A Mother’s Love Never Dies

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Author’s note: Well with a name like mine how could I possibly not conjure up something for a Halloween contest? Well nothing’s changed and in my quest to try to do something a little different, I’ve decided to shy away from dark and evil(I did enough of that in SWB) and go with something a little more playful, a little something more in the vein of a good old fashioned Trick or Treat. As to what that means, I hope this story will be considered a treat despite the little bit of a trick that occurs. Enjoy Lovecraft68


I stood outside of my mother’s bedroom and took a deep breath. This was it. After two years of keeping my feelings secret, I was going to Mom how I felt. I hesitated then moving quickly before I lost my nerve yet again, I knocked.

“Come on in Trevor!” she called out.

I grabbed the knob and as I turned it, noticed my hand was trembling. Pushing the door open, I entered the room that if all went well I would soon be sharing with my heart’s desire. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed, her feet on a towel as she painted her toe nails. I caught my breath when I saw that her legs being bent had caused the back of her robe to fall away. I stared at the backs of her white creamy thighs and felt a stirring between my legs when I saw the thin strip of her black panties.

Mom glanced down and blushing, said, “Oh, I’m sorry honey!”

She quickly dropped her feet to the floor and lifting her hips pulled her robe down over knees. I wanted to tell her not to be, that I loved seeing her beautiful body, but instead walked slowly over to her.

“C…can I talk to you Mom?” I asked softly.

“Of course,” she flashed me her trademark crooked smile, the left side of her mouth curling up a little more than the right. That smiled was also the one that always caused her green eyes to light up, “But I thought you were going out tonight.”

“I…I’d rather be home with you.” I said in a weak attempt to try to steer the conversation my way.

“That’s sweet,” she laughed, “But honey, a good looking twenty year old boy like you should be out with the girls having some fun, not home with your boring old mother. What’s that little cutie Amber up to tonight?

“You’re not boring Mom,” I told her dodging the topic of the girl mom thought I should be dating, ” and I…I think you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you honey!” she smiled, then pursed her lips and cocked her head, “Hey, you looking for something from me, with all this flattery?”

“I…I am.” I nodded, “I…I do need something from you, mom.”

“Well here,” Mom patted the bed next to her, “Sit down hon, you know I’ll always give you anything you need.”

Oh, I hoped that was true, I thought as I sat down next to her, especially because her robe was tied loosely and I got a good look at the tops of her large tits. I’d fondled and sucked on those tits in my dreams since I’d accidently seen her and my father having sex on the deck when they thought I wasn’t home. The look of ecstasy on my mother’s face as my father’s tongue was buried between her legs was forever ingrained in my mind. She looked so beautiful! Her long black hair spread out behind her head, her red lips parted and her eyes rolled back as she moaned my dad’s name. Seeing I was named after him, that had turned me on even more as I imagined it was me she was calling out to.

Even better was watching mom return the favor, lying across my father’s stomach and taking his cock between her soft full lips. She’d pressed his cock between her tits and was slowly bobbing her head. The window I was watching through was open and I could hear not only dad’s moans as she pleased him, but Mom was moaning as well. Mom’s moans were soft and the look on her face told me that she was turned on simply by making him feel good.

Mom had then rolled over and begun riding him. I’d been hard and unable to help it, had pulled my cock from my pants and stroked it as I watched mom put her arms over her head and make a show of sliding her hips across his cock. Mom’s tits were bouncing and again she had that look of pure pleasure on her face. They rolled over and dad began fucking her hard and fast. Mom had wrapped her legs around his waist and called his name over and over as he drove deep inside her.

Dad cried out and Mom moaned as he came inside her. When he was done he lay on top of her and kissed her softly. Mom told him that she loved him and how no other man could ever make her feel as beautiful as he did.

“Honey?” Mom cut into my thoughts.

I looked up at her and felt myself blush when she looked down and immediately pulled her robe tighter.

“Were you…” she paused then caused my stomach to lurch, “Staring at my tits Trevor?”

“I uh….”

I swallowed hard and looked away. My gaze fell upon the picture of Mom and Dad with me at my high school graduation. I felt a pang of sadness looking at it. My father died of a massive heart attack a month after that picture was taken. It was right after anadolu yakası escort he passed that I realized there was one other man who could treat my mother the way she deserved, me. Mom had gone on a few dates since dad died, but never more than one with the same guy. She would always shrug and say when she met the one she was meant to be with, she would know.

