A Night on the Town Ch. 01

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“I told you I was going to make this dinner fun,” you said as you pushed the beads inside my ass. “You didn’t think I would forget, did you?” When that last bead disappeared inside my stretched rosy ass, your smiled a satisfied smile and brushed your tongue along the rim of my ass. “Now then, we have dinner reservations. Lets go.”

I sat still for a moment, unsure that I could move. The feeling of the beads inside my ass, pulling me open, was making my pussy so wet that it was dripping down my legs. You noticed the same wetness that I was looking at, and buried your head into my leg to lick the wetness. “Now, lets go” you said, more impatiently this time.”

In a dark corner of the restaurant, I shifted in my seat, feeling very antsy. Your eyes were gleaming and your mouth was permanently crooked into a smile. Watching all the guests around us, everything going about like normal, we were in our own private world with our secret.

During dessert, your hand poked under the table and slipped under my skirt. You stroked my bare crotch… you have shaved in bare of hairs and refused to let me wear panties. When I had tried to put them on, you promptly came up behind me and ripped them at the seams, rendering me completely exposed.

As your finger stroked my ass, making light circles around it, you whispered in my ear “I can feel your ass bulging with the beads and it’s making me so hot I just want to come right here.” With that you nibbled fiercely on my ear and I drew a loud sharp breath to keep from moaning with pleasure and anticipation.

Almost two hours had gone by with my ass gaping, waiting for your cock to fill it up. I could hardly bare it any more and was ready to fuck you right there in the restaurant. “Baby lets goooo” taksim escort I cooed, hoping you were just as anxious. But you weren’t. You loved the torture you were inflicting on me. You sucked hard on my neck and breathed hot air into my air, your hands still fumbling beneath my skirt. Suddenly I felt a pop, as you tugged on a bead. The smooth ball was now pushing out of my ass. “You like that!” you exclaimed, “I just felt your pussy get soaked.”

I shivered at your words, and goading me on you continued. “Yeah baby, I know how much you like having you ass full. You’re so naughty; you’re the only one in this room who has your ass stuffed, waiting to get fucked. And you like it. You’re soaked, you’re dripping all over me.” Your finger plunged inside my pussy, and I couldn’t contain my moans anymore. “Please, lets go!” I begged.

“Okay!” You said chipperly. It seemed too easy. You pulled me out of my seat and hustled to the car. I smiled, thinking I had finally gotten to you. The ride home was a daze as I stared off into space, anticipating what it would feel like when you pulled the beads out of my ass and stuffed your cock inside. Suddenly we parked, and I snapped out of my daydream. “No no no” you said, as I looked up. You wrapped a blindfold around my eyes and escorted me out of the car.

As soon as we walked inside a door, I knew that we were not at home. The smell was sweet and the noises were loud, with music pouring out of a speaker. I heard you murmur to someone, and then you guided me to a chair. “You’re gonna have to wait a little bit longer for that ass fucking” you said as you pulled off the blindfold. We were definitely not a home!

I found myself sitting directly in front of a stage, istanbul eskort with leggy blonde dancers parading around only in their lingerie—talk about torture, we hadn’t gone home, we had gone to a strip club. “Yeah, imagine yourself at home, dancing around in your stocking, beads pushed up your ass. How sexy would that be?” you asked me. But you weren’t looking at me. I followed your gaze to a blonde dancer who looked surprisingly like me, rubbing herself on a gentleman in front of us. You called her over.

“Heeey” I protested. But when she got to us, I realized you weren’t getting her for yourself. She began to gyrate on my lap, breasts hanging in my face, and all the while I could feel the beads in my ass digging inside of me. You whispered in my ear “Yeah baby, that’s what you’re gonna do to me. Except with my cock in your ass.” With that, you pushed your hand down the back of my skirt and pushed the bead that was still hanging out from earlier back up inside of me.

The dancer still lingering over me, the beads, your hot breath on my throat– I could hardly bear it all. I moaned loudly and your grinned widened. As we watched the rest of the show you would whisper to me how the girls could only be as sexy as me if they had beads in their ass, and how you’d like to see me bent over, pulling them out of my ass.

Finally, the buildup got to you too. You said it was time to go, and we got in the car. But you weren’t ready to make it home yet. Your voice became demanding. “Take off you skirt.” I was too excited to protest, and tugged off my skirt, sitting naked on the seat of the car. “Good.” You said approvingly. You pulled out a vibrator and sucked on it for a moment. “Now, use this.” Finally! Some relief for my throbbing beşiktaş escort clit.

I I ferociously began rubbing the vibrator up and down my clit, my pussy soaking it with juices. I moaned as you reached over and turned the speed on higher. “Inside.” You demanded. “Put it inside. Now” Your demanding voice was so hot. I eased the vibrator inside. “Fuck it.” You goaded. Fuck it like you want to fuck me!” Pushing it inside my pussy, I could feel the friction with the beads in my ass.

“Yeah, baby. Show me how full you like it. Oh, you are so hot.” You pulled your bulging cock out of your pants and began stroking it. Harder and faster as your demands continued. “Harder. Fuck it like you want me. Feel those beads. Imagine my cock stretching out your ass.”

Without a word, you grabbed my head and pushed me down on your cock. My mouth opened and your hard cock plunged inside. You continued pushing down on my head until your cock it the back of my throat. “Yeah, open up. That’s a good girl.” I struggled to hold you all in, still rubbing my clit. You continued to push my head up and down on my cock. Harder. And then you stopped. “Alright. Lets go home. That ass is ready to be fucked.”

Luckily we were just down the street, and your cock was still hard as we pulled in. Inside, you smiled at me and said. “Bend over. Just like I said I wanted.” I bent over, hands holding my ankles, as you stared in awe at my ass.

“Your ass is so hot. I can’t wait to be inside of it.” With that, you began pulling. Slowly. Torturously. One bead at a time. Alternating rubbing my breasts and caressing me, until you had the whole strand out, and my stretched ass stared right back at you.

“Ooooh.” You moaned. Your tongue began to lick the rim of my ass. Then suddenly it plunged all the way in. “Oh yea!” I moaned, as your wet soft tongue was in such contrast to the beads I had felt. “Baby, fuck me in the ass, please, please.”

“Mmmmhmmm” you groaned as your tongue poked inside even further.

It was going to be a long night!

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