A Married Travel Agents Cruise

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I had arrived at Port Canaveral, Florida for another of my agent only trips. This time, however, we would be embarking on a 5 day cruise through the Caribbean with a few stops in Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Dominican Republic. After my last trip to Iceland, I couldn’t wait to see what this trip would have in store for me.

I had stopped at a local women’s boutique and purchased a revealing two piece bikini, that was completely see through once wet, and a nice very short black skirt with matching sheer red blouse, and a pair of high heeled res shoes. After checking into my cabin, which actually turned out to be a suite on the second deck, I set out exploring the ship. My cabin had a balcony with a Jacuzzi and outside dining area along with a separate dining/living room area. The bedroom was huge and had a very elegant king sized post bed.

I found my way around and eventually settled at a table on the pool deck near the railing, so I could watch as we pulled out of port and had our first deck party of the cruise. I was met by two women from other agencies whom I had previously met on other trips. We talked about how our businesses were doing and began guy watching around the deck, trying to determine who was alone, married, or single and what we would like to do with them. It was all in good fun as we all knew that we were happily married and would never do anything behind our husband’s backs, right? I soon began thinking back once again to my guide from Reykjavik, and all that we had done that day at the lagoon and hotel. Little did my friends know, but I was desperately hoping for a new encounter this trip.

We departed the port and had to be at the main dining room for a scheduled meeting with the Captain and his officer staff. Drinks were served and we settled in for the long two hours of introductions and a brief history of the cruise line and of this ship. We began our guided tour of the ship, something none of us really wanted to do, but it was required. I couldn’t wait for the next few hours of meetings and seminars to be over with so I could enjoy the rest of the time on this trip.

We finished everything at 4pm sharply and had just enough time to clean up and get ready for our Captains dinner at 6pm. I quickly found my way back to the room and began showering, all the while thinking about what I wished to happen. My fingers began to gently play with my very aroused clit and found their way into my very wet pussy, first one, then two fingers. I stayed in the shower until I brought myself to my first orgasm of the trip, then found myself lying out near the Jacuzzi, totally nude on the lounge chair.

I had made sure to shave myself well before the trip and it felt great to have a well-manicured play area for whoever my cruise lover would be. I eventually got dressed in a medium length evening dress along with a matching black thong,a barely there bra, and black shoes. Dinner was okay and I sat with the same women as earlier. The Captain and his staff made their rounds of all the guests, made small talk and moved on to the next table. Different cruise, but same old routine when it came to this. After dinner I went to the piano bar with my friends for a few drinks.

We sat at a table near the piano and the waitress took our orders. A nice merlot for me and I settled in, listening to the pianist pay tribute to Billy Joel. I happened to catch my first glimpse of the bartender. He was a young Cuban, slender, built, dark hair, and a very sexy Cuban accent. He wore a white button shirt with the top two buttons undone; revealing just enough of his nicely formed chest to make you think about what the rest of him would look like lying naked with you. On top of his shirt, he wore a red vest, emblazoned with the ship logo and a name badge. The name on the badge said Javier, with Cuba written under it. All the staff wore name badges and had their country of origin written on it under the name.

I spoke with my friends throughout the evening, and they caught me stealing several peeks at the bartender. They all got a good laugh each time they caught me. Little did they know I was planning on having him fuck me during this cruise, hopefully several times. The bar began emptying and after my friends left, I sat at the bar. I had unbuttoned the top button of my dress, revealing just enough cleavage that hopefully Javier could not help but look. He walked over and briefly took a glance at my chest as he said he was closing in 20 minutes and that this was last call if I wanted another drink.

I ordered another merlot and made small talk with Javier, as there were only two others left in the bar at this time. I learned pendik escort that he has worked for the cruise line for the past year, and had another 8 months left on his contract. He was single, mostly due to working for the cruise line, and staff not being allowed to date each other. I also learned that his shift began at 6pm each night for the bar and that during the day he worked at one of the three pool deck bars. It was 2am and the piano bar was closing, I said goodbye to Javier and told him I hoped to see him tomorrow day/evening. He said okay and waved as he was turning off the bar lighting. He has probably been told the same each and every cruise by several patrons and therefore really didn’t pay any mind to whether or not I would see him tomorrow.

I quickly undressed down to my thong and got into bed, thinking of what I would like Javier to do to me. Again, my hands began bringing me to orgasm and I soon passed out for the night. I awoke at 6am feeling very refreshed and alive. We had a day at sea, so I hadn’t signed up for any programs today and decided I would take it easy on the pool deck, hopefully getting to see Javier.

I put on a pair of hot workout shorts with a tight black t-shirt and sports bra. I ran a few laps around the small track at the rear of the ship and had a quick bagel and morning coffee at the pool deck cafeteria. Once back in my cabin, I stripped down and laid out on the patio area, fully nude, with only my cup of coffee and thoughts of hopefully seeing Javier sometime today. I could eventually feel myself becoming aroused and decided it would be better to get ready for my day at the pool. I quickly put on my very skimpy bikini. It is a French cut yellow sheer thong and a barely there sheer bikini top. Both of which become completely see thru once wet.

