A new spark part 2

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Non Nude

“Dude, seriously?”

“Yup,” I say, while taking a sip of my beer.

Jerry is very enthusiastic about my weekend transgression. I told him what happened because, I couldn’t hide the stupid grin on my face.

“And you spend the whole night with this chick?”

“I did.”

“I never thought you’d have it in you, man. Congrats!”

“Thank you,” I say, still smiling like an idiot.

“So what now?”

“Going to see her again, two weeks from now.”

“Jesus! That good, was she?”

“You have no idea.”

“And what about V?”

“What about her? I’m sure she’s had a fun weekend without me.”

“Yeah, but you can’t keep this up, man. Living in the same house while fucking someone else.”

“From what I can tell, she’s been doing it for a while.”

“But still. Why stay at all? Isn’t that just going to mess, both of you up?”

I pause a minute, shocked by the level of maturity coming from my, forever bachelor friend.

“Damn dude, I haven’t thought all this through yet. Can’t you just let me have this one.”

Jerry backs off and says, “hey, all the more power to you. The stupid grin suits you.”

The conversation turns when some shortstop gets pitched out for the third time in a game. Like we are the best coaches in the world, we tell the players and coaches on TV what to do. They seldom listen. The evening winds down, our team has lost and the burgers are gone. I thank Jerry, who again tells me, that this is the place to go, if I decide to leave.

“Dude, one more thing.”

“What is it Jerry?” I ask. Not sure he’s going to have anything good to say since his alcohol intake has far exceeded mine. But again I’m surprised by my friend who gives me some mature and helpful advice, ”get that stupid grin off your face, before you get home.”

“Will do, thanks.”

On the drive home, I practice. People dying, losing my job, natural disasters, golf. The boring and terrible subjects flow through my mind. Just as I think it is working, Sandra’s face contorted in ecstasy makes an appearance. The vision is so strong I have to slow down in order not to crash. Also the corners of my mouth have moved up. I’m grinning again. How does Veronica do this?

I pull into the driveway and see the lights in the home are on. She’s definitely home. I’ve hidden my pack in the tool cabinet of my car, so that’s safe. Now the smile. Walking to the door, I work on getting rid of it. Concentrating I almost ring the doorbell, instead of using my keys.

I enter to find Veronica in her sports outfit sitting at the dinner table. She turns and smiles at me, “I was just about to leave you a note.”

She’s almost beaming. I guess she had a good night and or day, as well.

“I’m off to the club in a few minutes. How was the hotel, did you sleep well?”

“I was alright. You do anything fun?”

“I went shopping with Charlees and stayed over at her place. We had a girls night.”

Charlees was her Jerry and I’m pretty sure that, if she spend the night with Bruce, Charlees would cover for her. Thick as thieves those two. Not that I has any reason to be angry about it. I gave up the moral high ground yesterday. We are on equal footing now and I have to say, it feels kind of good.

“Sounds like fun. Buy anything nice?”

I never asked, but I couldn’t resist.


Gotcha. But she restores herself quickly.

“Uhm,.. no, couldn’t find anything I liked.”

“Well better luck next time.”

“Hope so.”

“Why not lock it down right now,” I think.

“You can try again two weeks from now, I have a meeting out of town.”

“Excellent! I tell Char,” she’s beaming while she says this.

“Well I got to go. See you tonight.”

“Have fun at the club.”

Passing me on her way to the door, she gives me a kiss goodbye. Something she hasn’t done for a long time. When I’m sure she’s gone I get my backpack from the car and remove the dirty clothes. An item falls out I had forgotten about. A blue, frilly laced, pair of panties. My heart stops and the past day flashes before my eyes. I pick up the pair and unable to resist, put them to my nose and inhale. The sweet aroma of my new lover fills me up and strengthens my memories.

I stand there in the laundry room for a minute or two just breathing her in. When the movie playing in my mind, gets to our goodbyes in the parking lot, I remove the garment from my nose and place it back into the pack. The pack goes into the car and the laundry is done with extra scented detergent.

On my way to bed, all I can think of is Sandra. That becomes especially true, in the shower. The water is flowing over me and my hands extend outward, trying in vain to find her. Once in bed my friend makes a tent of the sheets. However he’s had so much release the last days, I’m not inclined to handle him.

“Thinking of you.”

I turn on ESPN after having sent this. Nothing better than a sport channel to get you, out of the mood. A few minutes into the day’s recap, my phone chimes in.

“Me too. Can’t believe, we have to wait two whole weeks.”

