A Nymph for Christmas

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I hope you enjoy this Winter Holiday Contest entry. Please remember to vote, and if you have time, please leave a comment, too. Maddie


He wasn’t sure when his feelings for Annalise had changed, but changed they had. His very anger at his best friend’s flirtatious manner with her proved it. Steve was just being Steve, Gray reminded himself.

He first saw Annalise in grade school. She had dropped her books and some older boys were teasing her. She was about the age of his sister, so Gray had stepped in and helped the little fourth grader and told the boys to get lost. That was the day their relationship began; the day he became her protector. He was an eighth-grade jock, playing baseball and basketball. It was her first day at this new and scary school. Her coppery-red, curly hair cascaded around her head to fall nearly to her shoulders. She was a skinny little thing—cute in a baby way—with a few freckles across her nose.

A few days later Gray’s parents introduced themselves to the new family on the block and Gray spotted Annie, that same little red-headed girl from school, peeking at him from behind her mother. After that, Gray and Annie saw a lot of one another, especially since she became his sister’s best friend. Living right next door, their parents became friends, too. There were cook-outs and pool parties, birthdays and church gatherings. And, of course, school functions. Their friendship had ups and downs over the years.

As he watched Steve flirt with Annie, a myriad of memories, fleeting yet poignant, invaded his thoughts. His safeguarding of Annie and his own little sister, Grace, who became Annie’s first same-age friend before they became best friends, of the two girls giggling, growing, and of their sweet innocence. Annie and Grace’s friendship continued even today, sixteen years later. He remembered when he entered high school and they were still grade-schoolers unworthy of his attention…unless it was to tease or protect. They entered high school when he was a senior and still a jock, star basketball player, co-captain of the team. His baseball team went to state playoffs that year

As a high school freshman, Annie had filled out since that first meeting, but still a skinny, gangly kid. Looking back, he remembered how she was about in the middle of her class along with Grace. Girls not yet shapely but not looking like fifth-graders anymore, either. He became their protector again. Everyone knew not to mess with his little sister or her best friend.

Then he went to college on an athletic scholarship, a big man on campus by his second year as a guard on the basketball team. His parents would come to his home games with Gracie and Annie. When he came home for semester break or for the holidays, he would see Annie with Gracie. They had grown to lovely teenagers. Unmarked, for the most part, in that dreaded acne stage, beginning to develop some tits and curvy little asses.

But he never paid much attention to his little nymph; he had better fish to fry. He and Steve, friends since kindergarten, often double-dated with girls closer to their own age. And both Gracie and Annie dated boys their age. That never bothered him…then. He smiled now as he remembered the lectures he gave them about who they could and couldn’t date and how they rolled their eyes.

He glanced over at Annalise again. No gangly teenager now. She had grown into a beautiful young woman. Her red hair had darkened to a deeper shade, but still curly. He remembered a time when his ‘carrot stick’, a nickname he once teasingly called her, and his sister tried to straighten Annie’s wayward curls…but they always came back within a few days. Finally, she quit trying and lived with the abundance of ringlets. That was okay by him because he liked those curls. He liked to pull them and see her glare at him.

An hour before, he had watched Grace and Annalise ‘help’ Santa hand out presents to the children. Two lovely elves dressed in red and green. He smiled when he saw Santa pull the elves on his lap and ask them what they wanted for Christmas. Grace had laughed, but Annie leaned in and whispered into Santa’s ear. Santa patted her hand and Gray heard him say he would see what he could do.

Steve was still standing with Annie and now moved his hand to her back. Gray could feel his temper spiking. Hell, he had better get himself under control. Grace was here and she had been urging him to ask Annie out. He always resisted. She was like another sister, he told Grace. She didn’t seem like a sister now. Grace would have a field day with his reaction to his friend putting moves on Annie.

Gray looked around to give himself a chance to get back in control of his hormones before he went over to beat the shit out of Steve. The place was decorated to the hilt. Little white lights were blinking in all the windows. Garland was strung on the mantel and up the stair railing with little lights and bright red apples, succulent oranges—hell, he’d better not think ‘suck’ anything—and gold balls with gold and green leaves. kurtköy bayan escortlar And the abundance of food tested the sturdiness of the buffet table. A wine fountain was flanked by Christmas punch and nuts and mints. Christmas music drifted in from the next room where the dancing had already started. The South Shore Country Club knew how to throw a party. Christmas was only two days away.

