A Maid’s Journey to the Top Pt. 02

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This is a work of fantasy, so many things would not seem practical in real life. All characters are above 18. Feedbacks highly appreciated.


It has been a month since Princess Bella experienced her first orgasm at the hands of her maid, Annora. She had since submitted to her maid, becoming her obedient pet. And she adopted to that role rather quickly. Although the dynamics of their relationship was hidden from the outside, once they were inside her chamber, the princess listened to Annora’s every commands. Doing so took the stress of being a princess away from her. For that moment, she could forget about modesty and royalty, and just be a girl full of desire. On top of that, the whole experience made her extremely wet.

At the other side of the coin, it was very enjoyable for Annora too. Before being captured by the King’s army, she had led a very comfortable life despite being extremely poor. She had her own group of friends, who would accompany her to any adventures she could think of. They went hunting, they went hiking, just to name a few. She was always at the front, leading the pack. So, taking the dominant role came naturally to her.

As Princess Bella lovingly lapped her pussy at the end of that day’s royal businesses, Annora thought about her life before the capture. In place of the princess, she imagined her lover, who was murdered during the attack. For a moment, she felt vengeful. She wanted to take revenge on the princess for all the wrongs the kingdom has issued upon her village. But as she watched the princess silently licking her vagina, she gradually calmed down. Their eyes met and the hatred was slowly replaced by love. She smiled at the princess contently and patted her head. “You are becoming better at this with every passing day, my pet!”

The princess moaned as Annora patted her head. She craved Annora’s validation. She loved every time Annora patted her head, or called her a good girl. She started licking Annora’s vagina with more vigor. She gently rubbed her tongue against Annora’s clitoris as she ran her hands all over her thighs.

Annora pulled her away and motioned her to lay down. She then positioned herself above the princess’s face and sat down. Bella knowingly opened her mouth and placed her tongue outside to meet Annora’s pussy. As she started licking it, Annora grabbed hold of her hairs tightly and started rubbing her pussy vigorously on Bella’s face. She continued fucking her face as she felt her orgasm building up.

“Open wide, my princess!” Annora commanded as she reached her climax. Bella opened her mouth to receive Annora’s squirts. She gratefully swallowed every bit of it as Annora moved to lay down beside her. They cuddled for a while silently.

“Did you like the king that visited today?” Annora asked after a while as she gently ran her hands over Bella’s naked body.

“Yes, I did!” Bella exclaimed. “Alfred is so much younger than the previous ones. He does not want me to be just another part of his harem. In fact, I will be his first wife. He sounded like he genuinely liked me. When we talked, he sounded intelligent. I hear he is really good in combat too.”

“That sounds lovely.” Annora replied as she caressed Bella’s breasts softly. “So, are you going to agree to the proposal?”

“I don’t know about that, Ann.” Bella sighed.

“Why is that, my pet?” Annora asked as her hands moved to caress Bella’s inner thighs.

Bella moaned slightly, becoming excited at the prospect of another orgasm. She forgot to answer as she felt Annora’s fingers inching closer to her crotch.

Annora spanked Bella’s ass lightly. “I asked you a question, pet!”

“Sorry, mistress! I got excited.” Bella apologized quickly. After all güvenilir bahis she did not want to lose the hard-earned orgasm. “Well, it’s just that I like being with you. I don’t want to leave you to get married.” She continued.

“Who said you will have to leave me? I will accompany you.” Annora reassured her.

“But we will not be able to be together in my chamber like we are now!” Bella protested.

“Well, you could convince the king about that!”

“You are okay with that?” Bella asked.

“Well, only if the king submits to me too.” Annora winked devilishly.

Bella blushed at her suggestion and remained silent.

“Do you think you can convince him?” Annora asked.

“I don’t know, Ann. He doesn’t look submissive to me. Besides, he is a king!”

“I am sure you can convince him.” Annora replied as she got up and started getting dressed. “Get dressed, my pet, we have some errands to run.”

“This will not be appropriate to visit him so late in the night, mistress.” Bella protested. But regardless, she left the bed and started getting dressed.

“It’s our future husband we are talking about, pet. Everything is appropriate!” Annora exclaimed as she helped Bella get dressed.

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Well, from what I hear, he is already in love with you. It’s very possible that he is not masturbating thinking about you.” Annora smirked watching Bella blush at her suggestion.

