A Mother’s Night Out

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“Let me finish this drink and I’ll be ready to get out there with you,” Kimberly said to he son who had graciously given up an even with his girlfriend to show his mother a night out on the town.

Gray smiled and nodded at his mother and then turned his attention back to the dance floor where the young women in the mini-skirts rolled their asses back against their dance partners. Had his girlfriend, Jasmine been there he’d be grinding against her soft buns under her mini-shirt just like the guys on the dance floor.

Kimberly really needed all the encouragement she could get. She had insisted on Gray bring her there where all the young people his age hung out. She studied the provocative way the young women danced with their guys, and she didn’t want to get out there and embarrass herself or her son. She had him to pretend that she was his date and so far he had kept up his end of the bargain.

The last long island ice-tea opened the acoustic tunnel in her head allowing her to feel the beat of the music inside of her body. She tapped her Gabriella Rocha mid heel sandals and smiled brightly at her son to indicate that she was ready to go out on the dance floor.

The beat was slow, heavy, and succulent. Kimberly turned her back to her son on the dance floor and ran her spread fingers along his hips as she pushed her back side against his groan. She moved with the rhythm of the beat moving her bottom up and down and in circles against his groin. She moved his hands from her hips to her bare belly as she leaned back against him.

Gray tried to remember that it was his mother he was dancing with as she caused his hard-on to rise. He had been flattered by her sexy young woman outfit of a mini-shirt and a designer bra, but he didn’t realize that she would be making him horny.

Kimberly kept an eye on the young women dancing beside her and tried to immolate their moves. She bent over forward and grabbed her ankles, moved Gray’s hand to her crotch before thinking about what she was doing, and rolled her ass deliberately against his hard-on.

Gray’s resolve wasn’t that strong halkalı escort when it came to his mother. It was hard for him growing up with a sexy mother, but it had an even greater reward. Everything from starting on his high school football team to his last promotion he could contribute to his mother’s good look and fantastic body.

Gray gave into his urges, dancing with his mother just like he might have with any other girl. He moved his hands over her stomach and then to her hefty tits supported by her push up bra. He gave them both a firm squeeze causing his mother to laugh out loud. He then his hand down to her thong covered crotch and pressed his fingers against it firmly before moving them back to her waist and pressing his hard-on between her butt-cheeks to the rhythm of the beat.

The song ended.

Kimberly turned around raising her arms to Gray’s shoulder, while she laughed hardly.

“You’ve gotten something started now,” Gray said pulling her tight against his body by her butt-cheeks as he massaged them under the short skirt.

“I know,” Kimberly said. “Let’s just enjoy this and have some fun.” She buried her head into his shoulder holding him tight as the rhythm of the music slowed.

Gray grinded his hard-on against his mother’s crotch during the two step. His hands moved over her naked butt-cheeks and massaged the soft flesh.

“We can keep this too ourselves,” Kimberly whispered in her son’s ear as the feel of his hard cock moved her towards a climax.

“I’m going to have to go back into therapy after this,” Gray whispered in her ear.

Kimberly held him tighter and strained, while her body trembled. She closed her eyes and pressed against him as tightly as she could. A wave of heat flowed from the top of her head down to her painted toenails. When her orgasm subsided, the music ended. “I can use another drink after that one,” she said feeling a bit dizzy from the release.

Gray walked his mother back to the table nursing his aching hard-on. He ordered himself taksim escort a water to help himself calm down while his mother ordered another long island ice-tea.

Two songs went by and then Kimberly pulled Gray back out on the dance floor. He felt more relaxed dancing with his mother.

Kimberly laughed and giggled as she attempted the moves that the young women were doing on the dance floor, while her son felt her up, popped her butt-cheeks, and lifted her skirt for all the spectators to see.

They danced provocatively until the club began to close. Kimberly felt flattered to have guys in the crowd to feel her up as they passed by like they did to the younger women in the club. She had one of the best times that she had in a long time.

All the way home, she talked non-stop about the way that they danced and the music. Gray was mainly quiet. It was the time of night when he and his girlfriend would be making out and trying to find a place to have sex.

“Why don’t you stay here tonight?” Kimberly asked her son as he walked he to the front door of her apartment. “I have plenty of room.”

The last thing Gray wanted to do was to go home to his empty apartment and think about having sex.

“I had a great time tonight,” Kimberly said as they entered her apartment. “It’s been so long since I’ve danced, and I never danced like that before.”

“Hmm,” Gray grunted sitting down on the sofa.

Kimberly took off shoes and sat her feet up on the cushions of the sofa. “I want to do that again, sometime,” she said.

“Well, I got to get use to dancing with my mother like that,” Gray said.

“Don’t be silly,” Kimberly said.

“Mom, I spent three months in therapy trying to get thoughts of having sex with you out of my head, and now look at me,” Gray said thrusting out his hip to show off his hard-on. “I wasted all that money.”

Kimberly laughed. “I’m sorry honey,” she said.

“It wouldn’t be funny if we actually did have sex, would it,” Gray replied.

“Don’t be so dramatic, honey,” Kimberly said. şişli escort “It will go down in a little while.”

“You seemed very wet out on the dance floor,” Gray said.

“That’s because I was having fun,” she said. “We can just keep that between us. No body has to know that I’m your mother when we go there.”

“I should have wet my pants when I had the chance,” Gray mumbled.

Kimberly got up and turned on her radio to find the same type of music that was playing in the club. She found the soulful beat and turned it up. “Here’s your chance,” she said moving her hips and buttocks in front of him.

“You asked for it,” Gray said hopping up and taking hold of her hips. He pushed her skirt up higher on her waist as he pressed his hard-on against her soft buns. He move a hand around her front to her crotch and rubbed it before slipping a few fingers under the thin material. He rubbed her hard clit and then worked a finger into her hole. He pushed her bra up over her tit and captured her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Mmmm, you didn’t do this in the club,” she said with a heavy breath.

“I don’t think that they would allow me to screw you on the dance floor,” Gray said.

“Oh, is that what you’re about to do?” she replied.

“I’m about to save myself a whole lot of money,” he said stretching her thong away from her crotch.

“As long as we keep it between us,” Kimberly said turning to face her horny son.

Gray pushed her other heavy tit free from the bra and cupped both mounds in his hands. “I’ve dreamed about holding these in my hands many times,” he said.

“It doesn’t look like you are dreaming now,” Kimberly said opening his pants and then his shirt.

Gray unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs with her thong. He stood and moved her over to the sofa and sat her down, while he kneeled between her legs. He lifted her legs and gave her a long lick from her asshole to her clit. He loved that she had shaved all of her pubic hair.

“This is the best night I’ve had in a long time,” Kimberly said feeling her son’s fingers spreading her pussy lips.

Gray raised moving the head of his cock to her opening. “I can’t believe I’m about to have sex with my own mother,” he said.

“Yeah, I never thought I’d be wanting my son to put his thing inside of me,” she said spreading her pussy lips apart as the head on her son’s cock disappeared into her wanton cunt.

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