A New Experience


I have a girlfriend I have dated for about two years. We have always had an incredible sexual chemistry. Her name is Wendy, she is a knockout and she absolutely loves sex.

One night, we were talking on the phone about our fantasies. She said she totally trusted me and was willing to do anything I suggested. Well being a guy, of course I wanted another woman involved, however, getting another woman would take effort on her part seeing how most women would be freaked out or threatened if a guy were to ask them to go to bed with his girlfriend. I wanted to surprise her, so I decided to take the initiative and, against my own beliefs, recruit another male for her pleasure. I could not just ask anybody, I had to be careful that I would not invite a bigmouth into our bedroom. My girlfriend has this one friend Scott, who has had the fortune of sleeping with all of her other friends…and kept quiet(of course why ruin a good thing).

I saw Scott out one night and asked him if we could talk discretely about a situation and I want his help. I told him I knew about his escapades with the other girls in the group and how envious I was of his accomplishments. I asked him if he had ever had a threesome, his reply was “no”, but he would be a willing participant with the right people. I told him about my girlfriend and how she wanted to try something new. I also told him I was definitely not gay and just wanted his help. He readily agreed knowing what a fine looking girl I had.

I had pre arranged a situation where Wendy and I would be out and for him to meet us at the bar. Wendy had no idea what I had in store for her but just thinking about it makes my dick hard.

We both had a good buzz on and were talking about fucking each other’s brains out later when we erzurum escort got back to her place. I know she was getting worked up because I kept indiscreetly rubbing her crotch as she stroked my dick through my pants. I saw Scott come into the bar and excused myself to go to the bathroom (good thing it was dark because there is nothing more embarrassing than walking through the bar with a raging hard on).

I told Scott to wait for my signal and then casually meet us at the door. I went back to the table and asked Wendy if she really meant what she said about doing anything, she said she was serious and then I told her I had something in store for her. Wendy grabbed my cock and said with a sheepish grin “What is on your mind?”. I told her to trust me, she would not regret what I had planned.

As we started for the door, I signaled Scott, he met us at the door and we talked briefly about going back to Wendy’s apartment and drinking a bottle of wine, then asked him if he wanted to join us. He followed us in his car, Wendy at that point knew what I was planning and took my cock out of my pants and gave me a blow job as we drove.

As we pulled up to her door, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said “yes”.

I kind of felt weird at first thinking that I might regret this but I just let things happen. We got into her apartment and opened up a bottle of wine and poured a couple of glasses. I sat next to Wendy on the sofa and Scott was in the chair next to us. I had placed a porn tape in the VCR earlier and grabbed the remote and turned the tape on.

Wendy smiled and looked at me and said “baby, what are you doing?”(as if she did not know). Scott just kind of laughed and sat back to see what would happen next. bodrum escort About five minutes into the tape, we kissed and I slipped my hand up her skirt and began to play with her pussy. Wendy began to kiss my neck and rub my crotch as I took one of her tits out of her blouse and bra and began to suckle on her breasts. Scott just sat there and waited until he was sure Wendy was ready. I stopped and suggested we continue this session in the bedroom and told Scott to follow us. As we entered the bedroom, I grabbed Wendy from behind and was kissing the nape of her neck and rubbing her tits through her blouse. She began unbuttoning her blouse and taking off her skirt. As I backed up to get undressed, I turned and saw Scott was already naked and ready to go. Wendy likes to sniff amyl nitrate when she gets fucked and tonight was no exception, she grabbed the little bottle and began sniffing as I got undressed.

She immediately grabbed Scott’s cock and started sucking him off. I went to the other side of the bed and got her on all fours to eat her pussy from behind. God she was wet, she was literally dripping with anticipation. I licked her pussy up and down to her ass and occasionally darted my tongue in her anus (drives her wild). She took one more sniff and told us she needed to be fucked now!

I let Scott go first so I could enjoy the view. I was amazed at how turned on I was to actually see my girlfriend with another dick in her pussy. I love to see Wendy turned on and as Scott fucked her, I went to suck on her tits. Wendy was coming, having multiple orgasms and writhing about the bed. She came probably 3 or 4 times in just a few minutes, then reached up around my neck, and pulled me to her to give me a wet kiss as Scott continued his assault. eskişehir escort Wendy rolled Scott over on his back so she could mount him. I stood up so Wendy could suck my cock as she fucked Scott. I sat back and watched her work his cock in and out of her snatch.

I could not believe what I was doing but was lost in lust. I took a whiff from the small bottle and grabbed some lubricant from Wendy’s nightstand, greasing up my cock. I put some of the lubricant on my finger and began to work my finger, ever so slowly, up her ass. Wendy went wild as I fucked her ass with my finger as she fucked Scott. I took the opportunity and placed my cock at the entrance of her ass and rubbed it up and down. I started to push against her opening and she just kind of stopped and said “No, I can’t take that much” I was not even listening and began to insert my cock. She actually stopped to adjust to the size as I went deeper into her ass, she began to rock. About halfway up her ass and she went wild again, this time begging to be FUCKED.

I could feel his dick through her membrane as we both continued. I was so turned on I came almost instantly. Scott and Wendy both came together and we all collapsed on the bed. I remained hard and placed Wendy on all fours so I could have my turn. She took Scott’s dick in her mouth and sucked him as I fucked her from behind. Wendy was leaking come out of her pussy all over the place. I began to fuck her really hard and she screamed and came as I had never seen her before. We all took a rest, I had a good view from behind of come leaking out of her two holes. She told us that she needed a break, and without saying a word, Scott got dressed and just left.

I went over to Wendy and told her that was the most amazing experience I ever had. We kissed passionately and I mounted her, her pussy still filled with come and made love for what seemed like hours.

The next morning, Wendy told me that she would reciprocate the favor but would not tell me with whom or when it would happen. I can hardly wait!