A Magical Visitor Ch. 08

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“Goodnight my beautiful angel.” Mary said, a bright smile on her face.

“Sweet dreams Emilia, sleep well princess.” Ken added.

Kailtyn’s parents looked down on her crib, admiring their beautiful daughter. Only a week old, she was already the best thing that had ever happened to the both of them. Their very own bundle of joy was everything they hoped she would be.

The baby monitor was on, the crib walls were up, and Emilia’s diaper was freshly changed so the new parents wanted to try and get some shut eye before their daughter woke them up in a few hours. They walked back to their room, half asleep, as they were going on only a few hours of sleep, their new normal with their new baby. They closed Emilia’s bedroom door behind them, and went to their room to fall asleep, almost instantly.

Not long after her parents were gone, Emilia was fast asleep. All of a sudden, a bright light appeared outside her bedroom window. When the light subsided, a beautiful woman was there, floating in the air looking in the window.

The window opened up on its own, giving enough room for this mysterious woman to fly in to the room. The woman floated in the air, hovering over to Emilia’s crib, and stared down at her. So she is the one chosen to be gifted with the powers of a goddess, the woman thought to herself.

The woman reached down towards Emilia’s infant body, and every lightly tapped her on the forehead, sparks emanating from the touch. One day you will be a great goddess, young Emilia, the woman mentally said into Emilia’s mind, over the course of the next 21 years, you will develop incredible, and at times what seem to be impossible powers. You have been chosen to become omnipotent, able to do anything. Even though your mind is barely a week old, you will remember this moment for the rest of your life. It will be fuzzy at first, but the older you get, the closer you get to your 21st birthday, the clearer this memory will become. It will serve as a reminder of just how special you are. Once you reach your 21st birthday, you will become fully omnipotent. Until then, you will experience limited power, learning more and more as you age. I will be at a distance, watching over you as you learn your powers, and guiding you along your path to omnipotence.

The mysterious woman floated towards the window, looking back at Emilia and projecting into her mind, Goodbye Emilia, you will see me again soon. And with that, the woman flew out the window, the window closing behind her. After she was clear of the windowsill, she disappeared in a flash of light.

Three year old Emilia is playing with her dolls as her mother makes dinner. Her mother, always one ear open for trouble, has her back turned on her daughter, working hard on that night’s meal.

Emilia is having a tea party with her dolls, but sees that one of her dolls is out of her reach. She simply desired that it come closer to her, and it did. The doll, sitting on the ground maybe five feet from the toddler rises up off of the ground, and floats into Emilia’s arms. Emilia smiles, and lets out a loud giggle.

Mary turns around with a smile on her face, curious to see what was so funny.

Emilia said, “I made the dolly fly mama!”

“Isn’t that nice. Are you having fun dear?” Mary replied.

Emilia just giggled again, and Mary instantly knew the answer to her question. Mary smiled, and turned back to her cooking, none the wiser that her daughter had just performed an impossible feat.

“Time for school honey! You better hurry up, or you’re going to be late!” Mary said, worried that her daughter would be late for her kindergarten class.

“Ok mom!” Emilia’s high pitched voice replied back. Mary used to have to usher Emilia through the whole process of getting ready in the morning, but Emilia had proved that there were certain things she was getting better at. Letting her daughter be a little more independent, Mary allowed her to get dressed and ready for school in the mornings. This had proven to be beneficial for both of them. Emilia could practice with her powers a little bit, and her mother had a few minutes to get breakfast ready for the family. This didn’t take too long, as it was just Mary, Ken and Emilia.

Emilia was standing at her bathroom mirror, all dressed except for her shoes, and she just needed to brush her teeth before going downstairs. Emilia started at her toothbrush, longing for it to rise up from its holder. The brush obeyed the command of the young girl, and lifted up into the air. The toothpaste followed suit, and proceeded to squirt a bit of toothpaste on the toothbrush. The toothpaste then fell back to the counter, and the toothbrush hovered to Emilia’s hand. She started to brush her teeth, moving quickly so she wouldn’t be late.