“Found your little gift, while doing laundry. I spend a few minutes just smelling you. Hope that’s not weird.”

“I haven’t eaten anything yet, because I can still taste you.”

“That’s kind of hot.”

We chat for a few minutes however deciding not to make it to overtly sexual, because of our over sensitive love parts. After about ten minutes we sign off.

I don’t notice Veronica coming home because the next sensation I have is the feeling of drool on my face. Upon inspection, I figure out that I must have really been out for the count last night, because I’ve drooled on my pillow. I sit up to find myself alone in bed. My mind wanders to Veronica sleeping with Brad. Still glad to find that doesn’t bother me.

I get up to find Veronica working in the garden. I never got that about her. It’s a hobby she picked up, a couple of years ago. To her credit, she has transformed the garden, from a bunch of tiles and rocks to the garden of Eve, apple tree and all.

Because neither of us can just sit in a corner, texting like smitten teenagers, conversation between Sandra and me, is painfully slow and due to the pace, boring. More status updates, than anything else. I’m doing this and then that, and so on. By the end of the night we decide not to drive each other crazy like this the rest of the time. Making an appointment to have a nice talk seems like a better idea. It’s set for Wednesday night. My interruption will be at the club or wherever and hers is playing darts.

The next few days are a grind. Work is blissfully busy, which kills time and provides an excellent distraction. When Wednesday morning roles around my friend has finally recovered from the weekend and I promise that if he behaves himself today, he’ll get a good spanking tonight.

When I’m at my desk I receive a text.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

Before I can respond a picture of a pair of breasts fills my screen. I quickly scan my environment. No clue why, I’m alone in my own office, it’s an automatic reflex, I guess. I look back at the screen and stare at the beauties. My mind goes to the memory of my mouth on those nipples and Sandra’s moans of joy.

Just then my office phone rings. I put the cellphone face down and answer it. During a conversations about debt to equity ratio in the developing markets, I hear my cell buzz a few more times. My cock doesn’t know what to do with himself. Up or down, work or Sandra, debt or boobs. He’s never been this confused.

When the work call ends I grab the phone to find out what she’s sent.

“I would like a picture of your naked chest, please.”

“And yes, I realize you are at work. So am I.”

“Send it, or I’ll keep distracting you, all day.”

The last message is followed by an evil smiley face.

“My god, you’re evil. Gimme a minute.”

I stand up and before I leave my office, I lay my cock to the side, reminding him of our deal, hoping he won’t spring up. Rushing to the bathroom I’m almost stopped by one of my colleagues, who I can wave off by expressing an emergence. I get into a booth and listen for a few seconds. I think I’m alone. Turning off the audio, I place the phone on the closed lid and start to undress. I go all the way down to my underwear and snap a selfie from the neck down. After sending it, I get a response thanking me and telling me I can go back to work again.

The rest of the day passes uneventfully, I do however have to muster up, the will of a thousand men, in order not to look at that picture. Getting home it’s once again one of those days that Veronica just doesn’t seem to want to fuck off. Going through twenty different outfits, I think, “he’s not going to care what boring plaid skirt your wearing.”

Finally she’s chosen one and is out the door. I’m alone! I grab my phone, which I left on quiet mode to find there are already two messages waiting for me.

“Waiting 4U”

The second is another picture. This one is of her naked upper body and smiling face. Mister happy is no longer confused and stands at high alert. I undress, jump into bed and text back, “I’m here.”

“You took your sweet time.”

“Not me, she wouldn’t leave.”

“How rude!”

“Indeed. You look sexy!”

“I’m not wearing anything. Not even makeup.”

“So, that is sexy!”

“Show me how sexy, you think I am.”

I get what she means and I aim the camera on my phone down, where I’m standing at full attention.

“Good answer!”

“Are you free to talk?”

My question is answered by my ringing phone.



“I’ve missed you”

“I’ve missed you to.”

“You look like you’re in need.”

“If only you were here.”

“Do you have my gift near you?”

“No, it’s in the car.”

“I dare you to get at. Right now, as you are.”

“And what do I get if I do this.”

“Besides my smell.”


“Another picture.”


I get out of bed and rush downstairs. When I open the front door and hit the alarm button on the car keys she asks, “are you really naked?”

“As the day I was born.”

“Now that, is sexy.”

I grab the pack from the car and rush back inside. Up in the bedroom with her panties on my face, our conversation continues.

“I believe I’m owed something.”

“It’s on its way.”

