A Lover’s Tale

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Sweat poured off Deacon’s body as he pumped his hard cock inside Dave’s tight asshole. “Yeah take it all you silly little bitch,” Deacon yelled as he slapped his partner’s tight ass with pure lust.

Dave reached down between his legs and tugged his own cock milking in hard as his lover pumped his ass with his tool. God this was hot sweaty male on male sex just as it should be he thought. Dave had been craving this punishing anal assault for the past two weeks while his lover had been away and now he was filled to the brim with Deacon’s hard cock inside his ass.

Deacon pulled his cock from Dave’s ass and slid down to his knees, spreading his lovers butt cheeks his probed the gaping hole with his tongue as he reached between Dave’s legs and pushed Dave’s hand away from his cock. In the next instant he was sliding between Dave’s legs and pulling that lovely prick down in front of his face and then sucking on it with wild gusto.

Dave loved Deacon’s wet inviting mouth to an infinite degree. He would never tire of Deacon’s lips wrapped firmly around his cock and the way Deacon would bob his head at nearly light speed trying desperately to suck out all the essence contained inside Dave’s tight scrotum. Dave closed his eyes and remembered just how this had started.

Deacon had been called to the main office of his firm located in Texas a couple of weeks ago. It seemed he had been called upon to become a new senior partner in the law firm and even as much as they hated time apart this was going to bring so much joy down the road. Deacon and he had made sweet love before he had to leave and Dave had even gone down on Deacon as they drove to the airport together. That had been such a rush for them both.

Deacon had been speeding down the highway and as Dave sat there he realized he wouldn’t be tasting his lover’s flesh for the next two weeks and there was only one way to do so now before they reached the airport. He had leaned over and unzipped Deacon’s pants even as Deacon had tried to push him away half-heartedly. Dave had opened the fly on Deacon’s dockers and slid his hand inside finding the long, thick shaft of Deacon already hardening and the tip had been glistening with precum.

Deacon knew what Dave had in mind and scooted the driver’s seat back just enough so that Dave could lower his head into his lap without bumping the steering wheel. As soon as Dave knew that Deacon wanted this as much as he did Dave had lowered his head and stuck out his tongue and run it all up and çankaya escort down the shaft of his cock. In a few seconds he was biting the sensitive flesh just below the head and the sucking it into is mouth teasing Deacon with little nibbles all up and down his cock.

Dave had then grabbed the shaft hard in his hand and started pumping it up and down before lowering his mouth and doing the same thing with his lips instead of his hands. The effect was marvelous for Deacon as he had nearly swerved into another car as they rolled down the highway and he was getting some great road head. Dave had then gone a step further by unbuttoning the docker’s and sliding his hand down below Deacon’s swollen nuts. Deacon had known what was coming next as Dave slipped a finger beneath the heavy nuts and worked a finger just to the ring of Deacon’s tight bum.

Deacon had decided enough was enough and as he got off on the airport ramp he had pulled into the first parking area they had come to and parked way off in the back in a unlit area in the rear. As soon as the car was in park Deacon had lifted up and pulled his pants and underwear down below his knees and lay back the seat so that Dave would have unfettered access to his nether regions.

Dave knew just what his lover had needed at this point and he had lifted up Deacon’s balls and slid his mouth away from that big tasty fuckstick long enough to shove his tongue between the cheeks of his lover and reamed his tasty asshole with passion. He loved the sweaty scent and taste that emanated from Deacon. Dave’s fist had flown up and down the turgid shaft of his life partner and he had managed to slide his finger deep in the back crevice of Deacon’s tight asshole. They were both sweating at this point and in an instant he felt Deacon’s cock start to jerk. Pulling his tongue from reaming his lover he had managed to plunge his head to the base of Deacon’s cock just prior to Deacon unleashing a huge load of cum. Dave had swallowed every single drop with and with a smile he looked up into Deacon’s eyes and proclaimed his love for him.

“I will spend my life worshiping your cock and loving you and that tight ass Deacon,” he had teased before sliding up and kissing Deacon.

Deacon had managed to regain some composure and they did finally make it to the airport terminal and his gate just before they closed boarding. As soon as Deacon had been in the air he was missing Dave and his attention and companionship. keçiören escort But two weeks wasn’t that long in the scheme of things and he would be back before the longing grew too great.