Well I knew who that person was and it was me. I was the man who would be able to love and satisfy her in every way and tonight I was going to tell her that.

“Trevor!” she snapped.

I was doing it again and when I focused on her she looked concerned.

“You okay honey?”

“I…yeah, I just miss dad.” I felt bad saying that as I was hoping to get her thinking about how she missed a man in her life.

“I do too.” She said looking longingly at the picture. “I…I’m lonely Trevor, but I…I just compare every man to him and I’m not going to find it.”

She sighed, then turned to face me, “You didn’t answer me Trevor.”

“Oh?’ I asked nervously, “I…I forgot what….”

“I asked you if you were staring at my tits.”

“I…why…why would I be…”

“So you weren’t looking?” Mom asked, then shrugged, “Seemed like you were.” she then burst out laughing; “Jeez I’m getting so pathetic I’m looking for attention anywhere I can get it!”

“I was looking, Mom.” I said quickly.

She stopped laughing, “You were? Trevor, I’m your mother.”

“I know, but mom, you…” The moment was here and a surprising calm came over me. Reaching out I took her hand in mine and whispered, “You’re the most beautiful and desirable woman I’ve ever seen.”

Mom looked at her hand in mine, but didn’t move it. She looked like she was going to speak, but I quickly continued,

“I…I love you Mom.”

“I love you to honey,” she said softly.

“No,” I shook my head and lifting her hand gently kissed the back of it. “I really love you mom! I…I want to love you in every way I want to…” I swallowed and laid it all on the line. “I want to love you the way dad did; I want to be with you Mom. I want to make you happy.”

Mom looked down at our hands again and I held my breath as I prepared to hear her start telling me I was sick and needed help. Instead Mom turned our hands over and kissed mine. A thrill went through me at the feeling of her soft lips on my skin. Mom looked up at me and I saw her gorgeous green eyes were moist with tears.

‘I…I’m sorry mom!” I said, “I didn’t mean to upset you!”

I tried to pull my hand away, but she placed her other hand over it.

“Oh, honey, I’m not upset at all!”

“You’re not?”

Mom gave me a sweet smile and leaning over whispered in my ear, “I want you to baby, I…I’ve been thinking about us, but I know it’s wrong.”

“I know it is.” I said disappointedly, “But I…I wanted you to…”

“But,” she continued in my ear, “If we both feel that way and we both want to be good to each other, why shouldn’t we? I…I’m so lonely baby, please be with me.”

“Really? I…oh.”

I stopped speaking when Mom’s lips pressed softly to my neck and letting my hand go, slid her arms around my shoulders. She turned her head to face me and her eyes staring into mine, whispered the four words I’d been longing to hear, “I love you Trevor.”

Her lips parted and my heart racing I leaned in and kissed her. Mom sighed as our lips met and I moaned in my throat as she worked her soft flesh against mine. She pulled me closer to her and I gasped when her tongue slipped out and began to tease across my lips. I opened my mouth, allowing her tongue to enter it and play across mine. My nose was full of the scent of her Angel perfume and I felt my cock swelling between my legs. Bringing my hands up, I encircled her waist.

The kiss picked up intensity, our lips sliding across each other and our tongues dancing in and out of our mouths. I began sliding my hands up until they were just below her breasts and hesitated. Mom broke the kiss and leaning back smiled and pulled the tie of her robe, causing it to fall open.

“You want these baby?”

“Oh, yes.” I murmured.

Mom’s tits were as gorgeous as I remembered them from the night on the deck. They were large, perfectly shaped and despite their size still high and firm. Her rose colored nipples were hard and as I sat there staring like a fool, Mom took my wrists and slid my hands over her tits. I moaned and began fondling them. They were surprisingly heavy, but soft to the touch and I could feel her nipples poking into the palms of my hands.

“There you baby,” She purred in my ear, “They’re all yours.”

Her words spurred me out of my stupor and holding her tits up, I leaned forward and eagerly took her nipple into my mouth. Mom moaned softly and her fingers began running through my hair while I tongued first one nipple then the other. Taking my face in her hands, Mom lifted my head from her ataşehir escort tits and after giving me a soft kiss stood up and turning to face me, let her robe fall to the floor.

