A Matter of Urgency

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A Matter of Urgency
As Pastor Bob stood pressed up against the plywood divider panel, his cock and balls poking through the round glory hole, in the back of his mind he felt a twinge of guilt for being there. Yet, at the same time, the need that had driven him there in the first place had been gnawing at him for weeks and weeks!

“Oh—GOD!” He said out loud, as he felt his erect cock being engulfed by that other guys warm, wet mouth; and the way he sucked on it, filled Pastor Bob with a deep pleasure he’d rarely ever felt before…even during the times that he and his wife Cynthia had still been able to have intercourse (before she’d come down with MS)!

Whoever this other guy was (and their times together were always conducted under a strict form of anonymity), he knew best how to please another guy in this particular way; and, feeling guilty or not, Pastor Bob was thoroughly enjoying at least the physical pleasure!

This was now his sixth visit to this glory hole. He would have come much more often, but something in him kept him away for at least several weeks, and sometimes as long as an entire month. It was his sense of guilt that did that. He knew it was very wrong of him to come tuzla escort bayan to such a place; to, in one way, ‘betray’ Cynthia by being unfaithful to her…and yet, eventually, and in spite of the guilt that attended it, he always returned for yet another fabulous blow job!

Of course, he told himself, in such moments, that he really wasn’t ‘cheating’ on Cynthia at all! After all, he wasn’t having sex with ANOTHER WOMAN! Surely that made a difference! Right? Of course it did! It had to! This was just sex (‘just sex’)! There was no love involved in it. And, since it was with another guy, there could be no possibility of getting another woman pregnant! So, surely, he wasn’t actually being ‘unfaithful’ to Cynthia! Perhaps.

Regardless—it was always, always the growing urgency of the need for sexual release that brought Pastor Bob back to the glory hole again, and again, and again, and it would probably keep driving him back!

There was another thing that was different between this other guy sucking his cock, and the sex he’d had with Cynthia, and that was that Cynthia had never been enthused about doing that; whereas whoever this other guy was, he ENJOYED it immensely; orhanlı escort and that was yet another thing about this whole thing that Pastor Bob found so…well, addictive!

As he stood there in the dim light, and as the porn video was playing next to where he was leaning up against the plywood divider, he closed his eyes and imagined in his minds eye, what it might look like from the other side. He enjoyed entertaining that particular image. He found himself wondering what the other guy might look like. From a very brief glimpse, he’d seen that he was white; but that was really all he could be sure of. He wondered how old this other guy might be. Young? Old? Was he ‘good looking?’ Was he not-so good looking? Did any of that even really matter?! He decided that what did matter, was the WAY he sucked cock; and the ENTHSIASM with which he did so! Everything else was pretty much irrelevant!

Of course, when the time to ejaculate arrived, he was focused entirely on that, and ONLY that! Nothing else mattered. Not the fact that he was a pastor, nor that he was married to a woman with MS, nor that he was being unfaithful to her no matter how he tried to ‘spin it!’ As he felt his orgasm aydınlı escort arriving, the only thing that remained in focus was THAT! He always had such intense orgasms, and after words, the afterglow of that would linger on for quite sometime!

He always thanked the other guy profusely for what he had done! He felt considerably better for having unloaded such a big load of cum, and he was happy to have done so; even if later on, the guilt would reassert itself once again! Yet, these bouts of guilt had grown slightly less troubling over time. These sessions didn’t diminish his love for Cynthia. He was totally devoted to her—as her husband, that is, if no longer as a lover, and this had helped him deal better with the guilt that had attended the earliest visits to the glory hole! In fact, he had found that after visiting there, he had been better able to attend to Cynthia’s physical, and emotional needs! He no longer harbored feelings of resentment, or frustration towards her because of her MS, because he had an effective and reliable ‘outlet for all that!

So, Pastor Bob learned to live by separate sets of books! On the one hand he was a minister, married to an otherwise wonderful woman (who happened to suffer from MS, and was unable to have sex), as well as having an effective, and discrete sexual outlet of his own! No one was being harmed, as long as things remained discrete, and he had every intention of it remaining that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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