A Night Out

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~I need to stop writing, and thinking, about seducing ‘straight’ guys, but we all know that’ll never happen. So have fun with this fantasy. Thanks for reading/clicking/whatever!~


It was kind of late in the summer, and me and my other three housemates – all girls, decided to go out for a night of partying and clubbing. We arranged it to be just the four of us, but on the day Lucy and Amelia both told me their boyfriends were coming too. For starters, straight guys. Ugh. I’m so bad at getting on with them. And then I thought to invite my boyfriend, Jake, too but he was already heading out with his own friends. Which sucked. Luckily, Jess was single so at least there was someone else to third wheel with me that night while everyone else was in their couples. And at least it meant there were two other guys to wait around outside the club bathrooms while the girls all did their makeup and took selfies. Kind of a bonus.

Eventually Joe and Ryan both showed up, Joe had black hair, gelled back and with biceps bulging out of the black t-shirt clinging to his body, while Ryan was skinnier, taller, blonde with a decent amount of stubble of his face. They were both hot, and when the six of us started drinking – heavily, they only got hotter. There were a lot of shots, many games and we were all wasted by the time we piled out into a cab. I was getting on with the two guys fairly well, which surprised me. And there was a fair amount of the flirty banter all straight guys lay on the gay guys. Joe jokily said he’d be my boyfriend for the night, with a wink. Ryan flashed his ass at me while we were peeing in an alleyway. And it was a nice ass too. So all in all it was a good night at this point. Joe and Ryan had never really hung out together before this point either so it was cool just all of us on even ground.

The club was heaving, everyone was pressed together, dancing close. At one point Ryan ended up grinding against my ass, and it happened again later, slow and for more than a couple of seconds so it wasn’t just an accident. I’ll admit it turned me on, and it took all the effort I had to not get hard there. Apparently he was just a horny mess, the club had a few girls dancing on podiums, and he video-d at least two of them and then whispered ‘saving that for later’ in my ear, with a wink. We were all close, all dancing and having a good time, it was great.

My boyfriend showed up at one point, and I kissed him. I was still kinda turned on from Ryan’s grinding so I ground my hips into Jake’s for a moment as we made out in the middle of the club. But then he was dragged off by his friends, and I went back to mine, Ryan and Joe were staring at me a little awkwardly though. Oops.

We had to pee again, but instead of the three of us waiting around for a space by the urinals, the three of us just squeezed into the disabled cubicle, the one with extra room. When I pulled my pants down slightly to pee the two of them fake-gasped at my ass and chuckled to themselves. Then one of them slapped it. I laughed along and told them to do it again, not expecting them to actually do it. But both of them did, they slapped a cheek each, pretty hard, and a faint groan slipped out of my mouth, hopefully not loud enough for them to hear. I laughed again, and fastened my jeans, hopefully disguising the semi I had. Then stepped aside for the next one of us to go. The ass slapping continued for the other two as well. And I noticed all three of us had a slight hard-on in our jeans as Joe finished peeing. I’d have happily got on my knees and sucked both of them then and there. But I didn’t – thankfully. We were drunk, so we just awkwardly laughed it off and then went back to drink more. The two of them moved in to kiss their girlfriends the same way I kissed Jake not long ago, and I couldn’t help imagining being on the receiving end of their horny kisses and grinding. I shook my head and had another shot, leaving my horny thoughts behind.

After we left we were walking around the pretty empty city streets looking for a cab, the three girls went off ahead to hunt one down from the centre, leaving me and Joe to keep a hold on a very drunk, barely able to walk Ryan. As the three of us stumbled down, I felt a hand creep down my jeans and rest on my ass, squeezing it and rubbing it firmly.

“Whoa dude what’re you doing?” It sounds like he did the same to Joe.

“You both have nicer asses than my girl.” Ryan slurred, before giggling.

We both chuckled, but he didn’t move the hands, he kept squeezing and massaging it – making me hard, and when I glanced to the right I saw the same in Joe’s jeans. We lost our grip for a moment and he dropped, stumbling the ground. With both mine and Joe’s combined efforts we finally pulled him up, and again he stumbled, this time staying on his feet but sending the three of us crashing against the wall. Ryan’s hips clumsily ground against mine and for a moment he hesitated before his lips softly brushed against my neck, büyükesat escort drawing a groan from my mouth. My eyes were open, I saw Joe stare for a moment, his hand casually rubbing against the front of his jeans, before Ryan drunkenly pulled him in and their lips met. Two ‘straight’ guys with girlfriends were making out in front of me, one was rubbing his hard on against mine. The three of us were groaning together and breathing heavily into each other’s bodies. My hands crept forward, both grabbing a cock and rubbing it through their jeans, drawing moans from both boys and dragging their attentions to me. Ryan’s lips met mine as Joe’s went to my neck. Joe’s hand unbuttoned my jeans and then grabbed my throbbing dick. We were breathing heavily, all of us horny as hell.

