was so big… it was all the way inside of me! But that warm feeling kept growing in my groins… a rush of liquid surged, warmth exploded within, and… OH NO! I’m going to pee all over Daddy!! I pushed myself away from Daddy, jizzy juices squirting as I curled into a ball on the bed.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Mommy gasped, placing her palms over my body that trembled in delight. “You weren’t going to pee yourself! That was your first feeling of an orgasm!”

“You were about to cum, Baby Girl!”

She started kissing me all over, allowing me to uncurl from my ball and relish in the wonderful feelings tingling all over my body. Mommy’s kisses reached my chest, where she starting pecking my pinkish nipples…oh my, they were SO hard and SO ticklish! I squirmed and giggled as Mommy started sucking on my erect nipples; it felt so good, I can’t believe Mommy has never touched me like this before!!

I looked up to see Daddy stroking his cock. Oh, my! From this angle, Daddy’s dick looks even bigger! How did that THING ever fit inside me?!? He-he-he!!

“Would Baby Girl like Mommy to shower her with HER love?”

I yelped my response. Mommy started kissing my tummy and my belly button down to the slit between my legs.

“Mommy is going to show you how much she loves her little girl.”

Mommy started making out with my dripping wet pussy. Oh my GOSH!! Mommy was nibbling and licking her tongue all around in all different directions, making me squirm and wriggle while I wrapped my thighs around Mommy’s head. Mommy poked her tongue inside my little pink hole… WOW!! In and out Mommy’s tongue darted, tasting her little girl’s flavors. I could hear Daddy moan in the background as he spanked Mommy’s ass. I giggled as Daddy continued to spank Mommy on her round, little, tight ass.

“Mommy’s been a bad girl too, hasn’t she, Daddy!?!!”

Daddy then grabbed Mommy from behind and readied his dick for Mommy’s engorged pussy. Daddy slid his cock inside Mommy’s hole and Mommy cried out in delight! Mommy was even smaller than me, I was tall like my Daddy, so I bet her pussy was super small and super tight just like Baby Girl’s. He began thrusting and pounding, making Mommy’s face burrow deeper and deeper into my marshmallow pussy. OH MY GOD!! I LOVE MOMMY’S KISSES! My eyes started rolling to the back of my head as I could feel Daddy’s force exploding through Mommy and hitting me just as hard.

But then, Mommy stuck not one…but TWO fingers inside of me!! WOAH! I couldn’t believe how squishy and swollen my insides were!! Like some sort of warm honeydew melon that feels like it could explode at ANY moment. Mommy tickled my insides while tonguing the little hard spot right above my pussy lips. WOOAAH!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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