“Oh mom,” I whispered, “You’re perfect.”

Mom raised her hands over her head and my eyes took in the sight of her all but naked body. Her legs were long and well shaped and her hips had a delightful curve to them. Then of course there were those amazing tits! Mom giggled like a young girl and turning around showed me her full round ass in the skimpy black lace panties she was wearing. Turning back around she asked, “Yeah baby, not bad for an old lady?”

“Not bad for any lady.” I said smiling.

“Oh, you’re smooth,” she giggled again then reaching down grabbed my cock through my pants. “And so hard!” Mom licked her lips and with a smile that sent my heart racing sank to her knees between my legs.

I watched my body trembling in anticipation as Mom unsnapped my jeans and pulling down my zipper tugged hard. I lifted my hips and Mom pulled my both my pants and underwear down, causing my aching cock to spring free.

“Look at that.” She licked her lips and taking my cock in her hand smiled up at me. “Honey, you’re mom is going to be so good to you!”

She lowered her head and opening her mouth, slowly took the head of my cock between her lips and…

The alarm clock went off next to my head, causing me to sit up gasping and cursing. Reaching out I angrily slammed my hand down on it and succeeded not only in shutting it off, but cracking the plastic cover. Laying back down I groaned at the feeling of the sheet sliding across my bare hard cock. I kicked the sheet off to stare at my dripping dick and reached for it.

“Don’t do it.” I whispered.

Even as I said it, I knew not only was I going to stroke my aching cock, but what I would be thinking of. With a sigh that held a mixture of desire and frustration in it, I grabbed my cock and began pumping it. I closed my eyes as envisioned how that night with my mother would have progressed. In rapid succession the images flashed through my mind. Mom would wrap her full luscious lips around my cock and begin bobbing her head, taking me deep into her inviting mouth, her green eyes staring up at me the entire time.

In a flash our positions reversed and mom was on her back moaning and squirming while my tongue probed the forbidden flesh of her pussy. Again the scene changed and Mom was on her knees, her ass in the air as, with my hands squeezing g her hips, fucked her hard and fast. The image changed one last time and mom and I were making love. She was on her back with her arms and legs wrapped around me, drawing her deeper into her hot flesh. My arms were under her and I was kissing her neck as she moaned my name in her ear.

I began moaning her name and called out that I loved her as my cock exploded inside her. Mom groaned that she loved me as well as she lay there having her pussy filled with her son’s cum. I cried out as my real life cock erupted sending a long jet of cum across my stomach. I pumped it furiously sending several more spurts of cum along my stomach and thighs before I let it go and slumped down into my pillow gasping.

I remained still and waited for my heart to stop racing. When it no longer felt as if it were going to pop out of my chest, I rubbed at my eyes and sighed disgustedly at the feeling of my cum dripping down my thighs.. The same goddamn dream again. I’d been having it two to three times a week for a year now and the last couple of weeks it had been every night. The dream ended at the same point all the time. It never stopped before mom sank to her knees, but never went further. I shouldn’t be surprised that it was coming more frequently after all today was Halloween the holiday that would be forever cursed by me as it was this day a year ago that…

I forced my mind to stop that train of thought and sitting up grabbed the tissues from my nightstand to wipe the cum from my stomach. I stopped when I was confronted with the picture of my mother on the night stand. It was close up of her face and I stared longingly into her green eyes. I’d inherited those eyes and had many girls, especially Amber, tell me many times how amazing they were. I also sported her thick black hair and in the picture hers had been curled and framed her face beautifully. Mom was smiling that big smile of hers, the one I could never see without smiling back.

Except for now, I thought as I felt the tears coming. The tears were the last part of my all too familiar routine and instead of my stomach I brought a tissue to my eyes and wiped at them.

“I miss you mom,” I whispered to the picture, swallowing back the sob that was rising in my throat I added, “I…I love you.”

No longer able to contain it, a sob did burst from me and putting my head in my hands I began to cry pathetically. The reason the dream kept coming and always stopped before my mother and ümraniye escort I consummated our love was because I had never confessed my feelings to her. For a year leading up to my father’s death I had secretly desired her, but it was more a taboo fantasy than an emotional need. Then for two years after my father’s death I had yearned to not just satisfy her body, but to quench the loneliness of her heart.

