A Norwegian Sex Story chap. 2j

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It was a beautiful Monday at our small but still large school at Kongsmarken, it was about 12:00 AM, and the weather outside was stunning, 20 Degrees Celsius, and sunny. Personally I was enjoying the weather inside, still thinking about my wild weekend with Emma; I couldn’t believe that it had actually happened! That I had had sex with Emma in multiple places in the loft was great! Both I and Emma had agreed to keep the weekend a secret, and now it was back to school. I was standing in the hallway, next to the large wooden door that read “412: 8C” I couldn’t believe it was actually more than 400 rooms in the building! It is quite small, and is shaped like a star on the outside, but inside it feels like you are just standing in a large square (others than the classrooms that are shaped as triangles…) anyways… I was standing in the long and colorful hallway, when I caught myself staring at Emma and her friend’s asses, all of them perfectly shaped, and all of them bouncing as they walked. The little gang was wearing matching outfits: Denim Hotpants, showing a little butt cheek, large T-Shirts with different texts on each ones breasts, a pair of black converses and some kind of cool sunglasses.
They were matching in other things than just the clothes, All of them being blondes, with large eyes where Emma’s irises were blue, Rebecca (the one to the left)’s Irises were green, and Anna (the one to the right)’s were brown. All of them were fair skinned, and all of them had a nicely shaped ass, and a couple of B-Cup tits, other than Rebecca, which probably were having A-Cup tits. I on the other hand, had on Sunday after some fun with Emma went home, cut and dyed my hair black, I had got myself some contact lenses, and (with help from the internet) lost enough weight to go from Husky to Healthy, and to say so, I was pretty proud of myself. I was wearing a black T-Shirt, some dark-denim jeans and a couple of black skater shoes.
As I was staring at the girls’ asses bouncing by, I didn’t notice that Emma looked back at me, smiling as she saw where my eyes were. Those three girls were the hottest girls in school, or at least in the 8th grade, Lisa in 10A was hotter then all of them, she had tanned skin, a nice pair of C-Cup tits, Platinum Blonde hair, Small, blue eyes, an ass to die for, and a killer smile, she also had a great personality, something the Girl Gang lacked of…
I had been staring at asses for about five minutes when the clocks rang, and I snapped back to reality, getting into the classroom, still staring at the rattling girl’s asses, I was going to my desk when our teacher came in. Our teacher is a 35ish years old male, quite healthy, he’s got red hair and green eyes, he’s about 8ft tall and is a mild character. “Hello Class”… Let hell unleash
(About 45 minutes later)
Finally he had quit speaking, and the bell had been ringing, now it was the longest pause, the last one, so I thought I could use the opportunity to flirt with the girls, seeing I had 45 minutes, I thought I’d start with Lisa, because she is the hottest, so I walked past the 8th grade hallway, than the 9th grade hallway, and finally I was in the 10th grade hallway, Lisa was there, alone and beautiful! london escort agency She was wearing a tight and white T-Shirt with vertical stripes, revealing lots of cleavage, a couple of yoga pants, that really made her ass stand out, and a white pair of converse shoes. She was all alone in the hallway, and had some kind of key hanging around her neck. She held some of her books, and when she dropped a book and bent own pick it up, I took my shot. I ran over as silent as I managed, until I was right behind her, and squeezed her ass, making her jump.
“Is it something you want?” she looked at me with a mad expression, I smiled “Only for the thing I just squeezed to be on my dick, bouncing” I gave her a blink with my left eye, I could see her shock, but also lust in her eyes, as she blushed and said: “Well, this key works for every room in the school, and I’ve got it until tomorrow, wanna go somewhere after school?” she gave me a cute little smirk, even her smirks are perfect… “Sure!” I answered, I was probably the happiest guy in the world, I mean, first Emma, and now this? With my raised self-esteem after working out, I was in an ecstasy! Both smiling I ran off with a simple “See ya later!” she only smiled that perfect smile of hers, and I ran outside, hoping one of the girl gangs were there, and the Sporties were.
The Sport Gang consists of three girls: Nora, Frida and Kristin. Kristin has an ugly-ish face, with a big nose and round, green eyes, but the rest of her is stunning; A couple of C-Cup tits, a nice big ass, a small waist, fair skin, and blonde hair. Frida is different; Ash blonde hair, some A-Cup tits, a small ass, tan skin, some small, sexy brown-ish eyes, and a teasing mouth. And Nora is the nicest of them all, with her Big Blue eyes, a big ass, a some kinda big waist, though not too big, pink, teasing lips, a voice that would sound excellent having an orgasm, C-Cup tits, and fair skin. All of them wore hot-pants, zipped down, and no T-Shirts, seeing it was now quite hot outside, I understood them, The Sport Gang were in 8B, so I couldn’t look at them in class.
I was just standing there, amazed of the sight of the three girls, when the bell rang and I had to hurry inside, seeing it was only the last class left till my meeting with Lisa, so I hurried. Running through the hallways and up the stairs to the 2nd floor, where the eighth graders belonged, and I got to the door just before the teacher, now it was time for me to sleep away the class, seeing we had Social Studies, and I wanted to rush the class. When we sat down I instantly took my books, pretending I was going to keep track with the class.
The Social Studies teacher was a good sight; she had just graduated from the teacher school, and she were 20-ish years old. She had some D-Cup looking tits, a big ass, a skinny waist, blue small eyes, tan skin and she wore some small glasses, making her look like a geek – I like geeks. But the class she had studied was boring – Social Studies, probably the second to most boring class, the most boring was Math, so I would often sleep in her classes, dreaming of having sex with her – I’m glad I’m not a sleep-speaker.