Emilia had been using her powers for a little while now, only being able to move small things with them. She had only discovered the power to move things with her mind thus far, but even so, it was bahis şirketleri still making her young life much easier, brushing her teeth being the first example. She was almost six years old, and some time had passed since her first memory of using her powers.

Once Emilia was done brushing, she spit into the sink, and glared at the toothbrush in her hand. The brush lifted from her hand, and levitated over to its holder, dropping in place. Emilia then went into her bedroom to put on her shoes. She sat down on the ground, and grabbed her blue canvas sneakers from the ground, and slipped her feet into them. Next, she stared at her shoes like she had her toothbrush, and as if by magic, her shoelaces began to tie themselves. At first this was tricky, Emilia having to maneuver the laces around and through each other, but with some practice, she was able to do it with ease now. Just being able to do small things was very enjoyable for her though, whether it took practice or not.

Later on that night, after the family had dinner, Emilia was still sitting at the kitchen table while her mom cleaned the dishes. She asked her mom for a cookie from the cookie jar, but her mother said no, as it was too close to bedtime. Emilia didn’t like that answer, but instead of putting up a fight, she had something else in mind.

Sitting up on top of the fridge, the cookie jar safely sat. Mary put it up there so that Emilia wouldn’t be able to reach it. She never even planned on the fact that her daughter had magical powers.

When Emilia thought it was safe, and her mother’s back was turned, she focused on the cookie jar, and opened the lid with her power. A single cookie popped out of the top, and levitated over to Emilia’s waiting hand. She smiled, happy with herself as she enjoyed the cookie.

On the eve of Emilia’s sixth birthday, the same bright light appeared from outside her window. The mysterious woman appeared once again. The window was opened, and the woman floated in, closing the window behind her. She landed on the floor of the bedroom, and looked over at the clock on Emilia’s nightstand. It read 11:59. Once the clock hit midnight, the mysterious woman said, “Emilia, wake up. It’s time to wake up dear.” Emilia opened her young eyes to see this beautiful woman standing by her bed. She was a little scared at first, but put at ease once she was able to fully look upon the woman, and see her welcoming smile. “Happy Birthday Emilia.”

“Thank you, miss.” Emilia replied.

“I have been watching you Emilia. I have been observing the progress you’ve made with your power. I am here to tell you that since it is now your sixth birthday, you will become a little more powerful. Things will be easier to move with your mind, and you will be able to move more things at one time.”

“Really?! Yay! I love my magic, it’s so much fun to play with! How did you get in here though?”

“Through the window, I have powers of my own you know, more than you have right now, but by the time you are of age, our powers will be equal.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Bernadette, but you can call me Bebe.”

“Hehe, I like the name Bebe!”

“I’m glad you do. Now, I can’t stay long, I only came to tell you about your new power, so now I must be on my way. Try your best to keep your power to yourself. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. Does that make sense?”

“Sure does! I’ll try, but sometimes it’s just so fun!”

“Well, if you get in a bind, I will be watching, and I can help you out. I must be going now, go back to bed!” Bebe hovered up from the floor, and instead of flying out the window, just disappeared right where she was, leaving no trace she was ever there. It did not take long for Emilia to fall back asleep after Bebe left, thanks in part to Bebe’s magic.

Emilia was having another tea party with her dolls, but now that she was six and a half, it was a little more sophisticated. Emilia requested actual tea party snacks from her mom, who obliged, as long as she didn’t make a mess. Emilia also wasn’t using her hands at all, which was exciting for her. Her power was growing, and now she was able to control many more things with her mind, and even learned how to make herself float in the air! Learning all of this didn’t take nearly as much practice as tying her shoes with magic did, as her power was getting easier and easier to use.

To prepare for the tea party, Emilia used her more powerful magic to gather her dolls, and then magically dressed them in new outfits. She then assembled the table with the snacks, not having to lift a finger. She sat down in her chair, and hovered her dolls into their seats around the tea table. Using her magic again, she hovered a finger sandwich off of the plate, and into her hand, taking a bite of it. She then magically lifted the empty plastic tea pot filled with imaginary tea, and went through the motions of pouring tea for herself and all of her dolls.

