A Night In

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I will throat punch the next person who hears what I do and squeals, “Oh, that must be so nice, getting summers off!” Yeah, being legally unemployed or way under-employed four months out of the year is awesome. Constantly wondering if all my classes will happen as scheduled and a never-ending commute among three different schools wears at my psyche. Nine years of being a professional educational nomad, and I don’t feel free. I feel trapped. During my endless trips up and down expressways, I fantasize about breaking free. I fantasize about leaving everything behind and going somewhere else. I dream about winning the lottery, flipping off the college president, doling out scholarships to the students I like, and leaving this life behind.

Sex helps.

My lover is visiting tonight, so I’m in the kitchen making dinner. Everything is on the stove simmering away when I get the text. “I’m downstairs.” I buzz him in.

He greets me downstairs with a hug and a brush of lips against my cheek. “How’s everything?” he asks.

I shake my head, turn, and climb the stairs slowly, knowing he’ll be watching the sway of my hips and my legs. “Work is…frustrating. Everything else is okay.”

He follows me into the kitchen and noses around the stove. “What’s for dinner?”

I smile. “Chicken curry and basmati rice. There’s an apple crumble in the oven for later, and I’ll heat up some naan when the rice is finished.”

I take the lid off the curry, lean forward to stir the contents of the pan, and that’s all it takes. He steps up behind me, pressing himself against me. I wiggle my ass against the hard length of his cock. “Coconut milk turns you on, huh?” I ask.

His lips travel over my neck and down my shoulder as his arms wrap around me. “You turn me on. You and that big white ass.” I laugh, but the laugh turns into a moan as his hands slide up my body to cup my breasts. He uses his nails across my nipples, lightly, creating little points of friction. It makes me squirm, and he sucks in a breath.

“How long does all this need to cook?” escort kurtköy bayan I can hear this smile in his words.

“About twenty minutes.”

“Not nearly long enough,” he murmurs.

I consider cramming my raging hormones back into their box, but that’s just not going to work for me tonight. I arch my back, pressing my butt more fully against his erection and my breasts against his palms. “We have all night, and there’s nothing that says we’re only allowed to do this once.”

“Good point.” His hands are under my skirt now, sliding it up over my hips.

“Maybe not over the gas stove, though, love?”

He laughs. “Picky picky…”

He moves away and closes the curtains on my back door. I laugh. “You know you’re basically signaling the neighbors we’re about to do it.”

“Hey, it’s inspirational. Besides, most of your neighbors are old, so they should be happy someone is getting laid tonight.”

I’m still laughing as he backs me up against the kitchen table. I hop up obligingly and spread my legs, pulling him in close. I kiss him deeply, licking lightly against his bottom lip, tracing it, inviting him. His lips part, and his tongue touches mine.

I’m dimly aware that he’s gotten my panties off. I’m wet, achingly so. He fumbles in the junk drawer for our emergency condom and slides it on over his length. He steps out of his pants, boxers, and belt on his way back to me.

He pulls my dress off and tosses it aside. He kisses me again, positioning me just so. This is definitely one of the perks to having a lover not much taller than me. I love the contrast between my fair complexion and his dark one. His cock bobs eagerly, long, thick, hard, and slightly curved. I’ll suck him later, but now, now I need this man inside me.

I feel him poised against my entrance for a moment, and then he thrusts forward, burying himself inside me all at once. Pleasure and pain mingle for a moment…I want him, but it’s been a while since we’ve done this. Too long since we’ve done this. “God, escort kurtköy bayanlar I’ve missed you,” I murmur.

He flashes a smile at me and then tugs my hair gently to pull me into a half-reclined position. He takes my nipple in his mouth as he continues thrusting deep inside my eager, wet pussy. He reaches down and starts to rub my swollen clit in time with the movements of his cock. I moan and he lifts his head from my breast to watch me. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” I rock my hips in time with his, offering myself to him…anything if he’ll just keep going. “Don’t stop…god…don’t stop!” I run my hands along his back, sliding my fingers through his curls then skimming all the way down to cup his perfect, soccer player’s ass and pull him deeper into me.

“I’m not gonna stop, baby. I’m not gonna stop fucking this pussy. Ever.”

“I’ve fantasized about that.”


“A night where you have me as often as you want. Any time you want. Make me your sex toy for an evening.”

Arousal flares in his eyes as he considers the idea. “Whenever I want it?”


His fingertips speed up on my clit as he thrusts in deep, staying there, me squeezing him as tightly as I can on the inside.

“My fuck toy…”

“Yes…” I can feel my orgasm building. So can he. He starts moving inside me…timing his thrusts with his fingers on my clit. “Anything, everything you want, just don’t stop. I want to cum, baby, please, let me cum…”

He goes faster still. I close my eyes. I want to look at him, but reaching my climax is easier with my eyes shut. I move my hips, mirroring his pace, angling myself so he rubs all the right places inside and out… “Yes, Oh yes, I’m gonna cum… I’m going to cum so fucking hard…”

“Cum for me, now. Do it.”

For once, my body cooperates, and I orgasm on command. I cry out again and again, shuddering helplessly, fingers clenched around the edge of the table, legs wrapped around his waist. He rides out my climax, then gebze escort straightens up, slides out of me, and presses on my hip. I get to my feet slowly, turn around, and brace myself against the table.

A moment’s pause and he’s inside me again, thrusting hard. I arch my back to take him as comfortably as possible and begin rocking against him. His frantic pace slows and he groans. “I love this view.” He smacks my ass playfully. “Have you been a bad girl?”

I smile. “Always.”

He sucks in a breath and goes harder. “Is that so?” He swats me again, a little harder this time, the sound making me moan and rock against him. “Such a bad girl, who loves getting fucked like this…”

“And only you know me like this.” That’s enough. He grabs my hips and thrusts into me, hard and fast. I remind myself to relax, find that zen place, and in a moment…

He makes a strangled sound and then slumps against me. He kisses my shoulder softly, then moves my hair from the back of my neck and kisses the sensitive skin there. “That was amazing. You are amazing.”

He stands, then I do. I turn and wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him softly. “You’re lucky to have me.”

“Yes I am.” Ever the pragmatist (with a bottomless stomach), he turns to look at the clock. “How’d we do on time?”

I laugh and move to the sink to wash my hands. “Right on time, honey.” Once my hands are clean, I shuffle things around the stove and the oven. “Dinner in five.” He cleans up quickly, as do I, once edible things no longer need my immediate attention.

I exit the bathroom, and he hands me my dress. I pull it over my head, and pull out plates and utensils for dinner. We retire to the couch to eat.

He’s nibbling thoughtfully on the last piece of naan. “Were you serious about that sex toy thing?”

“Yes, yes I was.”

“Oh, cool. So, tonight, we can do pretty much anything as often as we want?”

“Yup.” That’s actually my fantasy every night we’re together, but even though my baby has had more lovers than I have, I’m the more adventurous of the two of us. Introducing him to things has been a slow process, but we’re working on it. Slowly. Maybe this will get him to broaden his horizons a little. I can hope, anyway.

He grins at me. It’s a slow, seductive smile that promises all manner of erotic, wicked, wonderful things to come. “Do I smell dessert?”

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