After dad’s passing I had quickly fallen in love with my mother and whenever she tried to meet someone, wished her well outwardly, but inside prayed it wouldn’t work. My selfish wishes came true as Mom never made it past a first date. I knew why, because I was meant to be her next lover, all I had to do was tell her my feelings. I couldn’t count how many times I stood in front of her door, telling myself that I was going to go through with it.

Instead every time I would go back to my room, lie in my bed and play the conversation through my head and bitterly masturbate to the thought of the woman I felt I would never have. Those bitter feelings soon became a much more bitter reality. Last year on Halloween, while on her way home from a party, Mom’s tire blew out and unable to control the car she had crashed head on into a tree. The police officer who broke the news to me and my aunt said that she most likely died upon impact and didn’t suffer.

Suffer was what I had done for the last year. Not just from the grief of losing my mother, but the burden of unrequited love. Mom had passed lonely and unhappy. Had I confessed my feelings to her and she had indeed felt the same way things would have been different. Maybe she would not have gone to that party, or the two of us would have gone and I would have driven or…

The tears subsiding, I lifted my head and shook it, physically trying to dispel those thoughts. I looked down at my cum splattered stomach and rolled my eyes, “You’re a real loser Trevor, spanking it to your mother.” Your dead mother to boot my mind added before I could stop it.

“Okay, enough.” I said and deciding to just shower the sticky mess off myself got up to head into the shower.

I stopped and turning went back to the nightstand and feeling like an idiot, but doing it anyway performed my morning ritual. Picking up the picture of Mom I kissed her image and whispered, “Love you mom, thank you for taking care of me.”

Heading into the bathroom I turned the water on in the shower and as I waited for it to heat up, thought that how even in death, Mom had taken care of me. Her life insurance had been over a hundred thousand dollars and although many twenty year olds would have pissed that away, there was no way I was going to disappoint my mother and not graduate. I used half the money to pay my last two years of school and bought a fairly new, but sensible car.

Knowing there was no way I could stay in the condo Mom and I had lived in, I’d found the small three room apartment near campus and paid a year’s rent in advance. Mom hadn’t raised me to be lazy and I kept my job at Barnes and Noble so still had money in the bank in case anything came up. Stepping into the shower I thought that by most guys my age’s standards I had it pretty good; School paid for, decent place to live, enough money not to worry. I knew I should be happy, but what I felt was the same loneliness mom had.

Despite the fact that like my mother, I was attractive enough to have no shortage of candidates if I wanted to date, but couldn’t get close to anyone. As if picking up where Mom left off, I’d been on quite a few dates, but never more than a couple with the same girl and they generally ended with me dropping them off. My friends at school were always asking if I were nuts, I had my own place to bring the girls back to, but never did. Well, not never, a year ago I’d been so frustrated I had brought a girl from school named Tammy home.

Tammy was a pretty little blue eyed blonde whom, because she looked nothing like mom, I figured I might be okay with. In the end I didn’t have a bad time with her, but during sex I kept seeing my mother in my mind. I pictured Tammy’s blonde head in my lap as my mother’s and even as we fucked kept hearing my mom’s not Tammy’s voice telling me to give it to her. Even when she spent the night and I lied there with my arm around her all I could think of was mom.

Like an asshole I never returned her calls. I knew that was wrong, but what was I going to tell her? Sorry, Tammy you’re hot and all, but you’re not my mom? Shutting the water off, I toweled off and going over to the sink quickly shaved. Looking in the mirror I remembered how mom told me I was wasting myself being alone before she passed. Little had she known she was the reason I avoided girls and apparently still was. I stared at my reflection and had to agree it was a waste; I wasn’t conceited, but knew I was good looking and could have a girlfriend, hell Amber was all over me.

I finished shaving and had just gone back into the bedroom when the my cell rang. Picking it up, I had to smile, speaking of the devil it was Amber.

“Hey brown eyes.” I answered.

“Hey hot stuff,” she said, “What are you up to?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I laughed, “Maybe seven and a half if she’s hot.”

“Ohh,” she cooed into the phone, “So what would you be for me then?”

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