I made my way to the pool deck at around 11am and found a spot near the front of the pool not far from the main bar, hoping to see what area Javier would be working in. An attractive Hispanic looking young female, I guessed she was around 23, came to take my first drink order of the day, which was a tall mojito. After what seemed to be an eternity, I spotted Javier on the total opposite end of the pool deck. I decided I would finish my mojito, which was one of the best made I have ever had, and would make my way over to the other end of the pool.

I only had a very sheer sarong with me and a book about Caribbean pirates. I was trying to decide if I should swim across, but how would I bring my book and sarong without them becoming wet? I decided it would be better to just walk over, so I put on my heeled black beach shoes and wrapped the sarong around my waist. I found a lounge chair near the outer railing and made myself at home. I spread my towel across the chair, removed my sarong, bent over to take off my shoes, all the while knowing I was being watched by several young men, a few whose wives caught them looking and were scowling at them. I chuckled to myself and laid out on the chair with my sunglasses on, waiting for Javier to come by for an order.

After about 20 minutes, I saw Javier in the area and waved him over. I made sure to expose of much of me as was possible to try and get him looking. He walked over, smiled, and asked if I needed anything. I chuckled to myself, knowing what I really needed or wanted from him. I ordered another tall mojito and said I would be awaiting his quick return. He smiled and walked to the next group before heading to the bar.

Today he was dressed in a white, tight fitting polo shirt with the ships emblem and his name badge, and a pair of white slacks with black shoes. The shirt showed much of his extraordinary male form and I knew I would have to see him naked in my bed sooner than later. He arrived at my side with my drink, so when I reached over to pull the table closer, I made sure to accidentally brush my hand across his crotch. He backed up and said “Excuse me mam, I’m sorry.”

I smiled and said “No problem,” brushing his hand as he handed me my drink.

He walked off and I was trying to plan a way to get him to flirt a little more, especially after getting a brief feel of his manhood when I had accidentally brushed across his crotch. He was definitely all man and I couldn’t wait to find out just how big of a man he really is.

After watching him for about an hour while sipping on my mojito, I decided I would go for brief swim, knowing that my suit would become completely see thru. I walked toward the pool, and caught every male in the area watching as I walked by and entered the pool. I had swam around for a good 10 minutes, enough time for my kartal escort swimsuit to become completely see thru and have all the guys drooling. I walked back over to my chair and saw Javier making a bee-line towards me; I grabbed my empty mojito and held it up as a sign to him that I was ready for another.

Javier approached and said that several of the other female passengers had complained about my suit and asked if I would cover some up. I asked him if there was a rule against certain types of suits to which he said no. I then asked, with a smile, if he had a problem with it and if he liked it. I saw him blushing as he said he liked it and saw no problems with it, except that it was on me instead of hanging to dry. He said he would be back in a few minutes with my drink. I could tell I had gotten to him.

Javier returned and placed the drink on my table; before he could walk away I asked if he had a break coming up. He said his only break would from 4pm to 6pm, when he went to open the piano bar for the night. I stood up, and bent over in front of him as I put on my shoes. I told him I would see him later this evening and walked back to my room.

As it was only 1pm and dinner would not be until 6, I once again laid out on my patio area, naked of course. I began reviewing the itinerary for tomorrow, called in a few trips to sign up for the next few days and began to relax thinking of the coming evening. I later showered and dressed in the very short black skirt and sheer red blouse and shoes I had bought prior to boarding the ship. Underneath I wore no panties and a very see thru bra. When I bent over in front of the mirror, I could see that the skirt rose up just enough for anyone who was looking to catch a glimpse of my pussy lips. I felt a rush of excitement over this and couldn’t wait to see Javier’s reaction to it.

I made my way to the dining area for the evening and found myself seated with persons I had never met. We made small talk as we ate, but I could not stop thinking of getting over to the piano bar soon enough. I was getting some interesting looks from a few of the men at the tables and could hear a few snide remarks from a couple of the women about my attire for the evening. Probably just jealousy I figured, as none of them would be able to pull off wearing this outfit.

I made it to the piano bar at a little past 9pm and found an open seat at the far end of the bar, not far from the piano. Javier was extremely busy, but smiled as I sat down and gestured he would be with me in a moment. The pianist was playing a mix of Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, and some Hall & Oates. There were probably close to 100 people in the bar tonight, but a comedy show was starting at 10pm and I figured that at least half, if not more of them, would leave for that.

Javier made it over to my seat, but was not able to chat or flirt as he was extremely busy. He took my order of a red chardonnay and quickly had it back to me, brushing his hand against mine as I reached for it. He was wearing a white buttoned shirt (top two buttons undone), a light blue vest, and a pair of black pants. As he did last night, he looked yummy.

