A New Experience at the Gym

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I was a runner, and I was fast, so the local college track team was a natural for me and I seemed to fit right in with the athletic profile. But along with that profile came some things I never took into consideration when wanting to be part of that life.

Locker rooms, showers, and lots of young men just like myself, hormones going crazy and energy that just won’t quit.

The first inkling that I was in a different world happened when I made a mistake in practice and had to stay after and run sprints for a half hour. By the time I finished and got in the locker room it was empty. As I got ready to shower I could hear a shower running so at least someone was there. As I approached the corner I heard moaning and stopped, listening,, and as I peaked around the corner I see these two guys in the shower and one is on his knees getting his face fucked real good.

The guy standing has him against the wall and has both hands on the other guys head. As I backed away I heard a voice say, “Take it bitch, swallow it all.”

I didn’t even change. I quietly got my clothes and got the hell out of there before they came out and changed out behind the building.

But what I saw stuck with me like glue. I thought about it all night and when I jacked off that night I thought about it. Instead of a girl, I thought about sucking a cock, and I came hard, so hard that the first spurt hit my cheek. As I lay there breathing with cum all over me before I knew it, I had wiped that cum off my cheek and into my mouth. I actually tasted myself for the first time and then sucked my finger.

I fought it after that. I went to only hetero websites and made sure I wasn’t in that locker room alone. But that image was still there in my mind.

When I watched porn of some girl getting drilled gaziantep escort or sucking a cock I was looking at the cock more than the pussy. And then one night when I was drunk I typed into my keyboard “gay69” and there it all was, or should I say “There I was”.

I thought that I didn’t want what I saw in that locker room, but those gay69 videos hit me like a lightning bolt that maybe I did. Now I just had to figure out how make that happen.

I saw the two guys so I knew who they were. The guy on his knees seemed ok, but the other guy was a real prick. So I tried and actually made friends with the nice guy, his name was Mike.

It took about a month before we were buddies and doing things together and then one day out of the blue he says, “Hey Jeff, I got a tent for my birthday last month and haven’t had a chance to go camping yet. You want to go to the campground down by the beach this weekend? I was stunned, this was going to happen!

I said, “Sure, sounds like fun. What do I need to bring?”

He answered, “just the normal stuff, bathing suit, towel, You got a sleeping bag?”

I said “Nope, never needed one”.

He said, “that’s Ok, I’ll bring two And we can stop at the store and fill up my cooler with stuff on the way.”

So, Friday night we get out of our last class and met up at our cars and I followed him to the park with a raging hard on all the way. We stopped at the store to fill up his cooler with pop and beer so that took some of my excitement away for the moment.

We had that tent up in ten minutes and took all our stuff in it and set up the beds and Mike said “Wanna go swimming?”

I answered, “Sure”.

Mike starts digging out his swim suit and so do I. We both strip and there we are, both totally naked and there were also two big hard cocks.

Mike stared at my cock and said “Wow Jeff, You have a nice cock. Why is it so hard”?

At first I didn’t know how to respond to that, but then as I thought about it I answered, “Why is yours?”

And then he smiled, moved closer and said, “Can I touch it?”

I looked him right in the eye and answered, “Ok, but only if I can touch yours too”. He reached my cock at the same instant I reached his. We pumped each others cocks about twice before he went down on his knees and started sucking my cock. I stopped him and pulled his head off my cock and he looked startled because he didn’t know why I had pulled him off.

I smiled at him and laid down on my back on those sleeping bags and pulled him down with me. In an instant he was on top fucking my mouth and sucking my cock, and as I took his cock into my mouth he started fucking my mouth like it was a pussy.

I gagged once or twice until I got the hang of it but we didn’t last long. As he sucked my cock I lost it and exploded into his mouth and he started swallowing and right after his first swallow he exploded into my mouth. We laid there Cumming and swallowing and fucking until our cocks started getting soft.

And then he spun around so we were face to face and kissed me deeply with his tongue darting into my mouth and said, “That was fantastic Jeff”. My head was still spinning. I just smiled at him. I had just had my first taste of cum and all I knew was I wanted more. I wanted everything.

Needless to say we didn’t go swimming that day. We lay there kissing and talking until we got hard again and started another round of 69, But this time after a minute he was the one to stop it.

He looked at me and said, “Jeff, Will you fuck me?”

I answered, “Yeah Mike, I want to fuck you so bad. I want to fuck you almost as much as I want you to fuck me.”

I was on him in a hurry when he stopped me again and pulled out some KY. He lubed me up, laid on his back and pulled his legs up and apart. His asshole was right there and I went right in. After about two inches he gasped and tears appeared in his eyes so I stopped, pulled out and asked him if it was ok. He said it really hurt bad so I just caressed his ass and then slowly went back in and just did the two inches until he said, “That feels better, yes, now, Deeper Jeff, but slow.” After a minute my balls were slapping against his ass and I was fucking his asshole like a madman. I exploded deep into his ass and he said he could feel my cock jumping in him.

We didn’t leave that tent most of the weekend. We did everything and then we did it all again and again. By Sunday we were sucked and fucked out. My asshole hurt for two days and my cock was raw from that marathon session, And we both swallowed numerous loads of each others cum.

Mike and I had many sessions after that wild weekend. In fact we became roommates in the college dorm, But I never told him of my first glimpse of him in the locker room. But I did experience that exact same moment one day when I went down on him in our room. He said the same exact thing that the prick in the locker room said to him that day. He grabbed my head as I had his cock deep in my throat and then he started cumming he screamed at me, “Suck it bitch, Swallow it all.”

I think we both wanted to experience that act from the opposite place. I know I liked it when he grabbed my head and said it, and I loved it when he shot that load down my throat.

I wanted to be his bitch and was many many times. And he wanted to be the dom.

The fact that we changed places and I became the bitch was my secret just as what he did in that locker room was his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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