I get more then I was promised. A small video plays of Sandra pleasuring her pussy.

“My god, that’s hot.”

“Tell me you’re doing the same.”

Apparently I have some catching up to do. I start with vigor.

“I am now.”

“I want your lips on my pussy.”

“And my cock in your mouth.”

“Sixty nine. That’s two new things, we’re going to do.”

“You’re still serious about doing,..”

“You bring that gorgeous cock of yours and I’ll bring the ass.”

“I can’t wait.”

We’re both breathing heavy.

“How far off are you?”

“Not very.”

“I’m on my hands and knees, while you take me from behind. God! I want you so much!”

“I grab your hair as I thrust forward.”


“Spank yourself!”

I hear her hand land on flesh, with some force.


Once more I hear her flesh come into contact with her hand. This time it’s followed by a stream of undefinable words hidden in a long moan. Through this I make out one word, “cumming!”

“Me too!”

I enjoy my orgasm while looking at Sandra’s little movie. I feel the cum shooting onto me, almost reaching my neck. When both of our breathing slows she says, “another first for you.”

“Never had phone sex?”

“No. It’s nice, but now I just miss you.”

“I wish you were here with me.”

“Mmm… me too. Your cock inside me, slowly getting smaller and your cum warming my insides.”

“That sounds like heaven, cause right now it’s just all over me.”


I oblige.

“That is so hot. Just imagine me licking it off you.”

I’m done for now, but Sandra wants more. While describing what I’m going to do to her and ordering her to execute various activities she screams and cums again.

Both satisfied, we talk about the small things. The day, work and Easter weekend. Because of this, we have to wait a whole week before we can do this again. We try to match some free time on Sunday but it doesn’t fit.
Long before Veronica comes home, everything is cleaned and put back into its place. I fall asleep lonely but satisfied.

Easter weekend is turning out to be hell on earth. On Sunday I’m forced to make an appearance at the club. It’s so deadly boring. I can’t find a squash game to save my life, in the end I’m resigned to play a round of golf. It’s that or spend time with Veronica and her fuckwit friends. The day does pick up somewhat, when on the back nine, I run into mister Bruce van Hooyten himself. With still no desire in me to hurt this man, we say our friendly hallo’s as we play through.

Back at the main building while stowing my clubs I hear, “So Dillon, how did you make out?”
It’s Bruce, he’s got balls, I’ll give him that. If I was shtupping someone’s wife, I wouldn’t start up a conversation with the guy.

“Not great, 12 over. You?”

“About par.”

“You must be here more often than I.

“I do work in the occasional round.”

“How’s Mary?”

“Oh, you know her. Practically lives here.”

“Sounds like my Veronica.”

My Veronica, I don’t even feel that’s true anymore. But the expression on Bruce’s face is fun to watch.

“Yes, how is your better half?”

‘Like you don’t already know.’

“She’s fine. You know, work, club, garden. Keeps her busy. We should get together some time, the four of us. Have brunch.”

Bruce is now clearly getting uncomfortable and ends the conversation with, “yes, well, I’ll have Mary set something up.”

Walking away, I think to myself, “sure you will.”

In the main hall, a banquet is setup. The one upside of this place is the food. I load up a plate and see Veronica working the room. She’s in her element here. Gliding from table to table, all smiles and hugs. Most of it is so insincere you can tell from across the room, none of these people really like each other. I have to get out of this environment. And I don’t just mean for now.

All I can do right now, is escape home. I walk over to Veronica and tell her. Initially she’s quite annoyed but when I tell her she’s more than welcome to stay, she cools off a bit and when I mention my conversation with Bruce and the impending brunch plans, she backs off completely.

“You want the car or are you going to take a cab?”

“I’m already a bit tipsy and plan on getting more so.”

With a polite smile I say, “I’ll drive then.”

“Would you mind checking on everything for tomorrow?”

“Sure, no problem.”

“I’ve made a list, it’s on the fridge.”

“Got it. Have fun.”

I walk away. Tomorrow, her parents come to visit. It’s not that I hate them or they me, but we have nothing in common. He’s a retired banker with one sole hobby, boating. The man can and will, go on and on, about every tidbit of nautical nonsense he’s come across. I’ve tried so hard, to avoid the subject but it’s near impossible. Give the man a question about the weather and you get a sermon about some new weather gizmo he’s installed on his yacht. Veronica’s mother is like her daughter, a country club socialite. The only difference is that their club has a harbor. They’re flying in tomorrow morning and staying until Wednesday. Oh, the Torture.

