A night with the boys



His lips caressed my body, moving southward slowly and purposefully, it made my stomach tense in anticipation. I always felt like he took pleasure in doing this to me, seeing me writhe in wanting anguish. Once his tongue finally landed on its mark, my body was almost ready to explode. He wrapped his tongue against my clitoris, again and again sending waves of vibration up my body. Two fingers entered inside me, turning up and rubbing firmly. Each finger stroke matched by a sometimes gentle, sometimes heavy lick of his tongue against my clitoris. He knew what he wanted, he wanted me to orgasm, and he wanted it to be big. I toyed with the idea of holding back on him, but a masterful stroke of his fingers shattered the idea, and my body was sent into a spiral of deep pleasure. Fuck. Yes. My vision blurred slightly as my head lifted back against the beds headboard and the feeling washed over me….

My vision came back into focus and I slowly looked down between my legs to see him smiling back at me, obviously happy with the results of his work. Cocky bastard. He slowly climbed back up to me and gave me a deep kiss. A faint taste lingered on his lips; one I had grown to enjoy. He lay beside me, both of us smiling.


That look she gives me, it had become the thing I worked for, I wanted to see every day. It kept me coming back forever. Let alone the other things she does for me; this was enough to make me happy.

“Looked like a good one?” I questioned.

“Oh shut up, you know it was” She laughed.

“Just making sure” I replied, smiling even larger.

I took a moment to enjoy her naked body lying in clear view for me. She was so god dam beautiful. Slim figure, with breasts that responded so well to my advances. Her stomach showed the faintest signs of her strong physique, running down to her amazing vagina. She must have noticed me distracted.

“Are you looking forward to tonight? It’s been awhile since you have had the whole gang around. We have some things to do around the house, but everything is mostly ready to go” She asked.

“Yeah, should be good! Foods ready, fridge is stocked. Thanks for making this happen, I’m not sure I could have been bothered without your help.”

“Well, you will just have to owe me one” she joked, winking back to me as she got out of bed and threw on her robe. “Hopefully we can find some sneaky fun tonight between you hanging out with the boys?”

For a moment my mind wandered to the idea of us sneaking a quick hard fuck tonight while my friends entertained themselves. My cock grew hard again at the idea, and I let out a sigh. She knew that her comment would have this effect, didn’t she?


The hot water of the shower ran through my hair as I enjoyed a moment to myself to unwind. It had been a good day but filled with chores around the house. mardin escort The house was far from unkept, but I wanted to make sure it looked very respectable for my husband’s friends. It had been a long time since the boys had caught up all together. It seemed to be the way life was going, the stresses of the day to day keep you from doing the things that were once so easy.

Danny’s friends used to be all part of the local football club. They weren’t particularly good, but some great friendships came from the games. They used to catch up every weekend but slowly and surely it became harder and harder to do. Tonight’s catch up would be good for Danny; just drinking and chatting. He needed a chance to unwind.

As the water washed away the days efforts my mind ran through the boys that would be coming over.

Trev was tall and handsome, used to be the star of the team and had the attitude to match.

Stuart was the broadest and sported an impressive physique.

Warren and Fred were brothers, they were a peculiar pair but always got a laugh out of everyone.

Then there was Aaron, he was a bit of an odd one out. He was dark and imposing but had a smile that sometimes cut through the façade.

As I ran through them in my mind, I familiar sensation ran through my body. My nipples grew harder as I felt blood rushing to my vagina. I looked around almost nervously, half expecting to see Danny watching me from the bedroom, seeing my composure failing. But he wasn’t there.

I let the feeling continue as I put my hands between my legs. In my head all the boys watching me, each one of them imagining themselves taking me one at a time. Then the image changed, they clambered against each other, each one now overcome with desire to have me, they would take me at the same time if they had too.

My hands moved deftly across my clitoris; I knew how to make myself orgasm quickly. The fantasy climaxed with the thought of Aaron finishing inside of me at the same time as I screamed out in ecstasy. I let the water run over my quivering body smiling to myself. Strength returned back into my legs as I regain my composure and finished up in the shower.

The had not been the first time I imagined Danny’s friends in that situation. Danny and I had spoken about it several times while we fooled around in bed. He enjoyed the idea of watching me being used repeatedly by his friends.

I walked over to the bed where I had laid out my clothes for tonight. A yellow sundress, and comfortable G-string.

Moments later I left the room, dressed in my yellow sundress. My G-string remained on the bed.


It was just like old times, it seemed as though the passage of time had taken nothing away from the dynamic of the group. Wally and Fred were skillfully retelling a story, each line delivery masterfully executed by one, then followed by an equally skillful nevşehir escort response. Most of us had heard this story already but all of us were laughing along like it were the first.