I slowly sipped my wine and watched as over half the crowd left for the comedy show. There were only 5 of us at the bar, and around 12 sitting around the piano. The pianist began playing Don McClean’s American Pie and we all began singing along, including Javier, who had made it back to me and sounded as if he was singing to me.

I accidentally dropped my napkin on the floor and had to stand up and bend over to retrieve it. When I did this, I made sure Javier could see my naked bald pussy as my skirt gently rose up. When I stood back up and sat down, I could tell he was in shock by the red shade of his face and his stammering voice when he asked if I needed another drink. He quickly went to the back of the bar, out of sight. I assume to calm himself down before coming back with my drink.

When Javier arrived with my drink, I began flirting with him intensely and found that he is not married nor has a girlfriend. Javier was very receptive to the flirting, but also appeared nervous. He said as crew members they are not allowed to have relationship with the passengers. However, he said he may be willing to make an exception my case, and smiled as he said it.

I excused myself and went to the women’s room, where I removed my bra and straightened myself out. Upon returning to the bar I noticed Javier’s jaw drop as he stared at my chest. I smiled seductively asking if he liked what he saw and bent down again, giving a good long view of my exposed maltepe escort pussy. “It’s all yours if you want it baby,” I told him.

“I am definitely going to break the company’s rules with you, hopefully several times”, he replied, as I stood and sat back down on my stool.

We continued to flirt until he had to close. We made plans to have him act as if he was bringing a room service request to my cabin once he was done cleaning.

I quickly made it back to the cabin and opened a bottle of wine along with lighting a few candles. I left the door unlocked so Javier could let himself in. I sat outside on the lounge chair, spread my legs and began teasing my clit as I thought of what was to come. My fingers eventually began fucking my pussy, slowly, then faster. My body began trembling and I was about to cum when I noticed Javier standing in front of me with stroking massive 11 inch Cuban cock.

My jaw opened in shock at the size of him and I immediately went to my knees taking him into my mouth. My left hand held his shaft as my right began fondling his large balls. I had never had a cock this large or thick, and was having a hard time fitting it all in my mouth. Javier grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting his cock deeper. I removed my hand from his shaft and took him all the way into my mouth, balls deep. I gagged and he allowed me to get a breath, and I immediately took him all the way in and held him there for a while.

I pulled him out and began aggressively stroking his cock. I felt him tense up; as if he was about to cum. Javier picked me up before he came, flipped my upside down into a standing 69 position, and immediately began tongue fucking my pussy. I began sucking his cock once again and soon felt myself getting ready to cum. I began shaking and took his cock deeper into my mouth as I began moaning in ecstasy. I felt his balls tighten and before I could take him out of my mouth, I felt wave after warm wave of warm cum shoot down my throat.

As he came out of my mouth he was still cumming. His cum covered my face and hair, something I have never allowed my husband to do, but it felt so good cumming from Javier and I took him back into my mouth to finish him off and not waste anymore of his cum. As I took him back in, I came all over Javier’s face and screamed out in ecstasy.

Javier let me back down and handed me a towel to wipe off my face. He kicked off his pants the rest of the way as wiped my face off and continued stroking his massive cock with my free hand. I desperately needed him hard so I could take him deep into my very wet pussy. Next thing I knew, my skirt was pulled up and my legs were in the air. He slowly began entering me and because I was so wet from cumming already, he was able to go balls deep. I have never felt anything that deep inside of me and it felt great!

He began fucking me, with each thrust becoming more and more powerful. I began screaming in ecstasy and soon wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer. I came soon after, for the second time, as he continued thrusting deep. I was flipped over and he entered me from behind while playing with my tits.

Before I knew it, he had cum inside of me and I could feel his cum dripping out of my swollen pussy and down my legs. I laid on the lounge chair, exhausted and alive, and watched as he went into the bathroom. After a few minutes he came out of the bathroom fully dressed and left without even saying goodbye.

I suddenly realized that we did not use a condom and I was not on the pill. “Oh shit,” I thought to myself and quickly went into the bathroom and into the shower.

I began cleaning his cum out of me, but the feel of the wash cloth rubbing against my pussy soon sent me over the edge again and I came once again. I could only hope that all his cum had come out and that everything would be okay. I was due to start me period in two days; I guess I would find out then.

After that night, I didn’t have much time to see Javier, as we had to take several shore excursions during the day and meet with tour reps during the evening. Two days had passed and I had not yet started my period, maybe it was going to start in a day or two more I hoped.

We arrived back at Port Canaveral and I finally saw Javier just before I got off the ship. I told him I may be pregnant and he replied “I don’t know who you are or why you are telling me this, I have never seen you before mam.”

I then realized that this was not the first time he had done this with a passenger. I was initially shocked, but soon remembered that it was me who went seeking him. I remembered that night together and great his massive cock felt deep inside of me. I decided that the best thing for me to do was to fuck my husband once I got home this evening then tell him a few days later that I am pregnant. He will never know the difference and will raise the baby as his own.

©fd0356, 2014

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