She bahis firmaları even used her powers to make the dolls move their arms and legs around, like they were actually alive. It looked pretty damn real, and Emilia got so good at doing this, that she sometimes forgot that the dolls were not alive. She had been getting better at this technique by playing house with her dolls. She would make them walk around the doll house, sit down in chairs, pick things up, etc. all with her powers, and it was quite a thing to watch. It also made it more fun and realistic for Emilia, as she didn’t have to use her hands to move the dolls around.

Emilia wanted to make things even more fun, so she focused on her dolls, the chairs, the table, and even herself. Without much effort, the whole tea party, Emilia included, floated up into the air. Emilia giggled with glee as she continued to serve tea to her dolls, all with the power of her special mind.

Emilia was nine years old now. She was getting very skilled at moving things with her mind, since that’s all she did when nobody was watching her. When she was alone in her bedroom, she did nothing with her hands, and everything with the power of her mind. Even outside of her bedroom, if she was feeling bold, Emilia would use her powers to move things around. The more she did it outside of her bedroom, the bolder she became.

Inside the safety of her bedroom though, young Emilia would wake up in the morning, and levitate herself out of bed, floating her body down to her awaiting bunny slippers on the ground. She would glance at her bed, which would then make itself. She would sometimes walk, sometimes float into the bathroom where she would shower, using her mind to apply shampoo and conditioner to her hair. When getting out of the shower, she would float a towel around her waist with her mind, then move to the mirror, where a brush would float up off of the counter and begin to brush her hair Her toothbrush hovered from its place, the toothpaste tube squeezing some paste onto the brush as it did, and levitated to her mouth to brush her teeth for her.

Only nine years old, Emilia’s mom did not allow her to wear makeup yet, so getting ready in the morning was pretty quick. Even quicker when you can move things with your mind. As Emilia finished in the bathroom, she hovered her body up in the air, and floated in front of her floor length mirror. She then used her mind to go through her closet and select a few outfits out, and one by one had them hover in front of her body so she could think about what she wanted to wear that day.

Once she decided on a simple outfit, she used her mind again to put it on her body, followed by a pair of socks, and her favorite blue canvas sneakers, the laces of her shoes tying themselves. Once she was dressed, she lowered her body back down to the ground, and was ready for the day.

At night, she could do all of this in reverse to get ready for bed very quickly. Also at night, she had more free time to play around, after she finished her homework. She used her power for this as well, holding her textbooks up for her to see better, and writing with her mind. Homework was almost fun when she used her power. After homework, she would play with her dolls some more. She had moved on from tea parties, and had grown into fashion shows and the like. She would use her mind to change the clothes of her dolls, then magically manipulate the doll parts so that they actually looked like they were walking around, strutting their stuff. It was realistic enough to make Emilia giggle when she did it. Emilia also liked to use her powers to help pretend that some of her dolls were superheroes, and were using their powers for good. She would fly the dolls around the room, and even make it look like the dolls were the ones with the mind power. Emilia got really creative with it.

Outside of her bedroom though, Emilia had to be a bit more careful how she used her power. At the dinner table, she would sometimes levitate her fork full of food to her mouth, but only when her parents had their backs turned. She would also use her power to manipulate the tv remote, changing channels and such, but only if her parents were not in the room.

Her power definitely came in handy when it was time for her to do chores, or help clean around the house. Emilia was lucky if her parents asked her to perform some chores while they went shopping for about an hour. This gave her plenty of time to use her power to perform all of her chores, still have time to herself after, and not even break a sweat.

If her mother asked her to do the laundry, she would point at the washer, starting the cycle, and mentally move all of the dirty clothes into the washer. When they were done, she would move all of the wet clothes into the dryer, and start the dryer with another point of her finger. Folding was the most fun part for Emilia, because she really got to use her powers. She was so powerful now, she could hover all of the clothes in a kaçak bahis siteleri load up into the air, separate them, and fold them all at once, and then they would float into nice neat piles to be stacked on top of the dryer.