Belinda had been in and out all night, I thought perhaps she wanted to give us some room to catch up. She looked amazing in her dress, she knew it was one of my favorites, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I periodically caught some of the boys occasionally checking her out as she walked in or out of the conversations.

We had all had a fair bit to drink and it seems that Belinda and I would have people sleeping over by the general drunken demeanor of the group. We didn’t have beds for them all but that had never been a problem in the past. They are likely to pass out where they stood by the end of the night.

“Last call for dinner boys” Belinda exclaimed as she picked up the remaining food on the table to take it inside.

“I’ll grab one last bit Bel.” Trev said, standing up to grab some food.

He clumsily stood, knocking over a bottle in the process. It shattered on the ground.

“Taxi!” almost in perfect sync Wally and Fred stammered.

“Ah fuck sorry!” Trev stated, not halting to continue to still grab the food he wanted.

“Its okay Trev, you never could hold your piss could you” Joked Belinda giving Trev a friendly push. “I got it, just enjoy the food.”

Belinda went over to grab the hand broom and began cleaning up Trev’s mess.

I was shocked, clear as day, her amazing ass peaked out from under her dress as she bent over to pick up the pieces. Not only her amazing ass, but the faintest signs of her vagina too! She wasn’t wearing anything under that dress! I was immediately aroused before I realized again where I was. I stole my gaze back from Belinda amazing body to look at the guys. They had all seen it too and were apparently doing a bad job of being coy about it. All of them mouths open with shocked enjoyment. Aaron was even smiling wide and silently. Bel must not had realized as she continued about pickup up the mess. Trev was right next to her and had his head cocked slightly to the side enabling him to have a better view. I was too shocked to even say anything.

The area was silent, and Belinda finished what she was doing, turned around and smiled unknowingly at the group and left with both the shattered bottles remains and the food.

Stuart was the first to break the silence.

“Thanks for the food Bel, it was amazing.” he remarked as she left the outdoor entertaining area.

“No problem.” came the slightly muffled response from Bel back inside now.

The night eventually continued into the usual banter, no one acknowledging the incident, but I couldn’t help but wonder, were they as turned on as I was?


I was sitting in the lounge reading when I heard the first splash, niğde escort followed but several others. Seems as though the boys had decided a swim was on tonight’s cards. I smiled to myself, as I thought that tonight was going well.

I stood up and peered out of the window out to the pool area. I could see their heads bobbing around in the pool and on the pool fence their clothes.

I stopped. I could see pants and underwear on the fence too! They were in the pool nude! Ha! I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

I snuck out of the house, taking the side laundry exit and snuck over to the pool fence, taking each of their clothes as I went, grabbing them all in a pile against my chest.

The boys were talking shit and laughing, none of them seeing what I was up to. Between the fence railings I caught a glimpse. Shaun had hopped out of the pool, stark naked still and was boasting of being the best in the team, flexing his arms in the air. I couldn’t help myself. My eyes ran down his body to his cock. It was fantastic. I stopped in my tracks briefly; once again feeling the same feeling I so often got, as blood rushed between my legs. I shook off the feeling as I resolved myself to finishing my prank on the boys. I managed to get all their clothes and had nearly made it to the house when I heard them.

“Oi! Bel! I see you there, don’t think you are going to get away with this!” Came the voice of Shaun, apparently able to see me from his vantage point outside of the pool.

I was stunned, then I saw all of the boys had their eyes now drawn to me and were rushing to get out of the pool and make their way to stop me. All of them smiling.

“Get her boys!” I heard the voice of Danny yell, followed by the splashing of 5 naked wet men.

I laughed and ran inside and upstairs. I needed to hide the clothes! I got to our bedroom, opened the closet and was about to throw the clothes in when I was lifted up and thrown down against the bed. The weight of two naked men against me. Trev and Aaron had performed an amazing tackle. The clothes I were holding had been flung into the air and I looked up from the bed to see Wally, Fred, Shaun and Danny now entering the room too, all smiling and naked.

Trev and Aaron still had their arms around me, and their heads were either side of me. My dress had ridden up in the melee, revealing everything up to my stomach to the room. In that moment I had forgotten that I made that choice, to not wear anything underneath.

I felt a hand move from around my waist and briefly ran up from my thighs, between my legs and land on my stomach. I was so lost in the moment I barely knew what was happening.

Another hand moved, running up against my breast. I was confused whose hands were where. I felt my body warm with excitement. I felt good.

I looked up, both wanting and not wanting to see Danny face. I needed to know if what I was feeling was okay.

Danny was leaning against the bedroom door frame smiling back at me. He had his impressive hard cock in his hand. I closed my eyes for another moment as more hands moved across my body.

Fuck. Yes.

Part 1 End