Annora continued. “He will get more excited when he sees you in this robe so late in the night. I bet we would be able to see his boner over his nightgowns. I sure hope it’s big!” She exclaimed as she finished clothing the princess, making sure a significant bit of her cleavage was visible.

“So, you will make it clear that you will not marry him if he does not marry me too. I am sure he will agree to it. If anything, this will be a dream come true for him. Then you will tell him about my dominant bit, and let’s see how it proceeds from there.” She finished.

Bella looked a bit anxious. Annora softly kissed her forehead and reassured her. “Don’t worry. I will be there standing behind you!”

They left Bella’s chamber and headed towards the guest chamber that the king was staying for the night. Bella knocked at the door and informed the guard that the princess wanted a visit.

They were soon let inside and the king ordered others to leave. Bella protested pointing towards Annora. “She stays.” The guards left the room leaving the three of the inside the chamber.

The king could not help checking Bella out. As his eyes roamed around her cleavage, Annora smirked knowing that the king has taken the bait.

Soon, the king’s eyes moved towards Annora as he took in the curves of her body. The maid’s dress tightly fitted her body and she was making no effort to hide any. She gently smiled towards the king and nodded. “Nice to meet you, Alfred.”

The king was a bit taken aback by the maid calling him by his name, but decided to say nothing. He did not want to ruin his chances with the princess. “Likewise, Annora. The princess talks very fondly of you.” He responded with a smile.

“So, my princess, what brings you here? Do you have good news?” He asked, shifting her attention back to the princess.

“I can agree to your proposal, but on one condition.” Bella replied confidently.

“And what is that, my princess? You know I am willing to do anything for your hands.” Alfred responded eagerly.

“You see, Annora and I are quite close to each other. I can not leave her for you.”

“I don’t see a problem there, princess. She can accompany you to our palace!”

“You don’t understand, Alfred.” She took a pause, calling him by name türkçe bahis for the first time. “We have been sharing my bed. You will have to share it with us if you want to marry me.”

Alfred felt his dick becoming hard at the thought of sharing the bed with two gorgeous ladies. He shifted uneasily trying to hide his hard on. But with the light clothes he was wearing, it was clearly visible to both of the ladies. With the corner of his eyes, he could see Annora smirking at his debacle.

“I would love that, Bella.” He stuttered as he replied after a long pause.

“I knew you would!” Bella exclaimed happily. “But there’s a catch.”

“What is that?” Alfred asked, his dick painfully hard with excitement.

“In our relationship, Annora has been the dominant part.”

Alfred did not understand completely. “I can see that. Growing up, I also had a maid who was dominant. She helped raise me up and she used to punish me regularly.”

Annora grinned as she moved closer, now standing next to Bella. “How did she do that?”

Alfred blushed, cursing himself for the slip up. “Well, she used to spank me when I did something wrong as a child.”

Bella giggled. “Well, Annora does that. But she does so much more!”

“Like what?” Alfred asked with curiosity.

“Well, when we make love, she is the one taking the charge. She decides when we do it, how we do it. She also decides when I can relieve my orgasm.”

Alfred imagined the ladies together and felt his dick was getting harder, if it was even possible.

Bella continued. “She is my mistress. She owns me.”

Then without thinking twice, she knelt in front of Annora and leaned forward to kiss her feet. Even Annora did not expect this. She looked at Alfred to see his reaction.

Bella remained seated on her knees in front of Annora and looked at Alfred. “Well, you have to do the same if you want me, Alfred.”

Alfred thought about it for a while. He was the king and everyday hundreds of people kneeled in front of him. He led an army of thousands of fearless soldiers and led them to victory over ferocious battles. With a simple command, he could build a harem with dozens of the most beautiful women in the kingdom.

Yet, his dick somehow behaved like this was his destiny. He felt an irresistible urge to follow Bella’s lead.

“Come on, Alfred. If you don’t want this, just say it and we will leave the chamber right now.” Annora urged him.

Alfred gave in and slowly knelt in front of Annora.

“Go on, Alfred.” Bella encouraged him.

Alfred slowly lowered his head and kissed the top of Annora’s left feet. He then raised his head and looked up at Annora, who was smiling victoriously.

“Go on, Alfred. Ask her if she will take you as a pet.” Bella urged him.

“Pet?” He asked with a hint of confusion.

“Yes, I am her pet too!” Bella exclaimed contently.

