A Nymphomaniac’s Notes on Sex


I like a long, thick cock because it makes me feel like my man has filled my body—not just poked into a space between my legs. That’s for girls. I need to feel like a woman.

The best part of a cock is the base. A thick base pushes my lips wide apart. That’s what makes me feel like I’m mating with a man. And yes, my man’s penis should be long enough to push my cervix deep into my belly. I can feel like a woman only when a man acts like a man at the center of my womanhood.

Some people don’t believe it when I say I can come from looking at a man’s cock. When he walks toward me, his penis hanging thick, low and heavy, swaying as he walks, slapping against his thighs with audible splats—that’s when I have my first orgasm of the night. I’m squirming and spasming by the time he touches me.

I find it funny that women can rub their clits to orgasm. That’s just a sensation. When the head of a man’s penis makes love to my womb—that’s not a sensation. That’s reality.

Some women keep looking into a man’s eyes as they lick and suckle on his penis. Not me. I love his penis, not him.

Foreplay is overrated. In fact, why foreplay when you can have it inside?

I like big balls because I know they’ll give me more cum. I also love big balls because they look so sexy. If they’re as big as eggs, I can come just looking at his balls. My dream man’s balls would be so big, they’d stretch my mouth out while his thick, flaccid cock lies on my face.

I tell my lovers to shave around the base of their cocks, and I shave the lips of my pussy just around where the base will stick—so that the hair doesn’t stop that last bit of an inch from getting inside me.

I like thrusting sex, but I prefer it when my lover’s penis just stays inside my vagina without moving. My lips clenching his base, my vagina stretched out, there’s no gap in my body any more. My vagina is a gap; it needs to be filled for Isparta Escort me to be complete. When it’s completely filled, I’m a complete human being—and I have no more needs. I don’t need to come to orgasm; I stay in orgasm.

I like to dress for my lover before he gets home. Sheer top, the flesh of my belly exposed, a tight skirt short enough for him to see my pubic hair as I open the door. This way, he’s immediately erect, and we can begin without wasting any time.

A facial is so much more real than a kiss. When he kisses me, he’s showing me his love. When he ejaculates on my face, he’s actually giving me his love. He’s loving my face with the contents of his body. That’s why I don’t care for kissing.

Any real woman will orgasm from tasting her lover’s precum. Any real woman will keep having orgasms as she feels him spurting into her mouth.

I love it when his juice starts pouring out of my cunt while he’s spurting inside. You know why? Because it shows me his cock is so big, and he’s pumping so much juice into me, there isn’t enough space inside my vagina for his cock and his cum. Realizing that makes me come. Of course, I always lick up whatever spills out. What real woman would waste semen? If a woman spits out a man’s love juice, he should leave and never set eyes on her again.

Many women talk about the taste of semen: Salty, bitter, sweet, sharp, soapy. Who cares? It tastes like cum. And there’s no taste a woman can experience that’s more delicious than the hot, thick, frothy, creamy, foaming, bubbling, smooth, slick juice that shoots from inside a man’s balls out through his penis.

A woman shouldn’t waste even a drop of her lover’s semen. When he’s spurting inside my mouth, I clamp my lips tight around his shaft so nothing spills out. If somehow a drop does escape and fall onto the sheet, I lick it up. Then I carefully dip the sheet in a tray of water, Isparta Escort Bayan squeeze the water out into a glass, and drink up the glassful—which contains that one precious drop of semen.

I don’t care much for holding hands during intercourse. It’s too romantic for me. I’d much rather focus on his penis inside me. Real love is a big penis inside a tight vagina. Kissing is for little girls.

Many women talk about a whole-body orgasm as though it were special. What other kind of orgasm is worth having?

Before going out in the morning, I ask my lover to bathe my clothed body in his semen. It’s so lovely to feel like a woman while I’m in public. Let people stare… I’m a real woman, and my man has bathed me in his love. What could be wrong about that?

Sucking my man’s balls isn’t just for sensuous fun. I do it because it makes them produce more man-juice.

There’s nothing in the world more delicious than precum—except cum.

True penis worship means a woman doesn’t use her hands. She rubs her face slowly over his flaccid penis, prayerfully. Praying that the penis will give her as much semen as she needs.

Sometimes, before my man gets home, I blindfold myself. I take off the blindfold after he has placed his penis on my face. This way, the first thing I see of him is his cock. I ask him to bend his body backward so even with my eyes open, all I can see is his cock.

I wish I could grip the base of my lover’s penis with my vulva had so tight he wouldn’t be able to get out of me until I let him!

When a man is spurting inside a woman’s mouth, there are so many things to love: The force, the taste, the hotness of the semen, the feeling of it going down her throat. But one of the things I love best is the feeling of the pulsating base against my lips. I clamp my lips tight around his base so I can feel the force of the spasms. As each Escort Isparta spurt gushes out, I feel the pressure against my lips. I have to let go a little, take a gulp, then clamp back down, on and and on—an orgasm with each spurt. I also love seeing his balls squirm as he delivers his semen, because I can see that’s where all that hot juice is coming from. It’s so sexy to know all that liquid love is pouring out from inside his body; from his big, heavy balls.

A man should plan his diet with the sole aim of giving his woman as much juice as she needs, and as delicious and creamy as it can get.

There’s only one thing that feels better than a big cock inside my vagina, and that’s a big cock and lots of semen inside my vagina. After he has bathed my cervix and vagina in semen, I beg my man to keep it inside until my body has absorbed all his love. After that, of course, I take it in my mouth to squeeze out the last few drops—or better still, the last mouthful.

Some women feel humiliated when a man pours his semen over her body. Some feel kinky. Some feel sexy. Not me; I feel loved.

The only reason a man should have strong abs is so he can love his woman better.

Love for a man is not in a woman’s heart; it is in her completely filled, stretched-out vagina.

I dream of a man with a four-foot long penis, and I dream that my body is hollow through the center so he enters between my legs, his penis travels through my body and emerges out of my mouth, then drapes my face, and ends well above my head. Then I’d move my body from side to side, giggling as his penis stimulates all my internal organs.

My ideal man would give me enough semen to fill a bathtub. I dream of finding a man who can just keep spurting semen endlessly onto me while I lie in a bathtub. As the tub fills up, more and more of my body is swimming in his juice; I’d love to squirm around in it playfully, splashing handfuls of it on my face, holding my breath and getting my face into it, then drinking and drinking till my tummy is full—so I’m full of cum inside, and completely covered in cum outside. I’d like to stay there in a state of perpetual orgasm till I drown in the cum and die.