After the wild dreams, I was awakened independent escort girls by the bell ringing, I had to pack my bag and run, knowing Lisa would be waiting for me in the 10th grade hallway, so I ran the first story up, checking if there was any 9th graders left, there wasn’t. I then ran the next story up, checking the 10th grader hallway, and there she was, standing there, waiting with the key between her breasts, so I ran up behind her, squeezing her ass. “There you are, I thought you didn’t come, but here we are!” she said, smiling. “So, where do you wanna go?” she said, after saying it she bit her under lip and smiled. “Let’s make it classic and go to the janitors closet.” I smiled, thinking of all of the things in that room that I could use on her. “Then the janitors closet it is” she smiled. We started going downstairs telling jokes, laughing and having fun.
On the way down I thought this was gonna be great – to be honest I had a crush on Lisa at the time, so this was extreme! We were downstairs, standing right outside the janitor’s closet, she smiled: “Could you get the keys?” she then pushed her tits up, and I grabbed the key between her breast, making me feel the cleavage perfectly, it was a very soft skin, and I could feel that she wore a bra, “she won’t wear that one for long” I thought.
When I had taken the keys out and put them in the lock, unlocking the door, we got into the closet, and I smiled as I saw Lisa undress instantly, finally I got to see her tits in real life, and without anything covering them, I had only seen Emma’s before, and these were even bigger then hers, they were huge I thought (thinking about that they were about the size of some of the pornstars I had seen, I wasn’t disappointed) But it was when I saw her clean-shaven pussy my boner got really huge, that was when she ran over to me, undressing my pants, and then my boxer, she said “WOW! The last time I fucked someone was John in 10B, and his were like 5 inches long, and had this disgusting white layer outside, this one is huge, and clean!” I smiled as she started bobbing on my dick, her sweet little head going up and down my cock was even better then when Emma had done it before, and that she was hotter then Emma, and softer than Emma helped a lot, but I thought, after having sex with Emma so many times made me remember that she had to be horny for me to have sex with her, so I smiled “Let’s switch spots” she took her head of my dick, leaving it all wet of my pre cum, and her saliva, she smiled.
So now it was my turn to show skills, she placed herself on top of an empty garbage can, and spread her legs for me to enter my tongue, I walked towards her, staring right at the target, by some odd reason hers was finer than Emma’s, so I couldn’t wait, as I sat down it slowly begun: My thumb and forefinger touched her mound at the top of her slit and gently spread it apart so the clitoral hood came into view. With my other hand, I reached down and touched the hood; I released the hood and then put my finger on the hood, rubbing her clit in small circles through the hood. When I kissed the slick folds of her labia I heard her take a sudden deep breath and hold it, and Escort in dubai then a soft groan slipped past her lips as I slid my tongue gently inside. I tasted her oozing juices for the first time as my tongue slowly explored her warm, wet pussy, and she groaned again as I felt her hands on the back of my head.
“Oh, Kai, Oh my god, Fuck! No one’s ever done this to me before, keep on… It’s fantastic…”
She squealed and bathed my face in a spray of sweet, tangy cum. I was amazed she could cum so hard and so soon, she used her hands to jam my face against her so I kept going until I had to stop for a breath, my face coated in her warm juices. Then her eyes finally opened, and I was happy as she started speaking
“I have never experienced anything as good as that in my life!” she whispered, and I said “There’s more to come, are you ready?” I smiled as I saw her head nodding, indicating that it was a yes. She slid her legs wide apart in wanton invitation, my cock hard, wet and ready to enter her. I gripped my shaft and lined up my cock head with her glistening pussy and slid in slowly, the heat that radiated from her clenching hole was amazing, and as I waited I could feel her slowly stretch to accommodate my size, so I eased in deeper. I then started thrusting slowly, going a little deeper each time as my cock gradually stretched its way, and enjoying the slippery hold her moist pussy was providing. I was already building toward my climax, and beads of sweat were forming on my skin, this was not going to last for long, so I slowly slid my cock out again, making her look surprised
“I don’t wanna cum until I’ve fucked you in the ass!” I said smiling, indicating what was going to happen now. , the moment we had both been waiting for had arrived. Trembling with anticipation, I took a bottle of some kind of lube and squeezed out a decent amount into my hand. I then coated my dick with the slippery substance as I gazed down at Lisa’s tight little hole, winking in anticipation as well, “Oooo,” she winced as she felt the cold feeling of the lubricant touching her sensitive asshole. I rubbed my dick up and down the crack of her ass, smearing her hole with lube. Then, using one hand to open her ass wider, I pushed my head against that tight puckered ring, feeling her open up beneath me. Using both hand to stabilize her body, I pushed forward watching as Lisa’s asshole slowly swallowed my cock. I was about halfway in when I withdrew my dick and plunged forward again, this time sinking all the way to my balls in her butt hole. Lisa moaned and squealed as I filled her ass with cock and slowly started fucking her. I continued sliding my dick in and out of Lisa’s tight butt hole,
which now seemed much more relaxed. Lisa moaned higher for every time I went in and out of her tight butthole, and I realized I was about to cum again, so I quickly said “Get on your knees so I can cum with style” I then slid my cock out of her, and started shaking it as Lisa was catching her breath, I then watched her get on her knees and open her mouth, just in time for me to blast my jizz in her mouth, telling her to swallow it, she did.
I then started dressing myself, watching her stand up and do the same I said “Let’s do this again some time!” I smiled. “I would love to!” she said to, We then swore not to tell anyone about it, and went outside, I walked behind her, so that I could watch her ass bounce as she walked.

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