As soon as his plane had landed back in D.C. Deacon had rushed out of the plane and down the inside terminal to get to baggage claim and find Dave. He knew Dave would be down there locating his bags just so that they could escape as soon as possible from the droves of people and make their way home.

Dave had met him halfway through the airport with Deacon’s bags in hand and a few roses. As soon as they were in the car Dave had leaned over and kissed Deacon sliding his tongue into Deacon’s mouth and exploring him as it were the first time two lovers had engaged in a soul searching kiss. Dave’s hands had traveled down Deacon’s body until they came to rest on the large bulge tenting his pants to the point of nearly bursting the zipper open.

Deacon for his part had done the same and soon they were stroking each other through their pants only to realize that they had better get home or they would run the chance of some one walking by and catch them fucking in the backseat of the car.

Dave had raced home while Deacon had stroked his massive erection. They had talked about how things had went and whether or not they should move into a better area now that Deacon was a full partner in the firm.

“Honeylips, we will move into a nice loft just outside of D.C. on the top floor and watch all the people below us if you want. As long as we’re together it makes no difference where we are to me,” Deacon had told him.

A smile formed on Dave’s lips and a small tear ran down his cheek as they drove home. All he wanted now was to get inside those doors and close them and make love and fuck his soul mate for the rest of the weekend. Once they had pulled into the parking area of their complex, each had grabbed a bag and they had nearly run to the front door of their apartment.

As soon as the door was closed Deacon had pushed Dave up against the door and dropped to his knees. At once he was fishing Dave’s huge cock out of his pants and his lips had locked around that shaft the moment it was out in the open. Dave had reached down and grabbed the back of Deacon’s head remembering the hummer he had given his lover two weeks before. With all the past two weeks of built up sexual tension he had held Deacon’s head still and fucked his mouth while etimesgut escort murmuring his cries of pleasure.

Deacon had wanted just this, he had thought of nothing else as he had lain in bed every night in Texas. He had planned on being right here at this moment letting his lover fuck his mouth as he sucked every drop of stored up cum from his prick. It only took a moment or two before Dave had exploded in his mouth giving him a mouthful of the seed he so desired.

Then as Dave recovered is when he had bent Dave over the couch and reamed him preparing his tight ass for a good ole fashion fucking. Dave had been giddy with anticipation and held his own cheeks wide apart so Deacon could get in and ream him as he craved. That is what had led to him being fucked hard as we started this story.

Deacon had pulled away from his cock now and was climbing over the back of the couch and grabbing his ankles pulling his legs up to his chest. Dave knew what he wanted and was intent on pleasing his lover as much as he had been pleased. At once Dave rounded the couch and grabbed a small tub of lube and squeezed out a drop the size of a dime into his hand. As soon as he closed the tube he lowered his hand to his lover’s asshole and started rubbing the lube all around Deacon’s anus.

Deacon pushed his ass out towards Dave’s fingers and pleaded with him to give him what he wanted and needed. “Dave, I’m ready. I don’t need any more lube just fuck my ass lover.”

Dave pulled away and stroked his shaft a few times and then lined his cock up with Deacon’s puckered anus and pushed the tip inside his ass. “Oh fuck yeah,” Deacon moaned.

Dave pushed harder driving all of his massive tool inside Deacon before starting to pump his cock in and out of the tight asshole. “Who’s the bitch now?” he teased as he fucked Deacon’s tight ass with all his might.

Deacon grabbed Dave’s face and pulled him in for a kiss as he felt Dave’s hand wrap around his shaft and start to jerk him off. “Oh god, you big stud I love when you fuck my ass hard and jerk me off like this,” he gasped between breaths.

It didn’t take long for both men to rush towards their orgasms now and within a few more up and down hand strokes Deacon’s cum was spurting from his shaft onto Dave’s stomach as Dave aimed the shaft right at him.

Dave leaned in and kissed Deacon again as he started pumping harder into his lover’s ass. His balls tightened and he knew he was going to fill Deacon up with a hot load now. “Here I cum baby ready or not.”

Deacon rode Dave’s cock pumping his ass at Dave as Dave came in what felt like buckets in his ass. He could feel the cum dripping down his asshole as Dave pulled out. They shared a loving embrace and then headed into the shower for round 2.

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