At home I get the list, off the fridge. It’s mostly shopping and getting the house ready for guests. Somewhere toward the end of the afternoon it’s all done and I wait for my pizza to arrive. During the day I’ve chatted a bit with Sandra, who has a house full of guests. In passing I mention my trip to the airport in the morning.

“That’s only a fifteen minute drive from where I live.”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

The phone stays quiet after that. She’s probably busy with dinner and my pizza has just arrived. During my solitary meal, a chime rings and I get excited. This is quashed by a message from Veronica, informing me she won’t be home till late and asking if everything is ready.

“Everything’s done, you have fun, dear.”

“Thank you. Don’t forget to pick up my parents.”

“I won’t.”

The phone beeps again, “can you talk, now?”

This time I call her.

“Quick, I’m in the bathroom,” she whispers, “what time do you have to be at the airport?”

“Eleven AM.”

“Can you be there sooner?”


“There’s an abandoned shopping mall close by. I’ll send you the details. Meet me there at nine.”

“You got it.”

“Got to go. See you tomorrow.”

“Can’t wait, bye.”

I own a station wagon, so I figure that’ll be the best place for us. From the attic I grab a crate of blankets and place them behind the driver seat.

I leave in the morning and race to the location given to me by Sandra. I get there, a good ten minutes early to find an empty parking lot. I get out and fold down the rear seats and use the blankets to create a makeshift bed. I check my watch and text her.

“I’m here.”

A few seconds later I get back, “drive around back, there’s an opening into the building.”

I start the car and do as I’m told. When I reach the other side of the building, a ramp leads up to an open door. Once inside I see another car. I rush up next to it and see my beauty getting out. I run to meet her as she does the same. Our bodies clash and lips touch. Through the swirl of tongue and heavy breathing words like, Hi, want, need and back seat, fly around.

We stumble towards my car where, I open the tailgate.

“Came prepared I see.”

“Call me boy scout.”

“All right mister boy scout. Lead the way.”

We get in and clothes start flying of my body. Sandra is almost taring them off. When I’m fully naked she pulls back. Hunched over me she says, ”that’s what I like to see.”

“Your turn.”

She’s wearing a dress, like last time. She pulls the straps over her shoulders and pulls her skirt up. The dress lingers in the middle, to leave the rest of her naked.

“You’re still a site to behold.”

Sandra smiles and finds my backpack. She removes a condom and wraps it around me.

“I’m sorry, I’m in need. We’ll do a long slow session next weekend but for now….”

A sharp intake of air stops her from speaking as she guides herself over me. No fancy positions, just her on top of me. Our most intimate parts colliding as our tongues fondle one and other. The car begins to shake and the windows fog up. We make love like this, neither of us wanting to change in fear of giving up the closeness of our bodies.

“Oh, God, already!”

“Not me.”

“No meeeeeee!”

Sandra begins to shudder and her motions become more direct but less frequent. Her kisses stop and she raises her head, presenting me, with her neck. I eagerly suck and kiss the exposed flesh. When she calms down, our eyes meet and she begins her motion again. Smiling we stare into each other’s eyes. Holding eye contact until we cum together.

After the rush has died down, we lie entwined, kissing softly.

“I needed this, so bad.”

“You needed this, I’ve been walking around all week, with wet panties.”

“That sounds sexy.”

“For you maybe, for me it’s just annoying.”

“Well, I hope this helps.”

“It will for today at least.”

“How is your awful Easter shaping up?”

“In-laws are all over my house. Loud and obnoxious bunch. This is such a welcome relief.”

“I’m about the get my fill of them.”

“Poor you.”

Satisfied we fall asleep in our naked embrace. I’m awoken by the ringing of my phone.


Sandra, jumps off me and I look at the device that has woken us. Its eleven fifteen. The plane landed already and the call is from Veronica, probably asking where I am.

“Shit, I’m supposed to be at the airport already!”

Scrambling to get my clothes on and help Sandra out of the car, I set the car up for my guests. After a brief goodbye I race toward the airport. I leave all the windows open to get rid of the sex smell. Once I arrive, I make my apologies and tell them about some car trouble and forgetting to charge my phone. This is the one time I’m not sorry, for the boring boating nonsense that comes out of my father in-law’s mouth, because the incident is quickly forgotten and drowned in a story, about his Volvo and how they not only make good cars but excellent boats. This then leads to a story about the Volvo ocean race and so on and so forth.