He saw his parents in deep discussion with friends that included Annie’s parents. Annie’s dad should go over and knock Steve’s head off. Damn, what was he thinking? Annie was 26 now and living in her own apartment near the interior design studio where she worked. Her parents would probably be glad to see her with a man. He even heard his mom and hers discussing Annie and Grace not long ago. “It’s time for those girls to settle down and marry,” they said.

“Hey, big brother, what are you doing over here by yourself? Lucy’s been asking around for you.” Gracie’s smile was mischievous.

Gray wondered what his little sister was up to now.

“I saw her. It’s over,” he said, “been over forever.”

“Maybe she doesn’t know it or doesn’t want it to be over. Maybe if you looked like you were hooking up with someone else, she’d get the message.”


“Come on,” Gracie said linking her arm with Gray’s. “Let’s go see what Annie and Steve are talking about.”


Grace held out her hand and Steve put a $5 bill in it, then leaned in. Grace was trapped when he placed his forearm on the wall next to her head. He leaned in so close that Grace could feel the heat radiating off his body.

“I didn’t believe you, minx, when you said Gray wanted Annalise. But when you bet me, I knew it was my chance to have something I’ve wanted for a long while, too.”

Grace was breathing hard. “What do you want, Steve? I said we’d bet $5.”

“And I said, win or lose, you would owe me. Remember, minx? I’m here to collect.”

Before she could respond, his mouth covered hers. When his tongue swept across the seam of her lips demanding, no polite request, but demanding to be let in, she opened her mouth without thinking. Before she knew what was happening, he maneuvered her farther into the shadows.

When he lifted his head, she was flushed and breathing hard. There was a confused look in her eyes. He chuckled.

“Let’s go.”

“Go? Go where?”

“To tell your mom and dad I’m taking you home. You’ve developed a slight stomach ache. You’re okay and don’t want to interrupt their evening. I’ve volunteered to take you home.”

“But I was going to stay with them tonight.”

“You’ve changed your mind…just in case it’s catching. Tell them you’ll be okay, but you just want to make sure…and that you’ll be over tomorrow.”


Gray barely got the door shut before he had Annalise backed against it. He kissed her. It was a gentle kiss, but firm and…possessive. It sent shivers of desire down her spine and suddenly she was damp. That’s all it took. He pulled back, satisfaction and triumph all over his smug face.

“I’ve waited years for this. I didn’t know you were the one I wanted, not consciously, not until tonight. When I saw Steve kissing you, I thought I’d have to kill him. He’s been my best friend for more than 20 years and I was ready to send him into the next life.”

Gray leaned down and kissed Annie, softly even sweetly, as he cupped her face, tenderly caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. His fingers threaded through her hair, strands curling around his wrists. She whimpered as he tilted her head just the way he wanted and began an assault against her soft neck. He could feel her pulse beating out of control. He nipped her shoulder, then soothed the tiny bite with his tongue when she whimpered again.

When he lifted his lips, her legs threatened to turn to noodles. She was sure she was going to be a puddle at his feet, but he slid his hands to her bottom and lifted her up and against him. There would be no doubt of his desire for her. He pushed her dress out of the way and lifted her leg around his hip, opening her. Now he could hold her against the door with his body, his hands free to roam. He knew he wouldn’t be able to play for long, but he was going to play for awhile. He lifted her a bit higher.

“Put your other leg around me. I won’t drop you, nymph. That’s what you looked like tonight, a nymph, a sexy flame-haired woodland nymph…and I want you.”


“Later, we’ll talk later.”

Her heart was beating so loud, she was sure he could hear it. But when he put his hand on the back of her thigh to help her lift her other leg, she could feel his erection pressing hard against her clit and all thought about beating hearts scattered. She moaned. When he started nipping little bites down her neck, she tilted her head. A little cry eased out as he licked where he had bitten. He covered her mouth again and the kiss was almost…urgent, causing a need in Annalise she had never felt kurtköy escort before.

With his left arm against the door, his body pressed against her firmly. He could feel the hard points of her nipples pressing against her bra into his chest. He had to touch those breasts, taste them. His right hand moved down from her neck to her shoulder, then covered what would soon be in his mouth. He pinched. She cried out.