A couple of times, she was asked to do the dishes by her parents, and this was quite fun for her as well. All she would do was hover up into the air, and take a seat in the air, getting comfortable, and focus just a little bit on the dishes in the sink, using her power to float them out of the sink, put soap on them, scrub them with the sponge, and dry them. Finally, she would use her mind to move them all into their respective drawers and cupboards.

She liked to think of herself as a real life Matilda. Ever since she saw the movie, she wanted to do everything that Matilda did with her powers. Some things were more situational than others, but the things Matilda did around her house were easy for her. She was easily able to recreate the scene showing Matilda learning to use her powers, making a bowl of cereal, then dancing on the coffee table pointing to things all around the room to make them move, and finally levitating decks of cards and poker chips around her in a sort of tornado. Emilia loved seeing how much control and ease Matilda had using her powers once she learned how.

Outside of the house Emilia was much more careful how she used her powers, but was beginning to be a little careless. She knew she had a safety net, and Bebe would help her out if she needed it. She hadn’t needed help from her yet, but the more careless she got with her power, the likelier the chance that she would need Bebe’s assistance.

A couple of times, she had been lazy while in class, and used her mind to move her pencil around on her paper, writing for her. Luckily, her desk was in the back of the room, so nobody saw her. She would do the same for flipping the pages of her textbooks.

The first time that Emilia needed Bebe’s assistance though, was because she was blatantly using her powers in public. She was recreating a scene from the movie Matilda, and used her powers to float the chalk up from the tray, and then write on the board all on its own. When her teacher saw what was happening, she fainted. Some of the girls in the class started screaming, and some of the boys had shocked looks on their faces. One boy even went up to the board to grab the chalk. Emilia decided to have fun with him, clamping his hand onto the chalk with her magic power, and lifting the chalk higher, which caused the boy to lift off of the ground. This only lasted for a few seconds, as she put him back down not long after lift off.

Bebe’s voice came into her mind. Emilia, what did I tell you about using your powers in public?

I know what you said, I just really wanted to try it, and it looked so cool in the movie!

Please try and be more careful next time, ok? Once Bebe’s voice faded from her mind, Emilia saw her classroom reset. The class looked just as it had before Emilia began her antics, so she was given another chance. Knowing what happened, Emilia decided not to repeat the trick with the chalk.

Emilia was now 11 years old, and her family was about to go on a road trip in an RV her parents rented. She was now packing for the trip, but using her power to make packing much easier.

Emilia sat on her bed, looking around her room. Walking around were all of the prospective outfits she was thinking of bringing with her. She used her power to put outfits together, and then fill them out with phantom versions of her body. Once they looked like an invisible person was wearing them, she had them walk around her bedroom, like a fashion show. If she liked the outfit, it would collapse, fold, and place itself in her suitcase. If she didn’t, the clothes would be put back in her closet.

While she was picking outfits, her toiletries were packing themselves as well. Becoming more powerful, Emilia didn’t have to continue focusing her mind too much on a task, and was able to set things on autopilot, like her toiletries packing themselves. Other things went on autopilot too. When nobody was looking, doors would automatically open for her. If she received a text message, her phone would float itself out of her pocket and in front of her face to see. Her shoes would put themselves on her feet, when all she did was stick her foot out.

Life was getting pretty good for Emilia, but she was curious when she would learn another power. Bebe, when will I learn another ability? Emilia projected out, hoping it would reach Bebe.

When you are 13, and when that day comes, I will come to you to tell you about your new power, but not until then.

Ok, ok, fine. Emilia leaned back on her bed with an audible sigh. She didn’t want to have to wait for another power!

Emilia’s thirteenth birthday was finally here. Her parents threw her an amazing party, and a bunch of her friends from school came. Later that night, when the party was over, Emilia was taking her gifts up to her room, using her power since nobody was around to see. She was floating everything around her room, placing all the gifts in their new places, when Bebe appeared in her room instantly.

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