And then the girls shouting our names dragged us away from the moment, and we hurriedly rebuttoned our jeans and shook ourselves off. Drunkenly giggling. And they made out with their girls again, as me and Jess rolled our eyes.

I managed to forget about it for the rest of the night, kind of. Or at least I managed to control myself. We went back to the house and drank a bit more before saying our goodnights and heading to our rooms.

The water ran down my body in the shower – I couldn’t sleep – and I started thinking about the moment earlier. The guys’ hands on my ass, Joe rubbing my dick, being kissed and ground against, so I started to jerk off in the shower. Why not? I was horny as hell, and probably not seeing Jake for a few days, and the other two were probably fucking their girlfriends already.

I was getting to a good point, getting close, when Joe and Amelia started screaming at each other. They argued a lot but they seemed okay for tonight. And then Amelia’s door slammed, and a couple of moments later there was a knock on my door. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I wrapped the towel around my waist and hoped my hard on wasn’t obvious.

“Oh shit, sorry,” He said as I opened the door, his eyes slowly took in my body, pretty decent if I said so myself, and stopped at the towel, “Sorry were you jer- uhh in the shower?”

“Yeah, sorry, what do you want?”

“Can I crash on your couch tonight?”

I rolled my eyes jokily and opened the door to let him into my room. He swiped the towel as he strode in and giggled drunkenly, twirling the towel into a whip and flicking my ass. I stormed after, giggling too though, and tried to swipe it back to whip at him. The wet towel soaked his top, so he took it off and I eyed up his bulging body. His chest was hairy, and a thick black hair covered his stomach with a happy trail leading down to his… I looked back up and he was staring at me. He winked and then looked down as my dick started rising again, and his shorts bulged out a little too.

The funny drunken giggling stopped there and something changed, there was electricity between us. His hand inched forward slowly, like he was hypnotised, and grabbed my dick. He stepped towards me as he started stroking me slowly, never breaking our eye contact. His other muscular arm looped around my back and pulled me against him, our warm bodies, and cocks, rubbing together roughly. The friction of his hairy chest against my less hairy one desperately turning me on. His lips pressed against mine, and his warm tongue snaked it’s way into my mouth. A door slammed outside and then the front door too but we ignored it. Joe just pushed me against the wall and continued to jerk me off, his lips moving to bite my neck and draw a moan from my mouth. I pulled his shorts down and he kicked them off, his bare, hard cock slapping and rubbing against mine. He wrapped his hand around the two of them as we kissed. Our breathing and groans already quickening and deepening. And then then my bedroom door swung open.

“Fucking girls man – oh,” Ryan said as he stepped into the room in just a tight pair of boxers, his tight hairless body on display as he noticed me and Joe, both naked.

“Left out much?” he slurred, closing the door behind him as his boxers tented out.

The two of us stepped closer towards him, too horny to care if he was joking or not.

I stepped directly in front of him, no space between us, and grabbed his ass, sliding my hands down his boxers and squeezing the firm cheeks. I pulled his body against mine from there and kissed him, massaging his ass and dancing our tongues together as I felt Joe’s warm body step behind me – his hard cock resting between my cheeks as his hands reached into Ryan’s boxers and released his throbbing dick. He grabbed both our cocks in one hand and jerked them, causing us to moan into our kiss.

Ryan turned his attention behind me and made out with Joe over my shoulder as I kissed down his neck, getting on my knees and kissing and licking my way down his firm body, to the warm cock. He moaned as I grabbed it and slapped it against my tongue a few times. cebeci escort I stroked him slowly, one hand around the mast and the other gently playing with his balls. Licking the pre-cum oozing from the tip before finally sliding the full thing into my mouth until my nose hit the small spattering of hair around his crotch. I inhaled, even more turned on by the smell of guy and went to town on his cock, starting fast, my tongue sliding around and flicking the head. He moaned and his hands slipped into my hair, pulling my head back so I could look him in the eye as he fucked my face. Joe grabbed my head too and shoved his cock in my mouth. He grunted as he thrust his big cock down my throat, making gag and making my eyes water.