“I’ll please us both, nymph, but first we need to play a little. You’re not ready for me.”

“Gray, don’t tease—”

The sentence was left hanging when he pinched again, a little more pressure than before. She felt the tiny pain change to pleasure and shoot straight down to her core. No dampness now, she was wet.

He leaned his upper body back, slid his hands behind her back, and unzipped her emerald dress.

“Your dress is beautiful, Annie, it brings out the beautiful color of your eyes. You look just like a Christmas present all in green with your flame-colored hair, but it’s time for it to go. It’s time to unwrap the present.” His hands went to her shoulders and pulled the dress down, exposing her lacy bra. “You’re beautiful, Annie, and I really like sexy underwear, but this has to go, too. Later, if I let you get dressed again, you can model it for me.”

She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her, hard and demanding. Then lifted her higher and covered her breast, sucking it into his mouth. He played with the nipple, pressing it against the roof of his mouth and then forcefully sucking until it was bright red and distended. He moved his hand up to pinch and pull as he turned his attention to the other breast. Soon both were hard, red, swollen points.

Her hands were in his hair, not sure whether to push him away or pull him closer. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t stopping. Suddenly he was a starving man and she was a banquet. With his mouth still on her, his hand left her breast and caressed her side, then traveled to her thigh…then farther.

He was pleased to feel her bare thigh against his wrist. She wasn’t wearing panty hose; she had on thigh high stockings that caressed her legs like his hand caressed her slit. He watched her as he tugged the crotch of her panties out of the way and felt the moisture. Her green eyes widened.

“You’re wet, red. Wet and hot and I want you.”

Annalise couldn’t say anything. She wanted him, too…wanted him badly. She’d never wanted anyone the way she wanted Gray. In truth, she had never wanted anyone but Gray. Her hands were still in his hair. She pulled him down for another kiss.

He chuckled. “It seems you want me, too, Annie.” He stroked her slit and she couldn’t hold back the moan.

“You’re wet, wet for me. That’s good because I’m wanting you something fierce, but first I’m going to make you cum for me right here against the door. You need to be real quiet this first time. Anyone passing the apartment will be able to hear you. They’ll know we’re making love right against this door.” His finger started to pump slowly in and out of her. She was so tight, tighter than any girl he had ever had.

She pressed her head against the back the door as a little moan escaped. Her nails bit into his shoulders.

“That’s right, Annie, tighten your legs around me, but in this position, you can’t close them even if you wanted to. And I don’t think you want to, do you, sweetheart? No, you want what I’m giving you. I can feel your plump folds against my fingers. I can feel your nipples pressing against my chest. Soon I’ll have them in my mouth again.”

Annie arched her hips against Gray as another moan came out. His words were as intoxicating as his fingers. He added another finger and continued to nip at her mouth and jaw, little biting nips that sent quivers throughout her entire body.


“What do you want, Annie? More? Do you want more, Annie?” Gray kept his eyes on her face. He knew she was near. Her vaginal muscles quivered and pulled at his fingers. He rubbed his erection against her clit and pumped his fingers harder into her impossibly tight channel. His mouth came down on hers and his tongue mimicked his fingers. Soon his cock would replace his fingers.

“Gray, Gray, please, please…oh, oh.”

Annie’s whole body tightened and shudders ran the length of her. Her muscles around his fingers threatened to pull him entirely inside her. He could feel each and every quiver, every tremor. Suddenly she went limp.

“Beautiful, so beautiful,” he whispered. She started to slide down and he tightened his hold. “No, you don’t. I’m not done with you yet. There’s more inside you and I’m going to get all of it.”

He tightened his arms as he turned and walked to his bedroom. He got the apartment after he started with Kittering and Duncan Engineering Firm. His degree was in Structural Engineering. He had received offers for pro ball, but he loved building things more than basketball and was wise enough to know, kurtköy escort bayanlar while he was considered good in college, he would be just average or even less in the pros. Building was his first love, not basketball.

He had brought other women to this room, but never one more important than Annie, never one he wanted to keep. And he wanted to keep Annalise. It took him awhile to realize it, nearly decade to open his eyes and see the girl he loved like a sister was the woman he wanted for a wife.