Alfred looked up at Annora and asked her. “Will you take me as a pet, Annora?”

“Mistress Annora!” Bella corrected him.

“Sorry.” Alfred apologized sincerely. “Will you take me as a pet, Mistress Annora?”

Annora patted his head gently. “Will you obey my command?”

Alfred nodded.

Bella corrected him again. “Answer her properly, dear.”

“Yes, Mistress Annora. I will obey your commands.” He responded obediently.

“Will you be a good boy for me?”

“I am a man!” Alfred protested.

“That’s in the court, or in the warfield.” Bella corrected him again. “When you are with us, you have to be a good boy.”

Alfred nodded. “Yes, Mistress Annora. I will be a good boy for you.”

“Say it again, Alfred. Do you want to be a good boy for us?” Annora teased him.

“Yes, güvenilir bahis siteleri Mistress Annora. I want to be a good boy for you.” He reiterated. “And Bella. Please accept me as your pet.” He continued.

“Let’s see!” Annora exclaimed as she walked towards the bed and sat on it. “Strip. Both of you!” She commanded.

Bella was more than happy to comply. She quickly got rid of the robe Annora herself helped her put on earlier.

Alfred, on the other hand, hesitated a bit in the beginning. But seeing Bella’s bare body, he quickly complied too. Soon he was also completely naked, with his big dick hanging between his legs.

Annora beckoned them with her middle finger. “Now, crawl to me!”

Bella immediately complied and got down on her knees. She looked at Alfred next to him and motioned him to do the same. Alfred followed the lead and got down on his knees. Then they both crawled slowly towards Annora, stopping once they reached her feet.

“Kiss my feet!” Annora commanded.

Bella kissed her left foot, while Alfred took the right one. Annora let them kiss her feet for a whole minute before pulling them off by their hair.

“On the bed. On your back!” She commanded Alfred, which he immediately complied.

Then she looked at Annora and commanded. “Go take that big dick inside!”

Annora happily complied and moved to the bed. She positioned her over Alfred’s body. Below her, Annora took hold of Alfred’s dick and pointed it towards Bella’s gaping pussy.

Bella slowly lowered herself on the dick. Once the tip was in, Annora moved to sit on Alfred’s face. “Use your tongue, Alfred. Lick my pussy.” She commanded before looking back to Bella. As Alfred started licking her vagina obediently, she looked at Bella. “Ride it! Bounce up and down!”

Bella lowered herself completely on his dick. Then she started slowly bouncing up and down the dick. Annora grabbed hold of Bella’s breasts and started squeezing them roughly as she rubbed her pussy on Alfred’s face. “Both of you! Don’t cum before I say it!” She reminded them as she pinched Bella’s nipples.

Bella moaned loudly as she increased her pace. Alfred groaned, but it was muffled by Annora’s pussy. Annora herself was getting closer to yet another orgasm. As she reached her climax, she moaned loudly. “Cum for me, both of you!”

Alfred had been holding up for quite a long time. He did not need a second invitation and he immediately shot his load at Annora’s command. Bella screamed as she felt her pussy fill up with Alfred’s cum while she reached her climax herself.

Annora got up and sat beside them.

“Do you still want to be my pet?” She asked Alfred.

“Yes, Mistress Annora. Now I want it more than ever!” Alfred replied from a state of complete bliss.

“Here’s your final task. You have to clean Bella’s pussy for me. Then I will accept you as my pet.”

Alfred was disgusted by the thought at first. He had previously tasted his cum accidentally when he was younger, but he was not sure he wanted it again. But at the same time, the whole prospect made him comply.

As he nodded, Annora motioned Bella to move to his face. As soon as Bella sat on his face, he could feel the warm liquid leaking from her vagina. He could feel the feminine scent of Bella mixed with it. His inhibition was soon lost and he started lapping at her pussy obediently. Within two minutes, he had lapped up all the cum he had dumped inside.

Bella continued rubbing her pussy on his face for a while after that. She now knew how Annora felt when she fucked her face. She felt like a Goddess and it was one of the best feelings in the world.

“Thank you Ann for this!” She thanked Annora happily.

“Now get up!” Annora commanded. “More will come in the future.”

She got up and lay down beside Alfred as Annora took the space between them. She motioned both to cuddle her. As they cuddled together, she exclaimed. “I accept you both as my pet!”

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