The trip feels blissfully short and Veronica who is happy to see her parents quickly accepts the car trouble and dead phone story. The afternoon is spend in our back garden, where Veronica takes her mother on a three hour tour of the place, explaining every detail. That leaves me, with boat story Bill. It’s William but he prefers Bill. Teresa, his wife doesn’t. This always provides me with some amusement, as he ignores her when calling out his full name and she goes ballistic, at being called Tess.

When the day is done and the catered food consumed, Bill and Tess head off the bed, but not before Bill exclaims, “tomorrow, we’ll see if that country club of yours is worth the grounds fees.”

“It is daddy, you’ll see.”

Dear god, I forgot what a daddy’s girl she was. All through dinner, it was daddy this and daddy that. It does however explain Bruce, who is at least a dozen years, her senior. I tell her to go to bed while I do the cleanup. After a few dishes, I check my phone which I left turned off, in the charging station.

“Are you in trouble?”

This was send a few hours ago.

“No, everything is fine. Don’t worry. By the way, loved seeing you this morning. Haven’t had sex in a car since I was a teenager. How are you?”

“Good to hear. I’m still humming from this morning.”

“Well, only three more days.”

“Too long if you ask me.”

“I agree.”

We say goodbye and I finish cleaning. I also get the crate of blankets from the car and place it behind a few boxes in the garage. After setting up breakfast for tomorrow I too head in, finding Veronica fast asleep. Pleasing her parents always takes it out of her. The rest of their visit is uneventful, Bill complains about the club and the lack of boating opportunities. The fact we don’t live near a large body of water doesn’t seem to matter.

“Dig a lake! How hard can it be.”

When they finally leave, I look forward to my nightly remote visit from Sandra. This hope is however dashed when she informs me that her in-laws decided to stay another day, so her dolt of a husband can take the guys to play darts. This while she’s stuck at home, with the rest of them. Frustrated I spend the rest of the day buried in work, not getting home until very late. My entire being, is now focused on Friday.

I get the address via text and a question of what time I can be there.

“If traffic is light, at around four.”

“I’ll be there waiting for you.”

I get out of work earlier than expected so on my way there I pick up a single red rose. When I’m close I get another text, “please hurry, I’m in need again!”

When my GPS tells me I’ve arrived at my location, I’m parked in front of a cabin. It stands alone for a few hundred yards and is surrounded by a tree line. I turn off the engine and get out. The weather is great today, nice and warm, close to hot. I walk up the small walkway and knock on the door before entering.

“I’m here.”

“Come in!”

I walk through the tiny entrance hall, having to navigate between the closing front door and the door to the living room. When I’m finally inside I’m greeted by the sight of a completely naked Sandra, standing next to the table. I was already hard but now he wants to jump out of my pants. Sandra beckons me towards her. When I’m close she says, “we’ll talk later,” and begins to unbuckle my belt. In no time at all her hands are around me and she has unfurled a waiting condom over my cock. Bending over the table she moans, “take me!”

With my pants around my ankles and shirt still on, I mount my extremely excited lover. I slowly part her lips and enter. This does not please her and she backs into me, giving off a small yelp. Getting the drift, that this will not be slow and sweet but hard and nasty, I start plowing her from behind. My hands tightly grip her, as Sandra meets my every thrust with vigorous enthusiasm. Overcome by the zero to sixty change of pace I’m left in a daze for a while.

When my senses come to, I realize fully the majesty of the situation. Here is a woman so eager to have me, she was naked before I arrived and was ready to go as soon as I walked in. And all this just from the thought of being with me. It’s fantastic to be that wanted.

Now that I’m grasping the situation and taking it all in, a familiar feeling starts to come up. I want to take her over the edge before I give in. My mind flashes back to the conversation we had in the bathtub. I remember what she told me and I bring down my hand, hard. First on one and then on the other. Sandra moans in pleasure and one of her legs begins to shake and give way. I grip her extra tightly around her waist, nearly squeezing the life out of her. Now the rest of her body follows her legs and she is moaning in sheer ecstasy. With a roar, I follow suit.
We both loose our footing and crash to the floor. When our eyes meet we start to laugh, first a few giggles ending up in exuberant laughter. When it dies down I crawl toward her and kiss her hallo.

“Hi there.”

“Hi. I’m sorry,” she says while faking embarrassment.

“What got into you?”

“Besides you?”

“Yes, smartass.”

“I was here at two and after settling in, all I had to do was wait. It drove me a little nuts.”

“I could tell. But you’re oke now?”