Ryan got down next to me and stared, transfixed. He hesitated for a second before his tongue flicked out and tasted Joe. He must have liked what he tasted, because a moment later he was moving in, lips around the cock and Joe moaning quietly, Ryan grunted and his hand drifted to his own cock. But I pushed it aside and gripped it myself, jerking him slowly, sensuously.

I kissed around Joe’s crotch, letting Ryan go to town on his cock while I nibbled and kissed my way around to Joe’s hairy ass.

“Wait what’re you -” Joe started to say but he was cut off by gasps and moans as my tongue lightly flicked at his hole.

“Oh fuck” He whispered as I pushed his body forward slightly and slid my tongue around his hole again, flicking and licking gently as Ryan sucked his cock.

He bit his lip to stop the moans getting too loud, but his body shuddered every time I flicked my warm tongue into him, my fingers traced along his taint. His hands were in Ryan’s hair and I could feel his ass muscles clench and unclench every time he thrusted into Ryan’s throat again.

Then he stepped away, and put a hand under both of our chins to pull us up and guide us to the sofa. For a moment the three of us stood together, bodies warm and already sweaty, the room stank of men and sweat, and the three of us alternated kissing. Our hard cocks all meeting in the middle, pulsing and rubbing together.

Joe got on the couch on all fours, his arms on the arm of the sofa as he pulled Ryan to the front of him and didn’t even hesitate to start licking his cock hornily, hungrily. I got down behind him on the couch, plunging my face back in to his ass to lick his hole again before slowly sliding a finger around his bud. His body shuddered again as he slurped on Ryan’s cock, and he moaned onto it as I slid the first finger in, his asshole tensing. I probed it in slowly, before pulling it out and going again, faster, picking up a rhythm as his hips started to push back against it, moving with it.

After a minute or so of this, slurps and moans filling the air, Ryan looked at me and gestured to switch. Joe grabbed my cock and was sucking the moment I was in front of his face, licking and gagging and roughly taking the member into his mouth. Who’d have thought this hot, hairy hunk would be such a bitch in the bedroom. But we all loved it. We were all horny enough that we’d do anything to each other. No girlfriends or boyfriends even crossed our mind. Just pure, horny lust. Joe’s tongue went down to my balls and he bit my thigh roughly to stop from crying out when Ryan slipped another finger into him. Joe’s hands grabbed my ass, nails digging in and making my moan as he thrust his head down onto the cock in a swift rhythm, his finger edged to play with my hole.

Ryan’s hand drifted down to Joe’s throbbing cock and jacked it, eagerly. My cock was in Joe’s mouth, Ryan’s fingers thrusting into him as he jerked off his hard cock. Within moments he was moaning, groaning, shuddering and then he said it.

“I’m gonna cum.” And I got down there quickly, mouth open as the load shot, and it was a heavy one. The three of us moaned and stood up for a moment, breathing. Joe kissed me, licking his cum off my lips and swallowing it.

“My turn in the middle,” Ryan whispered, almost eagerly.

So again we swapped. Ryan on his hands and knees, ass in the air and mouth on my cock. Joe got down behind him, licking gently, kind of uncomfortably at first until the first taste. Then he was fine. His hand moved to Ryan’s dick and started stroking as my hands got in his blonde hair and started pushing him onto my cock. It didn’t take long for Joe to be hard again. His tongue licked eagerly against Ryan’s asshole as he took my cock down his throat.

Before long Joe had got up, pulled Ryan to the other end of the soda, meaning I had to kneel on the couch in front of him. Joe stood behind Ryan and was rubbing his hard cock between his cheeks, occasionally pressing the head against his hole and causing him to groan, heavily, onto my cock. I don’t think Ryan noticed where this was going, he was just horny and enjoying it.

“Can I fuck you?” Joe whispered, horny, eyes on Ryan.

Fear lit kolej escort up in his face for a moment until Joe pressed his cock against his hole again, and all complaints left his face in place for a moan. He nodded, and tried to say yes with my cock in his mouth. I pointed Joe to my bedside table and he pulled out a bottle of lube before grinning at me. He lubed his cock up and slipped it around Ryan’s hole too before tentatively, slowly, pushing his cock into him. He gasped and moaned and winced a little, backing off my cock for a moment as he concentrated on the rod filling up his tight virgin hole. He gasped again as Joe pulled out, and then moaned more as he thrust back in harder this time. They picked up a pace, Ryan moaning loudly into a cushion as Joe thrust, building up, getting faster and harder before slowing down.