Before he took her back to her apartment in the morning, she would know it, too. Annie had her arms limply around his neck and her head on his shoulder. He pulled the bedspread back and set her gently on the bed.

“Unhook your feet, nymph. Ah, that’s the way.”

Her dress was tangled around her waist and he took it off, taking her panties with it. Her shoes lay somewhere near the door. He smiled and ran his hand over her calf.

“I think we’ll leave these on for the moment,” he murmured, referring to her stockings. “So pretty,” he whispered. She looked up at him with wide eyes as he softly combed his fingers through her lower curls.

“I want you,” she whispered.

“I know and I want you, too, Annalise.”

She put her hand on Gray’s arm and he smiled down at her, then brought her hand to his lips. He kissed her palm, then her wrist before laying it back on her stomach.

He took off his clothes, got into bed and pulled her close.


“I’m not a virgin,” Grace blurted out.

Steve laughed, “I never expected you to be, minx. You’re 26. But from now on, you’ll only be with me.”

“I think Annie is,” she murmured.

“What? Are you sure?”

“No, I not sure, that’s why I said ‘I think’,” Grace said thoughtfully.

“What makes you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“You had a reason to say it. Why do you think Annie’s a virgin? She’s 26, too. You guys used to double-date and I’ve heard some of the lectures Gray gave you both. What makes you think Annie’s a virgin?”

Grace turned slightly pink. “Sometimes when we talk—”

“Girl talk?” Steve laughed. “Girls talk about guys and sex?”

“Yes, girl talk! And, yes, sometimes we talk about sex.”

“Go on.”

“Annie never says much and will never admit to doing anymore than just, you know, petting. Nothing more.”

“Gray has enough experience for both of them,” Steve laughed, then turned serious. “But I meant what I said, minx. No more experimentation for you unless it’s with me. Do you understand?”

“You have no rights to make any demands,” she hissed as she tried to wiggle out from under him. It was like trying to move a mountain. He was nearly as tall as Gray and certainly weighed as much, if not more. He was solid with capital S. His broad shoulders blocked most of the dim light in the room. His forearms trapped her, but his hands gently cupped her face.

They were still clothed, but he was lying on top between her legs. He pressed his lower body against her mound and chuckled. She was a feisty little minx, always had been. She was a little shorter than Annalise, maybe five six and more outgoing. She was the leader whenever they got into trouble. He remembered the time they were going to test Gray’s shaving cream. It took them two hours to clean the bathroom to Gray’s mom’s satisfaction…and half of Grace’s meager allowance to buy Gray another can. They were eleven then, he thought.

She had grown up quite a bit since then and he loved her curvy, lush body. The cleavage she showed tonight was fine when they were alone, but he would have to nip showing that much in public from now on. No other man was going to look at what was his. Her blond hair always turned him on; he really liked blonds. And he could fall right into her deep brown eyes, eyes that reminded him of her brother, his best friend. He’d never told Gray he had the hots for his sister. Of course, he didn’t realize it until this last year or so, then had to wait for her to ditch her latest boyfriend. Tonight was his chance to show her that she was his.

Her body gave a little shudder and she felt the heat in her pussy as it lubricated itself. Steve wasn’t milquetoast. Some guys she had dated asked if it was okay to kiss her and were so polite and slow, she’d want to scream…but not Steve. Steve took what he wanted…and tonight, it looked like it was she that he wanted…She wished that didn’t turn her on so much.

“It looks like I do, minx. You’re mine. I’ve known you forever…since you were in diapers. Gray’s baby sister, the pest. Then one day, you were still a pest, mind you, but I knew when the time was right, I’d have you right where you are now. Do you think I’d risk my friendship with Gray for a one-night stand? No way! But risk it for forever? You bet I would, but I don’t think the friendship is at risk if I want forever. And it’s going to be forever, Grace.”

Then he kissed her.


Gray’s hand slowly swept her length from shoulder to hip and back again. He was on his side and she was flat on her back next to him. He hadn’t turned on the lights of the bedroom; he’d do that later when she was more comfortable with her nudity. The light from the hall was enough to see her in all her glory. And a glorious sight it was. Her skin was alabaster, the creamy pale of a redhead.

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