“More than oke.”

We help each other stand. Both shaken from the fierce sex and me still with my pants around my ankles and a condom around my cock.

“I’ll take care of that, you undress,” she says while removing the latex from me.

As she goes to the bathroom I kick off my shoes and remove the rest of my garb. When I’m naked she returns and takes my hand.

“Come with me.”

I’m led outside. Which at first fills me with some trepidation but when I see that there is no way anyone can see us, I gladly follow. In the tall grass, Sandra has laid a blanket with a pick nick basket at one corner and a few pillows at the end. We lie down in an embrace. With the warm sun beaming down we slowly make out. Gently kissing our tongues caressing. The urgency we experience at my arrival is completely gone. After a while Sandra escapes from my arms and produces a bottle of suntan lotion. Handing it to me she says, “here, before I burn alive.”

“Can’t have that.”

She lies down on her stomach as I straddle her from behind. I apply some of the lotion to my hands and with approving moans from Sandra I work it into her skin. Working her back my cock rubs in-between her cheeks, getting nice and firm. While going down, I can’t resist spending a bit more time on her hindquarters then the rest of her. In doing so, I get between her legs from my straddling position. With no resistance from her I move her legs apart and bend forward. My tongue finds her entrance and she still smells of sex. I gently lick her outer lips while my hands still do their job making sure her ass doesn’t burn in the sun. When Sandra notices that I’m not moving forward with my task she tells me to make sure the rest of her doesn’t burn. Reluctantly I move further down. When her heels have been taken care of I tell her to turn over.

“No, that will not be necessary for now. Lie down, face up.”

I follow my orders and hand her the bottle, which she tosses aside. Before I can ask if I’m supposed to burn she stands and walks over to my head. I look up at the gorgeous site towering over me. She then kneels with either knee on one side of my head. Leaning forward but before losing eye contact she says, “new thing, number one.”
Our bodies make contact and while I have a stunning view of her pussy, I feel the moistness of her mouth around my cock. Eagerly I begin my task as well.

On this lovely day in may I find myself, outside, with my tongue on a clit, my nose in a pussy and my cock in the mouth of a beauty. Life is good right now. Without speaking we’ve come to and understanding to take it slow. I don’t just attack her clit but lick around her pussy while my thumb slowly makes its way inside her. Sandra, on her end, doesn’t apply her mind shattering suction and tongue technique she used on me the previous week but spends her time worshipping my cock and balls with kisses and licks. We match one and others movements and intensity. When I lash her clit, she swallows me whole. When she kisses me from my base to the tip, I match by kissing around her outer and then inner lips. Our slow buildup is leading somewhere loud and explosive. On our way there I loose myself in what I’m doing, no longer thinking of what to do next I follow Sandra in her movement. Lost in ecstasy I feel every part of me in contact with her.

It is no wonder that with this connection we start to climax together. I notice it in Sandra when her leg starts to twitch and breathing becomes erratic. Her pussy begins to produce a large amount of the sweet nectar I’ve been craving. When her convulsions start I feel a little adventurous. I remove my thumb from her pussy and place it over her rosebud. Sandra is now in the throes of her orgasm and I push. One digit of my thumb is now inside of her. Sandra stops working her mouth which is wrapped around me. She however doesn’t release me and at the height of her ecstasy, her screams vibrate over my cock, sending me over the edge. Every muscle in my body contracts and my mouth sucks in her clit and keeps it there. With great big shockwaves, I cum.

Both our bodies are trembling under orgasm. I open my mouth and release the clit, when I do a small wave of liquid is released from inside my climaxing lover and flows onto my tongue. Proud of the achievement I swallow, which is the same she’s doing to my ejaculate.

Panting, Sandra releases me from her mouth and I hear the first unmuffled moan. Her head falls next to my satisfied cock onto a thigh. I let mine fall back onto the blanket. We lie like this almost unable to move. I however want to kiss her. With some effort I push Sandra off me and turn to face her. We grab ahold of one and other and share a passionate kiss. Our bodily fluids mix in our mouths. If I wasn’t so spend I get hard just from the thought of this alone.

Until the light starts fading and the warmth of our close bodies is no longer sufficient, we reluctantly get up from the blanket and go inside. All this time not a single word was spoken. There was no need and probably no capability to form coherent sentences. I’m led into the bathroom. Unfortunately no tub this time, only a shower.
Inside it, under the warm stream we become human again. Still in a tight embrace, I form my first sentence since applying my mouth to her pussy.