“Stop. Stop.” Ryan whispered, wincing.

Joe looked disappointed, but pulled out all the same, smacking his ass and pulling him up to his knees. Joe’s chest was against Ryan’s back as they kissed over his shoulder. I edged forward, rubbing mine and Ryan’s cocks together and kissing his neck until he turned to me and slid his tongue into my mouth.

I pulled away and stared into Joe’s eyes.

“I get your ass now,” I said to him, the electricity between the three of us flooded the room with the musk of sex, sweat and lusty sex.

He grabbed my head and pulled me towards him, making out with me roughly before moving away onto the bed, getting on all fours at the edge. Ryan got on his knees and sucked my cock quickly, getting it wet, before I turned my attention to Joe’s plump, furry ass. I rimmed it for a moment, sliding my tongue across his hole and making him shudder, before I shoved a lubey finger into it and made him cry out in pleasure. Ryan sat on the couch, taking a breather and casually rubbing his cock, watching as I slid my dick into the muscular, hairy hunk in front of me. He shuddered and moaned and groaned as it entered him, enjoying it much more than Ryan did. His body pushed back against me, fast and hard, as I thrust into him. I built up speed and my thighs slapped against his ass, echoing around the room with our grunts and moans.

“Fuck Matt,” he moaned sexily, as I slid in again slowly, deeply.

I hadn’t even noticed Ryan get down behind me until his tongue and fingers were against my ass, increasing my pleasure. He started to slip his cock into me and the three of us developed a rhythm. Moaning and groaning as I pulled out of Joe’s ass and pushed back onto Ryan’s cock. It was hot, his arms were wrapped around my chest and his breath was on my neck.

Joe rolled over at one point and I got to see the pleasure on his face, Ryan held Joe’s hairy, muscled legs up in the air as he thrusted into me, and I pounded into Joe. Ryan pulled out of me for a moment as I picked up speed, I bent over Joe and kissed him roughly, scratching down his chest and biting his lip as I pounded into him, hard and fast. Dragging cries of pleasure from both of us.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” We whispered in unison.

“Fuck me,” he groaned with his smooth deep voice, “harder,”

And I obeyed. I pounded into him, thrusting and grunting, our groans on the edge of screams as my dick thrust inside him. My body tensed and writhed.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered.

“Do it,” he moaned into my ear, gripping my head and staring me in the eyes.

I thrust into him one more time, body writhing and shuddered as my load shot into his asshole, neither of us broke eye contact until my cock stopped pulsing. Cum oozed out of his asshole as he kissed me one more time.

Ryan moved in and grabbed me, rolling me onto my back on the bed and hoisting up my legs in his hand. Joe grabbed them as Ryan lubed up his cock and aimed it at my ass again. Ryan took my legs back from Joe and held them open as he slid roughly into me, pure lust in his eyes. My cock oozed any remaining cum onto my stomach and Joe scooped it up and licked his fingers as he knelt above my head and jerked his cock. The three of us were panting, I opened my mouth wide, tongue out, welcoming Joe’s hot member. He fucked my face roughly as Ryan pounded my ass. Ryan was swearing, panting, calling me a bitch and talking dirty as he watched me swallow Joe’s cock.

We were all so horny and so close, Joe pulled his cock out of my mouth and Ryan pulled his cock out of my ass. They both jerked frantically, moaning and grunting as I lay, sweating, between these two hot guys. Ryan went first, wearing and crying out as his cum shot out and splattered all across my chest, some even hitting my face. Then it was Joe’s turn. He grunted over me and I opened my mouth, welcoming another load as he groaned and shot his load over my face. I caught plenty of it in my mouth and swallowed it straight away, panting.

The three of us collapsed together, breathing. We got in a kind of circle on the floor and sucked any last remaining cum from our cocks. Joe was sucking mine, I was on Ryan’s and he was licking Joe’s. Then we licked over each other’s bodies, head to toe, gathering any remaining cum and swapping it between us in kisses, our hot sweaty bodies rubbing together as it happened.

And then the three of us fell, panting and sweaty, close together on my bed and fell asleep.

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