“That was amazing.”

“mmmmm,. Yes it was.”

No more words are spoken. It’s no longer necessary to talk about sex. Our bodies are in sync. gaziantep escort Getting out of the shower we dry off. I get dressed in the living room, where I had discarded my clothes. Sandra goes into the bedroom and closes the door behind her. We could spend the rest of the time naked but we both instinctively know that if we do, we’d just end up ravaging each other until we’re both spend and we want the night to last.
After about ten minutes she emerges wearing a low-cut dress, which displays her perfect cleavage.

“It took you that long to put on a dress?”

With a wicked smile on her face she says, “You’ll see.”

While I clear up outside, Sandra starts dinner. When I’m done I check out the rest of the place. The garden is surrounded by a twelve feet tall hedge. At the far end there is a small gate which leads to a small field and beyond a forest. When I walk back inside, wonderful smells emanate from the kitchen.

“Something smells good!”

“Here’s hoping it’ll taste good as well.”

“I’m sure it will.”

I walk through the only door I hadn’t opened. It leads to the bedroom. In the center there is a king size bed with a metal frame for a headboard. ‘More fun to be had here, later,’ I think.

“Had a look around?” I’m asked when I enter the kitchen.

“Yes, nice place. How’d you find it?”

“It belongs to a friend of mine. She lets me stay here once in a while, when I need to get away.”

“Away from?”

“You know, life and stuff.”

Sandra is not comfortable answering the question. Curious but not wanting to press the matter I simply wrap my arms around her waist while she’s standing at the stove. Gently kissing her neck I say, “I know.”
I stand there for a bit, rubbing her tummy and landing small kisses, when I’m interrupted by her, ”If you keep doing that, I’m going to ruin dinner.”

“Hint taken.”

Not wanting to be useless I start setting the table. While I sort out the cutlery an image flashes before my eyes. The one from only a few hours ago, where a woman in need is bend over this very same table, receiving a working over by yours truly. A small shift in my pants tells me, that I’m not done for the night. My lingering doesn’t go unnoticed and from the kitchen I hear, “What are you thinking of?”

“Some needy woman bend over this table.”

“Don’t you just hate needy women?”

“Not this one.”

“Well she enjoyed very much, having her needs met.”

“Glad to be of help. Very glad in fact.”

During dinner we chat about our friends. I tell her about Jerry and she about her friend Jamila, who’s cabin we’re in. Jamila was her maid of honor, before that a college friend. They met and became friends over the of hatred toward the same ex-boyfriend. Jamila has already divorced her second husband and was the one who got her onto this site.

“Well, I’m going to be sending her some flowers.”

“She’d like that. Be careful though, she’s always on the lookout for ex-husband number three.”

When dinner is done the conversation lulls. She ends up taking my hand and we stare into each other’s eyes for a while. A devious smile comes on her face.

“I think it’s time for new thing number two.”

“You sure?”

“Come over here and find out how sure.”

I take her hands and stand her up and pull her close. My hands wrap around her lower back.

“Good, now go lower.”

I feel my way down to her voluptuous ass. When I round her globes she says, “And now feel your way inside.”
I do, and find a hard round shape where the entrance of her ass should be.

“Has that been there, this whole time.”

“Since we got out of the shower. Now you know why it took so long for me to get dressed. I was getting ready for you.”

“So, you think you’re ready?”

My fingers are on the round object, which I’m assuming is the base of a plug. I push the plug inward. The response is a sharp intake of air and a slight moan.

“Careful there tiger, It’s been a while, so we have to go slow.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Undress me, when I’m naked I’d like a nice spanking followed by a good tongue lashing, but don’t make me cum. From there you will prepare my ass and I will prepare your cock. ”
A kiss seals the deal. When I release her, we head into the bedroom. I take my clothes off while she watches with glee in her eyes. Naked, I roughly pull her toward me and say, “So, you want to be treated like a bad girl?”

“Yes, please!”

Turning her, my right hand lands on her butt while my left pulls her hair back, exposing her neck. My mouth devours it and I whisper, “The first of many.”

In my horney rage I strip her out of the dress leaving her standing in just her panties. They come off in one sharp pull, ripping them apart. Sitting down on the side of the bed I pull her over my knees. One hand in her hair, the other stroking her ass. After the first swat lands, I order Sandra to count them out. Her ass becoming more red after each swat. When she gets to ten, I checked to make sure she’s enjoying this. Moving in-between her legs my fingers glide over her pussy. Without resistance I’m able to insert two fingers.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!”

Remembering my orders not to make her cum I pull out, swats eleven and twelve land with more ferocity than the previous ten. Altering between gently stroking her and the swats, we get to twenty before she starts asking for mercy.

“Please eat my pussy. Twenty-one!”

“Nine more.”

“Oh god! Twenty-two”

Now when I strike I use my free hand to pull her hair up so I can see the expression on her face.


Her eyes are tightly shut while her mouth is wide open sucking in air.

“Twenty-four! Twenty-Five!”

Two successive hard strikes. When the last swat comes around my hand lands in the center of her ass right on the plug. Sandra screams out the last number and I gently stroke her now red and shiny ass.

“Did you enjoy that?”

Still breathing very heavy Sandra exclaims, “Yes!”

“Do you want more?”

“God no, please no!”

I help her to stand after her ordeal and kneel in front of her. My hands gently pull on her ass toward me where my hungry mouth is waiting for its dessert. While standing I gently apply pressure to her inners. Making sure to avoid her clit my tongue explores her lips. Doing so I also start on my other task. My hands reach around her body and cup her ass. Sandra has a slight skittish reaction but when she notices that I have no intention of spanking her again she relaxes.

When her breathing picks up, from what I’m doing to her with my tongue I move my hands to the center of her ass and begin to work the plug. Slowly manipulating it up and down, side to side and lastly in and out. After having pushed in and out a few times I firmly push it in and then sharply pull it out. This is too much for Sandra and her knees give way. She half collapses over me while trying to save her balance on the bed.

I reach up and say, “I got you,” as I lay her on the bed.

Still kneeling in-between her legs I pick up the lubricant and apply some to my fingers. With my face buried in her pussy my index finger starts to explore Sandra’s rosebud. Because of the plug the first digit slips in quite easily. The second and third follow suit. While applying more lube I insert my middle finger. When both fingers go in and out without any resistance Sandra stops me, “I’m ready, now you.”

A condom is wrapped around me and plenty of lube is applied. Sandra then turns and crawls onto the bed. “Go slow,” is my final instruction.

I get in position behind her and line up. My cock, considerably thicker than two fingers, touches the entrance. Her entire body reacts. When the initial shock is gone I start applying pressure forwards. It’s a site to see, as she slowly lets me in. Just like with the plug I ease forward, and then let up, every time going a little deeper until finally the head is all the way in. Deciding not to retreat from this point I keep going forward. When my thighs make contact with her ass, I stay where I am.

For a few minutes instead of moving my hips I use my hands to massage her neck, back and ass. ‘I’ll wait for her to move’. The massage is relaxing my anal lover as she begins to moan, when she is relaxed enough, she moves away from me and back into me again. Only now do I feel how truly tight her ass is. I take over the movement placing my hands on her hips to start the fucking motion.

It doesn’t take long for both of us to start breathing heavy, boiling to our orgasms. As Sandra calls upon a deity for hers I grunt under the enormous pressure I feel around my cock. Even though this is the third one of the day It’s the strongest. While still locked inside her we fall forward again.
Wanting to be responsible I pull out, remove the condom and throw it in the bin.

“No,.. please don’t. Put it back in.”

“I’m sorry I’ve already removed the condom.”

“I don’t care, please put it back in me.”

The responsible part of my brain shuts down at her pleading. Still hard and lubricated by my sperm, I go back inside. From behind I wrap my arms around her and relax. The third time has taken it out of us and we lose consciousness.

When I wake, I’m no longer inside my lover but still lying on top of her. Stirring, Sandra comes back to the land of the living as well.

“Hi,” I whisper in her ear while rolling my weight off her. Turning into me, first our eyes and then lips meet. We discover that it’s only eleven. With new found energy we get up and after fixing ourselves a drink we go outside. The night air is cool on my skin and standing close we share enough body heat not to be cold. After setting down the glasses we embrace. We share our thoughts on the nights naked activities. Both of us in deep awe of the others passion and lovemaking. We also discuss whether the unprotected penetration will be a problem. We decide it won’t be.

The new energy boost is short lived. Tired we head back to the bedroom and crawl under the sheets. Once more holding her in my arms we fall asleep.

In the morning we make love once more. Because we figured the damage was already done last night, we decide to leave the condoms in the wrappers and upon orgasm I fill my new lover’s pussy for the first time. It’s pure heaven.

After our final goodbye I drive home. In the car I decide it’s time. I don’t love Veronica anymore. I’ll start making plans to leave.

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